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Silver is going to explode within a few years or sooner

Silver/Dollar ratio is currently $1120 per oz

The current price for silver is 17.99$ per oz

the current spot price for silver $17.61$ per oz

If you also into crypto but want a price of silver check this out:

https://www.agxsilver.io/ One AGX coin = 0,54$ physical silver

Join the chat:https://riot.im/app/#/room/#silvergeneral:matrix.org

Articles and videos to get informed on why to buy into silver








For Beginners https://youtu.be/7hC8LSJMgYc

Best places to Silver at the moment( if you know any other good places to buy silver feel free to post links)







If you have anymore helpful information please post for the following updates on the next general!

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Who else here times their monthly silver purchase when their wife is on her period? That way I can look at my shiny rocks when she's moody.

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I'm buying another sleeve of bullion next month. I average about 2 sleeves a year

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Wtf, how much is a sleeve a bullion? Like 10oz?

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i think he means tubes or rolls, that's typically 20-25 oz

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Oh shit spot price is $18.21 we mooning now bois

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>tfw I don't have money to make it in time

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Literally the only chance you will have in your generation and you've fucked it all up by not accumulating any savings. You have only yourself to blame for.

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Reminder that the silver gold ratio is currently 86:1 which is historically insane. Any silver bought now equals free gold in the future.

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Is it good idea to Maxx USLV?

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Good point and I think your right, but keep in mind Gold will fire off long before silver and when that time comes you either won’t be able to get any or you’ll be priced out. Find a way to get both. Don’t forget that PMs won’t be everything you’ll need either.

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I said yesterday that silver will hit $40 before gold hits $3000. I sure hope I'm right.

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how do I buy silver without holding it? if I physically hold it and sell, the taxes are fucking nuts.

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I love holding my silver and rubbing it all over my balls

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This is why gentlemen you never remove them from the capsules...

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123 oz of silver and 1 oz of gold, will I make it bros?

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No. Absolute minimum in the time of crisis would be 1000+oz of silver and 10+oz of gold. Should be just enough to open the gate of Real Estate investing.

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Purchasing power of precious metals does not moon. It just stays the same, that's the whole point.

If you can purchase a nice suit with your PMs today, you can expect to be able to purchase a nice suit with them 10 years from now.

The USD value will change for sure, but that's not what matters

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You are correct, but most of the gold investors are in it for profits. Sometimes gold is in a bubble, be it due to economical crisis or a war. This is what interests them and this is when they sell with 3-5x profit.

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Is AGX as legit as paxg?

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i live in the midwest, i could already open the gate of real estate investing with 50oz gold.

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I'm stacking 1.5 oz a week, starting this year, will I make it?

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gold, yes; silver, no
When you buy so little at once, you pay high premiums.

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Do you think 10oz a month is better?

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So then basically us poorfags shouldnt accumulate the little we can. Selling my piss poor collection now lol

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I bought some 10 years ago, I don't expect to make a profit soon, but during my lifetime there'll be a day I can make a 1000%.
It's hidden in my grandpa's cave.

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Savers will prosper is the general idea. If you think of your future, you will get one.

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Jesus, 1000 oz of silver? Seems a tad excessive

This makes sense for gold - but what size pieces? And coin or bullion?

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It is, 99% of the population doesn't even own a gram of silver.

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bought another 100oz today - heavily influenced by these threads.

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Give me one good reason to not fondle my whole 21oz

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you will die in your next sleep if you do

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$3000 gold / $40 silver = GSR 75. Last year's trade war pump brought the GSR down from sub-90 to sub-80 and silver was >$19/oz then. Gold needs to almost 2x to reach $3k but a silver 2x is guaranteed to happen well before gold much less $40/oz.

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It helps to get in the mindset that you're not really "buying" anything, you're just exchanging one currency for another that just so happens to be more stable and can possibly explode in the future.
It's a hobby, investment and also scratches the itch of spending your money on something every month. But instead of clothes, weed or alcohol it's something that will make your future life easier.

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Depends on your income. I make ~$100k/yr and I get ~5 oz/wk.

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Keep this in mind:


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The only money spent is the premium to me. Even then inflation and pumps erode away until the bullion is more valuable in the long run.

