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Sears catalog lingerie section edition because it's all we had at the time

List of popular brokers:
https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)

List of basic stock market terminology:
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed)

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https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed)

Real-time market news:

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Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

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List of hedge fund holdings:


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>he thinks FA matters post 2009

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Sometimes Sears would have a special dedicated lingerie catalog packed in with the main catalog around holiday time. That was the golden one.

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2020 will be the year all memestocks become the millionaire stocks. What memes are you hodling right now?

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If berbie sambers gets presidemt it goes to 0. What habbens when trump gets elected again?

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25 years old prob won't make my first year in uni
1.5k euros in my bank account and 7k debt

im so fucking depressed

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>What habbens when trump gets elected again?
Same as current situation. Trump is pretty good for the market. Any dem winning, Bernie or otherwise, is real bad as they all went full commie this time and have monstrous spending plans on their platforms.

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HCR and NIO.

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Is there any reason why I should not move my account from Schwab to Ameritrade for the free $600?

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Schwab has better customer service.

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Have you all taken profits? I've been hoarding cash to dive in on the cheapies. Market is going to dump.

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What's the next 5x frens?

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Not really. They will be the same company before end of 2020.

I am prepared for both a continued nervous melt up or sell off. Either is fine.

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TD is going to become Schwab in a few months and you're going to be right back where you started.

Anybody know if thinkorswim is coming to Schwab too? Superior software.

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Leveraged ETFs fren.

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Some pennyshit biomeme youve never heard of until you see it "today's gainers".

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>Anybody know if thinkorswim is coming to Schwab too? Superior software.
Schwab knows that and is unlikely to remove it after the merger is complete. Good tools are good tools. Schwab also knows that think or swim was a big selling point for TD to draw in customers.

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A huge chunk of my portfolio is 1000 shares of MORL. It is absolute hell on my nerves.

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FA does matter... until Trump tweets then it's just lmao. that said it would be interesting to see the price drifts after Trump tweets on the stock market vs. gold/silver and bonds. how predictable is the effect on prices? how long does the effect generally last?

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>how predictable is the effect on prices? how long does the effect generally last?
For a standard hawkish tweet about CHYNA? About a week or two at most. Trump is pretty reliable about following up his hawkish tweets with positive news shortly thereafter.

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Holy fuck i used to hoard my mom’s sears catalogs and hid them under the couch, i forgot about that :O

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food stocks


I like MORL, CEFL, SMHD etc. etc. The whole family of Etracs monthly pay ETNs. I don't buy them too heavy though, like only 5% of my RH stack between them
CEFL was one of my favorite performers this year

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i mean i'd settle for when i hear about some bad news i short something and if i hear about some good news i go long on something for at least 1 day.

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I remember the times when I was fapping to those catalogues. Good times

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Threadly Reminder that oil and gold are primed for another major pump soon.
Trump wants the dollar devalued.
This will open major trade opportunities as the US is now the number one producer,allowing us cheap gas prices while setting whatever price we want on our own oil.
Also I believe the aramco ipo will do for oil what GLD did for gold.

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ARAMCO is radioactive waste mate. I am bearish on it and haven't seen a reason for why it's good for energy long term.

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Your expectations depend on contingencies. (((rekt)))

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wow remember when magazines had sexy models

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Those are some prime Americans

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It's not but the sandies have controlled oil forever

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Okay anon you recommended Schwab, TA Ameritrade, or eTrade.

which do you recommend out of the 3 and why are they better than webull and robin hood?

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My aunt worked at a magazine back in the day. Would spend hours oggling sexy 80's and 90's models in old issues growing up. Made me into the man I am today.

They have never released actual numbers for oil reserves and were rejected from IPO and/or listing on multiple first world exchanges. They are good at smoke a mirrors.

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bros the dot com bubble had 5 straight years of 30% S&P 500 gains, we're not even close to the end

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Sava is easy 5x from here. Even 10x, but that's a bit more stressful

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>remember magazines
Print media fuckkng lmao...

Except there’s a bunch of ETFs for exactly that.

