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>dropshipping is oversaturated everyone is trying to hawk the same shitty products off alibaba

>making your own content is oversaturated everyone is making stupid videos and blogging about the same bullshit

>entrepreneurs sell you ebooks about how to be an entrepreneur

>everyones pretending to hustle on ig as a travel blogger or fitness model

what the fuck is there anything new or is everyone just sitting around jerking each other off and selling the same shit

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>>making your own content is oversaturated everyone is making stupid videos and blogging about the same bullshit
That assumes, and rightfully so, that people will just mimic successful content. 90% do which is a fool's errand - in the same way the only means to make big wins in securities markets is to bet against the market consensus which is priced in, you have to make content that bucks trends, for which there is little to no competition (niches).
>>>entrepreneurs sell you ebooks about how to be an entrepreneur
Tempted to do this myself. And pretend to be one of those travel blogger types.

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kidnapping is not oversatured

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Fishing for a new scheme eh?

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I just want to know if starting your own business actually works or if I should just kms

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>if starting your own business actually works
define 'actually works'?
In fact be more narrowed abotu what you're asking. There's many forms of bussinesses you can start, and there's many different definitions of 'success' that range from earning a little beer money, to being able to quit your job, and all the way up to 'making it'. Which one means for you "actually works"?

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It won't work unless you already have money to invest in and yes every business requires money to initially run, don't let these YouTubers meme you.

t. Someone that learned the hard way

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Look man I was in your exact situation before. Looking for any scheme to make money and build off from there with onoy $12 in my bank account. I've tried it all my dude. Dropshipping, etsy, selling beats, making an IG, it never works unless you already have money to promote yourself. You can run your own business or invest in whatever that will make you money but first you gotta stop being a nigger and start wagecucking.

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I just want to be able to sustain myself without wagecucking for the rest of my life. Don't even care about having a gf or wife or anything. It just feels like everyone is trying to do the same shit.


I have some money saved up that I can work with, not sure where to direct it though. I guess you sink it into ads once you decide on a product?

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i actually came up with a pretty based operation but just off rough numbers if everything goes according to plan i could slowly hedge out profits but starting out as a neet is not very optimal unless i was deadset delusional in making this thing work. and this is for a physical good not a service.

by my plan it makes common sense to first get your hands on the customer product and then you can start making a profit by day 1. but the straining part is figuring out the law of it all

my outline was at follows

>what am i doing to try to improve my life
>how can i sell that to other customers and so when i wake up the next day i don't hate my life that i'm selling zoomer basketball sneakers or something i dont really give a shit about
>make the actual product
>the business model (i don't wont to expose it) honestly the model isn't that important i think, as under the surface things are more important (like economics and law). but the business model is fun to make and its sort of the personality of your show
>also i realized that for everything you want to buy from someone else, the guy your buying from is gonna want to make a profit aswell, so if you buy too many things off of other peoples work those serviced prices will add up after a while. basically if you want to save on money you gotta do the work yourself

but in essense the idea was the first product i could sell turns in profit. and naturally this is a completely risk averse operation. i would call this what you kids call a "side hustle", you can go back to your studies or normal work and do this little good (not a service) operation. however keep in mind, i imagine if your selling goods online you will spend the majority of your free time running back and forth as quickly as you can to the post office to make customers happy

sorry i know some of this might be confusing but i hope you can pick out bits that interest you

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This, content creators that make it generally pay a fortune for promotion, like another Youtuber to shout them out.
Look at Tavarish on Youtube, his channel is huge now but 2 years ago he had zero presence. It took dropping $100k on fixing a fucked up lambo to grow his channel.

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Make a product. Pay IG fags to promote your product instead.

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Read unscripted by mj demarco

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What product can I "make" ? Like an ebook or something? Manufacturing is costly unless I'm going to sell little bead bracelets or some other hand made junk

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>not a service
>really guise it's honestly not a service
Sucking cocks is absolutely a service anon, you're not fooling anyone.

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no i was using good as a noun and just put in brackets that its not a service to not sound confusing

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grab chinese produce and just label it as your own
if you just look at the bike industry, 90% of all the product that european and american brands sell are pretty much chinese stuff with a fancy sticker/paintjob

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Now why would I wanna just give you that for free? Seriously, I and other anons already gave you some pretty good advice yet now you're literally asking for a product idea so you could make money? Stop being a dumb spoiled nigger.

