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Starting to dig into ARPA more since the Binance listing. Many people are going to pass on this due to the name or some other nonsensical reason. I'll begin telling you why this is a big mistake in Q1.

1.) Pretty obvious moonshot at this market-cap. Baidu / Huobi ties in a "beginners toe dip" of China and Chinese industry. Sure, it's "Blockchain never Bitcoin", but it does not mean that won't spew out to the sidelines of all of this, if they play call. From the team members page, it's clear they're keeping it mostly "one of us" (which China likes)

2.) ARPA just joined the IEEE, to "participate in setting the international industry standard in shared machine learning". Tie in the others in this corporate membership sphere, and you have the beginnings of some serious movement. Sure, if you want to play devil's advocate, it could be a nothing burger, but in an age where partnerships are beginning to produce actual results, why would it? If you don't know what this is, have a look : https://www.ieee.org/

- Socials for IEEE alone are pretty ridiculous. 2 million Facebook followers. 200K Twitter. If they start shilling blockchain more and/or Arpa, it could mean a major boom.

This is all atop a privacy network that brings cryptographically enabled private smart contracts, "data-at-use privacy protection, as well as scalable computational sharding", in their words. Until proven otherwise, I'm going to go out on a limb on this one, and say when, not if they deliver, something even remotely adopted, you could do the math on what kind of price points we'd look at if we ever go full bull again. China may use some of this stuff, depending how well these companies play ball, and if they don't want to self build. You can put your fingers in your ears and think they'll build everything in house, or take the red pill and join some possible speculation of use. I'm a positive person.

Oh, and who else joined the IEEE alongside them? Ant Financial!

_'m ge_t_ng a_t_hares v_bes.

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I saw this tweet as well. https://twitter.com/arpaofficial/status/1212950895618613248

Alibaba and Yunphant are on board, too. I've got some, and will DCA should it drop.

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I was wondering how they got listed so easily.
Reminder, Binance was literally popularized because of Antshares OP.

Ex-China Head
@ IBM Global Tech Services

Founding Partner
@ Arrington XRP Capital, Founder of TechCrunch

Ex-Head of Product
@ Blockstream

Nice but what's the FUD? Asians?

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god dammit I'm starting to feel the fomo

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Me too. Just went through the archive. Couple anons shilling it like usual but no one talking about anything beyond the ticker.

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None, really. Just under the radar as "some random weird named" shitcoin. Maybe, "it won't work", but that already seems to be not the case. Just like Antshares.

Oh, and main net is in 1 day. Think this will dump to a 3M cap on Binance? Doubtful, IMO.

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If Huobi's mainland China ties flourish, this will flourish with it. In the end, it doesn't even matter until years later if they "pull it off", does it? I'm not trying to be a dick, just saying. Speculation goes a long way.

Take whatever wild "muh China" speculation your hopium gains could fathom, then, imagine if they do.

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So that's the fud. Everything dumps with mainnet release. I'll pick some after the dump

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Only things that have raised 50-100% or have been in uptrend. Doubt you will see much dumping on this. 1 cent seems to be a pretty hard floor. I guess you only have one day to find out.

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I always love it when my picks show up on Biz. Really self reinforcing. Feels nice. Made good money off LINK too thanks guys.

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This is a pre-alpha release. It doesn't mean much really but i'm betting this is primed to pop. If it does, so be it and I'll probably stop DCAing, if it doesn't, I'll wait another month.

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You might see a 5-10% sell-off, but I'd think most will hodl for staking. I suggest you read this : https://cryptodiffer.com/news/ama-recap-arpa/

Not sure what's up with all these soft, silken hands, but Chinese stuff will enter a bull just like in 2017. It's all a cycle. First it was FUD, now it's building.


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Got 900k so far. How much to make it with staking alone?

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Was thinking of buying another 900K when they threw out :

"We can replace components of MPC into post quantum algorithms"

reeee, why must i be so poor.

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Go for it. People underestimate what a $5M cap can do in a bull run. I like the China ties, and ATL isn't far off. Should maybe re-brand (like Antshares) when the bull hits IMO. Reeeee, too many shitcoins.

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Whats the ticker?

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ARPA, duh. The name is a tribute to ARPANET, which if you're over the age of 15, you should know what that is. They should keep it. These dudes are nerdy as hell and i am super bullish long term. China alone doesn't have to moon this. Privacy will be bigger than ever in the coming years.

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What about bitcoin taking the market down with it? It has historically done that every January and Q1 in general. I really feel like buying this but being able to buy 30-50% more because of a bitcoin dump sounds better.

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You, like many, are forgetting USD pairins are more bullish than ever. There's a lot of examples of this lately.

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ARPA / USDT. Bitcoin doesn't have the pulldown it used to.

