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What /biz/ opinion about this ico?

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pieces of shit that raised money on "muh 1,000,000 tps" then ran deliberately crippled tests to inflate tps(lack of signature verification and consensus). now they're saying "at least 50,000 tps". literally 1/20 of their initial-claimed throughput, which is why their ICO was successful in the first place. they won't even reach 50,000 though, i guarantee it. testers have tried to spool up transaction generators a ton of times and the network can't handle shit. it's honestly pathetic.

t. private test group spy

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Get a life fudder

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you sound like a general population pleb. i've been saving a bunch of logs from the deluded bagholders in private channels for months. it'll be gold once this project shits the bed completely. also word on the street is some people are preparing a case to present to the SEC. the entire ICO rode on their claim of 1m tps, and you retards don't even care that they scaled it back so much. we'll see if you change you're tune when they can't even reach their new claimed tps of 50k. good luck, amigo.

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Premined shitcoin.

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