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>be me, study Computer Science
>do okay the first three semesters
>don't love it, but it is okay
>suddenly things go downhill
>fuck up 4th semester completly, because depressed and didn't study at all
>5th semester starts
>feel better again, take things slow this time and plan on only redoing the exams I fucked up
Fast forward to now: I have my first exam in 4 weeks and it's the same shit all over again.
I can't get myself to study, even if my life would depend on it - which it kinda does.
I am turning 26 next week and I am on the edge of fucking up the rest of my life when I don't sort this shit out very soon.
I have no debt, but if I fail I am fucked anyway with 26 and no degree.
The weird thing is: I worked hard to even get to university.
But right before it started, it didn't feel right to me anymore and I thought about dropping out often.
I don't know what to do anons. Things don't look good right now and it keeps me awake at night.
The only thing I'm good at, is making friends and interacting with people and convincing them from my ideas. But other than that, nothing.
What should I do?

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What motivates you now? Not specifically for school but for other things in your life.

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the best advice ever given to me was in 2016 : "drop out and start trading shitcoins."

seriously. now buy Pegnet and GET OUT.

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Statistical anomoly says that of your class, ~10 simply won't make it. Ur just part of that 10% because you are too unstable/weak/unlucky/whatever.

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>What motivates you now?
Currently there is nothing really. I don't have a "why". I would love getting around a bit later on in life, working from different places, which should be relatively easy with CS. But even knowing that, doesn't push me anymore.

Three years ago I had a girlfriend for some time. This somehow helped me to have a "why" in my life and motivated me to do shit.
But we broke up, and I don't give a fuck about women anymore at this point neither. And before that I worked 70 hours a week from 18 to 21. Never complained, enjoyed the grind as well.
But I have no fucking idea where things went wrong that I can't do the same with studying.

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>Statistical anomoly says that of your class, ~10 simply won't make it
Statistically it is around 50% in my university

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I call it quits

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Not everyone can make it OP. Sounds like your future has retail written all over it.

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Or suicide

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What would you rather be doing OP?
Obviously you should find a way of just scraping by enough to pass your exams, better to have the degree than walk away empty handed.

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I was in your position last semester anon. I was on academic probation due to shitty grades from spring 2018 which was when I was dismissed from the university. I spent a year going to community college so I could get readmitted. Fast forward to this year I got back in Thank god but I started feeling the same way I did when I fucked up the past years and it reflected in my grades. It was so or die. That was my last chance and I would’ve been fucked if I didn’t pass my classes. I failed my midterm which kicked me in the nuts. Luckily I studied my ass off for dead week literally pulling a 30 hour cram session with no breaks before my test (thanks to addy of course). I ended up getting a substantially higher score on the final which replaced my midterm grade giving me a passing grade. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s not over till it’s over. God and yourself will know that you gave it your all. You will get what you need, not what you want. Don’t go down like a little bitch, go down throwing punches

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>You will get what you need, not what you want. Don’t go down like a little bitch, go down throwing punches
Fuck! I needed to hear exactly that!
Thanks bro!

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>oh woe is me muh motivation muh depression I dont love it
just stop being a little bitch and tough it out faggot

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check em

>What would you rather be doing OP?
I don´t know man. Nothing else comes to my mind to be honest. I would prefer working I guess. Doing something where I see a result of my work and not sitting in front of a desk the whole day and studying.
I am sure that I wouldn´t want to change the subject itself. It´s more a general thing I guess

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These days if you don't have a degree you need to have the raw skill/prowess to overcome that fact.

Are you more than halfway done with your degree? Get some fucking adderall and just git the work done.

College is fucking stupid, but it's a reality of the times. So decide wether you are capable and willing to become skilled enough on your own where companies wont even care about a degree because you're amazing, or if you want that "mandatory" requirement on most job applications

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hello my friend. i am a functional master procrastinator.
as soon as exams come closer i have no motivation to do something for it. i browse 4chan. binge watch youtube videos. i consumed an immeasurable amount of content from every self improvement channel there is, saw ted talks about procrastination. tried to plan and overcome it. its f*cking hard. ill try but ill lose it again after a few days. you would assume it gets easier but it doesnt. you always have to fight the same fight. getting started. i tried to remove obstacles or distractions. made it as easy as possible to start doing what i need to do. e.g. preparing everything i need for it. made plans. nope. its still the same everytime. days go by and then i just have acouple of days left to study. and once the pressure is there i work my ass of. study, sleep, repeat. and then i pass. not great not terrible. once the pressure is right and the first resistence is burst through i can keep doing what i need to do. and the fact that it somehow works everytime doesnt make me change my procrastination even though i f'cking want to change it. its stressful. and probably not healthy.

