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at 15, 10 years ago i could cope and hope, pray, daydream about a better future with no depression, ocd and anxiety. Its going to get better i said to myself. Nothing got better, everything got worse and i run out of cope. I dont want to even see 30. My whole life feels like im set on fire and cant properly breath, only sleep is relief. I dont enjoy anything. Nothing sparks joy. I simply count the hours until im able to sleep again and the days, months, years go by. Im utterly alone.

I tried to escape. Tried traveling to escape from myself but there is no escape. Everywhere i go im with the person i share my breath with, me. I tried to cope with drugs and while it did work and i distracted myself for 2 years with cocaine and booze, of course it stopped working and im worse off. Im 6 months clean now and i do nothing but lift weight once a day and then lay in bed in misery, self hatred, boredom and regret.

Im begging you biz, i need help. What should i do?

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This isn't a finance or crypto question. The only answers you're gonna get are
>or 'sir buy street shitter coin, very good I am white please sho bobs and vagene'

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i know all your answers but i would have to kill you if i tell you them

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Take the poo to the loo

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you think it is bad now just wait four more years.

you have to stop using drugs daily if you are, and probably see a professional about chronic depression. I wish I had done it when I was your age, because I am still miserable.

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chainlink is a scam

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Take LSD.

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Anyone who needs a wife or their dream waifu, are you willing to pay $5000? not to me, but to my professional contractor

You can choose to believe me or not, but it worked for me. Give me a discord if interested. be willing to spend $100 to the guy up front, and he'll find you a girlfriend

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What kind of quality are we talking

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life sucks unless you are good looking or inherit/luck out in the meme economy to cope

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When was the last time you broke a sweat getting a high from cardio? If I don't exercise for like 2 weeks I start going crazy

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ah yes, mid-twenties crippling depression culminatong in late-twenties perspective-altering manic blowout. Expect to lose everything youve accumulated externally and internally at that point.

OP, we all go through it. Nothing's more solid than rock bottom. You're paying your dues for true freedom. Keep going.

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go on antidepressants long enough to realize their effect on you, slowly ween yourself off until u realize what u are like without them, go back on them until u realize how much they stifle your creativity, ween yourself back off until you know u can ignore your inwvitable clinical depression because u can now imagine what its like without it...use your creativity until u need the meds again. rinse and repeat.

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also this but take it slow. i went full on 20mins on a treadmill/day after not running for years and my knees hurt so bad i was bedridden for days. never picked up again. be careful

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Don’t worry anon. This is called your quarter life crisis. It gets better again. Get yourself some help in the way of therapy and maybe antidepressants. Sounds like the booze and drugs might have been a self medication thing in the first place?

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your dream wife. but only if youre willing to dump a girl when shes a redflag. You will attract gold diggers, but you have to sort through them. Its still the best way to meet your dream online girl.

Hurry and give me an answer, i dont know if my guy is online anymore

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Watch sports

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>Im begging you biz, i need help. What should i do?
you need to go through your second puberty and become an adult
it's called finding a woman and having children with her
it's the most important decision of your life
look at your elders that have been married and never divorced, they have the best advice

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>Get yourself some help in the way of therapy and maybe antidepressants
shouldn't be your first choice
the DSM is dangerous
synthetic psychotropics are even more dangerous

if I could give advice to OP regarding therapy, talk to God and learn about the Church

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>talk to God and learn about the Church
another thing, God talks back
you can have conversations with him if you're sincere
>hint: he's always been able to read your mind and knew who you were before you were even born, seriously

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i have asked god for help so many times anon. why doesnt he talk back when im on my knees?

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everyday you see the same posts and people giving the same advice
this isn't advice board
this isn't r9k

no one wants to hear it t b h and if they do then they're on the wrong board too

what makes you think reading someone else's second/third/whatever hand experience of their personal problems is going to help you by just reading it on a screen? you will likely never take any of the advice either

try figuring it out for yourself

fuck off

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>why doesnt he talk back when im on my knees?
he doesn't speak in words
he shows, and you need the eyes to see
it took me a while to start noticing when he was sending me a message or sign
now it happens multiple times a day
faith alone isn't enough
faith needs to be done in tandem with good works and not wallowing in misery
it's about overcoming your fallen state and giving yourself over to God fully and then actuating his will in the world
it isn't easy and in fact everyday will feel like 10 years have passed
but there's no other way to live
Keep me in your prayers brother and we will be fine

one more thing, when you fully convert and are born again, expect many people to come after you (subconsciously or otherwise)
it's just how it goes, sorry about that but Jesus said:
"if they come for you, remember that they came for me first" (paraphrasing here)

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>not realizing the mandatory r9k thread is apart of every board
on /tv/ we always have one /r9k/ thread up. it makes for good shitposting. just accept it

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also he comes in your dreams too, which is beautiful (sometimes as a voice, a figure, or a word)
he may sometimes be a stern Father, but that's what makes him a loving Father
keep God in your heart and follow Jesus (his only son and the perfect example)