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>I just want to be able to sustain myself without wagecucking for the rest of my life
How much is that a year? Even a ballpark figure.
You lack imagination.
Pick something no one else is making, or a product which is already being made but you can repurpose for a different market.

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OP stop being a nigger and grab a pen and paper and figure shit out. You'll fail a couple of times but if you have the capital there's a chance you could sell something

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I'm not asking for a specific product, i'm asking if you were referring to digital or physical products.

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>How much is that a year? Even a ballpark figure.

40-60k would be great, but less than that could work too.

>Pick something no one else is making, or a product which is already being made but you can repurpose for a different market.

I guess I'm mentally stuck on trying to offer something unique when perhaps I should just be taking something that's already out there and just marketing it better. It just feels a bit empty to try and recycle the same shit that other people are doing.

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That's an impossibly abstract question that no one can answer for you. Here's how you can ask a better question - divulge:
What are your skills or things you can quickly learn?
What markets do you have access to? What kind of 'problems' are you acutely aware of an in a position to sell a solution, and sell it at a premium?
What resources can you leverage? What equipment, colleagues, relationships can you utilize?
All those will determine if you go digital or physical or a combination of both or sell a 'service' which is neither.

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So I should examine my own life and see areas where I have unique advantages rather than trying to survey the broader market for what's popular or whatever

That makes sense, thanks

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Just do shit no one has thought of or transposing a idea that has succeeded elsewhere and cloning it for your local or specialized market.
>Nivea for Men... need I say anymore?
>Didi was the Chinese clone of Uber. China didn't have an Uber-type service
>Sony made transistor radios aimed at teenagers in the 50's rather than compete against RCA making Hi-Fi radios for home owners
>Endemol makes a business taking reality TV show formats that work well in one country, like say the Nederlands, and then selling the rights to local broadcasters to recreate the format in their own language for local markets
>Oasis was the Beatles for the 90's... Jim Carey was the Jerry Lewis for the 90's. Lady Gaga was Madonna for the 2010's.
Go watch some 'Clay Christensen' videos, the most important thing I got form him was that people don't buy products because of features nor do they buy things because they belong to a certain demographic - they buy things because of a 'job to do'. If there's a 'job to do' that doesn't have a dedicated product yet, there's your niche.

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This thread is loser neets and delusional faggots larping lmao. If you need to ask for advice on a Panamanian AutoCAD review forum then you are simple not going to make it.
>t. Small business owner, in the money since 2012

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I made a game and sold it on Steam, itch.io and humble. Got me $400K post taxes. You are just stupid. I also have consultancy portal for low IQ people who pay me for easy work I do because it is second nature to me now. KYS

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Why you lying you fag.

The info here is solid, they're telling op. The days of making money from nothing are gone and if he wants a successful business he needs a solid plan that will require capital infusion and labor

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entrepreneurship is a get rich quick scheme sold to retards

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Which game. I’ll pick it up

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here's an idea, fresh off the noggin.
make an ice cream treat that's just the tail end of a sugar cone. you know, that part that's waffley and catches the sweet melty bits at the end of a nice cone?
yeah just that.
make that.
find mother fuckers with ice cream cones and industrial fillers and cutters and shit.
it's that easy.

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Please post results from any of the retarded advice you decide to take. I'm sure it'll get you nowhere, it always does.

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still here
still at it.
call 'em waffle cups.
get "gourmet" with drizzled dark chocolate somewhere in your ice cream factory
maybe some berries?
who knows.
but seriously you would just need to pick up a phone and inquire at ice cream manufacturing plants about how to get in on the line.

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Na. This is /biz. I can tell someone in /v or /vg but in /biz things stay private.

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>The days of making money from nothing are gone

This is something desperate neets refuse to understand. You're going to unfortunately sacrifice time first wagecucking before starting any business.

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I have made money in the last few months doing everything you just said doesnt work. Just because you are lazy and unmotivated doesnt mean that the methods are shit

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I'd love to start a blog or yt channel but it seems like all the successful ones are focused on a specific topic for years on end, and I find it hard to pick one topic that i'd be comfortable focusing on for years.

