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How to get a /biz/ gf?

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you already fucked up

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Fuck. Is it salvageable?

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I don't know any girl that stays at a marketing department long. Commitment issues

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You're.doing ok so far, she's being nice to you. Don't get too excited and keep your texts short. Only say what is essential. Keep your spirits up.

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Is this a job interview? You're not seriously thinking that this will get you anywhere romantically are you?

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By not using tinder

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Shill chainlink

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When you're first getting to know someone you're interested in a relationship with it's a lot like a job interview, yes.

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Tinder is trash. Delete it now

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Ask her what she's on tinder for. When she answers say you're just looking to fuck because you're taking school very seriously and don't have time for a relationship. Tell her you're planning on opening a business over seas within the next two years. somewhere exotic. Works 95% of the time.
>t. 30 yo boomer who fucks 20 yo zoomers regularly

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You broke the ice, now its about time for a dick pic

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And how do *you* get your dick wet?

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make a witty joke and then immediately ask her out

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This is pretty much what I do too. I don’t even mention future plans, just subtly let her know you’re not looking for a relationship.

She must be really into you OP if she’s willing to put up with your boring ass texts. Move the interaction forward by asking her what she’s looking for on tinder then ask out

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isn't marketing and advertising the same thing?

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I don't know how this will work if you're ugly though, good luck anon. Hope you take my advice. And if you do like her you can convince her that she's cool and worth your time to fuck more.

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>gosh I really want to meet you and talk about literally anything else.
>I joined tinder because I was just looking for sluts but I’m not having much luck.
>wow you have really nice [eyes or whatever] you would make my palms sweaty, knees weak, mom’s spaghetti

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Op met this broad on tinder or something. He isn't interviewing a potential wife. He wants to put p in v and he is doing a great job pf sperging out.

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And cut the '!' shit you pussy ass bitch

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>b-b-but im trying to show h-her how similar we are

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How did I do lads?

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Alcohol is bad for you. ngmi

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You gotta learn to not be so dull man

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not enough foreplay

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Call her a whore and shame her for being on tinder. Ask what disease she has and how much black cock she has sucked? Then tell her JK your actually really sweet but u have autism and not the kind that helps you remember all the stats from yankees games between 1994 and 2019 but the kind of austism that makes you say terrible things to woman who you really care about. Oops did I just say care about you? Awww Anon your sweet! Lets meet for a slice of pizza or something?? Boom your in. Free dating advice.

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try to salvage it with making it about a funny business idea or you're fucked.

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what ive learned from tinder is what you say almost doesnt matter. if shes into you she will meet up

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She already thinks you're a sissy for using an exclamation point. Almost as bad as emojis, questions, and apologies

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He said he's looking for a gf which is a little more serious than a little p in v. Tinder is definitely the wrong avenue for that.

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Retarded. I gave you the avenue of success and you ignored. Too late for you now bitch.

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Shit. Salvage it by saying that you could scrap the start a business part and go straight to drinks.

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What a boring tinder convo , start talking about something fun , ask her a random question or something

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>omg stacy this guy on tinder I was talking to, he asked about my major and it turns out hes in grad school for business, he was joking that we should start a business and we're grabbing drinks soon. cant wait!
said no girl ever.

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What's the right avenue?

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Advertising is a huge part of marketing

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Being Catholic and going to mass. After mass make friends with people and make it known that you're looking for a wife.

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Pretty good desu

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get 2 replies
>anon says the business equivalent of "lets fuck each-other while we stare in each-others eyes."
"how did i do lads"

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rule number 1. NEVER start your sentences with uppercase letters
rule number 2. stop using "!" you fucking faggot

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t. doesn't know what girls say

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“Let me guess, your major is going on dates with me?”

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ask her if she wants to see pics of your flaccid dong

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Hey OP as someone with a /biz/ degree (Econ) I'll go ahead and tell you that your educational choice is boring and not a good conversation starter.

The way I see it a business degree is supposed to be geared towards your career, and while talking about your career can be interesting the chances are that if you get an actual corporate job or something nobody really cares about what you do because what you do doesn't mean anything.

