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>reject women to avoid heartache
>fucked in the head for being alone

Don't you think it's funny how cynical this bitch god is? You lose eother way. You're with someone, they'll hurt you. You love alone, you feel tortured and are basically guaranteed to see the world in a cynical (realistic/no filter) way

Why must I be justed no matter what I do?

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>cynical (realistic)
There's your problem

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fuck these typos

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Nope. You live in a sugar coated land. You live in a bubble. I see life unfiltered. I see it for what it is.
You're probably the type to not think of how other's live since it would burst your bubble i.e. pretend 50% of the world dont live in 3rd world countries wiping shit with their hands, pretend liveleak vids aren't a thing, pretend success is determines by effort rather than luck (fyi genetics is luck based and that predetermines your success in this world), etc.
Wake up

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Don't be a cunt
People can't hurt you if you don't let them. So stop bitching on /biz, and go make something of yourself

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You're soft. Get hard OP.

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Whether you think cynicism is the truth or not doesn’t mean it’s not your problem. People aren’t meant to bear the weight of analyzing and seeing everything there is.

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>You live in a bubble
>I see life unfiltered
Yeah no. If you're that enlightened you should realize that the bubble is inescapable, since you cannot be everywhere and understand all motives and factors in play.

You are extrapolating your own view and asserting that everyone is wired this way, which is simply not true. You are forgetting people just suck at their job and yet you attribute it to malice. So you end up with a negative outlook.

Start being active, work on something you really enjoy. Not the temporary "fun" stuff, but the thing you have a passion for. This will cut a whole lotta irrelevant bullshit.

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> feeling like an enlightened monk for being alone
you're doing something wrong OP

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I just wanted to be loved, but all women are whores (unironically). They are all used up and the idea with being with a whore hurts me. I am not enough of a cuck to accept that as "no big deal" as I'm old fashioned (wired that way). In the same time, the demons in my head are eating away at me.

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Learn knowledge of good and evil op

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I am in love with a woman who cheats on me. At least you're not me.

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Your problems are a reflection of your ideals. If your ideals are impossible, so will your problems be. Get over yourself fag.

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Samson is that you?

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No. At least I would be rich.

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I know all these things anon. But life has some good stuff too or everyone would just kill themselves.
It's you who are wearing dark-tinted glasses.

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holy shit this was my exact inner thought process after my first relationship

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THIS, make a decision, stop being a woman & indecisive.
All women are whores

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>reject women to avoid heartache
grow up. you're emotionally immature.

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I am 29 and gave up. My escape is maths, drawing and books.

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>be a coward
>suffer consequences

yeah man fuck god dude lmao

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Maybe try to meet a girl in a library or in church? Or ask heuristic type questions to girls you meet like if they like to party or do drugs/drink.

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What benefit does this mindset have? You don't create anything, you don't try to better humanity, you're not contributing to society.

No fucking wonder you're so bloody miserable. If you think the world is trash you're going to be miserable. If you think this world is a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected and cherished, you'll care for it more, you'll contribute more, and ultimately you'll get more out of it through positive experiences, possibly wealth, and the happiness you seek. Perspective and attitude matters far more than you believe.

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What would it take for you to love yourself more than your spouse? Enough to make you stop tolerating being stepped on and making the effort to leave?

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dumbass response

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>contributing to society.
I buy btc to escape society. Shits a scam

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>>reject women to avoid heartache
I think it's more likely that they reject you. Stop lying to yourself, bud.

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You avoid heartache because you’re a bitch, plain and simple.

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stop listening to your ego and start listening to your higher self, it's as simple and as complicated as that

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Used to be me, run far away from her anon

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if you did what you were supposed to be doing you would attract a good woman. you're thinking about it too much. I know this because I do the same. just go on a date and stop taking it so seriously, they don't. you'll blow through a few roasties until you eventually find a nice girl. you never will if you sit atop your ivory tower hurling pissbottles at the cruel world. no sex does this to a man. we don't like to admit it but we need it.

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OP is right. The reason more people aren't agreeing with him is because 4chan has been flooded with redditors, normalfags, and absolute morons. The lesser man instinctively rejects any notion that the world is bad or not worth engaging with. Instead of using his mental faculties to discuss the actual subject, he uses them to insult and to argue in bad faith.

The enlightened understand that this world is ultimately not worth it.

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the most high iq posts i've seen on 4channel

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Yeah, the world is fucked up, but my world doesn't have to be, you know?
I just feel bad for people I grew up with who turned to the bottle and doing real fucked up drugs.
I mean sure whatever they're adults and are gonna crash and burn if they don't get it under control, but they don't listen to me. It feels like no ones listens because their ego is too inflated and then they're in the hospital bed dying.
Shit sucks man.
As for the whamens, good lord a good chunk of them have turned into degenerate whores. A majority of them are corrupted, abused, drink as much as a man and act like a man. It's gross to see them be pretty in high school and turned fat and ugly once they get to college because al they do is eat Plan B and drink Whiskey.
Literally what the fuck this shit ain't supposed to be habbening:DD

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Just dump her, don't be a cuck.

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Cynicism is cringe as fuck and an indicator of your way of thinking, not how the world actually is.

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Look around you, you have clothes on, you probably have food to eat and water to drink. You have unfettered access to exercise, making friendships, building great things. All of these things are available to you at any time. Address your emotional state and constantly prove it wrong. Do 1 uncomfortable thing a day.

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>Do 1 uncomfortable thing a day.

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No, pretty sure it is indeed how the world work and everything else is just sugar coating

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The world isn't one way or the other. It is completely neutral. You sound like you have gone through some stuff you have in your life, and maybe you need to become aware of that. Cynicism is often just a coping mechanism.

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the world can go suck my pepe

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That's what SEX is for. Fuck her till her pussy falls off and she spends all night looking for it.

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>wahh im incel

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>hurr durr it's all women's fault
kys. you're just making excuses. yeah, women can be whores, but men can be pussy ass wimps, like you

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I had a good nerdy picture for you (tough internet guy), but I dont have it so I'll just say youre a faggot

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