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What kind of person works a shit-tier, entry-level, low-wage, dead-end job in their 30s, 40s and 50s? I'm talking jobs like delivery guys, cashiers, retail workers, etc. Recently the guy who delivered pizza to my door appeared to be in his 40s. What exactly is the life path of these people, and how financially fucked are they? Are they "going to make it"? How do they retire?

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44 year old doordasher here, you don't. I know I'm not going to retire and I've come to terms with that idea years ago. Happy New Years.

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They don't retire...
I worked with a 70-something lady on a front desk job.
She died and we had to find her replacement.

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Not everyone is motivated the same. A lot of people are never going to be great, money makers or high tier employees. I think a large portion of this type of behavior is based on short term thinking and their indifference towards life in general

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Pizza delivery is a bad example bc they could be making $20+ an hour so it's not exactly minimum wage it's the equivalent of a server.
These type of people are either low iq, npc or they enjoy wage cucking. I have one smart buddy of mine that is happy drinking daily and working 6 months out of the year says he loves it.
I also blame the system as it sets you up for failure

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If I'm going to work until I die, I'm going to die at work. At least give my kids some insurance money

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As a owner operator who has to deal with customers entitlement and their abuse everyday I can tell you that I feel like changing professions. People in the food service industry are subjected to horrible behaviour. Even a million dollars a year will not be enough for anyone to enjoy the work. It's a type of product that shouldn't exist. The byproduct of human suffering should make it obvious

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I always wondered this too. I worked retail in high school with people in their mid 40s. They were relatively normal, no substance abuse issues, nothing holding them back. I think that the NPC meme is dumb but these failures just gave up so I guess they fit the mold.

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Not to be an apologist but many people I've met in my life who work dead end jobs usually come from stable homes where there is no mortgage to pay or getting welfare and no dire economic threat to overcome. They are just enjoying the pop culture and narrative and don't want to really jeapordize the comfort of it all.

And there always the small group of those workers who have alot going on in the lives beyond work. Some had kids very young or had parents get sick while they were just getting started in or out of college or they themselves got sick while young adults. There are reasons people fail to launch in the economic ladder that are not due to degeneracy.

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Checked. You could've just said mexicans.

Cry harder you lazy nigger with a vegan food truck. You deserve all the soi's bitchy shit for catering to those fags.

How the fuck do these people survive though? I make 70-80k a year single, no rent/expenses (cdl) and feel like I'm barely holding on.

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Personally i'm leaning towards doing some stupid shit like that and living simply than being married to some bullshit job that consumes your life

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>I make 70-80k a year single, no rent/expenses (cdl) and feel like I'm barely holding on.
The fuck? I'd be pocketing nearly 100% of that and be in a good place in a few years. Problem is I'm only 20 and by the time I can become a truck driver the robots will have taken over. Really missed out on the truck driving gravy train, feelsbadman.

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This, my mom got really sick right on my first semester of college. I was bound to my job because it was work or die. After agonizing for years, she finally passed 7 years later and I thought I was too old for college and stuck to my armed security gigs that paid well for a 20 something. Now I'm in my mid 30s and I finally decided to bite the bullet and go back to school because I can't keep doing these mind numbing jobs anymore... even though it's harder because I have a wife and kid now but whatever.

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how could help someone who hasn't launched due to a health issue that's resolved for the time being (kidney transplant)
my brother got end stage kidney disease in his final semester of college
he just plays video games and sits around my parent's investment house all day and is on foodstamps
he developed a circle of friends that have disabilities and he games with them all day it's a kind of sad but he gets offended when we suggest a change

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People are mostly pushed into their lifestle, it's less of a choice than you think. If I didn't grow up poor and starving I wouldn't have had a major drive to get my hands on money, and probably would have pursued a career in one of the things that are now just my hobbies.

Those who have had a good home life and make it past high school without envisioning their ideal future aren't likely to pursue any lofty goals, obviously. Apathety toward the car they drive, the house they live in or how long it takes to pay off, future family prospects, and so on are probably the only reason they never decide to take a six week course to double their income and have something resembling a career.

And of course, you have to be at least a little clever to clue in to the fact that you can affect your future with your current actions.

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>a six week course to double their income and have something resembling a career.
That doesn't exist. Else every desperate fuck, and there's lots of them, would have jumped on it already.

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Culture forces these people to become what they are. I overheard a neighbor discussing the awesomeness of some metal guitarist... This is not a person who would take study seriously because culture structures choices.

