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50% of the population have an IQ under 100

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ummm no sweaty 100 IQ is just the median

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wow thats kinda scary for those trying to live in a civilized society.
too bad there's no way we could visually identify such people from afar.

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And it's a good thing for /biz/, learn how to profit by helping others:

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Nigga learn how normal curves and standard deviations work. Your shitpost implies that no one has an IQ of exactly 100

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Just look in the mirror

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is this a new meme? do u play wow classic?

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You really need to go back this time

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back where? been here 15 years nigger

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that comes across as sorta racist...what are you saying about my skin color?

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There are idiots of all shades fren

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Do you not know how medians work?

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Idiots of all shades. Just so happen the darker your skin color (besides yellow) the lower the IQ on average. OCCASIONALLY, there are so retarded whites, but the mother was probably drinking during pregnancy.

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i thought it meant sweaty like calling the person an unhygienic slob but the meme is just someone spelling "sweetie". disappointing as usual w 4chan memes

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well, having a 130 makes no difference tho. i know a lot of ways on how to make money but I have morals and Christ is my hero so, hoping Chainlink can pull us out of this wagecuckery.

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in terms of iq, the median is also the average

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Also bear in mind that an IQ of 100 may be less intelligent than 100 IQ 20 years ago aka the reverse Flynn effect

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>what is a normal distribution

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You must be the former

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nice pic

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You know I walk through the grocery store here in the US and I feel like its even less. We really are 10 years away from becoming a main exporter of bestgore content with all of these actual retarded predators wandering around.

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> Think of the median IQ, realize that therefore by definition half of people have a higher IQ than you as you'r.

Makes you realize IQ is rubbish because you know you're smarter than half the people you meet.

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that's for white people, but consider the following:
>being 100 IQ puts you in the top 2% of Africans

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Yeah but an IQ of 50 puts you in the bottom 30%

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This is what truly scares me.

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thanks bro
> same dubs check