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anyone have any thoughts on the value of this silver bitcoin themed founds. any potential as a collectable?

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bought a 1 gram rhodium coin start of the week then next day it spikes to $7000 then $7800 in following two days which paid off the premium, whether it continues who knows, think rhodium is one of the more french speculative PMs

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buy in bulk. Save up for ~20 oz at once or whatever amount it takes to get free shipping and low premium.

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gold/silver ratio broke down for the last time in the early 1990s, anon. 40/1 is now the "low" baseline with intermittent spikes below.

we will not see the "natural" ratio again in our lifetimes and the reason for this is self-evident: silver has been completely demonetized whereas gold is still valued by institutions and central banks.


unless hard evidence emerges of silver being remonetized, this won't change.

not saying it can't be a decent spec play but PM holdings belong in gold, unless of course you can't afford it, in which case silver is a good option.

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fingerprint tarnish

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Easiest thing in the world. Turning paper into actual money. I can't believe they're letting us get away with it!

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>finger tarnish on buffalos
nothing of value lost

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True but it's easier to sell smaller sizes.

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Their resell value is the same as 1oz round, but you pay a higher premium

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I picked up some meme coins once.

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Way to pay meme price for meme coin

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It is my life savings anon. Be nice.

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Very interesting youtube channel. For the first time I see an actual alternative opinion on Gold/Silver

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i've been thinking about a couple Trump coins as well lol. i know they're meme coins, but the majority of my stack was bought on sale so wth

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At least it’s a better holding that crypto

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right now yeah. i'm asking if they might become a collectable in the future and sell at a premium that way. im only getting 3 it doesn't matter at the end of the day

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I bought 5oz of BTC rounds last year. What made it feel good was that I used crypto buy it and that it was pure profit that bought it.

Call me crazy but I believe that cryptocurrencies and precious metals not only can coexist but that they should team up against fiat.

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At least when silver moons the premium will cease to be relevant.

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Bump for silvercucks

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went to my lcs and got 22 more 90% half dollars and 2 Mexican liberte coins

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Smaulgld puts out good content - a solid check to some of the more hyperbolic predictions of PM pumper outlets

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>Call me crazy but I believe that cryptocurrencies and precious metals not only can coexist but that they should team up against fiat.
Jews will see 3/4 of the world burned away with the power of atom before any Gold-backed Crypto will be allowed to exist without their absolute control.

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save your money until you have $100 then buy from one of the big online retailers who have free shipping over $99.

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Based 1 gram

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Do any of you anons collect ancient coins?

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I got my first gram of palladium for like $28. Wish it was more affordable to buy in larger amounts.

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I’m starting to collect colonial bills. I’d like to get an ancient coin but it seems to memey.

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At the least they have some metal content. Colonial bills are still just pieces of paper. Not sure if you're being ironic.

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Holy fuck im not the only one

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>S&P returned 3.5x over the last ten years
>silver lost more than half its value during that time
>"hey everybody, don't buy shares of profitable companies that pay a dividend, buy rocks instead"

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This is what I'm saying too, man.

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should i buy silver long term if i'm poor or too late to start accumulating?

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Never to late, anon

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Right now it's not too late. If you can scrounge so much as $25 per week you can easily buy at least an American Silver Eagle every week. If you are out to maximize bullion then you could buy generic rounds like Buffalos plus some 90% junk silver for that same $25 every week and just keep buying until $25 no longer affords you so much as a dime.

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Well they better get started because there's like five of them already

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Sell me your silver. Email me at David.elias098@gmail.com

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>buy the top of S&P
>sell bottom of silver

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Is it still possible to buy coins with BTC private keys? Like Casacius?

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I was supposed to go to a whore house down in mexico tonight but I guess Ill be using that money for more silver.

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Dont post your email on 4chan, David.

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this better be a throw away email

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Paxgold is allowed to exist in new York no less.

I don't know if I agree with anon though. If we adopt Bitcoin, then what happened with silver happens with gold in the 20th century. Doesn't mean it'll stay down, but there's a reason silver standard countries did poorly

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what is your favorite government coin?

>> No.16814717

Anything with Queen Elizabeth on it. I can't get enough of those.