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Its a good line but I would have added a funny business idea about something "unique" in her pictures.

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“I could always use an attractive girl to hold the sign for my business”

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show tits

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Have you ever used tinder? You need to be fast and to the point otherwise you get ghosted. Women's attention span is at an all time low.

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“You look like your advertising for the movie Midsommar in that background” etc.

>what’s Midsommar she asks
Crazy cool horror movie... small chit chat. Hey I’m busy, id love to meet up for drinks if your free Thursday?

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Ask her how many LINKs she has you dumbass,
definitely not going to make it.

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Yeah the ! Makes you look like an overly happy retard

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Who cares . You don’t need the perfect thing to say. Just say something without fear, if she likes him she likes him. You could drop the attractive part for sure .

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ah yes Jew worship my favorite you stupid shabbos goy fuckhead

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>he took over an hour to come up with THAT?

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By talking to girls in person?

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You’re doing it wrong. Stop with the small talk. Girls go on these apps for validation. Use push-pull technique. Pull her in with a compliment then push her away with an insult. This roller coaster drives women wild & they will seek more validation from YOU. Act busy but give her an opportunity to meet up with you. This gives a sense of urgency and not some desperation like you’re always available. She’ll probably want to meet somewhere public at first to make sure you’re real. This is fine. Continue with push-pull technique in person. Use eye contact and show only dominant traits. Follow this guideline and she won’t want the night to end. Walk her back to the car and make out w her. Invite her back to your house. Have sex.

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OP will be an autistic an say fuck this advice up hard anon.

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Don’t listen to this Satan trips. Get off degenerate tinder and stop giving roasties attention.

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Yeah motherfuckin THIS if he came up with that in 60 seconds I think she would have been forgiving and even like it.

Not everyones mind is a shark that literally hunts pussy 24/7 anon OP seems like a nice guy who is looking for fun just inexperienced

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kek this is entirely accurate

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stop using exclamation points that's how girls text

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You gotta have more fun with the conversation. You have to get to know her more like you're doing but in a way that is fun/engaging and perhaps disarming.
Playfulness over text will give her an idea that you'll be fun in person too m8

But you're doing alright for an opening, but now you've gotta attack for the next message. It will all hinge on that.

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get snapchat and/ or a number before making real world moves. convos don't have to be lengthy but you should introduce yourself a bit. any girl meeting a guy off tinder is either insane or going to be a little nervous

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Most of the advice in this thread is retarded.

>if you use muh emojis, muh exclamation marks, muh capital letters in texts you'll never get laid again!
Idiots, none of that shit makes any difference (not even a little).

This guy has it mostly right. Girls mostly know within a few seconds of seeing your profile if they want to have sex with you. The PUA fluff is just man's attempt to convince himself that he has more control over this process than he actually does.

tl;dr - say whatever you want, don't sweat the details. Have a longer conversation, or a shorter one. Ask her out when you're ready. If she's into you (most won't be), she'll say yes.

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Just send her a dickpic

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halfway this, just get off tinder and meet people in real life. it will feel so much better.

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Girls actually say, I'm going out with this guy
>Shows photo
Probably talks about what you do or something like if he is a football player or if he is rich or whatever.

I know it cause of keyloggers.

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Kek /biz/ was right again.

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>she didn't suggest another time
Yup, time to reel it in OP. Get some sleep.

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Take you L OP and on to the next

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Tell her to buy LINK.

>> No.16858737

This is still salvageable OP, inquire into the birthday party, glean some info that you can use to say something clever.

>> No.16858744

Reply with
>cool and you got me the gift of not wasting my time with someone not worth my time, thanks :)

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walk up to her, look her in the eye and give her a firm grab on the pussy

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stop being so desperate dude

>> No.16858799

That's a wrap. Next thot

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u dont roasties are retarded

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wtf are you on tinder or linkedin?
idiot, I wish I was good looking enough to get fucking matches.
You are and you fucking waste it being an autist

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Works every time

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Well she's probably in this thread watching you sperg out about actually having a conversation with a woman and taking an hour to respond.

