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this is who you're invested in

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I'd invest with them.

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How many Big Macs for the girl on the left?

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>3 thots
>2 chinks for every pajeet
>all white men
Every. Single. Time.

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they are cute :3

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Damn they picked some fine ass Azn women!

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absolute chad in the middle

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nah that guy rims horses

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friendly reminder

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>no asians

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>one day my life will begin

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but in fiarness his angelic light is legit

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under rated

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The Mad Feltcher? That guy sucks ass!

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That's a fucking strong left hand

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Looks like a solid team thanks OP

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Yeah and we just made Forbes

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Did you just assume my investment?

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who is the qt on the left?

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Rare photo of Adelyn before she worked for Sir Gay.

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i invested in pic related

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Any Forbes/sites/ is basically a blogpost by a literal who

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I want to sit on that so it's in my halal hole

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> can only see a quarter of his face because of Sergey's massive girth
Not gonna make it

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as is all crypto news

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You're goddamn right I'm invested in them.

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Why are sirgays chink slaves allowed to do the thumbs up? This looks so fucking unprofessional. Sirgay if you read this, keep your slaves under better control this is sad

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>alex giving thumbs up over skype

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The best part is that they're literally all salesmen. They officialy hire 0 - ZERO - developers. All marketing.

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You're goddamn right

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>90% male
>80% white
>no niggers
>only one pajeet
Looks good to me OP.

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OMG they're proliferating

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Right? The one shitskin looks like the most alpha Chad shitter I've ever seen. Not even mad.

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The thumbs up is a symbol of white supremacy.

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Difference is Gates was actually smart. Sergey just eats big macs. Yeah I would invest in actual smart autists like zuckberg, vitalik, or steve jobs.

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and i'm feeling A-OKAY with it.

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You kinda achieved the oposite goal with this photo anon, I kinda hate link but might actually invest in it now.

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where is dan???!!

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where did you get this picture?

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Nice shill thread

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You can just feel how no one in the pic is below 130 IQ

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Op is sergey

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you're dead on but why? what is it about their physical appearance that makes them look so smart?

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Imo none of them look particularly intelligent. Especially the women.

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>mainly white

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My waifu adelyn looks delicious here. Although the other two Asian women are also quite scrumptious as well. The one on the left looks like a she’s a freak. Anybody have here name? I haven’t used linkedin to coom in a while.

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most all white. we are going to win 100%.

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Do they really need to dump 700k links daily just to afford those degens?

nah bro buy HEX instead

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when will they learn

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>no pajeets
That's why I am all in.

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Virgin Vitalik micropeen vs Chad Sergey Monstercock

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This but unironically

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Why do we not know the whole team? Do they purposefully keep much of the team secret?

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Its a shame the hodge (you cant dodge it)didn't get rid of his mantitties so he needs to be on the back to don't feel ashamed of his body. Please Sergey dump 700k again and pay him for a personal coach rn

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Steve rocking his co-founder shadowflannel

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the asian chick on the left is so fucking HOT

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Can we identify all these people?

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Better no, lets keep OPSEC

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their expressions

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We are not investors, we are just token holders

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is that dude rubbing her snatch?

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Fuck, the team looks really good. Thanks for the hopium OP.

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Nice find

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Did they hire the orge from BAT?

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lmao look at bill gates. god the world is mysterious.

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Based tiger mommy

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she is very cute, 2

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But you didn’t

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>silently dumps another 700K whilst taking a shit

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fuck I really miss sergey.
I would love to hug him in real life and tell him how much I appreciate what he's doing.
Sergey feels like that good old childhood friend you used to play a lot with and then you just have to move on from the city and never saw him again. Or that online friend who suddenly dissapeared after months or years of playing together. Somehow, If we were to meet again nothing would've changed...

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too bad steve downgraded to dirty dad pants and lawn mowing shoes. *yikes*