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> where were you when you realized satoshi and saberhagen are one of the same???
FUNGIBILITY IS ALL IMPORTANT and bitcoin can never achieve it on the base layer. This is a monero education thread if do not understand the importance of XMR then post in this thread and become enlightened by fellow anons who have seen the light. If you don't have over half your crypto portfolio in XMR you are doing it wrong.

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CSW narrative BTFO

That being said, I love Monero, but man it will always lose against BTC long term

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Good point. CSW wants mass surveillance not privacy tech.

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Fungibility is a legal construct, not an inherent property of money. Literally all Monero is fungibly illegal. Good luck with that

>T. Lawyer

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yep, but monero is not perfect, ARRR is the most private coin, DYOR

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Monero as a market entity is literally a laundering tool for ill-gotten BTC gains.

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Monerotards don't even understand what fungibility means. Retards

What is fungibility optard?

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Based & truth-pilled.

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>> literally all cash ( eur / dollar ) notes are illegal



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Fungibility only has to do with value retards. Idiots who don't accept legal money because it was used for bad shit in the past ie bitcoins with history are just that retards. I'm so glad this space is getting cleansed of you absolute fucktards. We could've been rich already

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yes we cannot allow the future money of the people to based on a transparent layer. be proactive and advoate monero adoption with friends

fungibility is the inability to distinguish between separate units
> gold is fungible
> bitcoin is not (taint)
> cash is semi fungible (serial numbers)

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Monero people understand fungibility but everyone else fucks it up because they are retards (if they weren't retards they would prefer a fungible currency like Monero). All these people (non-monero people) hear that monero is fungible and hear that monero is private and then imagine that they must be the same thing because they are too fucking stupid to use a dictionary.

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Gold isn't fungible like you're saying fuckwit unless you're fucking money laundering. It has history as well retard.

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yes privacy is just an inherent byproduct of fungibility

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You get the biggest retard award lmao.

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I gave my definition of fungibility. now give yours so you everyone in this thread can call you retard

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If I use gold to do some dirty illegal shit and that's tracked as all valid money should be it's the same thing as a tainted Bitcoin.

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Stay on the TRUTH (XMR) side, anons

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no gold can be recast to any form. there is no way for prove that the gold was used in any sort of illegal activity. how exactly would physical gold be tracked?

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They also don't understand how blockchains work so they don't know why bitcoin isn't fungible (if they knew what fungible meant anyway).

Monero was created with privacy in mind. It happens that privacy requires blending in with the crowd so for that reason every coin and transaction should look the same. So I would say you've got it backwards but it's the same thing you get one with the other when using a public blockchain.

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Stay stupid retard. How about you actually go learn about economic and the measure of value that is money. If you can't even understand what I'm saying you're the exact retard I'm talking about.

Even trading gold with one person it's tracked between you two as well. STAY STUPID

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You are such a stupid retard.

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So money is only fungible if no one knows who gives it to me? Where can I get this fungible money?

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Oh explain how? You gonna just transact gold with people around the world. Not track it or record it? Good luck with such a stupid system.

If I burn gold into a different item it's fungible and private right retard? Because you failed to record your transaction.

So it's your false definition of fungible, which to anyone reading this go learn what fungibility is.

Right on the first article it explains that fungibility is a value based construct. Monero retards think that just because some retards value clean bitcoins more than "tainted" bitcoins that it's not fungible.

1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin that's fungibility retard.
Stay stupid. Fuckwit.

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Alright so we have one special retard who cannot grasp fungibility, that is fine. he is either hooked nosed shill or in denial of monero's superiority. While shitcoins chase shiny new gimmicky features, the Monero Research Lab has been hard at work enhancing monero's durability in regards to privacy, speed, and durability. A new has been released this very year describing TRIPTYCH. This new evolution of ringsigs increases the anonymity set of transactions by an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE. all while keeping txn size growth to a minimum
>current ring size: 11 w/ txn size of ~2kB
>Triptych ring size: 512 w/ tx size of ~3.4kB

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1 Bitcoin != 1 Bitcoin

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ahh forever comfy

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how much moonairo to make it?
I just solded some BCH I picked up at 0.03000.
Wanna ride the moonaro train to 0.013

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When do you realise Captain is Saberhagen/Satoshi ?