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Haha OK retard. You can take a two week first aid course and have a $25/hr job sitting in a truck on a jobsite. Good luck in the world when you get out of school, kid

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Yeah there's trucking but robots are gonna do that shit in 2 years.

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They're not going to be the first aid attendant dipshit

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I make a little more than you and piss most of it away but i pay 2600/m rent. If you really have 0 expense, you gotta curb your spending brother.

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CDL or regional equivalent takes like 1 month. Are the robots coming that soon?

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>Truck Driving Gravy Train

Anon Trucking has been dead since the 90's

Company Drivers make like 40 cents a mile. That's not miles driven. That's fucking miles in a straight line from point A to B.

And Owner Operators are basically gambling that the maintenance on the truck isn't going to kill any profits.

Also trucking is a shit life style.

Eventually you get bored of gas stations, sleeping in amenities that are almost no better than that of a person with no job, and dealing with dumbfuck dispatchers, and poorly signed roadways.

You didn't miss out on anything.

T. Suicidal Truck Driver.

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Met an uber drive who had retired and just did it to pass the time and talk to people

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EMT (nigger retard tier)
Paramedic (chad nigger retard tier)

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Yes they are, a self driving truck delivered 40k pounds of butter from Pennsylvania to California with no human interaction not too long ago, search it up. Trucking is finished. People in it now should milk it while they can before it's gone in 2 years.

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CDL also costs 3-5k.

Schooling also barely even touches the basics of what is required to drive a semi.

New Drivers are terrifying.

Don't trick Anon into getting one.

I guarantee its not worth it.

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Delusional cope. I am a PGY-4, nothing to do with trucking, but you’re a fucking moron for missing out on easy cash for the next decade minimum.

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I agree trucking isn't ideal for normal people but I'm quite a sperg myself and don't fit in in traditional work places so it's a great fit for me. Cents per mile is irrelevant, you can still make a decent amount in a year and have 0 expenses because the job enables you to be homeless. 5-10 years of sleeping a bit rough and saving everything and you're in a very good place. Shame trucking will be gone in 2 years though.

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OTR trucking is finished, 3 years tops. Don't get me wrong I'll still milk the 1 year I have out of it when I turn 21 next year.

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What are you doing on this board if I may ask?

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This. It's weird perfectly normal people turn into cruel demanding asshole when they walk into a restauranr, it's like their reptile brains take over and it is a chance for them to be nobles for an hour. I blame the customer is always right model.

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Jew tribute and getting goyed hard on truck stop prices. Lil zoomie is going to love paying into boomer retirement ponzis and José's child factory fund.

Finally caught up on some cc debt from before and bought some shit car + pickup (cash) last year. 90%+ of my take-home goes into chainlink, so maybe that's the problem.

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bullshit most people just lack the attention span.

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They just believe everybody around them to be stupid based on past experiences and don't care to see if they are wrong at all. Thats why the only solution is writing down their plates and slashing their tires after work on a systematic basis.

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People with undiagnosed mental illnesses. People who got downsized from the white collar jobs world and never made it back in. People who aren't good at getting jobs. There are more of them than you might think.

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You can usually tell if someone has had to work an entry level job in the post 2008 workforce, they are usually very respectful and courteous people and understand the industry is largely an immigrant slave plantation now and the customers treat you as such.

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Don't shit on the arts, it's high risk high reward. You just have to actually be really good... instead of it being a hobby.

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You're chastising people for being entitled, while you'll have a full blown meltdown on social media if you don't get your "deserved" 30%.

My dollar per action (<15 steps from the actual producers to the person paying you out of pitty) makes you seethe.

Bartender niggers, even worse.

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It's honestly the fact that people get free money so they absorb and willingly reinforce a culture that laughs at hard working labor for minimal gratification beyond survival. The dignity of earning your bread has been savagely poisoned by the welfare class and Hollywood who together laugh at dead end jobs even though this nation has much bigger problems or should I say parasites.

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They typically have kids so they get free stuff from big daddy government

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They import curries to do trucking because most americans arent willing to work for 6 dollars an hour trucking

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Please just fucking quit. You are actually losing money, I guarantee it, even if you think you've counted the costs...

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Get rid of welfare and let the good for nothings eat scraps and live outside of the cities. Pass laws to banish the visibly and demonstrably poor. Watch how much the dignity and appeal of even the worst dead end job rise in this country again.

The funniest thing for me is I vividly remember growing up in nyc and in a class full of immigrants and a immigrant teacher all of us laughing out loud at driving a taxi as we would discuss our futures. Fast forward to today and all the fucking plebs drive uber to feed their bellies roflmfaoooooooo
Go to college goy
STEM goy
Working with your hands is for poor people goy!

