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sad that the only anons left holding chainlink are deluded schizo fucks and their dumb followers who wants to believe they are somehow part of something mystical to give a purpose to their wasteful lives.
meanwhile, all the OGs are slowly transfering their gains into bsv and the slightly above average anons are starting to catch on. The smartest one did long ago.
Truth is, token unironically not needed and everything chainlink does could've been done on the original bitcoin blockchain. The blog post was unironically just a blogpost too. Linkies all thought those memes were marines being ironic, making good shitposts and such, but it was even better than that, it was unironic fud.
as always, no amount of anon posts should lead your investements. DYOR or be left weak-handed and broke

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It's fun because it's true. Linkies think they becoming rich is a sure thing. I hope they at least had a suicide stack of bsv.

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convert reporting in

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The BSV pajeets are poorly paid hence the trash shilling and FUD.

I saw a post on upwork recruiting them and they don’t offer more than $2 an hour.

Amazing that they can still get people to buy.

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Thank you for the compliment and interest in my financial well being, fren .

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fuck off, satanic sodomite

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LINK was the chosen coin until BSV. Biz chose right. Shame Crooge chose to fuck the entire market with his throbbing thick patent portfolio and restore the original protocol, which allows for smart contracts STO, gambling, basically anything.

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its really impressive that calvin made enough money off of bodog to keep paying you pajeets to keep the scam alive for another year. congrats on this mudhasir, srsly.