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no they arent most of them are ranging even your shitcoin. what are some examples that are more bullish than ever i would love to see

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> historically done that every January and Q1 in general

I almost feel like this is a meme similar to "muh wall street bonus." I've been in this market a long time, the best play for me has always been just DCA up to a preset limit and be patient. What happens if the dump doesn't come and alts start running without you?

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Tezos / Kava / TOMO / Nyzo / Pegnet / etc etc etc

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IEEE will not be shilling some blockchain memecoin. If you dig deeper, you'll realize they are working on more interesting projects. It's a professional organization after all, not a board chock full of NEETs.

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Yeah but we wuz kangz

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Tezos, tomo, and nyzo all were dragged down during the correction from the July 2019 bullrun peak. The rest where created after

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So are you saying to unironically start accumulating altcoins?

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Kyber, Lend.... All sorts.

BTC pull downs really aint what they used to be. Stop being such a pussy. It's been 2 years of hell.

Yes, It's time to start buying alts.

ARPA / REN are my chad privacy holds for 2021.

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Get yourself some TRB anon. You probably already got ARPA. Binance listing coming soon watch it.

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I'll buy some if it hits .007. If it doesn't then I'll buy some after mainnent dust has settled. Even if it means buying 20% more expensive

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Thanks for shilling this, gonna scoop some up. What are your targets for this? 10x?

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10x in a few months is good case. Best case is 100x in a year and a half but everything else will be running too will be hard to miss out on this type of gains. Worst case? 25% drop? No way this is literally going to be the lowest market cap on Binance. Risk reward is legit.

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Risky play. That was a time-and-place ATL, imo.

If it U cups like most of the alts that fell 80-90% these days, I'd day 5-7 cents by Q2 would be a good bet.

I have 3M of this shitcoin at a 0.0085 DCA. How fucked am i? kek.

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I agree on the risk reward, market cap is really small

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Just checked and this shitcoin is number 21 on binance for volume, higher than Ripple and ChainLink. Definitely a good sign.

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Yeah, your right I'll buy at .0085 or .0115.

Xrp is at rank 11 but the volume is no doubt high

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You're worse than crypto twitter faggots. There is no positive indication that a "2017 tier bull" is going to happen any time in the next six months. Bull runs don't happen at the same time as halvenings, they build up after the fact.

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Yeah I was looking at the BTC pairings for both XRP and chain link. Still pretty good though.

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Difference between me and them (and probably you) is i'm willing to wait. I don't need this money now, or any of it really. But once even the slightest sembalence of a "2017 tier bull" starts showing itself, i'll be fucking comfy with my bags of NYZO, ARPA, TRB, LINK, MKR, PENG coin. Get yourself some $PENG if you want to make it anon.

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reminds me of early Bitcoin node maps or..dare I say XRB..

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$PENG has a 16 billion total supply?



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okay six billion? but still.

I'd be interested in your value proposition for nyzo, trb, mkr, and peng. Not your opinion on why the projects are viable subjectively, but what is the actual token value proposition, what % share of your target total market cap do you expect? Because apparently you think we're going multiple trillion dollar total MC sooner rather than later.

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Just imagine if it hits 1 cent i'm literally salivating.
You are looking too much into this. Crypto isn't ready for that.

TRB top 30
NYZO top 30
MKR safe bet
PENG no idea but i've got sell orders up at a 1000x or so already

> we're going multiple trillion dollar total MC sooner rather than later.

We are.

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Huobi is good too. I suspect some larping going on tho.

Except when they slow-creep up 500% and *then* pop, like so many in 2016-2017.

this, except hard no on PENG.


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I stupidly bought this at 3 cents and again at 1.5. Should I DCA, AGAIN, now?

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Yes please put your 500 dollars in it really helps

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Don't knock $500 buys. I made 5 figs from some over the years.

Yes. I'm bullish. Binance keeps shilling. Read the past AMA's if you're feeling uncomfortable. They are pretty amazing.

Arpa is wickedly undervalued.


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screw it, i bought more.

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Idk who's pumping but thankyou OP for this juicy entry of 137 sats. Love you, is there some TG group or some shit?

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god this could be one of THESE threads...dunno if i should throw 1 eth at it
halp me

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get in or stay poor

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Looks pretty scammy to be fair

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Weird that binance is shilling it, gonna wait for their ama tomorrow

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Just did some digging on their founder, Dragos Rotaru. Seems like a really smart dude but his twitter and YouTube speeches never mention ARPA. He doesn't seem to care much about it.

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DR is a researcher I think. Not a founder. It’s prob normal for no posts for the crypto project.

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this. also, taking socials with non-hype as a bad sign is really silly, re : Chainlink.

he's just doing the 4chan thing where you call everything a scam. ignore.

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re : Dragos , a quiet nerd indeed. silence is bullish imo.


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This never should have fallen below 3 cents IMO.

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So what's a realistic pump with fomo binance and Korean exchange? .05? Or can it pull a x10 in 2 months like other coins?