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Howdy. Noob here, posted a few questions before. I bought a few oz of silver rounds this week. If I only real care about the silver content, should I/why should I bother with face value coins?

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S&P has nowhere to go but down, it's already a bubble. Silver has nowhere to go but up, it's historically undervalued and TESLA is pushing hard on the rest of the industry to start adapting and upgrading.

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DIgits confirm. Good for you anon. Women are incel

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What happens when the queen is outed for covering up sex trafficking and pedos? Do all Reptiles go to spot price?

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These crypto faggots don't have a clue what's going to happen with silver.
>Muh Data
>Donate to my patreon goy
The dollar is gonna tank after the greatest artificial pump of all time because everything is completely unsustainable. There will be new gold rush, (it's already happening), and once the average person cannot afford gold or even find it, a silver rush will follow.

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Get out of here kike.

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take a trip downtown and kiss your ass goodbye

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lol wrong thread, I love silver btw

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you shouldn't. You get more silver for your money when you buy bars, and you get more silver the bigger those bars are. 1 kg or 100 oz bars are your best bet if you have the money

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Chink metals are a rip off, they're not even a full ounce and they carry insane premiums. Plus you're supporting communism by buying that shit, and it's all because panda bears are cool? I know it's overly common, but U.S eagles/buffalos will always be my favorite and best overall worldwide. I also love pre-33 numismatics and the pre-33 gold commemoratives. The modern US commems are fucking garbage though.

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What an autistic display.

>> No.16816591

The pandas are nice coins though :(
I don't own any, the premiums are indeed ridiculous.

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I want to start collecting gold, but a poorfag as well. Should I accumulate 1gram of gold per week, or continue my path of 4 oz of silver?

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Kek based retard

>> No.16816738

And that's why you keep buying high and selling low

>> No.16816801

thank you,

no ugly hag, and no unironic trusting of magical beings *tips fedora*
I know it's a tiny out of the way slogan but it's gotta go, it's fucking cringe, why is the us mint endorsing religion on every single coin it mints

but yeah I like buffalos and eagles too, they're right up there 2nd and 3rd in my list
just a little boring because the design doesn't change, but I don't need them too, the derpy pandas do, and I also like the silver state quarters
we all like our shiny rocks, so I just find it a little more interesting if the art on our shiny rocks changes from time to time

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>>Supporting communism
>>Buy American
Pick one anon.

>> No.16816851

I used to think this for years, but really stocks will always go up. They are measured against the USD which is what will really crash. With more and more inflation on the USD, stocks will continue to rise, and become even more of a store of value. The stock bubble begins after the USD fails.

>> No.16816856

No matter how many times you rubbed them on your balls or how tarnished they get, I would still put them in my mouth. Silver is a clean metal.

>> No.16816874

>>picks clean pube out of teeth

>> No.16816905

A few days ago I said I think silver will double in price before gold doubles in price. Someone wrote an entire paragraph in response but even after I read it like six times I couldn't figure out if he agreed with me or not.
Anyone else have an opinion?

>> No.16816975

What else do you silverchads hold? If you guys hold crypto and stocks please let me know what kind.

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RIP your tesla earnings

>> No.16816989

Buy silver eagles five at a time for free shipping

If you're a real poornigger, stack mercury dimes

>> No.16816998

Yeah I bought in the 100s so I'm really hurting!

>> No.16817027

I'm bullish on metals. I'm sure silver will outperform gold in the coming year or so, but I believe there is data supporting the notion that in times of recession the gold/silver ratio is increased meaning silver doesn't quite catch up to the ratio. Obviously this is contingent on more economic slowing, but I'm curious people's thoughts...?

>> No.16817087

Ocean Protocol and Safex Token

>> No.16817112

Safex is a scam.
It got hacked.
The person behind the project is on holiday since last month currently touring the USA.
Only one developer.
They lie on daily bases.
Pay trolls create a fake sentiment that everything is all right.
Stay away

>> No.16817127

LINK, XMR, Silver.

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They're looking to open another branch in Atlanta you dumb fuck. There's millions in VC behind this.

Sorry you went bankrupt but this is toxic FUD Eddie.

>> No.16817724

>but yeah I like buffalos
jesus. if the rest of your post didnt confirm you had shit taste, this did

>> No.16817758

Thoughts on the JM Bullion Starter Pack?