EWJ, or if you want to get fancy, HEWJ and EWJV (Low volume and low AUM, but it just started trading this year. If it doesn’t get to 50 mil AUM in three years, then it’s likely it’ll close)
Alternatively, there are actively managed japan ETFs.

I trimmed my position, but I’ve still got a good amount. A little in each of my three accounts. Honestly, if you were the guy calling for the “end of soi” then you aren’t what got me to trim. What got me to trim was that it was selling off somewhat intensely in japanland, and my hands grew weak. It’s likely just profit taking, but there’s a good chance Japan take a hit next year, before re-accelerating into the Olympics.

As long as there’s another dip before earnings, I’ll be adding.

Iktf, don’t fall in love with your stocks. And please, please wash your hands thoroughly after handling receipts.

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US is now the leading exporter of oil m8, stop peddling 10 year old news headlines

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>why are they better than webull and robin hood?
I can't comment on webull. Robinhood is shitty for a wide variety of reasons, I suggest you do a search on their inadequacy as a brokerage. The former three are big boy proper brokerages with all the tools and gizmos you need. Recommend either Schwab or TDA; they will become the same company soon anyway.

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Trump doesn't want the oil to pump though

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The first three are real brokerage firms and the last two meme brokers aimed at millenials. Webull, from what others have said, has awful spreads and fund deposit/withdrawal problems. Robin Hood is very limited in its features (think blunted tips and edges so no one gets hurt), awful spreads, and some stocks are listed. You'll outgrow both after a while and wish you would have gone with a "big boy" brokerage instead.

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Can any tech/aerospace anons tell me if SPCE is a good long term hold?

T. Healthcare fag so this isn't my forte.

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>my ID

Top kek

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What I want to happen:
Trump impeached, Pence Runs, Bernie Wins, Stonks do great

What will happen:
Trump impeached, Pence Runs, Bernie Wins, Stonks do great

The Chad-force outlook

Never Bearish

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It gives me Tesla/meme vibes. Why not a Nasdaq or chip ETF for broad exposure?

>> No.16684982

Oh so Shwab and TDA are merging, I guess one of them was dying out out so they were bought .

Like I'm a stupid brainlet beginner starting with regular stocks and only familiar with crypto trading.

So I haven't fully committed to the millennial firms yet.

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Just go with Schwab mate. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Is there any signup referral bonuses or is that just a meme millenial firm thing just to attract us to use therm limited system instead?

>> No.16685018

>It gives me Tesla/meme vibes.
Yeah me too but this isn't a sector I know much about.
>Why not a Nasdaq or chip ETF for broad exposure?

Already do that. SPCE is hitting a very unique niche.

>> No.16685024

>Can any tech/aerospace anons tell me if SPCE is a good long term hold?
It's a meme for now. I don't know how far along the R&D is on their intended passenger rockets. Speculative trade at this time. Could moon, could tank, could do both back and forth for some time. Not a long term hodl.

>> No.16685032

>I guess one of them was dying out out so they were bought .
Not really. Schwab saw an opportunity to remove one of their competitors from the field and took it. TD Ameritrade wasn't in any particular trouble.

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I should have disclosed that I am a highly skeptical of space travel (commercial or otherwise) in general. The stock itself might pump, but I doubt the fundamentals working underneath.

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He doesn't want it to dump either. He wants to keep the US shale boom going AND he wants to keep the Saudis happy.

Remember this in 10 years when the Saudis teardown their Ritz Carlton because the new Trump hotels have put it out of business.

The long game is always self interest, and Trump doesn't want book tours and speaking engagements like other former presidents, he wants to build shit everywhere.

This poster doesn't know what "impeached" means.

I use Schwab for shares and Robinhood for options... I'm too much of a brainlet for options, I like how simply RH makes it. Shows what prices my calls have been trading at the entire time I've owned them, shows how they fluctuate intraday, makes it obvious what the highs and lows are and the volume etc.

How do I upgrade to Schwab options trading? the interface is so much less appealing to me.

