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what would you do with $270,000,000?

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market buy chainlink

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and become sergey's top fluffer....yeah, no
chainlink is a meme coin like doge coin was, enjoy it while it lasts

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You're fucking retarded if you think he got paid that

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Buy $BRAP and turn it into a billion.

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hire people to create an airborne powder that makes all organisms infertile thus preventing any new life from forming ever again.

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So what do you think he really got?

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released into the air cowboy bebop style. Preferably contagious and preferably all that would be needed is skin contact.

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prove he didn't

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Market buy btc. Buy a kilo of cocaine and a kilo of meth.

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I read somewhere the settlement was around 25 million.

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Most fucking retarded comment, prove he did, you're making the fucking claim brainlet, burden of proof.

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Put it all into CENNZ, 100x eoy fosho

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kill niggers
pay jannies

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There is only one way, hold your btc and fill your fleta bags

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Great room temp iq response

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buy QNT, it's going to be huge

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Charity diner with Warren Buffett.

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>he's not all in dogecoin

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This, but just with humans.

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I'm pretty sure there was an NDA, regardless when someone sues you with a highball number like 275 million dollars, you don't settle out of court for the full amount, dummy

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put it into CDs and Money market and live off the divvys lmaoooo

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Absolutely nothing. It would be awesome.

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Still pretty damn good.

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Put a downpayment on the moon so that I'll have plenty of parking spaces for my lambos.

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I would spend every penny redpilling the world on Jewish tricks. Hopefully we could all get together and wipe them off the face of the planet.

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And that’s only the lawsuit with cnn lol. There’s still wapo looming. Must be nice to retire at like 17.

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Buy a couple of apartments and houses

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unironically all into silver

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I'd blow it all on pup hoods, latex and furry porn commissions

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all in link baby

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Pump btc buy going all in then create a pol/ thread where I gift btc to people in exchange for the dankest and most effective jews memes

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Holy fuck double trips, selfchecked

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fuck off pajeet

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Would be sweet if Sandman pulled a Peter Thiel and ruined CNN for good. Although CNN will probably do that on their own eventually (unless propped up for propaganda purposes), and I'm pretty sure Ben Shapiro and his people have been doing their best to get their hooks in this kid, unfortunately.

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shove it up my ass for the world record cash shoved up ass

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all in on link

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hookers (male) and blow

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50% BTC, 50% ALGO