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January 1st, 2020

Dont get left behind

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Ok, you convinced me. Bought 28k. Will I make it?

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How does 2 billion dollars sound like?

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this will be the biggest pump in human mankind

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How are they so sure that this shit on January 1 will explode?
I don't expect anything from XRP

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Didn’t do shit the past years
Won’t do shit the next ones

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fucking pajeet taxi driver bagholder piece of shit

It will do precisely what it did over the last two years - dump

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>How does 2 billion dollars sound like?
That's alot of lambos!

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What you don't realize is banks aren't using this yet because they can't. Not because of regulations but because XRP is so undervalued. Stuff like MoneyGram has to happen so XRP has enough volume and value for bigger banks to use. xRapid can't work without a handful of small guys before the whales get in.

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i converted a small 250$ish stack of xrp back to bitcoin - did i fuck up?

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Bigly. Nigger cat thinks you dun fucked up.

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hopefully for the rest of you xrp holding anons my mistake causes a bull run

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Buy an insignificant amount of Xrp just in case any of these rumors are remotely true.

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yea desu that was why i had any to begin with, this shilling started a few weeks ago i believe. prolly will get another small bag like u said just in case.

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isn't that like 100000k per coin go kys

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The banks have a walled garden you retard, they are using XRP at its full price. when the flip is switched the institutional market and the walled garden will combine.

XRP is designed for $10,000
$10,000 in 1913 = $250,000 buying power due to inflation

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yeah sure

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100000k is fud

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Xrp isnt doing anything.

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Show proofs that something is happening.

I will buy 50 xpr

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Hardly enough to open a wallet anon.

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>XRP is designed for $10,000
it's not designed for any specific value but just as much as dumb money is willing to pay ripple for their worthless tokens. it's designed to crowdfund as much money for the company as they could get, and it was a full success. to think the value of the token would increase because banks are using the networt ripple built would be retarded

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>plz buy my bag, it’s heavy
>here my 100k
said no one ever

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It's going to be a total nothingburger date, just like all the previous dates shilled here relentlesly. XRP is the standard shitcoin and it will be the standard shitcoin forever.

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why would they ever flip the switch? how does it benefit them?

all currency is designed with value in mind

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This is the best read

I have a bag of a few hundo cripples just in case but fuckin a man its always ‘JUST AROUND THE CORNER’ lmao

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>when the flip is switched the institutional market and the walled garden will combine
Fucking kek. Just flip the switch and XRP will be worth 10k bro.
Flip the switch
10k XRP

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of course it needs to have value in order to be sold by ripple. did you read my post?

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February 30th

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21XRP is the suicide stack because it's the smallest amount to even open XRP account. he can get two accounts and leave 8XRP to long hodl.

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I sure hope y’all are right, still operating a warehouse for my bags from january 2018

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how did you feel all this time not selling?

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Fucking kek. Imagine this shit does (hypothetically) propel up to 1000 USD and potential new investors have to pay 20,000 USD just for having a wallet. People are literally forced to leave it on the exchange. Not very appealing. That said, imagine you invested in xrp in the early days, dumped that shit and all you have left is a wallet worth 20k USD and worthless at the same time, lmao.

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no, I meant a projected functioning value of exchange with other currencies, you have to decide whether a token will be divisible or not etc.

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XRP will be the coin of the elite.

all the nocoiner normies will be buying ripple drops (.01XRP) like BTC now. they cant even afford a single XRP account to became their own bank.

but probably ripple xompany is just going to lower the fees o open account like they did before, i think it was more than 21XRP before the 2017 moon.

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I didnt care too much, my link stack did well enough to not give a rats ass about it

Still tho, i want my money back eventually

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what is going to happen?

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major bank adoption: complete overhaul of the words financial system with XRP at the core :^)

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and where does that info come from? any statements or just pure shilling?

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>complete overhaul of the words financial system
is not going to happen. it's gonna die one die but it's not going to be reformed.

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>fuck loads of new regulation, announcements and laws on 1/1/20
>XRP already involved with essentially every fucking bank
>massive quantitative easing currently occurring
>need of on demand liquidity
idk probably more, there is like a 20% chance this could happen desu I'm skeptical but holding a bag

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This is some strong hopium

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okay sounds cool however if something like that could happen why is there no accumulation like in the last 20 days or even more? Big guys should buy millions of it atm

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I just bought 52xrp, because I'm tired of this shit. I am mainly in NKN and FTM, but in case a miracle happens, I will throw 10 miserable dollars, since XRP always brought me misfortunes

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Holding 2.6k xrp
Hopium getting the better of me, acumulating some more before tomo

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I hope it does not fall, because that would be the last straw. The same thing has always happened to me with this bullshit coin.

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Xrp is my doom and my light
Brought me into the crypto game big time and now left me with bags
I expect redemption

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Wtf does xrp even do

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you have to go back

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You’re ngmi

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Lol xrp is airdropping from their youtube channel stream right now

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picture speaks truths

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people on here will never understand that crypto is a speculation game and that no shitcoin is "going to win".

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>tfw holding 2k
>tfw can't decide if I should build 10k stack
How high could this go if it has a best case scenario and gets mass adoption? It's already so high Mcap.

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Mcap is a meme. It went to $3 on a rumor.

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Still doesn't answer my question.

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Yeaah im babacuck from twitter and i scam the most delusionals with my secret 1 st of january predictions hehe

Buy xrpeepee i dumped mine heheheh
Regulations will kill xrpee pee I know it but i tell you the opposite will happen heheheh

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3 dollars on a rumour. now use your imagination if there was mass adoption.

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Check @babacugs on twitter

He fed the crippletards with those lies

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I don't want to use my imagination, that's why I fucking asked.

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based on the total available currency in the world and the (current supply) of XRP, it cannot exceed $194.54 usd, and that's if everyone in the world spends all of their money on it and never buys anything else, including food.

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What the fuck are you talking about ?? You know how much money there is in the world.. We are talking quadrillions .

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You obviously don’t understand money.

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he's not far off faggot.
$80,000,000,000,000/7,000,000,000 (people) = $11,428.57ea
But if we take into account the 100 billion supply...you get $1,500ish each XRP. to lazy to work it out, + you're dumb so who cares.

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If something was bound to happen. Shouldnt we see some movement or information (facts) leakage beforehand...

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nothing's going to happen.

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Xrp gets a massive eoy new years eve dump

Holders will jump from the roofs

Ripple ceo and executives will be hunted by people who lost it all. This is going to be a bloody new year

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$10,000 is the end goal

$10,000 is today's fiat value, on a gold standard that pushes us back to 1913 gold standard value which makes $10,000 buy $250,000 today.

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>People are literally forced to leave it on the exchange.

Toast wallet is free to use
and you can use hardware wallets.

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ripple updated the code to allow you to empty out a wallet and claim your 20xrp

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anyone telling you to send them money for airdrops is a fake account.

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there is a law change in the EU if i recall which allows banks and other financial institutions to hold crypto they can sell to customers or use as a rewards incentive and stuff if they so choose aswell

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its already 2020 on the ISO calendar used by banks and FINS so id have thought accumulation would have already started for them

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Everyone is waiting for regulations. Hence he date 1st of January 2020

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Who cares about fake numbers all that matters is the adoption price fag