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not even giving them a view

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really makes you think

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What you should worry about is some unstable, insecure monkey launching an attack on Iran.

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theres not going to be a war. why is everyone a retard and thinks its going to be a war? iran cant do anything. even if they do some terrorist suicide bomber shit, the us would invade, so they will do nothing.

>> No.16756849

trump didnt attack Iran. he killed the leader of the quds forces. the quds forces includes the PMF. the individual did not represent iran. quesadilla salami represented irans attempts at foriegn unrest. he was in iraq actively leading an attack on a US embassy in order to instill pro-iranian sympathy in order to us the weakened iraq as their own puppets.

imagine being such a retard larper that youre still mad about the liberty, when iran kills americans on the daily.

shit's so cucked

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That guy made more than your whole cheeto army to get rid of ISIS jewcenaries. Atleast have some respect iliterate piece of shit.

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US can take you out wherever you are in the world with 1m accuracy. They can defend any attempts to bomb their land and Iran sure can't engage in a land war. There's also spies and collaborators paid by freedom bucks of which US has unlimited supply in Iranian gov. Nothing will happen, absolutely zero. Trump will be reelected and stocks will boom for 4 more years.

>> No.16756901

only a mercenary died retard and he was french. wtf is the us doing in iraq anyways?

>> No.16757112

At least they HAVE flags.

>> No.16757346

Based retard, he was fighting terrorism he saved the Christians in the Middle East from isis

>> No.16757356

there won't be a "war". but there will be repeated, escalating attacks on both sides. which is, like, you know, war.

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Trump Supporters,

You're pro-war, right? I assume you joined the military? If not, you're a sniveling coward for being pro-war, yet not putting your own life on the line.

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>> No.16757401

>when iran kills americans on the daily.
What in the FUCK this has go to be bait.

>> No.16758356

>trump supporters
both political parties are pro war you faggot libtard

>why dont you join
I have collapsed arches in my feet and am not allowed to join the army

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