Why not invest in companies that are already profitable? LMT is no stranger so sending shit into space, but there are many others.

>> No.16685073

Feels like the sort of thing you throw 100 dollars at and forget about.

>> No.16685078


Newport News was also some good analog fap material

>> No.16685094

Sglb has been on fire lately. Additive Manufacturing

>> No.16685106

>$14 million market cap

>> No.16685125

It's my understanding hypersonic airplanes may be their bread and butter.
>Why not invest in companies that are already profitable? LMT is no stranger so sending shit into space, but there are many others.

isn't profitability a meme at this point?
>Feels like the sort of thing you throw 100 dollars at and forget about.
I may throw $500-$1000 in and forget about it

Have some extra cash and all.

>> No.16685131

Britbong here, is Interactive Brokers Lite good enough for some casual trading?

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>How do I upgrade to Schwab options trading? the interface is so much less appealing to me.
it's time to be a big boy and do options the adult way on a 1990 like interface.

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this post made me cry, I feel the pain all over

>> No.16685143

>hypersonic airplanes
Sweet! I miss the Concorde.

>> No.16685176

Are you suggesting that the Schwab interface is very outdated and adapting to it isn’t actually an upgrade?

>> No.16685190

someone convince me that there won't be any dip before february for AMD

>> No.16685214

Can't wait for the promised day. Might as well keep buying SAVA until 25, right. I can just imagine GALT day too. How much do you own and have made at this point?

>> No.16685278

you can still use the web or app version. But the software of those old brokers still have their old design whether it's IBKR, Schwab, etrade, TDA, they all look like shit. They do the job though but none of them really updated to have a modern design.

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wrong (You) >>16685176
Also who is hotter, Cindy Crawford young or her daughter?

>> No.16685331

But I will have an extra $600

>> No.16685364

About 13k galt down by 30%, but only 8k sava at about 1.8. I didn't anticipate it running this much. In hindsight it should have been trivial that galt wouldn't run this year. Oh well...

I am less and less concerned about dilution on sava though. With this many insider shares they probably get a partnership instead.

>> No.16685378


wait one sec
what % of your total stock holdings are in research-stage biopharmaceuticals

>> No.16685413

100%, also almost half the cash for it is coming from a loan. Gotta go deep!

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you wont have access to ibkr lite as a brit. only ibkr pro so it will cost you 120$ per year if you dont trade at all. If you trade the UK markets it will cost you 6£ per trade, so you just need to make 2 trades per month. US market = 1$ per trade.

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why not invest in other kinds of companies

there are tons of fantastic companies that do other things besides drug research
think about it

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If galt pulls through, you'll be a legend.

>> No.16685441

What..? Trump pressured Saudi arabia for lower oil prices while the saudi's pressed Trump for higher oil prices. Don't you remember what happened in 2018 when oil prices were surging? Not to mention that oil is already oversupplied in the world and US plans to keep filling an already supplied world with more oil. Law of supply and demand, ever heard of it? What do you think will happen with oil prices if the US increasing the pumps to new highs in an already oversupplied market? Your way of thinking is way too fucking simplistic and you're clearly ignoring why the US needs oil to either go lower or stay stable at a decent price.
Also, let's not forget when Trump "duped" Saudi arabia to increase their oil output. What was the long term interest there? For Trump to befriend Iran (Saudi's number 1 enemies) so he can build hotels in their country after the election or what? Come the fuck on... what will you claim next? That Bush invaded Iraq because he wanted a book signing in Israel for a few millions? Kek'd.

>> No.16685489

True, but it's harder. For biotech you only have to read papers, and check the company itself a bit. When you are assured about the science behind, the whole investment seems derisked. It's just a matter of time.
For other companies, especially when they generate profit it's much more work to do the research to the point when you are really sure. Knowing the products, the industry, management, competition, investor sentiment, etc takes much more time than just reading 100 or so papers and wiki pages. Also the valuations tend to be more irrational, so more chance to grab cheapies

>> No.16685501
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that sounds pretty easy :^)

>> No.16685538

Maybe there is some financial incentive for GALT to officially sell next year? DU defers taxes or bigger payouts or something.