>> No.16817796

Don’t know how I’m a retard but ok
Thought you were calling me an ugly hag for a second, but if I could change anything on US bullion it would be to replace “E Pluribus Unum” with “In God We Trust” and keep “Liberty” for sure. God needs to be back on Gods money.
I think stocks will continue to go up as foreigners buy up our equities as a safety net as their currencies get debased. Keep in mind every country has dollar denominated debt even our enemies, this will pump stocks in the short term but the dollar will eventually inflate as well because it’s still junk like everything else. Hodl PMs through this whole thing and keep stacking, but I think there will be a short window, (two years), to make some money through the stock market right before we land in Weimar.

>> No.16817809

One per household at spot. You gotta be retarded not to JM, Silver Gold Bull 10oz bar etc when starting out. Mass is mass.

>> No.16817814


>> No.16817833

>Silver is going to explode within a few years or sooner

Uh, why?

>> No.16817902

Paper silver outweighs physical 200:1
Used in technology
Precious metals as a safe haven

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So what's a good price to buy over spot? How do YOU all choose what to buy? Just starting out, myself.

>> No.16818073

>Paper silver outweighs physical 200:1
That's a good reason why the price would collapse, not explode.
>Used in technology
Not enough to explain the price, other metals that are used way more are way cheaper
>Precious metals as a safe haven
The definition of precious metals are pretty much arbitrary, and silver to me ranks pretty low on that list because it's neither as rare as shit like the platinum group, or as famous and unique as gold.

>> No.16818131

>That's a good reason why the price would collapse, not explode.
How does that make sense to you?
>paper silver now worthless
>physical silver also worthless because...???
>Not enough to explain the price, other metals that are used way more are way cheaper
Thats the exact reason why those metals are used more than silver, because theyre easier and cheaper to mine/acquire.
What value or utility does platinum and gold have, over silver? Rarity is not a valid point.

>> No.16818145

I have 100oz silver and 5oz gold, I don't plan on becoming rich just to buy a nice house for me and my wife. I am paying off CC right now and buying some new guns this summer. What do?

>> No.16818252

Keep doing you boi

>> No.16818305

I've heard some bad arguments on this board but everything in this one is absolute poop.

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tfw own 2 oz of gold and 174 oz of silver

>> No.16818338

Unironically dave ramsey baby steps

>> No.16818399

classic new paradigm sell signal

>> No.16818424

i've got 120 oz of silver
when fiat becomes worth less than toiletpaper by weight, what's a "frugal pension" tier stack and what's a "upper class lifestyle" stack?

>> No.16818443

no they get more collectible then

>> No.16818462

i don't think wealth accumulation according to your own ability can ever be excessive

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I have 3 one oz buffalo coins coming today

>> No.16818601

silver or gold?

>> No.16818605


These prices any good? Where should Canadians buy online?

>> No.16818606


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Also coming is a 1/10 oz gold bar

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First of all, you fucked up with "over the last ten years." It's 2020 not 2021. Silver opened in 2010 at around $17.
Second of all this is a discussion of what people should invest in now, not what they should have bought 10 years ago. I'm skeptical that this wasn't just a bait post because of how stupid it is but there really are people who make these arguments.
>Hey everybody, if you bought silver 9 years ago you would have bought high
>You should buy high in the stock market now instead of buying silver low

>> No.16818977

>How does that make sense to you?
>>paper silver now worthless
>>physical silver also worthless because...???

A high ratio of derivatives is a sign of an unstable and unsustainable market that is driven by greed. We saw the exact same thing before the financial crisis, the market for mortgage-backed securities skyrocketed, there were like 20x as much money on paper backed by mortgages than there were actual mortgages. And we all know how that ended.

>> No.16818995

You can leverage trade silver with bitcoin on prime-xbt.io btw for max profit.

>> No.16819130

Okay, I'm a college student who has $5k to their name. I want to start getting into investing. I have some crypto coins that I bought in 2013-16 that I haven't touched since.

Can I start investing? I spend like $350 the whole semester and I have a minimum wage job. Is silver a good place to get started? Seems like the smart thing to do since stocks are so high. Should I just sell the little crypto I have or also begin investing in crypto again? I only am really holding BTC and Eth. Should I invest in link?

