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What do you wish for in 2020?

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Her to sit on my face and make me sleep in a doggy crate

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i want that girl so sit on my face

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100$ LINK. Would change my life for good.

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All my bizbros to make it
More anti-semitism

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mite b cool if she sat on my face

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Damn that is one shitty underwear

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This. Start the fire.

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Death of fiat. Death of central banks. Death of republicans. Btc moon.

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sit on a girls face

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>death of republicans

Except democrats are the biggest proponents of the central banking system you crayon eating fuckup

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I'm done wishin. I wished all throughout the 2010's and ended up with nothing. This decade taught me not to bother wishing. Only individual action can create positive , lasting change.

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I could go for a ten trillion crypto marketcap, or for her to sit on my face, either way works

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LINK to stay on $1.70 but not below so i can accumulate more comfier. Then to the moon.

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My cancer doesn’t come back.

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Just money

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$1 UOS

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Fuck a tranny.

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To win a nice big euromillions jackpot (£57 million or better) and for my mummy to live a healthy, happy life. Everything else I can sort out by myself so long as I have the money.

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Link going down in price is bullish af.

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A pale, 5’6”-5’9” Taiwanese vampire gf

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No man, you gotta play into people's sense of justice. Praise the jews, make them overconfident in what they're doing. Let them expose themselves. Only when people can completely see these people for what they are and what they do will they get angry. But that requires overconfidence on their side.