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Has Mr Squids stopped posting as nothing happened with BSV (again)?
Have BSV shill accepted that R3 Corda's excel spreadsheet program finally and irrevocably btfos creg coin?

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I guess people are just excited in anticipation to the year of BitCoin. A lot of things will happen

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>why so many
desperation stage
I thought you were exaggerating - I mentally block the fuckers, mostly - but, yeah some busy pajeets. MAYBE THEY'LL DIE SOON

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sadly its just pajeets for hire. the main subre*ddit has like 1.6k total members and 18-20 active at any given time. there is no legit bsv community at all.
this is just calvin illegal gaming website money. don't worry once nfl season is over bsv threads will die down.

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to be fair most of us are on twetch. Reddit is such a gay place

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>reddit is gay
>most are on twetch

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Don't like it?

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you make more threads than we do desu

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You are a fraud and degenerate. Your proof isn't even flimsy, it's non-existent. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

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they got paid again so shilling intensified

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