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"oh nice" was a death sentence, you look like you might have attractive friends or she's really bored right now
your first response was too long, should've made it a short joke about an obscure major barely related to business. you'll learn.

>> No.16858859

This doesnt actually work op. Except if you are chad, but in that case your lame converation will work just as well

>> No.16858886

Thats pretty good. Tell her you want a business teaching tantric sex, but you need quality assurance to test your product. Holy shit im good.

>> No.16858899

it does, you don't have to be chad, there is another rule that you're breaking though, which is why its not working

>> No.16858914

>she wants dick
>oh nice! yeah i want pussy too, so very similar!
this world is so cringe

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if you post on this shithole site you won't. We're all together on a sinking ship.

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it's fucking absurd watching people who were sold Friends in high school live out their 20s at the bottom of a wine bottle having regrettable hookups with trash people 2-3x a month and continuing like that into their 30s

no matter how often you point it out, no one seems to get that they were sold a vision of reality grossly out of touch with all historical precedent, and that in so doing, they've completely abandoned the wisdom of their happiest ancestors, which was simply to get married and have children because facing the horror that is life in a reality designed to destroy you piecemeal is better together than alone

whatever, they'll all get it, sitting with a partner they acquired out of sheer desperation, soberly counting down the last 20 years of their life when their bodies can no longer handle the constant escapism

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Your looks have to catch her attention tho, if you want her to reply to your conv. If ur chad u dont even need to be remotely interesting. The lower you go on the look scale, the more interesting/funny you have to be to succeed. Also, groom yourself for best look. Even if you are shit tier ugly, it will give you a chance with women otherwise out of your league

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Stfu kike. Don't you have a baby to suck off you fucking faggot?

>> No.16858973

Fucking do it faggot right now and post a screenshot

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the real moment of awakening for most normies will be at 45, the midlife crisis was invented by Gen X because they started divorcing. just imagine how bad it will be now that people aren't even getting married.

the whole point of doing anything in life is being able to share the story with people. eventually everyone worth talking to gets busy with their own lives, and at this point you should have a wife/husband who *knows* you and will allow you to retain all of your fun inside humor and references.

just imagine the back half of your life having to explain every detail of your best stories just so you can use your favorite one-liner. that's unironically the life most successful normies have created for themselves in today's age.

bruh i'm an absolute gobbo neet and i've landed multiple 8s on tinder by my most dickish friend's judgment. it's about convincing them that they won't be judged, and that's it. it's their greatest fear, society conditions them to constantly monitor their status. if you can get between them and that feeling, and i mean you really have to engineer a solution, not just "hurr yeah i thought about it wink" while you're just doing the first thing that pops into your head.

once you stand between her and her impression of social judgment, she's unironically yours to mold.

weaponize your 'tism into understanding the cadence of emotional reactions and you will become unstoppable. just be warned, psychopathy is a path to powers many consider unnatural.

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Tell that to the zoomer chick I came inside of an hour ago. I'm pretty chad though. You just have to be direct with what you want.

>> No.16859061

based, being direct is a great way to disarm their fear of judgment. what your "strategy" is digging at: By being boorish and forward without breaking any explicit rules, you put her in a position to judge your behavior. People almost always respond to that in one of two ways: Shit testing you with a casual judgment that you can easily reject, or playing along.

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U too man yah yah brah im fucking bishez in my lambo too. Dont mind that im posting on an autistic scammer and asperger support forum tho brah. Thats like. You know. What ql dudes do these dayZ.

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You're doing fine. There is nothing wrong with being corny if the girl has already matched with you. I always ask to meet up as soon as possible. If they don't want want to they are just milking you for attention.

>> No.16859105

yeah i'm doling out info most gamesters charge for, it's unironically hard to find psychopathic tips for free that aren't just plain old inexperienced autism.

standing between a person and what they fear is the fastest path to being well liked, even if you have every intention of sidestepping the bullet. close second is gifts on a random pseudo-biweekly schedule.

whatever dude we're all adults and in on the secret, i won't sell you on what i do because it doesn't matter - but even i find there are too many hours in the day. watching the expanse and posting on 4chan is probably the most productive opportunity available to me in this moment.