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yes I expect we will not see these trading levels again after the next push above 0.01. hmm obviously an undisclosed amount but if were to say it would be 200-400 XMR to retire early in the next few years. anything above 1000 XMR is fuck you money.

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the market is very stupid right now. In no way is monero only worth a mere ~0.7% of bitcoin. massive correction coming soon methinks

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I remember Satoshi's quotes... He actually recommended using TOR to someone. Clearly very pro-privacy

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posting updates on Blockfolio doesnt count as "research" from "the lab" lmao

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idk where blockfolio comes into the discussion. the monero community does employ cryptographers to research future enhancements for monero. here are links to the aformentioned triptych paper and monero research lab


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I'm going to have around 130xmr soon. I want to try to get it up to 200, but I might be too late. I think we still have another year or two before the big pump. People are really starting to take notice of Monero. There are still retard shills who aren't doing research, but the ones that are know that Monero is the sleeping giant.

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Add in the Safex Marketplace and you have Satoshi's perfected vision.

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Alright thread survived me sleeping so bumping then I'll explain. Idk what's going on in your head but there are too many retards that think they know what fungibility is but clearly have no grasp of it.

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GoLD iSn’t funGibLe cause it can be tracked in sheeet

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Shit tier coin remember when it was hacked up until 2017 kek

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Nah bro I don’t

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Monero has always been my favorite crypto.

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Safex scam
Dan lies

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Fungible means perfectly substitutable. A group of guys can leave $100 each on a table and it doesn't matter who takes what later because it's all $100. Every stable atom of gold has 79 protons. There are different kinds of coins, jewelry, etc that aren't fungible but are fungible at the atomic level.

Transaction history of gold doesn't matter. Gold doesn't hold information about its previous owners. Some guy knows I bought gold off him? Who cares? 79 protons.

Not with blockchains. With blockchains the value of a coin is derived from its history. The coin is its history. When you spend bitcoin you are transferring ownership of a transaction output that can trace its lineage back to the block it was mined in. If you can't establish a history back to a block reward then it's not real bitcoin. The problem this creates for fungibility is that each transaction output has a unique history. The different histories makes each output different and therefore not always substitutable. Take the $100 example but now with BTC paper wallets. One contains a freshly minted coinbase reward, the next carefully managed coinjoin outputs, the next outputs received from a poker site, the next from payments for ransomware, etc. You think those first two guys would be happy to take home any of the other paper wallets that nominally have the same amount of bitcoin? Fuck no.

Monero is still a PoW blockchain. Every output needs to be able to trace a lineage to a pow block reward. The difference from bitcoin is that every transaction has its history obscured to the point where each output becomes practically indistinguishable. Every tx on the blockchain goes to a one time stealth address, every tx amount looks the same, and each output is mixed in with many other outputs that exponentially increases the amount of possible paths for the genuine input each time a tx is made. Monero makes the inherently non fungible public blockchain fungible for practical purposes.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. If satoshi is still around then he's probably working on monero now.

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Good explanation, thank you anon.

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no max supply on monero?
satoshi's dream gets fulfilled with schnorr signatures

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Monero is great nevertheless

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I'm holding some of this since a few weeks ago since it looks to be basically bottomed out but when is it going to start going up lol. It this just yet another bull trap?

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I think monero might be 4 figures within the next decade.

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bump for great explanation

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better quality version

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Fucking based to the maximum, this should be stickied or something

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When you read Cryptonote protocol is indeed a better version of Bitcoin :
> use 2 pair of Private and Public key instead of 1
> add ring signature
XMR add RingCT + Bulletproofs
> Ring signature + Confidential Transaction
> Smaller transation