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what did the music industry mean by this?

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>Hey bro there's this FIRE festival called SUBTRONICS.
>Bommer and Chee are gonna there and it's gonna be deadass LIT bro
>They're gonna literally blast us with lasers, fuckin killer lights n shit
>Yo, when Bommer does this one drop... fuuuuuck. There's like actual FLAMES that shoot up from the stage
>Buddy-uh-mine says he has the best fuckin drops bro.
>and the fuckin giiiiirls man, heuheu fuuuuuuuh

The absolute state of zoomers

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agreed and great question, OP.
and why is this bomb show scheduled on valentine's day? a holiday strictly for romance and wymen.
what does this mean?

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he's just a garden-variety furfag


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unironic chad lineup. the thot fears the riddim chops Subtronics is the headliner btw, not some ghey festival name

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this is accurate

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Girls are the only ones that enjoy going to this shit often and not just a few times/every once in awhile. They know chicks will beg their boyfriends to take them and it'll be sold out. Concerts and raves are the only times that girls in relationships can release their inner thot.

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You forgot to add
>gonna be fucking MINT

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dont listen to these incels OP. avoid the nu hippy fags and their crystal pedalling and ur good. moshing to riddim chops raises test, these underground shows have a 30% thot ratio max. make sure to spill some thots drink and "accidentally" tackle her simp bf while youre burning up the pit with ur bros

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this is now an EDM thread
post favorite EDM tracks

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the snare on this badboy...

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Music is frequency programming:


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dope man.
I have tickets to see him on Friday

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thats more like retarded millennials. I remember smoking some weed in my buddy's car years ago and he probably said those same lines. They were raving fags.

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i hate women~!

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lmao typical hotep kang " it's all frequency progrmming n sheeet" the huwhite man invented music synthesis and sampling. theres no bullshit frequency mind control, every legit sound engineer will tel you this. some frequencies just sit better than others in the body and the ears, like when a motorcycle zooms by and u feel it in your chest.

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>this shitty genre from the past few years where it's dubstep but the drop is ruined
The thing that sucks the most is that a lot of the old acts from the mid 2000's changed their sound to this shit. Noisia, famous for the song that plays during piccolo dick, did this same shit as well, for example. It's as if the producers making these tracks know they don't have to try at all since people go to shows for drugs and thots now anyway with the music taking a back seat to all the degeneracy happening on the dance floor.

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deep neuro, dub house and jungle still exist oldfag, now with even tighter production and mixdowns. JFL oldfag hipsters still drooling over the same drop formula for over a decade now

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I almost never hear of them having live shows though. Someone on here told me before that there are underground dnb shows nowadays, but I tried looking and found nothing.

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europoors are blessed with that. maybe if you're in a bigger city stateside there will be one or two throwback heavy underground shows a year

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I've actually been considering going to the UK just to see what kind of clubs they have for this sort of thing. There are a few big clubs in the nearby big city, but I have never heard of them playing dnb or jungle, and I'm too brainlet to know how to find underground clubs

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