Please help, I need to pay my college tuition

>> No.16819229

safexis a scsm. this guy is right.

>> No.16819238

noice. you got it. god bless you, anon.

>> No.16819535

Based schizo poster. Did you buy high and sell low too?

>> No.16819813


>> No.16819900


All three are the best for Canadians as they ship fast from within Canada and they won’t sell you fakes since they all have mint deals.

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Nothing more chad than HODLing into infinity waiting for something the tiny hat people will never let collapse to collapse

>> No.16819930

? schizo? really?
boy i don't want to scare you. just listen: when we have a family meetup and everyone around sits around our table (like +80 people) there are men and women who have seen systems collapse.
> difderent gold and silver coins
> reichsmark
> deutsche mark
> gdr alu coin
i'm not saying it'll happen again but that you cannot exchange paper money for mil, butter or bread.

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I'm convinced they just like having large amounts of precious metals for the sake of having it, not to gain spending power, they just like rolling around in their multi ton piles of silver and opening their briefcases full of gold and fucking themselves to it.

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>> No.16819944
File: 793 KB, 2048x1536, A6614CC8-DBE9-446B-99A6-3FF681354EA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.16820060

all the big ones have a starter pack. get every one for based silver intro.

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Real estate. I'm still small time with just a few properties, but ultimately I would like to be able to borrow against massive pile of gold at low interest rates. I don't want banks to be able to charge me for risk to cover their losses from degenerates.

>> No.16821134

When I buy, what would be the biggest payoff in the end? Government coins are more expensive, but non government bars, rounds, etc are cheaper. I imagine there has to be a reason. Is the premium price going to pay off in the end?

>> No.16821191

No just get rounds for maximum stacks

>> No.16821313

You're making the mistake of assuming that derivatives on debt instruments function the same way as derivatives on physical commodities.
If a bunch of debt instrument derivatives (specifically those with adjustable rates like mortgages) get called in, banks have to raise the interest rates, which leads to people just not paying their debts/mortgages and defaulting, which leads to property prices falling.
If a bunch of physical commodity derivatives get called in, the banks have to buy said commodity to deliver it, which leads to an increased demand for said commodity, thus leading to increased prices for said commodity.

>> No.16821522

Depends how quickly you will want to sell.
Maples/Eagles would probably be the quickest when you want to liquidate, may not be the absolute best in terms of buy/sell spread though.

>> No.16821849

TFW have two thousand ounces of silver, ten ounces of Gold and still feel poor

>> No.16821916

ChiCom cocks and fag digits.

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Krautfag here
How do I buy silver without getting fucked sideways by the german tax

>> No.16821997

Estonia has no VAT for EU members, just make sure to buy enough so that the money saved covers shipping.

>> No.16822020

Already saw a few websites online that offered this kind of service. They looked pretty shady with their shitty german

>> No.16822026

Eesti Deutsch ist Besti

>> No.16822105

800 ounces of silver and 16 ounces of gold.
Will I make it?

>> No.16822110
File: 199 KB, 1000x1000, SILVER-Bar-10oz-RCMb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a bit to drink tonight and ordered a RCM 10 oz bar. Got $5 off for my first order from the particular site. Heres hoping I get dubs on the serial number. Pray for me boys.

Metals are mostly insurance against economic downturn. You need to get a job, anon. Once you've built some wealth take a look at metals.

>> No.16822115
File: 163 KB, 500x500, 1555163055135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Might as well buy gold in smaller batches then

>> No.16822130

Is there any such thing as five-nine silver? I know there is 99999 gold coins from Canada.

>> No.16822221

I would guess it's possible but not cost effective to process and refine silver to that level of purity considering it's actual value isn't that much as a metal.

>> No.16822406

Youve already made it anon

>> No.16822565

What can I do with 200 USD in India?

>> No.16822719

> $36K + $15.5K = $51.5K
Dude you're halfway to owning a house before either of them even moons. Keep stacking and relax.

How many ounces do you stack at a time out of curiosity?

>> No.16822739

Tell me you save at least a little of every payment in silver or gold. Pretty please.