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ok maybe youre right

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>what makes you think reading someone else's second/third/whatever hand experience of their personal problems is going to help you by just reading it on a screen?
>fuck off
what's worse?
the guy bitching on /biz/ about his life?
or the guy bitching about the guy bitching on /biz/ about his life?
I'll let you answer that

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you have to go back to the roots. humans are not made for this way of living. if you don't do these things, you're simply not trying hard enough:

- sport everyday (walking, running, lifting)
- cold shower, this will activate your primal powers
- good food. your brain and body is a machine and needs fuel
- sun light. look directly into the sun in the morning/evening for some sec. pineal gland
- no fluoride to further heal your pineal gland
- meditation
- breathing exercices

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>breathing exercices
any examples

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epic le namefag
fuck off faggot

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>42 shows up even in these kind of threads
fuck me is he trying to make everyone leave biz?

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wim hof breathing is the most powerful and disruptive. follow the instructions

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>fuck off faggot
the height of sophistry in (current year + 4)
try harder next time

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>fuck me is he trying to make everyone leave biz?
am I your keeper?

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I would caution at looking directly at the sun in when it's at the peak

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Psilocybin mushrooms. Take about 3g all at once. It resets the brain. Lookitup, it's being studied at Johns Hopkins and other serious research universities.

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i get the winter blues this time every year. seasonal affective disorder. didn't eat much of anything the past 10 days too because i was miserable from a bad sinus infection. hits hard when it's two bad things at a time.
some days are bad but i think i'm gonna make a duck stew or roast duck to deal with it. fat foods make sense this time of year.
glad i don't have to deal with this year round.

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>Psilocybin mushrooms. Take about 3g all at once
make sure you have time to yourself with no serious commitments ahead of time
if you haven't done it before, take a week off work at least

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>Its still the best way to meet your dream online girl.

do I get to choose the race?

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Hi brother how are you ?

His life treating you

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>Hi brother how are you ?
feeling comfy with my waifu
took some time off to recoup and relax before the start of the New Year
taking the time to touch base with old friends and family and simply enjoy each others company

I hope your holiday season is coming along even better than mine

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Play video games

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yes man, give me a contact soon lol

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I pray for your well being and others. Thanks 42

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I feel mostly the same op. Exercise is the only thing that makes me feel happy. I feel accomplished after.
Going to try and move this framework into other areas of my life. For example I’ve always wanted to be a great programmer. I need to spend an hour A day training myself to program. After each session (just like the gym) I will feel a bit of happiness knowing I’m chipping away at a long term goal.

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This but unironically. God is always sending messages if you're listening. I have failed to listen so many times. But he still wants the best for me. It's oddly saddening, and he deserved a much better servant than I. But humans fail and humans sin and we just need to try to be better. My problem is he would give me chances and opportunities that I dont even try for and I just totally blow.
Do good for others, it's one of the best things you can do for yourself

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life sucks, but eventually, you die.

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>look directly into the sun in the morning/evening for some sec.
are you fucking kidding me

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It is called a hobby, faggot.

It could be a criminal hobby too. Who the fuck cares?

I would suggest to consider a loli lmao

Are you too stupid to become a Humbert Humbert or Dorian Gray?

Also read fucking books. Lots of way smarter people have gone through this kind of shit and even left a fucking howto.

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don't worry anon it won't last forever that is for sure

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You just need to find something you’re passionate about. Or take my idea for free:
Make a food product (peanut butter, or pasta or whatever) and label it 100% non-kosher. On the label, explain how Jews hate Jesus and you love Jesus. Let people know every time they buy a (((kosher))) product, their money helps build another synagogue for Satan.

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>It's oddly saddening, and he deserved a much better servant than I
he's happier for you than you realize
I just know it

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what movie is this from it makes me kek

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>what movie is this from
Dark City

>it makes me kek
it's more real than you may think, that's all I will say for now

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Some great posts in here. I started to read the Bible soon and it's not how we are fed to expect of it. There is a natural law of morality at work, which must be respected. And once followed, it gives you devine protection.

So many of us have our internal demon that ultimatevely wants you to off yourself. It is a desperate part of you. That is the one that is wishing sin and addictions.

But once you wake up, and realize that it isn't so in what you to but it's in what you do not do. Like lusting, coffeine, drugs, alchohol. That's what demon wants out of you but when you are clear of it, and stop using the destructive measures, you start to see the life much clearer.

So a great start is in managing you needs and getting rid of vices.

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I used to feel the same, it got better though with time. I think you need to make an effort to constantly improve though, that feeling of success that comes with achieving goals builds momentum and before you know it, your life is improving in ways you didn't even imagine before.

I only wish I could get rid of my tinnitus, it's a pain in the ass.

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why do you allow occultists and symbolic esoterica to rule your perception of reality? are you a woman or something?

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