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I only like two coins
BSV and chainlink

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I killed the other coin.

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I appreciate the support from chainlink, but I don't understand why they also support BSV. BSV obsoletes chainlink.

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Look at the ema/MACD on whatever pairing. ....
Chainlink is about to pump.
And BSV is tanking hard as fuck today from 400$ to less than 300

Bsv is dumpa tanking hard as fuck

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They're the high risk/high reward options
BTC and ETH are the safe ones

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>BSV obsoletes chainlink

Poo detected

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Yes but the segwit BTC is a fork and
Proof of stake is a scam


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for me, they are Zcoin and Verge.

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You will then lose half due to BSV, and mayne in years gain it back again with Link.

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>Not balls deep in BTC and LTC
You love chasing moon missions that never come, don't you?

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Pajeet certified

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BSV the fag coin. Never.

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Bitcoin gold Bitcoin diamond