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98% of BSV talk here is about fundamentals, which I think is a good thing, but let's look at the technicals for just a quick minute.

Pic related weekly chart for BSV.

Does anyone else here realize what the fuck is about to go down over the next few months?

Just look at it, holy shit.

Even if you're one of the BSV shit talkers, or that R3 Corda loser... if you can't acknowledge what is about to happen then may God have mercy on your soul.

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delete this, /biz/ is too dumb

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They will just blame Calvin because they are socialists who are allergic to making money.

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wat am i looking at?
t. 282 bsv

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As you wish.

Since I went out of my way to post it, I'll leave it up until midnight. After that. Deleto.

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Oh hey there 282. How you been?
73 here.

Look at where the most recent weekly candle is closing. If it closes above the yellow line on Sunday, we're golden (probable). If it closes below it, then disregard (less probable).

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>i'll delet in a few hours brah
You're a fucking newfaggot pajeet streetshitter who knows nothing of board culture and you genuinely need to fuckoff back to Facebook and beg for bobs and lasagna.

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Relax bud, I've been here for years. You're feeling especially edgy tonight huh?

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>He thinks he can delete st00f

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I can delete the file, which is the important part. How new are you lmao?

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>can confirm

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Fuck I only have 10! Need to accumulate more before the moon mission!

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all mine btw

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Fucking samefag RANCID BSVajeets bumping their own desperate thread, pathetic.

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Why do you lie?

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>Implying you're not false flagging yourself to provide plausible deniability
Ok Satan

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Nice try

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strong sell signal

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Go ahead then, sell ;)

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Do you guys think BSV will actually one day overtake BTC, or will it always be a lesser known but superior alternative, or are you just pumping and dumping

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All I see are meme lines which honestly look like a descending triangle which is bearish.

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>Do you guys think BSV will actually one day overtake BTC

Yes, but more specifically big blocks will overtake small blocks. It is inevitable, even if they hate the political implications or find big blocks unacceptable. It will happen without them

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It's going to take the entire market. There is no other crypto.

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I only have 18 and am broke for the next month. Hope thats enough to at least buy a nice house in a couple years

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Take your meds schizo

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I have literally fucking 3.

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Hey look the discord scammers are back, for anyone new bsv is a known scam, the creator is hiding in Angola as he lied to a court and owes millions in tax. His latest failed promise was that he was claiming the keys to all of satoshis Bitcoins would be delivered to him on the first of January. This hasn't happened but is just another lie he's been caught out in in a long list of lies

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What are you waiting for t b h?

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>4chin pass
You should consider yourself fortunate I am even replying to you right now
You might as well have just donated to a discord tranny

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You know you're jelly

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I honestly hold a lower opinion of people without a pass.

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I have a lower appendage ready for your opinions, without any sparing of your ass

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>not realizing that time is more valuable than money

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>bsv is a known scam

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Only when Craigtoshi wins the lawsuit or moves a coin. TA means fuck all without that news. Without the copyright news the last 8 months would have been gigaboring and somehow I of all people am the only one noticing this.

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Nobody is that low IQ to buy BSV. All the low IQs are buying LINK.

Only Pajeets are shilling this because 1 Rupee per post.

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