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is dero ethereum 3.0? will it made me rich? scamcoin made me a poor. poorer than the poorest poor. a sad nigga

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>will it make us rich sirs?
>tell us the big boom pumps sir

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the dead privacy shitcoin? kek. cannot believe people still think this old shit is going to moon. if you want a degenerate play, buy some zuckbucks and wait for the mimblewimble swap + buy more on launch. or, DCA into beam and grin monthly for a year, and wait.

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Yes my dear Brindeesh dero is the choosen coin by Wales , pumpers commence shortly

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no. its not ethereum. Not even LINK is ethereum. you have to be educated on the history of ethereum. Why ETH was a big deal was because it fixed 1/3 of bitcoins problem: the application layer. It allowed blockchains to write their owm dApps. But what ethereum did not do was fix consensus and networking layers.
Thats where Cosmos ATOM comes in. Its the best solution to the remaining 2/3 ethereum did not fix. That is why cosmos is the next ETH.



And by buying Cosmos ATOM. You can stake your coins and make monthly dividends. Truly the best coin. Only complete violent retards deny its greatness