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/biz/ freeroll poker tournament. $2.50 in guaranteed prize money. free to enter.

The tournament will begin when this post is one hour old.


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It's this one... the /biz/ tendie tournament

BSV pajeets need not apply

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use my link to get extra fee chips

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this isn't related to blockchain.poker at all

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seems cool now explain how it works for retards like me

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I'm not clicking that shit. I will have to start a malwarebytes scan after visiting that .poker domain you fucking cunt.

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just go to the site and click the join tournament button. You don't need to do anything to create an account. If you win any money it's yours to keep and you can withdraw it instantly.

Tournament is up to 26 players registered now, and starts in 42 minutes.

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it's a legit site. I've had my account on there for nearly two years. At any given time there are usually 4 or 5 cash game tables running and around a dozen tournaments a day.

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Well I'm going to have to run a scan quick using one of those website scanner sites.

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Alright it checked out. Gonna take a look

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you can also watch a live game on the site on their twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/blockchainpoker

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Ooo I like that, thank you anon! Their site is super clean. Surprised it isn't more popular!

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Well I suck at poker so I know I won't win the prize but I wouldn't mind playing a round with my biz bros
If there's kyc or depositing involved in withdrawing the winning pot just close the tab and walk away from that shit

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The tournament now has 52 people registered to play. Tournament begins in 11 minutes.

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How much does it cost to play?

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>Buy in: Free
10 bitcoin

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It's a freeroll tournament, so it costs nothing to enter.
Currently 68 people registered. Tournament starts in 1 minute.

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>he didn't click the link

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tournament is starting now. There's 30 minutes of late registration so it's not too late to enter.

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God this is comfy

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Can you actually win anything or?

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playing rn

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just knocked out 3 idiots with 1 hand

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fuck i was one of them

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Ray red is a cunt

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am Xanthomas772
currently 12th of 78 players remaining
spectate me

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me too, almost had that fucking straight tho SHIT

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the prize pool is 1 million BCH satoshis. Not much, but it is real money

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Awesome, dont like to get the gambling neurons going but its biz. So lets go fags.

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>speaking in satoshis in a coin other than bitcoin
unreal. this board is a joke

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For the one tournament?

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Round 2 tournament. Free to play, same prize pool. Starts in 30 mins.

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