If only we knew when we were young!

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Technically Canada lets them in for no reason (cucks), then because of NAFTA they spend 11 months out of the year killing our rates down here.

No immigration stats on the books...helps keep the goyim from waking up.

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You're assuming a lot of things which just are not true though. I never have treated a customer worse or given them subpar service based on my assumptions of their behavior, I have never talked about my opinions of my work in a publicly identifiable position, and I have not worked in such a position for 4 years now, you might make more money then me but I currently work as a bond analyst for a private fund, I have worked minimum wage food service jobs close enough to this time though and observed similar behavior in customers as a patron as well that I feel comfortable enough to pass my judgement on the current behavior of the majority of customers in the food service industry. The exact assumptions you made are in fact what I pointed out in my first post, you do indeed to consider everyone in these capacitys as below you in some fundamental way as highlighted by your assumptions about my behavior and socio-economic status. This sort of behavior and thinking is, in my opinion, what leads so many customers who have never worked such a position in this current economic cycle to demand extremely high level service at extremely low wages, because they believe their personal opinion to be ultimately correct and largely that opinion is based on outdated models of their first jobs and people they have met who have worked similar jobs.

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I feel for you anon but if you served her well and sacrificed your future for her then remember God is watching and the seeds you have sown serving as a noble son will bear great fruit

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Idk honestly feeling incomplete or inadequate physically can wreck ones ability to compete nowadays. The world is very vicious and cut throat. The nice guys finish last. The weak ones don't even finish. The comfort is hard to jeapordize for some people.

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Some are lay-offs from phased out industries.

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The problem is you're focusing on the things in life that don't really matter. When I was a kid I had hopes and dreams. We all did. But over time, the daily grind gets in the way and you miss the things that really matter, even though they are right in front of you, staring you in the face. I think the next time you should ask yourself "Am I on the right track here?". I don't mean to be rude but people like you I really pity. So maybe you could use the few brain cells you have and take advantage of the knowledge I have given you now. Good luck.

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this is me to a T

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ur next m8

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this analysis is correct

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If you're making minimum wage in "food service" you work at McDonald's...and it's not "muh meanie head customers" it's niggers being normal niggers.

Food service is the term faggot servers use to distance themselves from the fact they're a holdover from literal slaves/servants. Fast food is fast food.

Anyone that complains in the piss easy industry of making mexicans microwave food and then extorting customers for 30% for you carrying it to them absolutely has never had a real job, with any responsibilities or kike boss faggotry. Throw boxes in a non HVAC warehouse for half a shift (a 10-12 hour one, not your 2 hour lunch "rush") and then try to complain about how some boomer gave you a mean look for texting your trans gf instead of refilling their drink.

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me. i was a turbo neet throughout my 20s and only just now starting to unfuck my life at 30.

going back to college this fall semester to get my degree and become a professional.

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Only one anon per thread makes it.

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its easy to talk shit when you are still young and have the future to fuck up. Wait till you get there

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Lol, if you honestly think that. I talked to a 35 year old at the deadend retail job i worked at, he just didnt seem to give a fuck about anything except the next vidoe game he could play online, i pressed about the income issue says his goal is to make 30k a year. I dont know what these people are on, vidya is cool but fuck me these people arent dumb they dont seem to lack cognitive ability at all they just dont care about being even financially independant.

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>muh robots
>he fell for the AI buzzword maymay

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McDonalds actually has a killer 401k for their full time employees. The problem is that you just dont make enough money in the first place to take real advantage of it. They contribute 3 dollars per 1 dollar of your 1st percent of contribution, and 1 dollar matching for the next 4 percent. Problem is though, at minimum wage your salary is only 15k. So 1 percent of 15k is only 150, plus 450 for match. Then remaining 4 percent would be 600 dollars, plus 600 dollars matching. So for 5 percent of a minimum wage salary you walk away with an extra 1050. Good 401k, bad pay to match. Imagine if you were making 20 bucks an hour instead tho. 416 + 1248, and 1664 x 2.

The former would retire with 543k while the latter would retire with 1.3m. That is, if you only contribute the 5 percent and nothing more.

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I had a really bad wrong turn trying to 'follow my dreams' and did a lot of dead end and volunteer work. Now the only way I can really reenter normie society is to don the McDonalds Cape and Cowl.