>> No.16859118

trivial gifts*** to be responsible about my advice
the goal is for them to remember you bought them something, but not exactly what

the more nebulous the value in their memory, the better the roi

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We're not all incels.

>> No.16859134

Just by how many replies this r9k shitpost got proves how many autistic NEETS there are on this board.

>> No.16859139

Not all of us are incels. Are you a zoomer by chance?

>> No.16859145

you have a tripcode and therefore a legitimate personality disorder. you came to the one anonymous forum on the widely used internet to post with a name. i know this post is lost on you by the very definition of your sickness, but i hope you see how absurd you are someday, if only for a fleeting moment in passage of the glass.

>> No.16859162

Keep seething r9k, my posts are logged for a reason

>> No.16859167

Based man. We should meet up for drinks.

>> No.16859176

no they aren't, you're a delusional manchild doing the internet equivalent of screaming at their air in the middle of the sidewalk
of course people are paying attention to you, just not in the way you like to imagine.
i have to admit for a tripfag you've seemed pretty lucid as far as i've known you, there's a good chance that you'll figure out the emotional content of "they're laughing AT you" someday

>> No.16859182

either that or ask if you can come to the birthday party

>> No.16859204

Lol. Its just an excuse you autist. Next step is ghosting him if he does that.

>> No.16859218

Does anyone unironically understand WHY girls do this? Is it some kind of trailing hook, just in case you think of the one interesting thing you could catch their attention with? Why not just ghost before the snub?
I feel like if I could understand this, I could get 5% more growth on my fucks YoY.

>> No.16859226

The anon you're trying to argue with is giving great advice and knows his shit. I would advise him to ignore you because you're clearly an NPC type personality who is unaware of that fact. I wonder if by being aware of your NPCness can free you?

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They are
Bonus is i get to trigger edgelords like yourself, who make 12 posts a day crying about trips, even though trips have been rampant for years on end
Keep seething on the mere fact that i pointed out this thread is pure garbage r9k bait
You sound like a jannie shilling to keep this thread up kek

>> No.16859237

ignoring women is the modern day aphrodisiac

>> No.16859242

fuck off jannie, you know this belongs on r9k you piece of shit

>> No.16859260

Isnt marketing and advertising the same shit

>> No.16859275

ask her how much link she owns

>> No.16859292

Ok fags I took the black pill and looked into Ferrum. Their team is top tier look at this.
Financial Strategist is from Blackstone. AUM: US$472 billion and former Raytheon and State Street. You know how fucking huge this is? This is literally more money than all the African central banks combined. CEO was a software engineer at Bloomberg, Amazon, and Microsoft before starting Ferrum. Others on the team are from Amazon, Capital One, Paypal. All the heavy hitters. How the fuck is this still valued so low. Does anyone really believe this is going to stay at a 1.5mil market cap when its literally a dag built around defi?
Luckily sold my fanties right before that dip to ATL. It actually does look like a scam lmfao how did I really fall for this shit.

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protip #434: during a narcissistic meltdown, npersons will often repeat insults with close \ties to the group's universal cultural language. in this case, "jannies"
i can even categorize you now. you go in "NPD tripfags", say hello to Lanced Jack for me. take solace in coming out on top of the schizoids.

>> No.16859319

>beta male

>> No.16859337

2-3 text rule is old hat... I need more specific information on how to game this tendency. I looked a little deeper and found this was responsible for almost 60% of my no-date matches. I have treated this as a dead end for far too long.
This one deserves a solid think.

>> No.16859400

Hey faggot, move this to r9k
Get a wife
And stop trying to shill other underage newfags on how to game whores on jewish matchmaking websites

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>before going further, t. poonslayer w/gf who i use but avoid as much as possible cuz i cannot stand her for very long and am banging other chicks whenever i feel like it, which isn't that often because i now see the world for what it is, and feel that modern recreational sex is a disgustingly banal perversion of natural & healthy reproductive intercourse, and i'm long-term no-fap, i literally just dgaf and am channeling all of my energy into ultimately exterminating the jews and ushering in a golden age for my fellow white people and the other non-evil races of this world

Unironically, you have fucked up. How? By being yourself. Nobody wants you. Nobody ever will. This is because you want something. If you want something, you cannot have it. That is the way of the world. It is hardwired in females. No female will ever want you if she senses that you want her before she's decided to want you and felt your dick inside of her. This is natural, the result of billions of years of evolution in a cold and uncaring universe.

