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>20k LINK
>1.64 LP
Should I be comfy? I am so jelous of those who has over 50k LINK.

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Lol u finna be broak as fuk soon. Link is a etc scam token “somehow?” Tied to a fucking web scraper? How retarded are you?

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i have 6.1k and in comfy as fuck

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Of course you should be comfy. I have [redacted] Link and pretty happy with my stack.

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>110k link
>0.04 LP
wat do?

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20k and 0.2LP. Would have liked 30k but know it's enough.

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What the fuck? chainlink team has azn qt3.14s other than Adelyn? Does Sergey have a yellow fever?

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Got 30k, I would have liked 300k but it's whatever.

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400 link 0 lp
kill me now

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whole team is full of qts if you ask me

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More link CHINKlink am I right?

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Unironically a great looking team. Dibs on the qt3.14 in the pink

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I hope you haven't stopped accumulating LINK?
You may still have 1 year to accumulate more at the current prices.

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>no niggers
wtf i thought california was progressive, reeeeeeeee just sold 100k

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>Fair amount of autists
>Decent amount of weird asian guys
>More than adequate amount of asian cuties
>A bald guy
>A fat CEO who wears the same clothes every day
We're going to make it so fucking hard aren't we?

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I never noticed steve's girlish hips before this photo. has to be a good sign as well

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Dude i was thinking the exact same thing. The one pajeet looks like a chad too. We're going to be fucking rich.

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Why do you think sergey went to asia for a whole month?

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>sergey is lolbertarian
>no niggers
>no white women

holy fuck this guy is /pol/ incarnate

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To backpack in thailand with the ico funds