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>wait on top rung of 30ft ladder "working"
>finally someone slightly bumps ladder
>tip it over head first

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Do a trade apprenticeship anon. The work isnt really all that hard and you can make between 30 and 40 an hour after 5 years. Find a local union for bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, etc and see when their job fairs are. Its not too late for you to have an honest, decent life.

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It used to be that the youngest generation was the largest one, so young people got shitty jobs while most older people moved to management.
Then the fertility collapsed and the (well working) seniority model collapsed too.
There are no secure careers anymore. Watch out for unwarranted contempt, you may end up fired from your job at 35, to be replaced by an ai or some third world worker, and find yourself with obsolete skills on the street.

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Honestly at that point I'd sell fucking drugs rob a bank or something so I'm not a wagie at 40 (in minecraft)

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They'll retire in their late 60s early 70s and live out their days in their shitty 1 story home. The end

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Yeah mang this seems like larp or son speaking from dads experience, truck driving is extremely important to the world right now and drivers get paid well, you could shut down half USA commerce tomorrow if you are feeling underpaid ;)

Thank you for the encouragement! Yeah, I think I am going to cruise 2 more years and hope I can work my way into something, either MBA tuition assistance, job at a library. If not I will try electrical because I think its a cool field.

Yeah this is what I am hoping, work my way somewhere in the company take advantage of all the sick benefits MCDs has for people with college degrees.

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People who've had problems. Bad luck. Who are you to judge, mongolian basket weaving poster?

Now buy Pegnet and GET OUT.

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Pre 2008: Retards
Post 2008: A disturbing amount of people

>> No.16714197

You'll make it anon. Hope you and your family prosper this year.

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I already pointed that out however
> the industry is largely an immigrant slave plantation now and the customers treat you as such

I actually mentioned exactly what you said. Furthermore using food service is actually correct, that is how the government defines the restaurant and fast food industry, I am just using proper terminology. Once again it shows your lack of current knowledge around the industry, and wether or not warehouse work is hard I couldn't say because I've never worked in it, but that is a moot point considering we are discussing the clientele in food service specifically, not clientele in general. I am sorry if because you consider a different entry level low paid position harder you feel that somehow excuses how the customers act towards other service industries, I tend to treat every employee I meet with respect, regardless of how hard I perceive their jobs of being, exactly because I have heard many people with opinions very similar to yours that have never worked any entry level labor regardless of the industry. If you feel another job, such as warehouse work, is more demanding then food service for just as equally shitty pay then I think that just empowers my argument of a general shift in the population towards borderline narcissistic and out of touch attitudes in regards to the most overworked and underpaid positions in our society, food service and warehouse alike.

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lol not even
I have a govt job now.

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They're just transient job-hoppers who never developed any skills.

They worked jobs to "get by", whatever random job they found themselves in to pay rent, buy food, the basics of life, etc. and stayed there a couple years, then moved on to a similar low paid job again just to "get by" and continue living, and it's literally that pattern continued for decades.

They fell into a cycle of paying for the basics of life and never developing any particular talent or skillset or unique ability, they just filled a spot doing whatever unskilled labor that was needed, and as long as it brought a paycheck they'd keep doing it.

A lot of them probably lack capacity to really plan and organize things for the future, they just do what's needed in that moment, or that week, whatever it is.

And the problem is compounded by "life hardships" or other drains on their finances like unplanned children or possibly alcoholism or other drug use.

>> No.16714506

>itt 16 yo and college retards who still live at how or off student loans

Just wait

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Even after I don't have to work because of Tezos staking, I will probably get a low caste wagie job like bagging groceries or something to keep me busy for a few hours per week and also to make people think I'm poor. But mostly I want to breed an Asian qtp2d.

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>tfw dad made 70k after taxes
>had a shit ton of debt
>company gets bought out for the 13th time and replace all competent workers
>he's 56 and out of a job
>says he can't get anything similar because no skills after 40 years of work
>drives uber + Amazon flex with failing beetus eyesight
>told me he had no clue what do do with his life now
>never prepared and spent 500 a month on restaurants while his kids work wagie jobs and rubbed it in all the time
>told me id wage for my whole life and die alone
imagine always making 100k and telling your kids they are worthless and don't understand anything and end up not having the skills to get another high earning wage. I made 800 a month and saved 5k at the end of the year out of desperation and now I always make sure I have some cash put away just in case.

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It's a powerplay
you are serving people and whatever backage they have they put on people they believe are below them. You have to put up with it or you're fired. People know this and exert whatever garbage they want on servers because they are helpless in their own lives

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where is your money being spent if it isnt on rent/expenses? I make like 1200 a month and don't live entirely paycheck to paycheck. Have liquid cash/pms/barter items etc.