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sincere non bullshit advice...
go to a recruiter and see the officer commissioning options. Most branches are desperate for IT people (my choices are coast guard or army) that is accounting for job progression and happiness.

dont do navy (never seen one happy sould there)
dont do airforce(job competition is high and you still deploy like the army)

army is a sure shot in job progression and not having to deal with elitist assholes all the time that think their shit doesnt stink

coast guard is comfy but not too many career paths and you will most likely do a tour or two doing jack shit in your field of study (go ahead ask me how I know)

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>The only thing I'm good at, is making friends and interacting with people and convincing them from my ideas. But other than that, nothing.
Just finish your degree you are almost there D's get degrees. If you can't get a job because you are actually incompeteant there are lots of just plain jane degree required jobs you can go for in the gov't or you can go to sales or wagecuck/become a realtor I'm assuming you have a large enough social media and friends are starting to buy houses..

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Well, that would be an option once I finished my degree and is not the current problem at hand. Nobody gives a fuck about some guy who was half through with his degree and then dropped out. And my skillset isn't the best out there neither, in a sense that I could show off a big Portfolio or shit like that, which convinces an employer

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there are programs while you are doing your college. coast guard definitely has programs.

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You will drop out. You have no motivation, no why, and clearly don't like the "how."

I tried studying CompSci in college. I made it to one programming class in my third year before I realized it was all bullshit. The entire semester could have been accomplished in a fucking week on codeacademy if you were *slow.* As for the other classes, I faced the same issue as you often: nothing could help me to summon the energy for some classes. I hated it, I just didn't realize it. Deciding to not even go to one of my finals; to just say "fuck it," was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life. When I realized I didn't care anymore, I felt happier than I had any other time in college.

If you want to program, anon, just do it. It's one of the few STEM fields with freelancing.

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What did you end up doing now, if I may ask?

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If a day had only 2 hours, what would you do in that time?

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Going out in nature

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drop out. teach yourself and make a portfolio and publish apps. mot many employers care about degrees anymore they care about work experience and projects u can show them

t. bs and ms in cs

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>The only thing I'm good at, is making friends and interacting with people and convincing them from my ideas. But other than that, nothing.
This is false.
You already stated that you were doing okay, but fucked up due to depression and not studying, so it's not about your abilities, but about your way of thinking.

Try to understand WHY you're feeling that way, maybe you're afraid of failure, maybe you're a perfectionist, maybe you're afraid of what others might think. What is it that makes you "depressed" and with no motivation to study?

Also, read "The Feeling Good Handbook" by David Burns. It's cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, I used it and it helped me immensely, I also fucked up my early 20's, and now I'm 24 trying another degree (I will graduate around 28-29). But after reading the book I started feeling much better cause it helped me understand what was causing my depression / social anxiety. Also, you MUST do the exercises written in the book or it won't work.

Good luck.

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Than you need to fill your time by going out for a walk,mediating and wondering /thinking about life and your motivations

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Was in a similar situation as you mate. It's going to suck fucking dick for the next year or two but it gets better at the end of the dark tunnel you are currently in. I dropped out and went into sales (something the incels in my classes would never have been able to do) and did okay for myself. It allowed me to get my confidence back and make very nice dough. Successfully traded stocks and shitcoins for a bit using that money, and now work in IT. Pursuing entrepreneurship on the side.

Long story short, look for a sales job (SaaS, medical devices, and other technical fields where your inclinations and know how will make you a stronger salesman than your counterparts).

I promise you, it gets better mate.

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>Don't study for exams
>Do poorly

Huh, wow

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I should also add that dropping out isn't this huge taboo your mind is probably tricking you into thinking it is. No one gives a fuck. If you drop out, you can always go back in the future to finish your degree. Some time away might be good for you so that you can get your mind right. For me personally, there is absolutely no reason to go back to school and finish my degree except to prove to myself that I can and did. Once you have this power over your ego, everything becomes clearer and life becomes easier.

