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I don't get it. We somehow got under $0.20. How can people be so completely fucking braindead to sell this low?

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>why would anyone sell an infinite coin that no one uses above 0?
zoomers need to be sterilized

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>he still doesn't know how XRP is poised to become the first crypto useful to actual industry

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I sold it. Crypto and stocks are scams/gambaling.

I do like xrp but i don't see it as an investment. I just see it as a fast way to exchange money.

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oh no no no no no

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It should be $0.05 or less. No hate against Ripple, I personally like the company but this is the single largest bubble coin within crypto and it *will* go down as Ripple Labs keeps dumping on you. Keep in mind that Ripple's first objective is token-issuance and XRP is supposed to facilitate trading of low liquidity pairings. Even in the most optimistic scenario where it is successfully deployed and adopted worldwide I don't see its real price going above $0.05. That's just not what it was created for. There is no reason for the token to accrue that much value.

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wtf is a xrp?

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because it will keep going down forever

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don't you get how xrp works? you're supposed to wait for it to start rocketing up then you buy it for a 10x+. otherwise, 99% of the time, it's going down in a slow bleed

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Only retards believe this bullshit.

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I like xrp

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stick it up your boypussy then, you like it even more

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Fight me basterd

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right in the feels, huh?

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Pretty sure I heard this when it got under a dollar, under 50 cents, under 30 cents.

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this time it is different

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I gave up on xrp. Sold my entire stack back in October. Probably one of my best decisions of 2019.

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Lmao the rippleriddlecucks are on /biz now holy shit.

The amount of utterly retarded dumbfucks in this place is not as huge as on twitter. Go back mongoloids

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Im babacugs and i like a big black cock into my white ass. Thats the reason why I'm exposing the ultra dumb and profit off them.

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Because Ripple is DUMPING ON YOU

That's it

Also "native network assets" have no actual value

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See link xlm btc eth eos ltc and all the other shitcoins.

All of this is a scam

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It's actually eth and LINK. Also it has the most bearish chart. Much more bearish than eth. Xrp is hitting a brand new low not seen since 2017. Eth at least could hit 100 USD before tying it's previous low. My guess is xrp gets stuck below 20 cents and tests 10 cents on its own while rest of market goes sideways.

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no fucking way, maybe in 10 years but it'll never be first

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De-Risk on you
Fundingwallet1 LOL
He doesn't know

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it's a complete and utter irony that the NPCs here don't see the blatant in your face lies the Ripple exec have been pushing for years now.

To name the latest one, just a few days ago there has been a Twitter spat with David Schwartz arguing that Ripple doesn't sell XRP to generate money for themselves, a day or two later they literally transfer XRP from escrow to a "Funding Wallet 1".

If after all this you can't see how these scammers are brazenly shitting on you you deserve to lose money

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>year 2020

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Ripple is the most Jewish coin. And as we know the Jews always win. So buy this coin low as it is now and with Jews you win.

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You do realise Link is an Ethereum token right?

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Link holders are sub-iq and don't do any research into the shitcoins they put their money in. Im saving this thread as well.

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