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get on neetbux and remain a neet. the degree is a scam i garuntee it

>> No.16714866

A job is a job, you don't need to bother yourself with asking "why are you doing that?".

>> No.16714881

Sounds like a retard father.

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fine did it 4u!

>> No.16714937

Quick rundown how it happens.
Relative runs a business, successful, hires only relatives and then fills up empty places with outside people.
Shit goes good for at least 15-20 years. Most relatives don't have any educations, they live together with that one guy's business. Shit goes bust. They are not 20 anymore, neither do they are in their 30. They are in their 40 with no education.
It happens all the time, everywhere. They grab last straws and work lazy jobs over and over, because that's what they can still do.
Never, never work a job with 1 hour actual job in a day. You will go numb. It's a rare breed who manages to do second job in the mean time.
When crisis hits, it's the numb people who loose jobs first.

>> No.16715003

Probably me in the future
I'm 27yrs old and I don't mind that much doing mind numbing work
The main thing is I don't really like being forced to socialize with my coworkers, if I can be kind of left on my own it's a dream job. And I've learned how to drive a forklift so luckily I can make a bit more than minimum wage.

>> No.16715054

>44 year old doordasher here, you don't. I know I'm not going to retire and I've come to terms with that idea years ago. Happy New Years.
Based subhuman

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Elbows too pointy, 2/10, would not bang

>> No.16715093

I used to be this way, I can sum it up to low self esteem and never feeling like you deserved any better. Those high paying jobs are for people who had stable families and were raised right, not losers that barely passed high school and went on to drop out of community college.

I managed to claw my way out of the mindset in my later 20s though.

>> No.16715211


This kind of got me in the feels...he was right at the door but he never got through it...he couldn't have been any more honest

>> No.16715241

I like to think that some of them are hustling online passive income or building a business and keeping themselves above the water with a side job.

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File: 11 KB, 300x227, Homer_Mad_At_The_Raven.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're usually those lazy pothead normies in HS that just never really stood out or applied themselves academically, no college money no scholarship so they just kind of floated into mcdonalds/retail and found a roomate/family member and just they just went full auto normie. Content with their full lives. I avoided that fate by joining the military, DID NOT regret that decision (got my gi bill and skillset).

Fuck that stagnancy shit and fuck college too, theres always something you can do to improve your fucking situation. You could march down to the library and read books on business, web development, investing for free and start planning your future. But 99% of these wage fucks wont do that. The moment they get off work at Friday evening, they either spend their money at the bar or jerk off and watch Netflix on their roommates couch.

If you're a sad wager then get in your beat up Cadillac and drive down any niggerhood or spicland, you'll just see them drinking and loitering wasting their life instead of valuing their time and investing in the pursuit of knowledge and cultivating ambitious plans. You'll start to see similarities in your lifestyles.

Seriously, if you were to just ruthlessly invest at least 1 hour a day into research and planning, your life would change within weeks. And no, I'm not talking about lightly browsing biz or some article. But reading fucking books, writing down fucking plans, and seeking out people who've made it and devouring their guidance. Do this, and the magic will happen.

>> No.16715335

In Aus you can do a 2 year nursing degree and have immediate job security and earn 30% more than retail right off the bat.
Always extra shifts available and the overnight/ public holiday rates are insane.

>> No.16715366

Sure, if you like wiping some bongs vegemite out his ass crack.

>> No.16715392


Significant mental health problems, born lazy, both parents didn't work at all. Low emotional intelligence, inability to control emotions, mental retardness at engineering, tools, things where males traditionally excel.

>> No.16715414

>How the fuck do these people survive though? I make 70-80k a year single, no rent/expenses (cdl) and feel like I'm barely holding on.
posts like this make me feel so good about myself

>> No.16715420

Where do I sign up mate? Looks like a 4 year degree

>> No.16715439

FUCKING AMERICAN MAN, use to look up to you.

The bigrigs in Australia are on a minimum of $100,000, petrol tankers and MC'S much more oh and overtime.

Meanwhile the kings of the universe overthere in Nebraska and Californy are making $6 an hour and 10 cents a mile, fucking lmao. Get a union you union jack cucks

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You guys missed later on where I said 90% of my take-home goes into chainlink...but still

It's shit, but as usual you retarded abbos can't into exchange rates (it's about even). The problem being that the pay has been at this level for 20 or 30 years, with no adjustment for inflation and the insane COL. Boomers and suicidal truckers made 110k starting adjusted, and 150-170+ with some exp...whereas I have to take out a quarter mil in loans to get into the 110-130k range, ignoring the 5x in truck, fuel prices, and insurance today.

