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Chainlink had an 'event' today and nobody even talked about it. Seems like nobody cared.

>"It is well known for providing highly secure and reliable oracles to both large enterprises (Google and SWIFT)"

Why do they keep lying? Is Chainlink actually finished?

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Wow this was pretty obscure, you're really keeping a close eye on this. Thanks for all the effort and your care over my financial wellbeing.

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Havent you heard? BSV is unironically going to rule the 4th IR. Link will have its day but the next few months are STIFF

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Thanks for responding to this thread trying to discredit OP! You're really taking care of my financial well-being! I should never sell right, Anon?

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>Chainlink's official twitter promoting it
>"Wow this was pretty obscure, you're really keeping a close eye on this."
>>>>>>>pretty obscure
I didn't realize pic related was a trend.

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Discredit? I just thanked him for taking the time to take those screenshots, edit them together and present them here for our consideration.

I don't use twitter. I rely on helpful, altruistic anons like you to post news.

>3 attendees
Damn when you highlight it like that it looks really bad. Really considering selling my Chainlink (LINK) tokens now. Thanks again.

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this event literally happens every month

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Yo my dick had an event today, but your mother actually finished.

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did Thomas cause Bitcoin to pump from this?
really makes u think

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Linkies are finished

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Why doesn't Thomas just build something instead of attending these chainlink conventions dressed up like sergey on slim fast?

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>t. Manikanta Mahesh

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See you for this exact same thread next month, thanks OP

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I just watched the video on YouTube from Washington DC and the dude talked about using chainlink for aeroplanes. Seemed bullish to me. I'd invest in snx, bat, and anything else hedging link.

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>t. Vijaykumar Ranpreet

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Sergey crapped corn and I don't care.

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its literally over for this premined scamtoken

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My chainlinks are sinking in value but I dont want to be the dickhead who sold his bitcoins before it mooned to infinity

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Damn, right across from the Loan Depot and Dr. Pepper offices, too.
Looks like they've upgraded since Sibos '18

For real though, I used to fuck a girl from Plano. That's not really an important fact, but it's a true fact and I wanted to share it with you guys. We listened to a Toadies CD and fucked in her car (The Toadies were a rock band from Plano).
Yes, this was in the 1990s
Yes, I'm that old and still on /b/ fuck you

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Crack open a can of Jellyfish and wash it on down with a cool glass of prune juice.

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>niggers stink.
Until her submarine sank down by the river.

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chainlink is a scam

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It was dead from the start

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Capitulation is mistakenly thought of as a massive dump. in reality its a slow boredom and depression.

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it's unironically over. they've got nothing to show so they doubled down on marketing and PR. a real institution isn't even willing to sniff them, otherwise they wouldn't waste all this time shilling to fucking nobodies.

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>O-only 15 people showed up
>event's in fucking Plano


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Tbh that’s a fair chunk of plano

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gotta be their entire tech community, 100% turnout

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I guess it's time to create another "Google" Blog update, pump the price one last time...

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people finally realised that it's just the same presentation as ever.

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it only makes sense that large partners are developing their smart contracts, their own partnerships with other companies using their contracts and data, setting up nodes, and exploring concepts of their uses internally and externally. it takes time to build these sorts of programs, make these structural changes, implement them into current systems. especially when what they will be affecting is of the large scope they cover. this is a relatively new field. staking is probably being held off to reward the players that are preparing. it's only a matter of time. these hackathons are just one expression of this approach, developers building contracts and concepts to showcase the use of the tech to interested business leaders and corporations. the outreach teams that are building developer communities are necessary and bullish as fuck for the implications of link and it's uses. this project is huge, the scope is too large to narrow down it's future to the attendance or recognition of events and lectures on it's use. we're past that point with the hype of the big names already announced. it will come like a thief in the night

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They have these things in Texas constantly. Nothing ever gets announced there newfag.

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Chainlink was always a scam. They lied about Swift partnership to get their first 32mil investment.

Then they lied about Google partnership to pump to 4$.

It's literal KYC vaporware. It's not even 1% decentralized.


>1+ year test net
>6 months main net
>nobody can name a single dapp with users using Chainlink oracles in production
>(with proof link to dapp.com/dappradar/etherscan)
>Linkers: this is bullish!

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You forgot that it's a fucking erc20 token and Everyone knows Eth can't scale so trying to make oracles or smart contracts on it is fucking useless.

they had 6 years on codius and still haven't produced shit.

Swift is working with ripple
and google never mentioned Chainlink anywhere except twitter, it was probably some pajeet who had access to the twitter, and holding chainlink trying to shill it in order to skim the top when it pumped.

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