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hello I am a medium and in tune with the current timeline. channeling important people involved into cryptocurrencies. ask me your questions

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chainlink 1k when

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just tell me what to buy I'm so tired

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What's the outcome for bsv, wan, ftm in 2022?

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I don't know. something sinister surrounds this company and the people involved.

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nothing. for now it's time to rest and sleep there will be signs to watch out for.

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Ask Gerald Cotten how he really died.

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Wan and ftm are just shitcoins that ain't going anywhere. BSV is something else. Craig is going to admit he's not Satoshi, the price is going to crash to practically nothing (although it's not going to be doing so well before that point anyway), and Craig's wife is going to publicly call him too autistic to stop larping as Satoshi as a defense for his perjury and fraud charges.

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visions, you say?

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goose bumps. this man is not dead.

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2022 is too far away

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Alright, not surprised.
What about ess, sen, blz, equad, gim? Do those have any hope?

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what will happen to bitcoin at the next bitcoin halving?

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cool. I have no money anyway. thanks for confirming my hunch.

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the last two halvings people underestimated the effect. this year people overestimate it. too many eyes and pockets pointing towards bitcoin. the chess figures are moving different now

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2 Q's:

When does the CoreCuck narrative (BTC) implode and how glorious is it?

Do you believe in crystal skulls?

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where do they go when you channel them
do they die?

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I am using one right now. it amplifies the signals I'm trying to receive and it works.

the crypto narratives are really interesting to detect right now. there is a lot of energy and sensations in this space. major shiftings will take place

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Will I make it?

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What is the future of crypto? Nascent tech? Flash in the pan scheme that never will be? We pumping back to 20k Bitcoin levels again?

What say you?

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Whenever I see or hear the world 'channeling', all I think about is this. Every. Single. Time. At least we can laugh at them - I can't laugh at you for incorporating 'crypto' with 'channeling'. I just feel sorry for you.


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We're all energy in an energy system and can't escape this fact mate. Stop derailing.

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proof of work will stay the only dominate way to distribute decentralized consensus. central banks, concerns, govs are trying to break this assumption but already realized the most successful pow chain will inherit the global transactions

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minds are not closed systems. we all emit but the hard thing is to receive

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Thank you. Stay based.

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How will NKN perform this year?

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I do believe there's much more to reality than meets the eye, and I've begun to experience some of the more metaphysical aspects of it.

Is channeling and becoming a medium something that can be learned and applied in useful beneficial ways? If so, is there a direction or set of resources you could point me towards? Thanks in advance :)

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How will Pluto conjunct Saturn and then Jupiter conjunct Saturn affect the crypto currency space? Also: the Jupiter Saturn conjunction will square Uranus in Taurus.

Both Bitcoin and Chainlink have a strong Saturn-Uranus aspect in their charts. Chainlink has a strong Jupiter (apex in a kite).

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Describe what I look like. If you can successfully, I will believe you.

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Thanks based skullanon

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What will come of Link ?

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What about a coin named CHZ?

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What can you tell me about myself

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Should I cut my losses and sell my BTC today? I meant to when it was 11k a couple months ago

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