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And people call ME the shill for spamming link threads with ATOM

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With Coinbase and Google hype now well behind us, is there anything happening in 2020 that would pump the price?

Obviously, there's zero use, but at least some news to help run another P&D.

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>Obviously, there's zero use

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if anything, the fact that Chainlink is KYC is just more reason for it to bleed more. Everybody keeps ignoring the KYC part. its not actually decentralized. most major banks are already doing a centralized transaction with things like Cosmos and Ripple, so if the banks are already doing centralized stuff, its most likely they will be using centralized oracles.

But Chainlink is not centralized enough to be valuable to banks, but too centralized to be valueable to independent institutions. it just fails in both worlds

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Yes, zero commercial use.

LINK is not generating any revenue. Are you disputing this?

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t-t-there's still a few hours left.

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Have sex

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Very compelling defense.

So you know nothing about this shitcoin and bought it just because of frog pictures?

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nice spacing reddit nigger

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How the fuck are you niggers still on this scam

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he's right you idiot. You got shilled into investing thousands of $s into a shitcoin that tried to meme a bull run. The OG biz guys must have been total faggots

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reminder that LINK is NOTHING like ETH.

1. ETH had a testnet with thousands of users and finished mainnet 1 year after ICO, and only raised 16mil. Chainlink had a testnet and mainnet with ZERO users after 2 years and 32mil. It has gained ZERO adoption (the partnerships aren't using it). The level of developer adoption and excitement for ETH vs LINK is absolutely incomparable, LINK has none.

2. The Ethereum tech was actually innovative. It was the first successful attempt at a smart contract platform. It was decentralized and working one year after ICO. Chainlink only has centralized oracles (Sergey is lying about decentralization) which are not new or innovative. Their "innovative" solution to sybil resistant consensus is KYC.

3. The Ethereum foundation only had 1% of the Ethereum supply after ICO. The Chainlink team has 65%. Also when Ethereum was $1, it had a market cap of less than $100,000,000. It was actually a low market cap gem. Chainlink's real marketcap (if you count the 650,000,000 tokens in Sergey's wallet, ready to sell) is currently $2,000,000,000, which makes it an incredibly overpriced top 10 coin, not a low market cap gem like Ethereum was at the time.

4. Chainlink has already had mainstream exposure. It's made the front page of crypto subreddits countless times, was covered in forbes and every news outlet imaginable. Yet, even after all this attention, it has failed to get any developer adoption. It is fair to say that every single dev in the space knows about Chainlink, and decides not to use it. There are many projects running oracles in production, none of them choose to use Chainlink.

on a personal note, sorry guys but you chose the wrong horse. you even probably fudded a project that should have taken link's place. this is nobody's fault but your own and that fat walrus sirgay. it'll never happen, fr, fr this time.

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what the fuck happened?

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>December 31 2020

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nodes get paid for serving data, SNX stakers get yields for minting, those are examples on both sides of generating revenue

>KYC centralization with dozens of independent oracle nodes is anywhere close to the centralization of a closed source, single node oracle owned by the oracle developer

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Remind me when I didn't sell DERO at 4$.

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sirgay is a faggot, that's what happened

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i bought at $3 because of you assholes

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Have sex

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remember there's now nu-scum-stinker queers trying to claim its NOW 1k eo2020. dont let these nuscumstinks try to move the goalposts. call them out whenever you see a nuscumstink going no no its 1k eo2020! fucking pathetic faggots

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Bitcoin has zero commercial use.

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It has always been eoy 2020, don’t let this fudder fool you

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This is total bullshit, nobody is making an income from chain link, only server and his dad when you buy his pre mined shit tokens

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>derivatives end of year
Much worse than 1000eoy bc it actually came out of scammer sergs mouth

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>Bought 300$ worth at 2.78

At least I don't have much to invest to begin with so I don't lose as much I guess. Not selling tho

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You have to go back

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Two straight years of failure. Congratulations on this, seriously

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So excited for these kids right now.

