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why aren't millennials willing to settle for a nice, simple starter home? Seems like they all feel entitled to some $1m+ McMansion in California or Hawaii

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because there could be NIGGERS nearby.

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Starter homes are 1m

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i do want to live in a house like that one it just seems the price is too fucking high for what it is

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I like the anonymity that comes with living in an apartment complex. I don't have to get to know who the fuck lives by me and what not.

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>why aren't millennials willing to settle for a nice, simple starter home?
millennials can't even afford 1 bedroom apartments

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I enjoy my comfy new condo, not having to mow lawns and all the other upkeep for a house, not to mention repairs.

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>walls so thin you can make out entire conversations your neighboors are having
pick one

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must be nice to live in a place like Japan, where even poor neighborhoods are still safe and have nice people
in my country a starter home would be in a neighborhood full of niggers, loud music, and a very real possibility of being robbed by someone in a motorcycle in broad daylight
fuck that shit, I'm living with my parents

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You can't get a starter home in a decent area of a decent city for less than $600k (and a $600k starter home would be on the outskirts of Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, etc -- a starter home in Boston or New York City or Seattle is gonna be more like $1MM)

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if you cheap out and buy a house for less than this, good luck with the robberies and foundation repairs

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a fucking apartment rent is 3x average wagerate

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Think the housing market will tank again? If it doesn't I will never buy a house. I'd rather just buy empty land at this point

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Because those "starter homes" cost as much as a mcmansion nowadays.

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land has the exact same problem dimwit

it's not the price of a house magicly going up in isolation.... literally everything goes into land value


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you have to live close to where you make money usually

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Outcome is not good. We'll probably get a recession but house prices won't dip to 2008 levels. That shit was based on lenders handing out tons of subprime garbage loans

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this and checked

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stop living in shithole apartments.

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If you have a car you can go anywhere

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It's over for me

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>why don't millennial buy starter homes

be Canadian

never move here

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That's because your starter home is 9/10 your final home.

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heh doesnt matter i only leave home once a month

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What you don't want to pay $355,000?

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Starter homes on average across the nation excluding jewyork and commifornia are 200k-300k(brand new).Yea you can find 100k-150k homes but you have to live in Idaho or the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma and the houses are old, These low prices are in high crime areas or low pop areas. They cannot even afford that when they are working for 14/hr working minimum wage, they are already on the edge paying for their 1 bedroom apartment.

But there is something millennials can do, this applies to young men as most women wouldn't even think about doing this. You buy a tacoma or reliable truck with a camper shell and you live out of your truck, get a job and live in a planet fitness parking lot. You then save up as much money as you can in 5 years to buy crypto or invest in something that will make you money.

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>Covered patio
Jesus christ just go ahead and kill me.

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You can buy a condo you retard. Better then renting

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A 900 sq ft condo in my area costs ~$200k. A 1500 sq ft town home $275k. This is in the Mexican infested areas too. Add 50-75k onto those numbers if you wanna be in the good part of town. When my parents were starting out they were going to buy a car and bought a house instead because the payments were close to the same. Their first house was like 70k in the late 80s. Boomers and spics completely fucked the housing market

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Where I live a starter home is $200,000. Some start.

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so you put down 5% ($10k) and your monthly mortgage payments are only around $1200-1400 depending on property taxes. half of that is tax deductible too, i think most millennials don't understand that.

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I like to live frugally unironically.

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You're assuming 10k in the bank and $3600-4200 monthly income.


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yeah i wouldn't advise buying a $200k house on minimum wage lol. but if you have a "decent" income of 50k/year plus some savings, or if you're a married couple and make 50k+ combined (national household average), then you should be able to pull it off. unless you have like $200k of student debt or something.

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>monthly mortgage payments are only around $1200-1400
But then how would we afford our Starbucks????? Catch MS, boomer fuck.

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bud the situation you're describing is shockingly rare

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From my link:

> In a recent analysis, we found that 53 million workers ages 18 to 64—or 44% of all workers—earn barely enough to live on. Their median earnings are $10.22 per hour, and about $18,000 per year. These low-wage workers are concentrated in a relatively small number of occupations, including retail sales, cooks, food and beverage servers, janitors and housekeepers, personal care and service workers (such as child care workers and patient care assistants), and various administrative positions.

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Lol someone is forgetting closing costs.

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is it legal to just permanently live in a parking lot?

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Depends on where its at. Lived in a walmart parking lot for a while, they cannot kick you out

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did they harass you or just not give a fuck

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The Walmart’s in my city host a few RVs that have sat for a few months in the end of the parking lots. Don’t know about permanent, but I’m sure if you ask the store manager they won’t really give a shit as long as you don’t look like a pedo asspie.

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They are doing it again. Never underestimate the other guys greed.

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>your monthly mortgage payments are only around $1200-1400 depending on property taxes

That's a lot of fucking money if you only make 15$ dollars an hour.

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I think it's there policy to just allow the rvs because they basically serve a free security at night and they all buy shit during the day.

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Move away from the coast, entitled faggot

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I make 40k yearly, and I own a home with 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Big living room and a garage (In a nice area too, no niggers). I love texas. My mortgage is only like $650 a month

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what part of texas

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What the fuck is a starter home.

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Because my parents have a beautiful house and finished basement with split entry and I pay zero rent why the fuck would I want to down grade

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Kek, that’s where all the jobs are.

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Why so much housing talk today. It's a pretty shit investment. Buy some Kleros. Sell in 2021. Buy a house in cash.

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a small shithole to build equity in so you can upgrade in 10yrs... rinse/repeat.

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Sounds like Brazil.

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Live in a flyover state and anything under $250k is in a dangerous nigger infested part of the city or needs a fuckton of work.

The whole market is a fucking joke

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