>> No.16715504

you guys are truly pieces of shit, mocking this man by making this stupid video

>> No.16715526

projecting much?

>> No.16715616

I'm 32 and I work a job that started out as, basically, purgatory itself. After years of living like there were no consequences, bouncing from job to job and not really giving a shit about anything, experimenting a little bit too heavily with drugs and letting my relationships go to absolute shit.. next thing you know I needed to make as much money as possible, and the opportunity in front of me was to work 80 back-breaking hours a week for $550, put into a "management" position that was completely undoable because of the structure of the company. It was fucking humiliating

I make a lot more than that now and usually in a lot less hours, and it's still a little bit shit, and still probably a little bit illegal or at least a very grey area legally, but sticking around at this job for 6 years and giving it my all, it's all really coming together and I've learned a lot. It would have been a dead end job to anyone else, but I've given it everything I've got from day one and I can see the entire company evolving over these years and even the owners have changed with how they treat people.

I stay because staying has been a great choice up til now and it continues to be fruitful. I do have some ideas of what I'd like to do when I decide to walk away, but for now I'm sticking around and hoping to put at least another $20k away this year into cash savings. That's basically my goal right now because sometimes I do still want to leave but I have all my money tucked away into things that I don't want to touch. Now I want cash.

Now, I almost fell into a trap. I was feeling a little heartbroken and I started drinking a bit. I could easily let myself go and drink more than a 750ml of high proof whiskey every week. But I'm not. And I think that's something that a lot of people like myself could easily fall into. Over the years I've met a lot of really talented people working jobs like this, but they drink heavily and unfortunately that might as well be the end of the line

>> No.16715664


i'll be taking out some of (((them))) when i can't retire. in mincraft.

>> No.16715668
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Not on public roads, it will take much longer for safe ai to drive trucks. Same with airliners, cargo flights you could possibly automate that is less risky not with human passengers.


>> No.16715683

Back to \reddit newfag.

>> No.16715923

newsflash, you'll be wage slaving your entire life making 80k or 20k it doesn't make a difference, still in the same ball park

>> No.16716502

A lot just do it as part-time work. Probably live with parents or family (spouses) and do a few hours of work every week to pay the bills.

I make about 70k a year at my day job but every so often I'll take a part-time job (weekends/after hours) for a few months for extra cash/something to do.

>> No.16716558

It's actually better money than you probably think, if you do it intelligently. The thing is, most people who do it are extremely stupid (as you'd might expect) so their earnings (even before expenditures) are shit. It's a lot to explain if you aren't already familiar with the systems.

>> No.16716574

>These type of people are either low iq, npc or they enjoy wage cucking

It's this exactly at least I assume so. They're NPCs who are perfectly happy with the status quo, so they don't aspire for anything greater. They're somehow content with just waging and blowing whatever little extraneous income they have on base pleasures, and just doing that day after day until they die, not really concerned with aspiring for anything greater or improving the lot they've been given.

And I guess that's fine because we need people like that.

>> No.16716633

>I talked to a 35 year old at the deadend retail job

I used to work at McDonalds and literally every other person but me had a second job. Now I work in an office and goof off on the weekends but make twice as much as I used to; I also take at least one week long paid vacation each year. Minimum wage workers don't have weekends and they work on holidays like New Years Eve. America is fucked. The richer you are the more leisure time you have.

I knew one guy who biked for an hour to work each morning during the winter in the Midwest. I used to do that too. Many people at the bottom can't even afford cars that would give them access to better job opportunities.

>> No.16716738

This right here is gold. This is the trap of life, and the only way to rise above is to devote yourself to building needed skills. This is especially hard to do when it is so appealing to stay complacent. Additionally, there are so many traps around us that want to keep brains fried from releasing dopamine daily, and making the long game harder to play.

The only way to rise above is continually improving your skills, and never stopping. Especially in this world, this has to be the mindset. Before you could live off a couple of skills until retirement. But in today's climate, that just isn't happening.

>> No.16717533

>we had to find her replacement.
Arab or nigger i hope. if not it's not a true replacement.

>> No.16717561

I grossed 102k at my retail manager job last year. Not bad desu, I mostly tell others what to do. The customers keep the job interesting to me.

