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Finally got to 1000 linkies after accumulating for a long time. Will I be okay, bros?

t. poorfag

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Yes you will make it fren, i am just under 2000

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As always depends how long you hold. I have 7k link but will have to sell most this year.

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I can't really say. It hasn't been pumping all that well.

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Let me spell it out for ALL of you brainlets.

1 is needed to make it. Yes. Just 1. Think about if the internet as we know it now could be partitioned into 1 billion parts, how many dollars do you think it'd be worth? A lot right? Link tokens will essentially power the next generation of the internet which will have VASTLY more utility due to the integration of smart contracts and subsequently financial opportunities.

HOWEVER, it will take time to gain adoption. Just as the dynamics of the world changed considerably between the '00s and 2010 and 2010 and now, so too will happen with the Web 3.0. So it's not a matter of how much to make it, it's a matter of when you want to make it. 20 years for 1 token. 5 years for 100 tokens. Maybe within the next 2 years for 1K.

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Wow you’re gonna have $100.

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kek you just need to go back

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Lol at best

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It's hard for people to wrap their heads around the potential scope of Chainlink.