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This coin is a BULLSHIT SCAM

I will debate any of you faggot hoe BSV scammers. Bitcoin is money for THE PEOPLE not FAKE SATOSHI bitch!!

Fuck outta here... fr bitchass fools. Your all going to lose you money while the real OGs stack and hodl for monetary freedom!!!!!

Just like Bcash you will lose all you money again I guess cucks never learn.

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bsv is BitCoin and btc isn't
your patent is worthless greggy

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Bitch ass nigga.. who tf is greggy

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gregory maxwell, the lunatic that is running the 24/7/365 fud campaign against BitCoin and promoting his scamfork (btc)

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How did you get so turned around? BitcoinCashSV (now called BitcoinSV) was forked from bitcoin cash in 2018. Bitcoin was created more than 10 years earlier. It's literally just trying to be the centralized version of Bitcoin, which is against the whole ethos of the original design.

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Why are you pajeets so fucking annoying it’s so clear there was a coordinated raid on this board involving BSV. And it’s clear your dumbass posting is a false flag. You smelly curry niggers don’t even know the actual culture and you’re so far away from it you may as well go shit up r*ddit

I wish jannies would purge you fuckers it’s so clear it’s a coordinated discord group. Please get the fuck off my board

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You BSV faggots never learn do you. Bitcoin is the king for a reason and your just a bug waiting to be squashed

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Jesus Christ you fucking illiterate pajeet learn how to read

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I only hold BITCOIN you dumb fuck.

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It’s extremely clear you’re another pajeet shill making a 500th BSV thread. Kindly fuck off to Reddit

You aren’t fooling anyone

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Lmao I couldn't be farther from that but ok, let's see some proof

>Why are you pajeets so fucking annoying it’s so clear there was a coordinated raid on this board involving BSV.

Why do you even pay attention in the first place???

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Someone's leveling someone here. Pajeetception.

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Dis, OP's a false flag

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Hes just projecting because only retards do it for free. .

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And you probably hodl ETH and chainlink LOL

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>2020 superpower
>can't pass the turing test

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So none of y'all can actually debate huh

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No, core is trying to solve scalability issues left unaddressed in countless forks and clones.

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Never gonna happen lol

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It is literally an independent fork of bitcoin cash
See above

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block reward
b l o c k r e w a r d
b l o c k r e w a r d
b l o c k r e w a r d

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sCrypt is better than Solidity, if with BSV at $1000 CSW will be richer than Bill Gates imagine at $100,000.

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t. technobabbler
sCrypt is just syntactic sugar for bitcoin script made by chinks: not turing complete, no loops etc. Keep holding, lol

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btc was forked from BitCoin actually, btc was assigned the ticker of what was the real BitCoin which was assigned the ticker BCH, and now BCH moved away again from BitCoin and the BSV ticker was assigned to it.
BitCoin is now BSV.
If (((someone))) put a label on a banana that says apple on it, does it make it an apple? that's what happened to BitCoin.

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t. learn dev in a boot camp.
Not knowing how an ALU decodes loops.

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>no loops

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Dude the biggest fud about bsv is being associated with creg. That man is a walking bsv fud campaign.

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Of course sir BSV is real bitcoin and the property of Craig who also is Satoshi. BSN needed to free people from BIS and make others all the riches and profits. Always a good buy yes.

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this is true also nothing rallies the opposition like the fat fraud opening his mouth.

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>btc was forked from BitCoin
only brainlets believe this cashie fallacy. see segwit is a stricter ruleset which means it never broke protocol it simply couldn't by definition. on the other hand fucking with the difficulty algo is a protocol breaker. and doing so in a minority pow manner is admitting defeat and creating an altcoin. which bch did and subsequently bsv did.

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btw your label allegory is correct just because you slap "bitcoin" label on a shitcoin it doesn't make it anywhere remotely bitcoin.

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alright curry cashies this is the moment you can shine your in depth knowledge of bitcoin:
why is the max supply set as 21 million coins?

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No need to understand this good sir. All buyer needs to know BSV is good buy and makes the profits.

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yeah no need to understand anything just buy what's shilled hardest! that will make you rich CARS!