You started off with something seemingly innocuous: you inquired about her in regards other to her sexual needs.

She read your "icebreaker" question, immediately determined that it was an "icebreaker," instinctively remembered that "icebreakers" are for incels because the ice just melts away from Chads. This was the beginning of your failure.

She immediately decided not to pursue you, neither romantically nor sexually, and feign sufficient interest to play out the conversation with a "new friend" whom she will discard at whim.

She's obviously an idiot anyway, locked into student debt to pursue the kind of non-STEM "soft" subjects which feeble-minded females always gravitate towards... of course, the career path she has chosen is already saturated beyond her ability to comprehend, and she will not find a job in either the fields of marketing or advertising w/o a nigh-miraculous convergence of favorable circumstances...

>> No.16859588

Most girls don't even know why they're on the app. They're not horny the way you are, and even if they were, they all have an abundance of options at all times. Moreover, they don't have the foresight to understand how important it is for them to lock down a man while they're young and at their best, so there's no sense of urgency in that regard either.

Jack off and coom five times today, then let me know how motivated you are to even open Tinder, let alone go through the whole song and dance with some mediocre roastie you're more or less into. This is basically how girls feel all the time.

tl;dr - there's nothing to solve, it's not anything you did, they're just not that interested.

>> No.16859752

>Jack off and coom five times today, then let me know how motivated you are to even open Tinder, let alone go through the whole song and dance with some mediocre roastie you're more or less into. This is basically how girls feel all the time.

This, I get laid all the time using tinder but it's mostly girls 1 point below me in the attractiveness scale, when it's a girl of my same level it's because I said the right things and the right time.

Never go for the mundane talk, always go for high risk, high reward type of topics. In my case I just try to make myself laugh.

>> No.16859764

>there's nothing to solve
God this is the most cuck shit I've read here all day and honestly that's an achievement on par with winning gold in the Olympics so congratulations on being particularly retarded.

Imagine looking at a novel problem and thinking, "Damn, it just is that way." Fuck off, cuck.

>> No.16859777

You're so empty inside, even now. Post a pic of your surroundings with signed timestamp, please. I want to know what you live like.

>> No.16859816

Not him, but don't waste your time with girls who are not interested, that's what beta cucks do, fawn over a single girl.

Real men now it's a number's game, also work on yourself to increase those odds and don't be a sperg like OP.

>> No.16859949

You're not wrong, but the guy you're replying to obviously isn't in it for a specific girl; merely working for a solution in the macro game at a truly autistic level.

As for the question itself, I think it's pretty simple - girls who try to "let you off easy" with an excuse before resorting to just ghosting are, in their minds, trying to do you a favor of sparing your feelings, unaware of the possible unintended miscommunication. You see, much like your autistic masculine brain would prefer to skip the bullshit and just be ghosted so the outcome is clear and you project your thought process (of which she is not fully capable) onto her, she projects her feminine "thought process" of avoiding direct rejection for fear of being judged for being rude or confrontational. I'm sure you understand all this but merely made the mistake of falsely projecting your own mental processes onto her behavior.

>> No.16860050

Lol best post itt. But wait til marriage bros

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>oh nice!
>very similar!
>start a business

yikes OP, next time just ask to fuck or meet up, i'm not much of a tinder user, but i would disregard any female on there as wife material, simply because they are on there.

>> No.16860076

Based. Dont listen to the flesh slaves, I got your back king

>> No.16860108

By taking cold showers until you find a wife (which judging by American girls should happen abroad)

>> No.16860117

Lol all wrong, ice breakers have worked on womemes before

>> No.16860128

Or in spergy trad circles.

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