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Yes. I started a side business a year ago with my sister that makes $35k/mo now. I still have my primary programming job.

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I wanted to get into dropshipping but I guess it's too late now. I guess you should be a Twitch streamer or some shit.

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Aquire skill -> income
Research business -> start business -> if success equal profit

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The only way to make it these days is with crypto. Put 30% of everything you've got in BTC, 30% in ETH, and put the rest in ALGO. That portfolio will provide an ROI of anywhere from 5x-200x in the next 12 months, depending largely on ALGO performance.

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>making your own content is oversaturated
Only if a topic is oversaturated with high quality production content. I imagine there is a lot more topics available you could make content for but 1) you know nothing about them 2) your content quality world be garbage because you're not in that industry either

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This is probably true, but OP don't start a fucking political channel or some dumbshit like that, do something algorithm friendly.

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Over the past few years I have been aware of 2 to 3 niches that had no content before but now do. Content creation isn't dead because it is oversaturated, it is dead, or rather harder than it was, because of YouTube nonsense. You'd think cooking is oversaturated right? Over the past few weeks I have had three suggestions for videos (that yt has obviously suggested to about a million others) on channels with 10-20 total videos and 5000 subs or less. These channels will now take off.

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And yet lefties are making over a million dollars annually by just saying how drumpf is evil

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Why are you not using Tomform to trade horses on Betfair find winning accas and bank!

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

This was 648/1

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Ironically I'm assuming OP isn't a faggot (leftist) because he wants to be an entrepreneur.

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>Don't even care about having a gf or wife or anything
why you don't care? It's one the most important things in life to have a decent relationship/sex

anyway... all the things that you have mentione (beside dropshipping) they still mac money.. it's only that you are not a neurotypical extrovers normie.. so instagram is not your nice.
To the anon selling beats... your beats are not so goo as you thinc
also beats... what's the meaning of beat?
Mac your own rap and if you are good at it you'll get a lot of downloads.

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Don't you got a battery to dump in an ocean?

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Ok here's an actual real world example for you op. I found that there was no single repository for the memes that are used on here (pepe, bobo, wojak, zoomers, boomers, etc). So instead of going on warosu or imgur to try and find memes I decided to start collecting them myself in order to start a website that would host all the different categories. Once I had enough I built the site from the ground up and it went live this past summer. I learned a lot along the way about SEO, programming, webdev and designing. It may not be the most successful website but its extremely gratifying seeing people use it. If I can do it you can do it op, I believe in you. If anyone is curious the site is


I know I've mentioned it on here a couple of times before.

>mods pls no shill

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You're right

If I was to start a channel it'd be some mgtow shit and get demonetized

>> No.16823822

I have a really good niche that I can pump out YT content on. Do you have any books you recommend for starting up a YT channel and animations skills and all that jazz like there is for the finance side of running a small business?

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Cool idea anon. Do you make any money off of it?

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Thanks man. And not yet as I haven't tried to monetize. I'll probably just run ads when I do though. I can't see affiliate links or anything like that working on my site to generate revenue. But for now I just want to focus on driving traffic to the site. I'll probably have to pay for search rankings for that though. Im getting beat out by mediocre pages like imgur albums at the moment for some important keywords. Another thing I want to do is pay people to make memes for me exclusively so people have a reason to keep coming back. There's a lot to improve on but its been fun so far.

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>And not yet as I haven't tried to monetize.
Making money’s not that big of a deal, this is biz after all

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Fair enough. I'm definitely hoping that once traffic picks up it will make it worth while. I just havent done it yet because I'm not sure which ad exchange to go with. I'm hesitant to use google adsense because if they see something they dont like on the site my whole account gets nuked with no hope of getting it back. I plan to do some mobile apps in the future so that would really hurt potential revenue there. Any suggestions for alternatives?

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there is Urban dictionary already

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And I should have specified that its only pictures, no definitions or anything like urban dict. I tried to keep it minimalist and to the point.

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>I'll probably have to pay for search rankings for that thoug
who will you pay to?