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>We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures.
>Removes signatures with segwit
Wew lad

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BSV certificates:


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bitcoins were never a chain of signatures brainlet. satoshis first release defined them as an utxo. then there is the fact that segwit does not remove signatures it places the witness to a separate block extension which can later safely be discarded.

separating the actual transaction that updates the ledger from the witness part which is only required in tx validation until a block is confirmed makes absolute sense. low iq tards can't understand it tho.

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>assigned the ticker BTC but the real one was BCH
Bitcoin always used BTC, even here in their release in 2011 it is mentioned.
I guarantee you will find it in the source for bitcoin 0.1.0 too.
This is weird right? Some 6 years before bitcoin cash was forked from BTC ?
Almost as if it bitcoincashSV is the banana with the apple label?

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Hahahahhahaha holy fuck imagine if someone buys this

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>this corekek cope

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For everyone thinking bsv is a scam, they seem to be always very aware of very low visibility updates and upcoming enhancements. If it were such a joke and scam going to 0, makes you wonder why/how these people have the time/interest/energy to stay up to date. Really gets those almonds going

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Where's the 1 million BTC dump today lads? Was Faketoshi just full of shit this whole time :o

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he's gonna dump it at the time of halving

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the pajeets get told what to shill
and if you don't believe me, try asking one something technical. G'Luck with that, etc.
no, their ticks are tocked now. the lying fat fraud is an absolute busted flush. yet still the cunts are here, espousing their bullshit. Like nothing happened. Which it didn't

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If bsv is scam just short it. Its so simple.

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Ah and there is answer good sir. They won't because deep on the insides BSV will be a huge huge success!

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Not as long as ya boy Calvin Ayre is PNDing..

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>False flagging this hard to maintain the "BSVjeet" narrative

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lightning is too convenient for blockstream to be the right choice. increasing the block size was the obvious scaling method, and allegedly the results on bsv testnet show it works just fine. lightning is just an excuse to for devs in control to profit off of the network. also you cant deny the conflict of interests rampant around blockstream investors.

heres a little analogy
many people can buy the fact that theres a creator
heaven, however is a little too convenient but maybe plausible.
but when the church lets you buy your way into heaven, things really get fishy. thats lightning imo.

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all this would not be possible under satoshis original plan, so they fucked up the scalability on purpose... it is pretty easy to understand when you follow the money
corecucks will defend this

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wait you think lightning makes it possible not to increase the blocks eventually? it fucking doesn't. over time the block size will grow to tens and maybe hundred megabytes. the only thing that changes is when.

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BsV Is real bitcoin. OP is obviously a funded shill

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you keep saying it like a mantra hoping it one day to be true but it's just as irrational as any other religion. the cult of craig.


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What a fucking joke.
They didn't count on the NSA strong arming Creg. Which of course means BSV is incredibly valuable and the foundation of a new monetary system. Good luck Gregs and R3's private excel solution which propagates the old system.

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Redpill me on the nsa strong arming craig

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I wonder what happen when BTC and BCH gonna be delisted for copyright infringment.

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bsv shills are needed to constantly drown this board with shit to hide the occasional gold

either that or some whale is bagholding hard

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can't happen the mit license explicitly permits free use re-licensing even and making derivative works.

>> No.16719847

the licence doesn't cover them because they aren't BitCoin
checkmate corecuck

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Just short this Scam

>> No.16719863


free doesn't mean you don't have to pay the original licence.

>> No.16719974

how much of an idiot you have to be to type that out?
free means free just read the damn license. the mit license is a good open source license. also non revokeable unless it's violation can be proven. and the only way to violate it is to take undue credit for the creation of the original work. something only craig did. so the only project in potential legal trouble is sv.

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hmm interesting sv derives it's license from the core dev team kek
well that gets them out of legal trouble sure i expected craig to go heavy handed here and try to rebrand it.

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The market says otherwise biyatch

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The market doesn’t decide that you absolute autist

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All the Haters being so obsessed with BSV to the point where they know everything about it, technical specifications of the BSV protocol, up to date on applications being built, intimate details of Craig's legal matters, etc



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Wigger or nigger detected

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I'm none of the above

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