>> No.16822835

Not in Australia. Need a million to buy anything in Sydney, hence I'm poor

>> No.16822903

From what I gather.
It's not something you want to invest if you're looking to make a quick buck. It's more like saving your wealth per se..

>> No.16822912

I've always wondered

Where tf do you keep it

>> No.16822916

bury it

>> No.16823230

Absolute best 10oz on the market no joke. Only 9999 bar I know of. Only x amount minted every year and the numbers get released at the end of every year. Always sell out. Look stunning. Hope you get a old low number than a brand new one. Oh yeah they tarnish so fucking well. Congrats.

>> No.16823249

>Where tf do you keep it
I put half in my ass.
The other half goes directly into my urethra.

>> No.16823500





>> No.16823549

You think you're better than me?

>> No.16824202

you can buy silver coins or coin bars. They still have about 7% taxes, but that's better than the full 19% mwst

>> No.16824337
File: 1.12 MB, 640x960, E695FBBD-3EFD-40A0-8337-79B9297DE8FD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You people are all wasting your money
The post-fiat paradigm shift you always talk about already happened back in 2000,and all the “gains” since have just been aftershocks
Mark my words, silver will still be sub 30 USD per oz 10 years from now

>> No.16824525
File: 2.34 MB, 4032x3024, CFAB290B-AA1A-4531-BE7F-0D832246DA0B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just got mine

>> No.16824529

Stop spamming the board with sanjeev's vishnu threads and poo in the loo.

>> No.16824637
File: 60 KB, 498x467, b1b65bc6123a74605a2237d99029283d1c1f04e25e638ba7dd301724217c6dbe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You enjoy that, anon. You earned it.

>> No.16824647

>not /ag/

>> No.16824660

Still better than having it in your savings account mate

>> No.16825279
File: 203 KB, 580x708, ux3z9yytgk431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not anymore. Anything silver gets 19% on top, since 2013

>> No.16825292

Or it means the gold is overvalued.

>> No.16825362

We have been in this paradigm for years.

>> No.16825381

ever heard of Differenzbesteuerung? I don't know how much exactly it is but definitely not 19%

>> No.16825385

man, i almost bought 1k euro maple leafs when they where 14 euro

>> No.16825438
File: 2.85 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20200112_140151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always carry around a 1 oz silver maple. Gotten slightly over the years....

>> No.16825547

estoniafag here
I order from these guys they are the market leaders in EST


>> No.16825630

*slightly tarnished

>> No.16825700

Are you canadian?

>> No.16826211

If one calculates the historical average price of gold and silver going back fifty years (i.e. right about when we officially went off the gold standard) and adjusts for inflation you get $15.23 for silver and $949.56 for gold. If one trusts those numbers then silver is overvalued by 18.6% while gold is overvalued by 64.5%.

TL;DR: Yep, gold is more overvalued than silver is undervalued.

>> No.16826355

prices are good but shipping out of Estonia is too expensive

>> No.16826362

If u wanna buy silver in Germany, get only coins and coin bars from non EU-states to avoid VAT. So u can buy silver maple leafs, American eagles, silver krugerrands,Armenian Arche noah or Coin bars from Fiji.NEVER BUY silver bars as private person in Germany,because u pay 19% vat.

>> No.16826388

Silver is a scam

>> No.16826409

Do u have a garden? U can bury it.or u can hide in your house but beware it‘s not safe under your bed.consider a safe hidden in your cellar.

>> No.16826489

Are you guys buying your silver online or at a jewler's? Cause I'm thinking if you order them online, they might get stolen at your front door. Has that happened to any of you? I'm actually surprised at how cheap silver is per ounce when I looked it up compared to gold. The barrier to entry is really low if they can ship it to me and it's safe and afordable. Even though I have pennies compared to you guys, I might make this my main investment goal this year, to start acquiring silver.

>> No.16826494

I wish I woulda calculated this. I wouldnt have bought silver, those numbers are convincing.

>> No.16826508

what kind of inflation are you looking at? The USD to Silver price is $1100 an oz, if you're looking at consumer price index then you're not looking at the right gauge for precious metals

>> No.16826567

Nope, Danish. But it is the very first silver ounce I ever bought. Been in my pocket ever since, even when travelling abroad.

