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Is getting rich slow a scam?

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four years too long of a wait for you big guy?

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GTFO Petty! Fuck off or I'll tell your wife you looked at this bitch's ass!

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Yes, god yes. If I had a dime for all the sad lonely G&T students I connect with on forums, from my past, etc. who all say the same shit, I'd be slow rich myself.

Getting rich slow is a scam because at 18 you put your head down and focus on your studies. Then when your head comes back up at 22, nobody cares what your grades were, Chad dropped out to run his dad's company, Brad runs an incubated startup, Stacy and Laz just joined Greeklife and are now set with a network of Ivy-level professionals. You search for six months for entry-level work and end up taking a role at Brad's startup for 70% of the pay you hoped for.

You put your head down again and grind out the work. You bring it up 2 years later and find you've been promoted into an estranged position because people were playing political games while you were trying to develop your skill set.

You change over to work at Chad's company, and you notice Chad has replaced all the pictures of his dad with pictures of himself. You put your head down again and throw all of your money into crypto and investments, this time for 4-5 years. You learn from your mistakes and make it to an okay level, maybe even manager/sr. manager. You finally feel great bragging about your stacks and job, so you take to social media to do it, only to realize you're 30 and all your friends have kids. Nobody gives a shit about your car or your job now, really, unless it's to be bitter about it. The measure of success is now the family unit.

So you go to the only place that will hear your ranting and raving. Welcome to /biz/.

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All that said, winning the long game in life is pretty simple. Either choose fame, competition, family, or young wealth & old comfort.

Wealth after old age is socially pointless except as an anesthetic for whatever it took out of your youth to get there. The other options all have more obvious positives and negatives.

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Hey, would you drop if you were me? I'm 24.5. Have no debt. Need about 9 months to finish a ba. Would graduate with 15k in debt. I see the ba as a plan B. Plan B becoming a teacher. That's probably like a yr in itself (teaching credential). I'd be about 26.5-27 by the time I could maybe be a teacher and probably have like 20k in debt (if I do this, I don't plan on paying my way through it all since I'm all in btc). 15k debt with the ba and 5k more with the teaching credential.

Currently do security and make a little over 14 an hr and have a useless associates. I can't tell if college is even worth it at my age anymore. I just want 20 an hr with no debt and focus all my energy on crypto. The debt along with my age just makes me feel like it's not worth it to go into debt for this. Like fuck.. even just 15k debt is fucking insane (if not a business loan. School has a slow and shit roi and that's if you're lucky).

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literally me
i thank vishnu for acquiring 10 BTC now at 31.5 yrs

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Just work at a dealership.

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please delete this

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not into shitty sales jobs

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Finish the BA dude, you're going to hate yourself in a couple of years if you don't, especially with only 9 months left.

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if you're 9 months away just finish. Only 15k of debt can be paid off you're first year working any job. Make 50k, finish it, then do whatever the fuck you want.

Bro you're young, educated, and almost debt free. You're a king.
The people that are fucked have years of student loans, alimony, or child support. They keep going to work because they legally have to do but can't afford anything for themselves, and can't get out by making more money.

Or 35+ years old and working in retail. You have it made friend.

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>basically, be rich
oh, yeah whould'a thunk it

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It's all good man. I'm 23 and graduating this semester. It's been grueling but I'm okay with myself and happy I made it. Will end up saddled with $16 big ones, but it's small stuff compared to all the other kids who are well into $35-50K.
We're lucky bro.

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