>> No.16717615

Sometimes life just completely fucks you. For example, I am recovering from a 5 year illness, my career has been destroyed, I have nothing but a 15 year old CS degree to my name which is now useless. Nobody is going to touch me now that I'm part disabled and have a 5 year gap in my work history, so I'm going to have to started at the bottom again, if I ever get started at all. I wish people would stop assuming that everyone has the same fortune and opportunities that they do, for many people, life just shits on them.

>> No.16717622

Whatever, leave him alone. You are not obliged to succeed if you health is not here. That's why i despise those incels, they are perfectly heathy, they have a golden body, but yet they are total failures. Your brother has a good excuse. Must be unironically super tiring to have a kidney transplant.

>> No.16717659

Let's be honest, we have the same problem but at the opposite side of the spectrum. For us, it's like succeed or die. We are the crazy ones.

>> No.16717684


Insect detected. What the fuck is wrong with enjoying metal guitarists? One of the highest forms of art you queer.

>> No.16717685


>Sometimes life just completely fucks you. For example, I am recovering from a 5 year illness, my career has been destroyed, I have nothing but a 15 year old CS degree to my name which is now useless.

CS degrees are never useless. I have a 10 year old degree in a very specialized and competitive field and

> Nobody is going to touch me now that I'm part disabled and have a 5 year gap in my work history, so I'm going to have to started at the bottom again, if I ever get started at all.

...I got back in after a 4 year gap. A guy actively tried to ruin my career but I had enough friends that wanted to work with me and recommended me. Companies really just want you to be able to say you did something. That you're not a slacker. Friends that vouch for you help with that. Founding a company helps with that too and it's cheap to do for an easy cover story.

> I wish people would stop assuming that everyone has the same fortune and opportunities that they do, for many people, life just shits on them.

Yeah life sucks sometimes, or all the time. I felt the same way right until I started working again and realized that I'm always going to be good at what I do.

>> No.16717894

just b urself! ;-))

>> No.16718039

You're wrong, the number of Tesla's that crash on autopilot mode is wildly under reported. Imagine automating a truck in inclement weather, would be a recipe for disaster.

>> No.16718228

>You can take a two week first aid course and have a $25/hr job sitting in a truck on a jobsite.
You faggots in America have people who sit around on job sites just because of a fucking first aid course? How the fuck does that work?

>> No.16718238

truckers make like 5 dollars an hour when you factor in all the hours worked

>> No.16718248

I have a nice job that's fairly high level, but I would give it all up and work at McDonalds all my life if I could just have a straight back and not this congenital kyphosis shit that makes me have a crooked neck and midback.

>> No.16718319

For me it's just because a lot of these dead end jobs aren't filled with awful corporate culture garbage that makes me gag. Pizza delivery isn't high-status or a lot of money for sure but I also don't deal with an army of middle-aged women who watch me like a hawk to make sure I'm not doing anything that would make me less miserable.

>> No.16718357

Basically this.
This board has a lot of autists who like bragging about their 100k+ software engineer jobs but the reality is most people aren't that fortunate

>> No.16718384

people who think self driving trucks will become the industry standard in less than 10 years are fucking stupid. People who think self driving trucks will end up removing the trucker from his job are even dumber. If anything the truck driver will end up becoming more of a mechanic and will probably start having to unload the trailer himself

>> No.16718403

I went from making 30k a year as a shift lead at 5 guys to making 70k as a truck driver.
It took me 3 weeks to obtain my cdl and another 3 to finish on the job training.

>> No.16718514

truck drivers start at 30-40k. stop lying about 70k starting salaries

>> No.16718533

It's very much worth it cdl should cost <2k unless you're getting scammed. Also truck companies have cdl school repayment up to 7k schneider jbhunt plus sign on bonus

>> No.16718541

I just cleared 78k (68k) without bonus. Where do you work? Gauranteed weekly ? Or hourly?
All these ppl dont know ma pays hourly plus overtime 24$ starting you can clear 1700 a week easily

>> No.16718582

102k is that pesos or usd?

