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How does Ichimoku cloud do it? It's literally fucking magic

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$420 is the target for ZEC

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$285 for XMR

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>magical gook ta
Kill yourself

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what's his chart for LINK

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default settings?

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I agree. I use it a lot

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But mostly for BTC. Daily/weekly chart

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LINK is very indecisive, I'm not longing it
Default Ichi is for stocks, I use the doubled full-time settings as shown here


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>not longing it because magic chart number no go up
Investors who hold and understand the fundamentals are going to put you to shame

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What are the indicators to look out for? Bearish/bullish cloud and the meme line cross?

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Volume, RSI, S/R, MA. You can't trade ONLY with ichimoku it's fucking retarded.

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Fundamentally, LINK is an ETH token. _IF_ ethereum can scale, and _IF_ oracles are in high demand (both highly doubful), I see no reason why I wouldn't clone the LINK source code, fork out the pre-mined shitcoin and just use ETH. Erc20s are largely a mistake

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Fundamentally, you're going to kill yourself EOY.
Enjoy being poor.

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I love uninformed retards like you
This is why this market is so fucking easy

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>uses only one indicator

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LINK is also an ER667 you retard they can take it off ethereum.

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>eth scaling
Link fixes that
>demand for oracles
Get out of crypto for your own sake

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Link already bypassed the scaling problem by bundling together a bunch of oracles calls to the requester and you might fork the code but not the actual valuable thing that is the first mover network of the decentralized oracles. Dont be so smug when you are a brainlet

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Ofc I use others, but Ichi is just amazing

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Have you been in the woods or something? Ethereum scales to 180k tps with Zk Loopring rollout + chain link. This will only be improved upon by eth 2.0 which isn't and "if" scenario but a "when" inevitability. I can't tell if you're high, stupid, or a tranny but I wouldn't be surprised if it's all three

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screenshoted to have a laugh later

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It’s not an erc20...

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i gotta script that runs both settings (crypto and default hehe), helps give nice confluence when combined with fibonacci levels

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Lost all credit with this post. Low IQ confirmed.

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we could be about to drop according to gay waves and if we get some more bearish rsi diverg (also got a nice golden region bounce on the way up , we're currently being blocked by golden region for shorts shown in golden rectangle)

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Which is what?.. I'm trying to learn to read this chart here. Please help

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every top (13,8k , 12.3k , 10.5k ) has been a 61.8 or 78.6 fib touch and then down of some kind so far , let's see if it does it again with gold and red rectangles

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the green cloud where price is in is from faster settings (default settings - give a faster response but in volatile assets that faster response can be fake),
red cloud price is in is from slower settings (crypto settings - OPs pic) - response is delayed but helps to remove noise , i like to overlay the 2 so that there's no delays in response

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you can see the default settings saw price move up 5 weeks back where we bounce from 6400 but response was too quick and we fell out and had 2 down weeks, whereas in the less reponsive cloud we were still within in and now are rocketing up from its side

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https://www.tradingview.com/x/QX8TsleP/ - golden region touch
look at these charts and think fellas
https://www.tradingview.com/x/7jqiFCNO/ - 78.6 touch
https://www.tradingview.com/x/ImhkFAAU/ highly volatile but 78.6 more or less touch
https://www.tradingview.com/x/dHkpC4AS/ perfect 61.8 touch
https://www.tradingview.com/x/5O98mVfO/ at 61.8 region

all perfect shorts, do u see the pattern of 78.6 and 61.8/65?

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desu these are low targets in the long run
yes it is
the giant sleeps peacefully
You're bringing scripts to an AI fight. I'd rather just make long-term trades

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its weekly ichimoku so it is a long term tool since u can get better idea with both settings, i only go long term too i tried scalping but its too stressful & not worth it, i go for trades lasting up to 4 months to years now. I mainly use fibs and wave analysis though for deciding when to get in / out of these trades but use ichimoku as secondary tool (if a fib aligns with top or bottom of ichimoku, i have more reason to get in / out)

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discord link for somewhat active trading talks and shit if anyone wants

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Fucking redditors man, kill yourself now, you will do once you lose all your money

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>decentralized oracles

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