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>nodes get paid for serving data

That's Chainlink distributing it's pre-mined IOU tokens that came out of thin air.

And those came from the dev premine, so what you're saying is that Chainlink is quietly DILUTING the tokens outstanding and keeping the price suppressed.

Lmao, this is great. So the more Chainlink is used, the more value token holders lose!


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what year tho?

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This is exactly whats happening.

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Premined shitoken
>glybto gurency
Faggot kys

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ya i'm going all in btc...

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Poo poo pee pee

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I'm out. Fuck you all
Bush did 9/11 and I'll only be back once we hit 12.5 euros per link

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Do we know the rate of emissions?

It would be cool to calculate how quickly the HODLers are going to lose their investments.

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Last year this moment it was 0.25.......good times

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Everyone on this board has a higher probability of smacking this ass than seeing link ever hit $1k

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just gonna leave this here lmao

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its about 2$ per request and last I saw there was about 5,000 requests a day

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I’m thinking we don’t pump again until staking. Unless Swift finally gets their shit together. Either way though, it could be a while.

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You said that in 2018 also.

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It's still a $1shitcoin for a reason

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1000 suicides were committed

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>mfw I was new to crypto and was retarded enough to believe this meme

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this it was always $1k EOY 2020 and 10k link was always the /makeit/ stack

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good ol clownlink delivering the laughs

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How can it reach 1k? How?

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be patient, only 12 months to 1k

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>imaging going all in btc during the second miner hash war and few months before the next block reward halvening
Even a crypto illiterate who never invested a cent in it, double digit iq timmy like me knows btc is about to tank hard, how clueless can you really be?

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Based mtg player

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Be patient my friend, we have all seen major losses in crypto. Only the strong survive.

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1k EOY


We are gonna be so fucking rich bros.

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Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to short chain link? This is a sure thing, thanks in advance.

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Including eth fees?

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I’m right there with you man, it was $400 I got from cashing savings bonds my mother got me when I was a baby.

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how'd you know?
It's financeanon btw (but you alrdy know this if you post on /tg/)

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Don't even know what to say.

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Q2/Q3 is what I'm looking at. As jokey as those Oracle startups were, by then other industries will be able to tell if they're doing anything innovative with the tech that's helping their business in any way financially. If they are, this is where you will start to see real world adaptations being announced, likely to follow after a decent bit more time.

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thanks for keeping us in check

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>700 million tokens still not in circulation

If LINK were to reach one 1K, that means the market cap would have to be equal or close to 1 TRILLION DOLLARS.

That's $1,000,000,000,000.00.

That's greater than ALL of the biggest companies listed on the US S&P500 index save for Apple and Amazon. And these care companies with ACTUAL PRODUCTS, and REAL INCOMES.

Amazon made 70 billion dollars last year.

Link has not earned a single dollar in revenue, except for selling it's own pre-printed shit tokens.

In short, Link HODLers are little babby-brained toddlers.

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>As jokey as those Oracle startups were, by then other industries will be able to tell if they're doing anything innovative with the tech that's helping their business in any way financially.

Did you not get that those "startups" were fraudulent veneers erected just to feign activity?

They're not actually real businesses with real people...

Jesus Christ.

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LINK is ride or die until the 2023-25 range, no earlier. I don’t know why the majority of you cunts don’t understand this.

>t.2017 OG Marine

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What changes in 2025?

Gravelcoin is no longer a scam but a Brazilian global corporate success story?

So you're going to sit there losing money while stock markets all around you pump, and then hope for some magical P&D event?

It doesn't sound like an investment, sounds like you are a member of some sort of religious cult.

The absolute state.

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> Crowdz doesn't actually exist
You're a fucking retard.

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> Since you bought a stack and hodl you don't invest in the stock market
Again, you're fucking retarded.

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Literally who

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Imagine not understanding that the value of LINK comes in staking as collateral for when multi million/billion dollar contracts are being traded through the network.