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>get in or stay poor
There it is. The siren song of the pajeet.

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Personally, I think it's time to start buying, holding 75% of your sub $10M cap bags for staking, and take it easy on the trading until 2021. I still don't think we see a massive BTC bull until 2021, and people seem quick to forget it's ATH's + correction that give alts a true parabola. However, we're seeing a ton of overcorrection from markets. I.E. - this will likely slow creep back up to 2-3 cents, crab a bit (unless a big catalyst) as people stake, uptrend here and there.

The true pop comes later, but never underestimate quick price outs followed by hard new floors.

TL;DR - Accumulate, stake, and chill.

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Not 2017 anymore. Nobody uses socials for fundamental analysis. Reddit is fucking dead.

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This is a shill fiesta. Look, I want you all to make money and I have nothing against it, but the reality is that we see very few gainers lately, so what makes ARPA stand out from the rest?

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It was accepted into IEEE? Listed on binance and hasn't pumped? Providing an actually useful usecase?

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Let's not get passionate about this.

1. IEEE will not pump ARPA, we both know it
2. Binance is still the kiss of death, name 1 coin (except Link) that isn't in red since Binance listing
3. I do see a potential use case, but given the amount of buzzwords thrown around "privacy network with scalable sharding" it faces a lot of competition

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Alright couldn't debunk first 2 points so I guess I'll sell and rebuy after the binance dump

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Do what you want, but take some consideration. Don't base your financial decisions from /biz/

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Tezos, TOMO, Kava, Matic.

IEEE may not be a pumpamental, but it's a great sign that this won't stay at a $5M cap for long. You guys are ruined by sub million marketcap shitcoins and forget the historic best gainers have been 5-30M.

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As exchanges tighten with regulations, secure multi-party computation will be a huge boom and this could literally fix the fake volume issues. Biz doesn't deserve ARPA.

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Didn't Enigma just pump a lot and claim to do something similar

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I guess, but that's just one piece of the puzzle, with big Asia ties looming, and no bagholders.

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Somewhat, but that's just one piece of the puzzle, with big Asia ties looming, and a lot less bagholders.

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You are partially right about those in a way.

However, Kava and Matic were IEOs and while they opened at 49/6216 they were insta pumped (within 15 minutes) to 199/19000. They trade at/below those levels now.

XTZ did pull a 150% but this was mainly coinbase pushing the price with staking, at one point XTZ traded at almost twice the price than on binance (13k/24k)

TOMO is still in green but compared to last year's price and given the massive explosion in volume I can't even call that a pump.

None of those coins continued to set ATH and somewhat hold support like Link. Also, buying sub 1mil marketcap coins is for degenerate gamblers.

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You forgot a key word :


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Can you pick up the pieces of all those hairs you just split? Jesus. This will pull a REN in Q1. Screencap this.

>> No.16750148

Almost the same price points as REN, too. kek.

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Is this pulls a REN I've almost made it.

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All together now. Force our collective thought. We will make it. Chant with me. Arpa Pullaren. Arpa Pullaren Arpa Pullaren.

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kek wills

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Nice find OP. Tomo chain just did some crazy 3x. I'm betting insiders took their profits and are/ have been moving into this too. Looks like CZ is in on it too.

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Vietnam and China hand-holding.

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1 cent is a comfy entry, considering. 1M now. 1M later if we dip to 0.009.

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Arpa / Vite should definitely moon soon.

>> No.16751293

This thread reminded me to DCA my 2 cent bags. Thanks, frens.

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Just noticed that the circulating supply is a third of the total supply. How soon will that change?

>> No.16751385

Imagine falling for an all Chinese IEO in 2020

>> No.16751669

Shill me on vite

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Actually :

"August 2019 to Febraury 2021, the ARPA team will repurchase from the open market and burn 0.5% (10,000,000 ARPA) of the initial total ARPA token supply"

As always, supply means nothing (unless it's something ridiculous like 1/10th circulating, then sure, worry)

Imagine not being in Chinese projects when Xi inevitably says "Okay, Crypto"

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Actually :

"August 2019 to February 2021, the ARPA team will repurchase from the open market and burn 0.5% (10,000,000 ARPA) of the initial total ARPA token supply"

As always, supply means basically nothing (unless it's something ridiculous like 1/10th circulating and it's already down 90%, then sure, worry)

Imagine not being in Chinese projects when Xi inevitably says "Okay, Crypto"

>> No.16751841

> Xi inevitably says "Okay, Crypto"

Oh fuck
All supply will be unlocked on October 2024. Can't imagine much sellers since everyone in private sale is already down 50%

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Arpa and FRM are solid buys imo

>> No.16752074

but why is it needed

>> No.16752228

If you're worried about it, buy half now, and half later.

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> secures network
> but why though?

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there's pages of information about this a few clicks away.

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pretty sure he is being sarcastic or taunting people who don't search this themselves