>> No.16824342

I just use https://www.tomform.com refine the selections and back to place on betfair making a small fortune ;)

Tinker with the filter settings for each course and you'll find your own winning strategy like I have.

Best of luck

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the amish

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The only way zoomer 'entrepreneurs' seem to make money is buy pretending to be rich on social media and doing ponzi schemes / advertising products based on the pretense of their fake lifestyle

>> No.16824442

wtf is this

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the sexy businesses are over saturated
how abut importing hyundai /kia parts into nigeria? that kind of shit can still sell

>> No.16824935

I meant Google ads or youtube?

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The zoomers and boomers pages gives an error message

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>$44k a month
Holy shit, I wouldn’t have guessed at all. He’s the only one out of them though that provides actually useful information, and laughs. He’s also a chantard, love that guy.

>> No.16825050

The answer is: social web apps.

>> No.16825082

Would be cool to have tags so images could be in multiple categories like boomer and NPC at the and time for example.

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You've got to exploit exposure to leverage and assets aren't free. The main problem with most online 'business' ideas is they claim to be cheap or free to setup and require almost no effort, time or ability to operate. With such 'barriers' to entry don't be surprised to find they don't work.

As much as we hate on capitalism if you break it down the logical rules/processes are relatively simple to understand. Drop shipping works if you identify non-shitty products/opportunities and are prepared to put in work to significantly add value.

Most business ideas are basically identify a niche, make an investment, add value to it, sell it for a profit. It helps if you can also exploit market inefficiencies while doing so.

The most basic business here is shit like window cleaning or gardening work. Even if you are a lazy piece of shit you just hire people to do the work while you oversee. You'll find people who just want to get paid and then go drink or do drugs or people who don't like to negotiate jobs or source materials, people who can't take the money for whatever reason.

Get a van or truck. Hire two people for $75 a day. Drive them somewhere and charge the homeowner $500 a day. Complain bitterly about the cost of materials, tools, insurance, gas etc and having to cover absences out of your pocket. Charge the homeowner almost full retail for materials while winking and offering a 'trade discount' on shit you buy for 80% off list.

You want to hire people who basically can't be paid until the end of the week because otherwise they'll vanish drunk. You might have to pay some of them daily to prevent them drinking themselves to death or getting in trouble.

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Man I've always seen this shit for what it is. Youtube is worth 1-3k per million views. You see somebody making two videos a week with 1-2 million views and you know it be all dollar dollar.

>> No.16825159

post the name of the game then, instead of being insulting and smug.

otherwise, gtfo with your lies.

>> No.16825161

>just code the new facebook bro, like why do people even work aha

>> No.16825181

4chan is a social web app too. Think broadly, dude.

>> No.16825184

I made a 4chan clone once.
It lasted a month.

>> No.16825188

>just create a new 4chan dude

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Google. You can prioritize your site for keywords. For example I'm ranked 9.3 for the keyword "brainlet" which puts me on the second or third search page. But if you look at the results on the first page its a reddit link and an imgur album that are ranked above me. According to google thats one of the highest searched terms thats relevant to my site and I'm getting 0 clicks on it. So its definitely worth it to me to have that page show up on top. Plus I have way more brainlets than either of those two pages. Plus all my images have obvious names so you can search for them easier as opposed to other sites. At least that's what I think.

>> No.16825578

A tip: it'd be a good idea to copy websites like danbooru/gelbooru/sankaku channel and implement a tag system.

>> No.16825579

for a person who has so many excuses yet 0 creativity, there won't ever be something good enough

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Shit. I was hoping this was cleared up by now. I changed the urls about a week ago for better SEO and its taken google a while to crawl and re-index them for the new ones. I've updated my sitemaps and petitioned to have the old urls removed, but there is only so much I can do. Like I said I learned a lot... Thanks for the feedback though, I really appreciate it.

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Ya thats definitely a solid idea. Id eventually have to write a backend for the site to do that. Which I would definitely do if it got popular enough. Right now I just do everything client side. Thanks anon.