>> No.16826613

If there are better sources I would be pleased to check them out but here is what I used:




As noted I kept things simple by going back fifty years. They also can tell you the average rate of capital appreciation for gold and silver but I forget what they come to - better than a modern savings account or typical bond though.

I am aware that there are "shadow stats" behind official inflation but I have yet to make use of them.

>> No.16826621
File: 406 KB, 752x501, 12354235632465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Plus you're supporting communism by buying that shit, and it's all because panda bears are cool?
>only gunna buy muh US coins cause muh china organ theft

nigga you been asleep wtf you just gonna ignore US imperialism an shit nigga? bombing weddings, killing for banks, killing for oil and killing Gaddafi to stop Libyan creation of a gold-backed currency pic related

Yeah but those panda coins are stupid with the premiums only reason I won't touch them.

>> No.16826624

I am aware of the monetary ratio but I look at that as a moonshot. I use CPI as a measuring stick in the current paradigm.

>> No.16826655
File: 35 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>betting your money on useless metal

>> No.16826676

Here is what I do:

1) Every year I recalculate inflation going back to 1969. Having a spreadsheet already set up makes this easier in the long run.

2) Calculate the mean price. This is my benchmark price of silver.

3) I buy silver every week. Nominally I buy 5 oz. I divide the average, inflation-adjusted price by the price of the day to get a ratio.

4) I multiply the ratio by 5 oz. This is how much silver I actually buy. I buy junk Junk silver for fractions. Keeps me in budget.

In your case I recommend using that average to calculate an annual budget for silver and then apply those steps above. The year is young so you could figure your last purchase in and possibly course correct with little hassle this year.

>> No.16826687
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1544368001274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Relying on government inflation statistics that dont include housing, education or healthcare.
just keep storing your value in goybux, the fed promises to steal only 2% per year with money printing. They are the kind of people you can trust.

>> No.16826712
File: 179 KB, 1124x1400, 1568391421712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CPI is a result of costs of consumer goods, not inflation. Silver will always gain value in relation to consumer goods because of economies of scale and automation driving down the costs to produce those goods. So from that lens, silver is very undervalued if it can only buy the same goods as it could have 50 years ago.

>> No.16826868

I set up an annual budget and use these calculations in order to stay within budget. What sources are there that I can use to calculate silver taking these into account?

It looks to me like my method keeps me within budget but your methods tell me what lies ahead if I keep stacking within their means.

>> No.16827085

Why should I invest in Silver when it’s only going to go down in the next recession?

>> No.16827191
File: 93 KB, 674x960, 1555103680350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Might recommend a trustworthy place?

>> No.16827200

*To buy silver >>16826362

>> No.16827256

because it will replace the dollar

>> No.16827308

why would it go down?

>> No.16827326

Because manufacturing will take a massive hit, and manufacturing is the main real demand for silver

>> No.16828148
File: 164 KB, 1024x1024, 1453957365342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it better to buy online or at a local shop?

>> No.16828213

You can buy now on the safex marketplace., oh wait a minute, no the SAFEX marketplace is a scam. Avoid that shit.

>> No.16828226

Silver can be found in any jewelry shop, sometimes at a big discount, the shit is literally worthless

>> No.16828363

If it’s worthless, then why buy it?

>> No.16828484

I want some of those so bad but I'm afraid silver will go back down to $15 soon. Anyway I have to wait until I have at least $1000 I don't need for anything else because at $1000 there is no sales tax.

>> No.16828519

false. they mark the shit wayy up at jewelry shops.

>> No.16828653

What compels people to lie like this? If you dont like an asset dont buy it. It's not like we are BSV shills shutting up the entire board.

>> No.16828783
File: 94 KB, 1909x803, hctq9egb7t741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16828788
File: 65 KB, 557x724, AA427C40-37EE-4849-A45B-284E24D009CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We don’t like shills tricking retards into buying useless “anti-inflation” and “fiat-killer” metals when they could be buying our bags of ones and zeros

>> No.16828802

Your ID is literally Jew bro,fucking cringe

>> No.16829025

Going to Gdansk, Poland, for a short trip next week. Any reputable places there to buy silver? Googe only shows results for jewellery shops.