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You are overloading your brain with dopamine from modern entertainment like netflix, video games, fast food, social media (including 4chan) etc. Working on your career gives you little dopamine compared to these. Want to feel motivated to study? Starve your brain from these modern dopamine machines and studying will start to seem more interesting.

Personally I am motivated by safety. When I work on stuff I think to myself I will be fine because I am being productive. If you don't get your shit together you will enter the real hell. Good luck!

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This anon speaks truth.

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>I would prefer working I guess.
The grass is always greener on the other side...

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Who gives a shit if your 26 and no degree. I didn't finish my first degree until I was 28, then worked shitty jobs for 5 years before getting my MBA and a good job. Sometimes life works slow, sometimes you change careers. You gotta play the long game and only worry about doing stuff in the long term, don't rush.

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Second the book, it’s an exceptional read.
You have to tough it out, OP

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How do i fix my focus Problems?
As soon as I sit down thousand thoughts rush through my mind
Also im addicted to the Internet as hell and shit for hours browsing useless shit

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Focus - do meditation 1 hour a day. Meditation is basically focus training.
Internet addiction - use your willpower to remove internet from your environment. If you are addicted to something and you keep it around - you will start doing it. So don't keep the addicting thing around.

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> When I work on stuff I think to myself I will be fine because I am being productive. If you don't get your shit together you will enter the real hell
This apuposter fucks

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You should just keep being yourself. Natural selection is working it's magic, don't fight it.

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Step 1 is cutting off 4chan, and literally the internet for two weeks, you can study from books
Step 2 is actually studying

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I'm currently trying to start my own business. I've been doing freelance programming work and sold my soul to drawing porn to pay the bills.

It's fucking cancer but better than having a boss.

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bump, anon could probably use more advice

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how much can one make from drawing da porno?

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Depends on how good you are and how much self worth you have. Good numbers for a single pic, assuming you're a decent artist

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Depends on how good you are and how much self worth you have. Good numbers for a single colored+shaded pic, assuming you're a decent artist, are ~75-100. Great artists can make hundreds on a single pic, but that's the result of years and years of shilling yourself and constant artistic improvement on top of already being competent.

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If you hate it and want to quit now, think about what it's gonna be like a couple years from now when you're stuck in a software job you are shit at, trying to use those social skills to trick your bosses into thinking you know what you're doing while real programmers give you death stares all day.

You will probably change careers then anyway, and at that point you will have wasted even more time and be starting over in your 30s.

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Go part time or slow the pace down so you can focus

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How do you keep yourself anonymous? I have an idea for hentai porn to sell but I definitely don't want my name attached to it. It's not illegal but people would ostracize me

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Please help me guys. I want to become a pilot but I need a BA. I've never been to college before so the thought alone is daunting. In high school, I always had to struggle to keep my grades up. If I struggled in high school, I cant imagine how much harder it is in college. But my friend recommended getting a degree that'll help me get a job while I work on my flight time. Ive choosen Business but what's a good area to specialize in?

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Meant for >>16729993

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The same way everyone else does: use a screen name and hide your power level IRL. Don't expect to sell something straight off the bat, either. You have to upload a LOT of shit to public galleries before a single person will be interested in a comm.

PayPal allows you to use a business name in place of your real name, as well.

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Anon, do not put yourself into debt without a clear goal. What the fuck is a business degree going to help get you into a plane?

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So you need to register an LLC? And can't they just look up that? Not to mention patreon requires your name and id

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No, you don't need to register an LLC. You can change your regular ol' PayPal account to use a business name in place of your real name today. PayPal doesn't give a fuck as long as they get their cut.

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Shit, fair enough. I stand corrected; a quick Google search tells me airline companies just want to see that you can get a degree in something, and I can think of worse degrees than business.

Go for it anon!

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Before you go, any recommendations for an area to specialize in? Management? HR? Marketing?

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Shit, fair enough. I stand corrected; a quick Google search tells me airline companies just want to see that you can get a degree in something, and I can think of worse degrees than business.

