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People are starting to believe that Australia was set on fire by a massive arsonist conspiracy. How can I profit from this?

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Convince everyone it was climate change instead

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>implying it wasnt

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No profit from doing that

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Make it an activist calling and sell t shirts. Like "9/11 was an inside job" but with fires n shit.

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it will put additional political pressure on China and India. China will have to raise electricity cost, India will have to disconnect many peoples from shitposting.

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Tell the corporations that they have to pay a tax to pollute the environment. The corporations continue business as usual and you get a nice payout.

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Then the company boasts that they are complying with the “clean air act” and see a bump in sales from the activists.

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cus it is but the left are trying to counter screech

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It's amazing how easily low IQ people like you are misdirected.
You see, it's not even relevant if arsonists started the fires. This isn't about the ignition source, it's about how they're much larger and more intense. A big part of that is because of record temperatures and low rainfall, i.e. a warming climate, on top of some land-management issues. You'd have to be some kind of lobotomized retard to ignore this and just repeat
>muh arsonists
like the utter NPC that you clearly are.

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>24 people have been charged over alleged deliberately-lit bushfires

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

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>47 people have had legal actions for allegedly discarding a lighted cigarette or match on land.
this is nothing
these are just the ones they know about
>it's nothing
>it's climate change
>just pay more tax and eat the bugs goy

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Invest in coastal high speed rail.

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Soon the world's eye will see
The fires were started by the architects of international finance
Convictions coming soon
Trust the Plan

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"Leftist incels from reddit were angry that they didn't have big tiddy goth gfs. So they started torching Australia. Luckily Trump reacted quickly, made some calls, and the low-T plebbitors got arrested."
That is the official statement from Australian gov. Basically, Trump won again.

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It's amazing how religiously devoted you are to defending a global warming narrative to the point of anger and lashing out. The ice caps are growing anyways. Keep wasting your time with all of these rituals and prayers to save yourself from the apocalyptic eco rapture that will never come. Countries that don't fall for this nonsense will continue to use fossil fuels and improve their economies while you eat bugs and pay 90 percent of your income in taxes to "help the environment."

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>The ice caps are growing
That's right, they are. All the composite satellite images over the last years have been doctored by the Democrat cabal. In reality, we might be in one of the coldest years in modern history. Trump will save us though, he will distribute blankets. Democrats will probably just keep on doctoring the temperature readings around the world.

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More retarded misdirection. Aus has been seen a warmer and dryer climate. You offer nothing at all in your NPC repeats of empty talking-points.

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>India will have to disconnect many peoples from shitposting.
highly underrated

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anon i...

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>read this rando's blog post!!!

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>at the Sack ScoMo rally yesterday in Brisbane
>unironic ancoms
>ancom flag flying
>some fatass representing some university group gets up
>rapes the ears of everybody there with her awful voice
>introduces the first speaker
In Australia, all leftist meetings must be opened by acknowledging that Australia is stolen land, and then allowing an aboriginal to talk. Usually some old crone
>refuses to say the name of the Prime Minister
>claims that the fires were started so the Prime Minister could build a rail-line between Brisbane and Victoria
>claims that the nation will fix itself instantly and actually come back better than ever
>starts talking about aboriginal massacres (no idea why)
Good shit

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>Linking an obvious Russian propaganda site with a randomly colored in map to argue against global science orgs
4chan is the best
God, the site is so badly done as well. Trying to hide the fact that it's a propaganda blog, by pretending to be a group of marine disaster enthusiasts. I love it.

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so are you going to post some data or just continue laughing while breathing sand?

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>implying it wasn't

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>gets btfo so he ties to shit the conversation to pretending that we should be posting data here
kek what a fucking retard...

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Handpicked just some orgs from different countries

USA: nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews
International: ipcc.ch/2019/09/25/srocc-press-release/
Germany: seaice.uni-bremen.de/sea-ice-concentration-amsr-eamsr2/
Japan: data.jma.go.jp/gmd/kaiyou/english/seaice_global/series_global_e.html
Norway: cryo.met.no/en/arctic-seaice-october-2019

...vs a dinky propaganda blog post that got circulated to you on some social media feed

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sooo you don't have any?

the last one is important
a recession hit in 2008.....

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>In December, the Chukchi Sea finally completely refroze, Hudson Bay iced over, and sea ice extended south into the Bering Sea.
wow it's like you didn't even read it

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>Hanging on to one sentence while ignoring all the rest
Read on. You can find this being shown on the other org sites as well. There have been years/months of rapid recovery in the arctic sea ice. These have all gone away just as quick though. Long term trends show downwards on the datasets of all the different organisations.

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>dozens arrested for arson in mere weeks
>aRSoñ is a ConSPIraCY

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>starts linking solar cycle data
OMG hahahaha, he is trying to brainwash /biz/ into believing 10 year solar cycles have been causing 40+ years of Arctic ice decline
One is a sine function, the other a downward slope, m8

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