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we will see double digits link this month
you heard it here first kids

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not a chance. $4 at best

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I heard it on twitter last week get with the times gramps

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There was a big insider trading pump before the Google news so there's a good chance it's about to happen again. This time I'm selling as soon as the pump loses steam though.

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I hear this every month from here

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Sell signal

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>There was a big insider trading pump before the Google news so there's a good chance it's about to happen again.
>70% of the supply held by one person

It was Sergey you fucking retard, he IS the insider.

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look at the chart you fucking retard

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yea but we heard this two months ago too. Whats so different about the chart now?

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Sell signal, it will follow btc once it will shit the bed again

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>you cannot drive a price up by holding a lot of the supply, you can only suppress it down
>this is bullish

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FUCK that would be awesome OP ya big fag :')

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Look for my post in early Feb retard

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Also if this ever pumped remotely close to even $5 the big steaming 700K dumps would start pushing out every week again, you disgusting newfag

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good god am I excited for you guys

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wew, if you only knew

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Ill start to get excited when it hits $20

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I am never wrong fren

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>1+ year test net
>6 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!

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Insider to ur mums ass
*runs away*

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Just look what it does when dipping under 200MA for a few days like it just did.

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You are BULLISH!

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55.4k stack here, if we see 10$ i'll sell 5k and neet it up for a year, my mind is almost broken from wagecucking.

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Smart contracts is the year of the prophecy fulfillment.

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just memes are not enough lmao

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Oops looks like it's time to sell again

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Wouldn’t surprise me to see $9