I'm honestly not sure what area of business you should specialize in; it's not my area of expertise. Depending on what you had trouble with in high school, you might want to choose something other than business. Most colleges require you to take math up to some watered down calc, and from what I can tell from my friend who is currently going for his BS in business management, it's basically a slog of endless reports on common sense nonsense, like "customer service."

Sorry I can't be more useful, anon.

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just get a degree in general studies or whatever the fuck those retarded athletes get a degree in

>> No.16730807

General studies is it, yeah. The problem with GS is that it's absolutely useless, so if OP's pilot career doesn't work out, he has a degree that is worth less than the paper it's printed on.

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Why don't you post this on social media, Zoom-zoom? Might get a few likes.

>> No.16730889

this gonna sound retarded but could you post a sample anon for genuine research purposes

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This. Please post a sample, I’m curious what standard of work people are willing to pay for.

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Watch jordan peterson videos until you sort yourself out

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Oh, people will pay for hot garbage, but you'll only make like 5/pic.

Is well beyond "people will pay" territory

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Has anyone successfully gotten a job from oscp anon in cybersecurity? I'd e-mail him/join the chat but I am too afraid to do those things kek. It seemed pretty interesting but I'm afraid of AI taking over.

>> No.16731680

Also I wanted to ask - tech vs finance industry. Seems like there's more money in finance and less hard skills you need.

I have no college degree and am 26 myself actually. Except I dropped out after my first semester.

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Just a reminder it can always get worse.

>30k in student loan debt
>failed out of school after taking twice as long as normal, only finished half my degree
>zero job experience
I have no no idea what to do other than walk into the ocean and not walk back out.

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So you won't graduate until age 28 minimum? Fuuuuuuck that's depressing. At least get a 2 yr degree done before quitting. Nearly useless, but better than nothing

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Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeet. Even people with just GEDs and started working some ass job have it better... I'm pretty fucked too if it makes you feel better. You can always just do security. They hire anyone, but starting at 28 and making up for lost time is depressing as SHIT!!!!!

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you do not need a degree starting out as a pilot. regionals are so fucking desperate for pilots they will hire complete retards off the street with starting bonuses. if you're trying for the majors, an associate's is just fine and in some cases not necessary depending on the applicant pool. once you have experience in the majors you can basically do any commercial job.

this is in america of course

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Holy shit 26 and no degree & no job
What the fuck are you waiting for...

Where do you live anon ?

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actually it's not that different from having a job which is shitty.
You do earn some money, but waste most of it because it's low pay and you're not moving anywhere really

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Since there seem to be some reasonably intelligent minds in here, can I jump on the help bandwagon? Looking to make the most of the next decade and realize I need to make changes, but don't know what those are
>33 y/o web dev dead end job ($70K)
>2 kids, wife makes a bit more than me
>Looking for fulfilling career, more money, but there aren't any internal/external prospects
>Reasonably intelligent
>General associates, bachelors
>College was utter hell due to disassociation from the party crowd, SWJ, and victim cultures
I feel like Peter from Office Space. I don't care what I do, I just want to do something more fulfilling than pushing pixels for empty headed menopausal women until my job gets outsourced to India.

>> No.16734854

What's the bachelor's in?

>> No.16735346

Thanks anons for the help.
/biz/ is truely the only place a man can count on.
I will keep pushing and if I don´t manage to do it, then I will study part time and work full time.
Let´s help other anons now.
All the best for 2020

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Goodluck, anon!

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As someone who wishes they had a CS degree under their belt but is a poorfag right now considering a Masters in CS, the advice I can give you is you dont know how fucking good you have it.
You are not disabled.
You dont have diseases.
You have access to clean water and food.
You have shelter.
You have the fucking privilege of going to university.
The list can go on and on, and I encourage you to write more.
Your life is better than 90% of people in the past and probably at least 50% of people today.
Things can be soooo much fucking worse and they arent.
Even if you failed out of uni, things would still be decent in comparison to what most have.
Realize this negativity and anxiety comes from who you think you are and who you think you should be. If you study psychology, you realize both of these are made up.
If you find you suck at CS, try and finish the degree at a bare minimum and do tech sales as it sounds like you might have an aptitude for that.
Seriously, make a list of things you are grateful for and read it every day til that negativity fades away.