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>I just want to be able to sustain myself without wagecucking for the rest of my life. Don't even care about having a gf or wife or anything. It just feels like everyone is trying to do the same shit.
Of course you can, but you probably won't like it.
It involves working far harder and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone far more than working 40 hours a week.
If you're not willing to put in the work to find a cofounder/employees, or come up with new content to post on Youtube every week for years straight before anyone notices you, or cold call businesses to sell your service (to name a few examples) then I would not even bother desu. It's more work than you will ever find in a full time job.

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Nice site I took a look but can you please help. Im looking for two images posted on biz over a year ago. One red and one green wojak but they were all smeared. The anon posted them gad them made as artworks. Were pretty cool but like an idiot I didnt save them. You being mr meme Im hoping you or any other lurking anon has them. Thanks

>> No.16826646

i sell fish and it's going great

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Thanks anon, thats why I made it. I'm not sure if I have them but your best bet is to go to the wojak page and search 'red' or 'green'. That should get you close.


I have 1000+ images for the next update so check back in about a week. Theres a lot more wojaks coming.

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I had a look and theyre not there. They were veey like pic related if any anons know what Im talking about. Ill definitely check your site again. Bookmarked thanks memeanon

>> No.16826825

>making your own content...
And they're all shit at it. Put even minor effort, and you'll be head and shoulders above the normies

>> No.16826845 [DELETED] 

I know a shaym is after that. Love him. /ourguy/

>> No.16826863

Why's that?

>> No.16826917

AvE is basedasfuck good for him.

>> No.16826939

Props anon for giving an actual example instead of hurr durr I made a content hosting page but I can't tell you niglets what it is because this is /biz/

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Sorry anon. Thanks again though.

Thanks fren. /biz/ was the whole reason I started this so I definitely want all of you to see it.

>> No.16827070

Pls help

>> No.16827105

how many daily visitors do you get?

>> No.16827119

Sell flowers by traffic lights

>> No.16827131

Hi fbi

>> No.16827156

Because unless your chan offers some game changing feature people will stick with 4chan.
Like "the other chan" added a feature for anyone to create their own board.
And it still didnt have a lot of traffic.

>> No.16827180

You need to up your game, become a dropshipping content making entrepreneur ebook internationally travelling fitness model

>> No.16827213

Yeah cause you're a lying faggot

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>> No.16827325

this is really good

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>Anon makes thread decrying the entrepreneur meme
>Meme entrepreneur takes over the thread


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Cloudflare stats say 2000 visitors a day and google analytics says 60 to 100. So I'm sure its somewhere in the middle between the two when you subtract bots and crawlers from the equation and consider ad and script blockers.

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Thanks anons. Feeling blessed.

>t. 29 yo boomer

>> No.16827502

Go to kickstarter and make a jacket with 50 different features and you will get $1 million plus in funding, but you will have to make the product first so people will know it is real.

>> No.16827537



>> No.16827828

why are redditors so easily sold on jackets, bags etc

>> No.16828175


Reddit wants to buy bags, what's the next new thing? Niggers like chicken?

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>This thread is loser neets and delusional faggots larping lmao. If you need to ask for advice on a Panamanian AutoCAD review forum then you are simple not going to make it.
>>t. Small business owner, in the money since 2012
Be the change you wanna see, friendo.

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Isn't dropshipping just listing something on Amazon and shipping it from Aliexpress?

>> No.16828361

t. i failed so no one else can be succesful

>> No.16828385

Yeah that's all it is. It's retarded because you're fighting for market share in an already saturated to the moon market (Amazon in general.)

>> No.16828395

No one else is successful you dumb fuck. You're either born into money or you aren't.

>> No.16828408

>thinking he's an entrepreneur by copying what everyone else is already doing

>> No.16828496

Dubs checked.

An Hero before it gets any worse.

>> No.16828529

How do you earn your income, anon?

>> No.16828609

Is this really how you cope?

>> No.16828632

No I watch a ton of porn to cope. Trying to quit that shit

>> No.16829016

Well right, but is there any harm in doing it anyways? What's the time investment vs returns?

>> No.16829134

its hard. legal llc formations fees taxes and marketing and creating your product is difficult. no stable income coming in. only do it if you are already retired

>> No.16829476

this could unironically work

>> No.16830258


your website is in my bookmarks bar and ive told all my zoomer friends about you, it makes me happy that u are on /biz again good to see you memefag

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Kek. Thanks senpai, I owe you one.

