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We all know WW3 is coming. Everything is cyclical. It might take 30 years, but it's almost unavoidable with corrupt regimes all around the world. Is a piece of land and a bunker a good investment?

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why don't you just fight and see if you are worthy enough of making it out alive, if you die no one will miss you and if you live you will get to inherit our scarred world and all its spoils.

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yeah why not

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>It might take 30 years

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Sign me up

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Theres not going to be a war. Honestly Iran cant so shit. They dont have nukes, they dont have allies to back them, they have no real way of hurting the us. If they would, they would have already done it. I mean they got their oil tankers kidnapped for no reason and now getting the second most powerful man turned into a pulp by hellfire rockets ffs. Imagine what would happen if they done that to china

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no it isnt because of mutually assured destruction. and if it does come, there are no good investments, the level of wealth destruction would be so immense that everyone would lose

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Yeah once the a.i. drone missiles can do it unless a.i. robots allow us to free us from usa and chinese dictators

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economics and international trade has replaced war because of mutually assured destruction and the technological progress necessitated to build that up during the cold war. now, money is a weapon. sanctions, currency devaluations, protectionism, cryptocurrency, and friction between corporate and state actors are all important aspects of this war

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oh and IP theft, that's also another big aspect

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>They dont have nukes


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what is IP theft?

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A cave is a grave. Survivors of WW3 will be shot on site for cowardice.

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There won't be world war III there will be civil war though around the world

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intellectual property theft

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ah yes, it's like we are in the final stages of a civ.5 game

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WWIII is unironically not going to happen. Nuclear weapons make such a war unwinable. Their won’t even be a war with Iran as the Iranians are much more sane than Sadam of Iraq was and will do everything they can to prevent US from shitting in their mouths.

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No, only the whole thing is one sided. Provocations like this would be answered with violence anywhere where there are options on the table, but there are none. What will they do? Attack a us base? It wont do shit and they will get invaded, and the "background people" will get what they want. They cant exactly get to the us mainland and do an invasion themselves, so its hopeless for them. They could invade israel, but guess whos side russia would take in that confrontation?

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Based survival of the fittest poster. See you on the battlefield, brother.

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> t.
Go fight your own fucking war you rat cowards.

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This guy gets it.
People are so bored that screaming about WWIII is the most exciting thing they’ll do all year.

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>t. Shekkelstein posting from his bunker

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Top kek

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