>> No.16718638

at the end of the day, people just want money for the freedom to chill out and watch netflix all day

or whatever other activity they enjoy

ive worked fast food and now a high status high pay job

its all the same shit

>> No.16718817

I work for schnieder National dedicated account. It's a salary paid position. On your 4th week out on the road and every week after you get a $400 dollar bonus. I have no need to go home so I was regularly making $1380 a week then at 6 months I got a raise to 1450 and that doesnt include the potential fuel bonus. Super chill job too. Highly recommend it for anyone who's willing to stay out at least 4 months at a time. Only one time did I ever feel over worked. the asshole on the home depot flatbed account was working me for my entire 70 every week. After a while I told him I wasn't going to be pulling 14 hour shifts anymore because of fatigue and if I did have to, expect me to be sleeping in the next day. Because I never go home and I work pretty hard my dispatch team likes me, so they give me the good jobs. I've been in a company paid hotel for the past 4 months working on an account with weekends off. I've been working for them for almost 2 years now, about 40% of my time on the road has been staying in hotels. I'm sure there are driver out there that get the shit end of the stick though

>> No.16718924

Someone desperately trying to stay alive.


Admiralty law continued slavery, we as Americans are legally PROPERTY.

>> No.16718984

>What kind of person works a shit-tier, entry-level, low-wage, dead-end job in their 30s, 40s and 50s?
People who were born with a very low Luck stat.

>> No.16718997

>but these failures
If you think that you fail big at empathy and common sense.

>> No.16719004

Some people have a mentality of knowing the place at the rung of the ladder. I worked in a factory for around 3 years and it made me want to kill myself quite frankly but some seemed to be fine with it and even referred to it as a job for life.

>> No.16719114

READ NIGGER, it's a 15 year-old degree,

>> No.16719177

quality thread d e s u

>> No.16720051


>> No.16720063

>people can't have two jobs
Maybe that guy is pouring everything he earns with that delivery job into BTC

>> No.16720065

people that aren't smart enough to lock up funds in FRM

>> No.16720111

People do what they need to do to survive, unless they're suicidal

>> No.16720248 [DELETED] 

>Not to be an apologist but many people I've met in my life who work dead end jobs usually come from stable homes where there is no mortgage to pay or getting welfare and no dire economic threat to overcome. They are just enjoying the pop culture and narrative and don't want to really jeapordize the comfort of it all.
this. and most of them are white. whites are the most npc out of the npcs

>> No.16720627

They want more money without doing any of the hard work sacrifice beyond waging.

>> No.16720635


I make 90k/year in SF and I’m pay check to paycheck. Looking to make 130k to save something meaningful in the coming years- but it’s bullshit since 130k will be worthless again thanks to inflation. Looking for side jobs so I’m not destined to be cucked all my life

>> No.16720653
File: 2.11 MB, 2985x1966, 1536784179558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16720681

>not concerned
They are absolutely concerned but will never fix the issue. Everyone I know who is financially irresponsible wagies constantly blow their money and then panic, always whine about being poor and being hard up for cash. If you even offer to do the work of balancing a budget for them after you're tired of the panic and stress they exude, they flip out or shut down. Most of these people make more than me too, I make 12k a year

>> No.16720699

do you have any capital? this is 2020 now and the internet exists. get creative

>> No.16720714

bro stop spending so much. budget and log everything.

>> No.16720726

you're doomed because you've already given up retard, not going to waste the time explaining how you could easily make it since you clearly have chosen to sabotage yourself. commit sudoku, thx.

>> No.16720830

What should he do "dropshipping" or some garbage. Lmao.
I will never understand how fucked you have to be getting at work to become so bitter that the idea that anyone just takes the easy route because they got unlucky makes you that uncomfortable.

>> No.16720862

How does Doordash compare to something like regular pizza delivery and how do you work the system in your favor?

>> No.16720880

Then what's the point of life at that point.

>> No.16720942

Fuck bitches get money

>> No.16720962

Mate theres only like 6 of us here. Suffice to say were all going to make it.

>> No.16720965

People are terrible with money. So far at my new job ive saved half of every paycheck.

>> No.16720982

Not me, I only have 3.8k Chainlink and I don't make enough money to buy more.

>> No.16720987

wow nice projection I didn't even say dropshipping. You can literally flip shit for money. People throw away stuff that can still be useful. I buy watch lots and change the batteries and resell on ebay. Automatics can go from 50 to 100 and it's about 30 to 40 per lot which could be 5lbs of watches. I sold a thrift store tie for 80 dollars and it cost me 3. you're a defeatist with nothing but excuses and no imagination.
Apparently you can settle for cash when you investigate and threaten to sue telemarketers by sending emails. You can get 700 bucks to 5k and I haven't even tried that hustle yet. You could reroute old people's numbers to your phone investigate those robocallers and take a cut from the settlement. Fuck off

>> No.16721697

Side hustle maybe?

>> No.16722655

Yep, I sold some aerospace college book i got for free at a library online for $150

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