I'd recommend torrenting Transformation Mastery to address any deeper issues you might have.
This is not why you probably made this thread, you really wanted confirmation of the negativity from others. But it will help you I promise it's much better. Good luck anon.

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Criminal Justice. Even a decade later, I cringe as I type it.
I thought I'd go to law school, but hell no.
If I could wave a magic wand I'm not sure what I'd choose instead.
Nothing liberal, wouldn't fall for the CS meme ... maybe mechanical engineering or skip the 4 year and become a pilot.
I did EMS for a few years and loved the surgery room, but at my age I'm not going to jump through all those hoops for any sort of medical career.
I know enough python to impress the normies at work, but I've been type cast as the guy that sits there and gets shit done, so they'll never promote me.
I've considered Master degrees, but each one is as repulsive as the next, and whose to say I'd actually land a job with it?

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Congratulations, you got brain washed by 4chan and all your parents going "Enjoy the school because having a job is no fun" and the wage-cuck philosophy

I work up to 10h/day and I'm actually having fun everyday. I did 2 years of study and thats fucking all
I got paid like shit for my first year and after proving my worth, I got a +10k. Now corporations are fighting over my ass because I'm good at what I do. I get shits done, and it feels great.

I learn new things every damn day as computer eng. And that's the pure essence of life. Learning things is the best feeling ever.

In 4 years you'll be 30.
Do you even realize it ? Because by that time, o boi you're going to get crushed morally if you can't handle college.

I hope you enjoyed wasting your youth away !

(But remember it's never too late to actually do stuff that matters. That matters to YOU)

>> No.16735943

>Criminal Justice
>wouldn't fall for the CS meme
One of these is much more rewarding than the other

>> No.16736035

>don't love it, but it is okay

You're probably just wasting your time there mate. You'll be competing for jobs with people who actually do love that shit and guess who is going to get hired? By the time something becomes a meme it's already too late. You're basically buying the top if you get into CS now.

t. unemployed anon who fell for the CS meme

>> No.16736071

You are absolutely right with what you wrote.
I thought about this as well already. There are people who would kill to be in my position.
Will look into what you wrote at the end. Thanks bro!

>Realize this negativity and anxiety comes from who you think you are and who you think you should be.
I read "Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality by Anthony De Mello" very recently which also goes in this direction, saying that this is what fucks us up.

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Or so 'they' say.
I started doing front end dev 6-8 years ago and it was nice. I would have sprung for a CS degree if I had the money at the time.
Now? Shit has gotten insanely demanding and it's miserable. You're treated like a robotic dog who shit the bed if you can't deliver a multi-million dollar project over night and on a platter.
Maybe for the top few the CS degree works, but for the rest? They're just a pencil in the hands of asshole idiots.

>> No.16737177

take the contractor pill. 120k+ for angular w/ AWS skills.
fuck freelancing

>> No.16737435

I am in very similar situation, finishied vocational school (cooking 99), got into one of the most prestigious restaurants in my city to work as a help cook (dunno correct translation) only to realize that I am gonna work with ex convicts and rejects of society as my colleagues, it was hell and boy I was dumb back then, thinking working as a cook was like in TV's,
>>Quit job as cook
>>Finished coding bootcamp (kinda liked it)
>> Enrolled to uni to study software engineering
>> First year had to pay for studies, grinded tooth and nails to get scholarship
>> Currently studying for 3 years, realize I cant code for shit without copying stuff
>>Have a mental breakdown and kinda slack off
>> Failed 2 classes, about to lose my scholarship, unable to motivate myself to study

Read the whole thread, you guys are awesome, gonna check that book to get myself disciplined

>> No.16737514

>Currently studying for 3 years, realize I cant code for shit without copying stuff
Well anon, everybody does copy something. You really don´t have to be a genius to pass the coding classes. I started out with C programming in university. They say it´s so hard with the pointers and all this shit. But I actually did better in it, than I did in Java.
It all comes down to how much you practice and think about problems yourself. I was in the first semester partly hammering my head on my bead and cried, but I never stopped trying and in the end I was better than most of my classmates.
Later on making some projects in Java was everything but easy for me. Especially because I hated the professor. I didn´t understand shit, as soon as it became more complex. Or let´s rather say: I understood, but wasn´t able to do it. I somehow passed it anyway in the end though.