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still doubting double digits this month?

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I am so ready

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Please, God.

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Based reverse psychology poster
Good god I’m excited for you guys

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20$ eom!

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fuck off

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Double digits by Q2. Now that we have various Defi gadgets being launched we can accumulate more without having to sell as single Linkie.

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bagholder cope

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I am. Do you have information that would indicate otherwise?

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If by double digits you mean 0.xx, then yes

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one piece of advice that you far, if any of these link shills knew wtf they were talking about there would evidence corroborating their stories, but they are just that, stories. projects that are active drop technical updates giving proof to their theories, link just like many shitcoins like it has none. all word of mouth, which from the right people can be trusted but from this lot of starving losers shouldnt be trusted for a second without real evidence.

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>hurrr Chainlink doesn't give technical updates
Chainlink is on things like Github and Pivotal, you realize that right?

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7/10 fud

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amd wouldn’t even get us to 3 kek

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If google pumped us from like $1.15 to $1.90... why the fuck would AMD get us remotely near double digits. Pro tip - it wont

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Yes link good bsv bad, goyim.

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no, it need to it 1.5 again before

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Effects like that accumulate.
Markets usually don't respond proportionally in the moment, but eventually they always catch up.

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I keep screencapping your threads, you'll be the faggot of the month in 20 days

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>double digits
You mean $.50?

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You mean these doubled digits?

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पहले एयरड्रॉप्स बिज़ पर होते थे, सेर्गे ने उन्हें कॉपी किया और अपने सहकर्मियों को बोर्ड पर बिठाया, प्रमोटरों का भुगतान किया, फिर बिज़ पर लोगों से संपर्क किया ताकि प्रमोशन, इनसाइडर ट्रेडिंग, घोटाला हो सके first airdrops took place on biz, sergay copied them and got his coworkers on board, paid promoters, then contacted people on biz to promote, insider trading, scam आपूर्ति का 65%, किसी भी समय डंप कर सकता है, Google ब्लॉगपोस्ट (इनसाइडर ट्रेडिंग) कॉइनबेस लिस्टिंग और पंप का कारण बना 65% of supply, can dump at any time, टोकन पर कोई विकास नहीं, संभव नहीं, eip170, इथेरियम में कॉल (अनुबंध करने के लिए अनुबंध) मुश्किल है, केवल एशियाई पैसे पर चल रही मार्केटिंग google blogpost (insider trading) caused coinbase listing and pump no development on token, not possible, eip170, calls (contract to contract) in ethereum are difficult, only marketing going on for asian money

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i dont have a clue mate

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lol even so called chainlink partners are already jumping ship and adopting new oracle partners, even before they actually used chainlink
crypto is a scam, chainlink is a scam

Sergey is completely unhinged at this point. I’m guessing the stress must be getting to him. He had a very high profile interview during Invest Asia and after stuttering his way through their inquiry regarding the numerous, highly publicized pump-and-dump allegations, he began sperging out about meeting with companies on the moon to give them oracle technology. They cut him off shortly after this.

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Only 20 days left.
Tick tock stinkers