>> No.16831978

bumping for good thread

>> No.16831989

>LLC formations are hard
No they are not at all. You can get an LLC setup in no time. Hardly any fees involved as well.

>> No.16832225

Direct deals with smaller companies/sponsorships? You make a deal and then put a direct link to their website in exchange for say 10$/month. It's much less likely to get you in trouble (the companies would obviously review your site before they struck a deal and so would know beforehand if they approved. And no google SJWs banning Pepe either). I've known of a couple of blogs that were able to clear on the order of $10k a year with this method

>> No.16832292
File: 487 KB, 630x922, 1572254873857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's definitely a solid idea. I'll probably end up doing something like that. Although I am curious as to how sites like knowyourmeme and 9gag are able to use adsense when they have questionable content too. My guess is that they drive so much traffic that google just looks the other way.

>> No.16832470

knowyourmeme in particular is way too useful to google and government agencies to be allowed to die
Can you imagine national shitposting agency boomers or google diversity officer roasties trying to understand twitter troll threads without it?

>> No.16832559
File: 24 KB, 434x300, 1576649619194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True. They get a ton of traffic.

>> No.16832572
File: 76 KB, 750x789, 1577807053272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>glowies pls use my site.

>> No.16832576

Not all of us have hot sisters to camwhore.

>> No.16833760

Think big and customise ads per meme. For example, put Amazon affiliate ads for Monster energy on the boomer page, porn ads on the coomer page. Thoughtful placement beats clutter. Personally I'd click on it all out of respect for the effort.

>> No.16833776

this guy has assburgers for sure

>> No.16834151
File: 177 KB, 1920x1080, 1578803184407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't do Social Media Marketing
>nb4 it's a saturated market too

literally all you have to pick a niche master said niche, then perceive your value extremely high to the clients you're presenting to and then you'll start making up to 10k a month.

Also eCommerce/Drop shippers desperately need digital marketers.

you can thank me later

>> No.16834189

i wrote this on some other thread

>> No.16834208

Integrate with on demand printing for personalized items such as T-shirts or mugs. Then setup programmatic ad buying dynamically showing the personalized items. Be careful with copyright but you should be fine for awhile with that. If this works you can thank me by donating to cancer research. Amen.

>> No.16834210
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Whoever came up with energy drinks was pretty smart. White trash eat that sweet garbage up like theres no tomorrow.

Robocough was also a good idea.

>> No.16834587

>But if you look at the results on the first page its a reddit link and an imgur album that are ranked above me
Why not post comments on those posts (provided they're not archived) that lead to your page?
>During a goldrush, sell shovels
And during a plague, sell coffins.

>> No.16834614

You mean going around social media and shilling links? Like that?

>> No.16834678
File: 14 KB, 343x343, 1554920289080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No that's retard spamy affiliate marketing don't do that gay shit.
I'm talking about making facebook/Instagram/snapchat/youtube(mostly just facebook) ads and have the business you're marketing pay for the ads along with your paycheck.

>> No.16834757

OK, ads seem competitive, though

>> No.16834779
File: 884 KB, 1440x2560, 2018_04_04_09.41.28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can try selling some pet flies. Image related.

>> No.16834886

Meaning, ad expenses are usually disproportionate huge compared to tiny retail margins. It's gonna be hard to sell small stuff.

>> No.16834902


All Marketing is competition. rather it be Big or Small from tv, radio, news paper, social media, flyers, movies, video games, word of mouth.

It's never easy and you always need to figure out best ways to get peoples attention.

>> No.16835897
File: 379 KB, 588x870, 1569589792600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All based and redpilled ideas. Thanks anons.

>> No.16835968


Isn't the entire drop shipping game basically about social media marketing?

Like, if you can make the marketing campaign, you might as well just be selling the item yourself?

>> No.16835975

People who find niches are going to come on here and tell everyone else about it

>> No.16836012
File: 39 KB, 334x506, 1558925590884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, because drop shipping is a bitch so why not make money off people who need the marketing and also it isn't the only niche for Social Media Marketing.

here's a video showcasing from worst to best niche

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