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bsv to the moon

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You will continue to post here, reading and posting the same comments day in and day out.
You will continue to tell yourself that you'll make start making drastic changes in your life "tomorrow" (start eating better, exercising, whatever)

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poo in the streets

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I'm not sure if this is unironic? But I've had to work with manish and sanjeev before. Fuck they are the worst people ever. I've never been called sir so many times on phone calls.

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pajeet cope

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snx will be a gamechanger

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Lmfao spotted the newfag

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link back to $0.2

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ETH hard fork. More bitcoin derivatives rolled out. Russia comes out strong with a WeChat competitor gaining traction (Waves).

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God I hope so, I could buy so many linkies at that price

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Higher or lower than the price today. I'm thinking higher

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Ill become billionaire

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>February-April 2020
>tokens with use cases take off
>people from this board become millionaires
>average person sees this and gets angry but forgets about it
>June 2020
>Bernie Sanders wins the nomination
>stock market full on stops and crabs waiting for election day
>August 2020
>BTC begins bullrun
>conservative type people believe Sanders will win and crash economy
>liberal type people believe Trump will win again and crash economy
>average person including business owners have now seen their 401ks stop growing for a few months
>their dollar power diminishing every day in line at the grocery store
>they see BTC in the green about to break ATH
>they remember computer nerds got rich off of this while they were putzing around with bullshit stocks and lying companies
>widespread buying leads to huge price increase

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NKN will be priced between 0.1 and 1.5 usd

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>tokens with use cases take off
I can't wait to become rich from Harmony

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I have 6 figs in crypto and if I don’t make it to 7 I’m going to be really fucking depressed.

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wau coin will pass $1500 usd

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People here continue to shill their bags while posting the log chart and referencing the halvening as evidence and hopium that the market will suddenly turn around and they'll be rich again, only for it to happen but without any price increase, the log chart gets invalidated, and true capitulation happening near the end of 2020.

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this unironically

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Three digits.

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>>tokens with use cases take off
hahaha the cope

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One virtual machine and bitchslap says your shitcoin will drop to $10.

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BTC peaks @ USD 24k.
The Big Flethening. (ETC-ETH price reversal)
XRP to 100 sats after epic pump to 10k sats.
Trump will be "accidented".
The White Sox winning the WS.

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Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house

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Normal folk still don't invest in crypto. They just don't have the brain capacity for internet funny money. It remains a niche for nerds and Wall St.

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we will see a 50%+ swing in BTC price

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Drumpf gets re-elected. Stocks go to record highs from fed endlessly printing more money.

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Too optimistic for my taste.

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I would settle for 2 digits

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death aids misery niggers fly corpses diarrhea decay

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More like 3 decimals.

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