>> No.16685548

Meh. Biotech is very unpredictable because one bad product or phase of testing can make or break the company and even they can't do shit about it. Biotech stocks are most comparable to gambling imho.

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File: 1.53 MB, 2001x1125, 6EC5E6A9-82F5-48C5-BAA5-E37CBB110D25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you just (You) yourself?
Who are you calling wrong?

Present day Celebrities are going to appear hotter according to present day standards, but also because improvements in training methods and hormone treatments and tech. It’s like how athletes keep improving and beating older records, there’s more than just genetics and shoe technology at work.

What the fuck are you taking about? Did you read that post?
>He doesn't want it to dump either. He wants to keep the US shale boom going AND he wants to keep the Saudis happy.
Yeah he wants it probably trading in the range right about where it’s at. He might be down to let it pump so the Saudis can exit scam the Aramco IPO a bit, but he doesn’t want consumers to get frustrated at the pump.

>> No.16685564

Yeah, that's exactly what i should have thought about before. DU stands to pay ten millions in taxes i guess, so it's better to invest those for almost another year

>> No.16685593

If he sells next year early he gets a large windfall to put into campaigns and no taxes til 2021 on it. He could sell january 1st.

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File: 41 KB, 700x394, FF7F4FF2-5F01-4FCE-8C75-6DCF4A30D223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are quite the brainlet...
Schwab will give you something like $100 for starting an account with then if you use a referral code. The person who referred you gets nothing.

What you know about CRL?

>> No.16685609

Wait, galtday is this close?

>> No.16685633

This is where excessive reading comes into play. You can make a pretty close call whether the testing will be successful or not. Sava phase2b success is evident if you check their phase2a. Meeting the cognitive endpoints are probable when you check crtx data and see the similarities. Galt phase2/3 again is sure. It was messed up in the first place though by the late ceo, that's why the whole company is in a shitty position. But even then you can extrapolate from their partial data. The trick is to forget about 'statistical significance' and look at the raw data closely in both cases and then you can predict whether the statistics will be met at their next trial

>> No.16685652

Well only the timing is the gambling part here. That said, i can only hope.

>> No.16685675

how do u deal with externalities

>> No.16685677
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Dont know. Just speculating on why they've not done it already. They are angling to be bought. Just not sure when.

>> No.16685692

Trump wants oil under $50 a barrel and Saudi wants oil over $80 a barrel. According to IMF, saudi's needs the oil higher to sustain economic growth in the future which Trump is strongly against because having oil over $80 is not in the US interest. So how would he keep the saudi's happy if supply and demand 101 kicks in 1-2 years from now when the output increases which drives the oil prices down?

>> No.16685701

Those are the only risk factors. I'll just have to pull some out in those cases, even at a loss. I am living cheaply though

>> No.16685723

Maybe trump should use american oil instead.

Shit, can you imagine if GALT ends up flopping.

>> No.16685728

im using robinhood rn but i wanna switch to something that might go bankrupt and steal all my money. what should i use?>

>> No.16685765

I can't really imagine. The drug is a lifesaver not only in cirrhosis, but in a multitude of other diseases. You can try scholar searches like 'galectin-3 "arbitrary disease"' and try not to find a paper. At least 100s of people die on the daily because an intravenous galectin3 inhibitor is not on the market. The patents themselves worth more than current market cap. In worst case i will go through a dilution and hold for 3 more years, but it is worth billions no matter how you look at it.

>> No.16685766

Dick Uihlein and Jim Czirr seem to be squatting on GALT. Not advancing it to not incur risk. Atleast not aggressively at all. Like they are waiting for the right price or some other milestone.

>> No.16685800
File: 677 KB, 1125x1998, 1DA693E0-FE3F-4099-AD95-E27D615C7488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or maybe the interest from big pharma isn’t there for galt, and they’re perfectly happy to let it go bankrupt while they advance the drugs they’ve already invested in?

If there’s something promising there, they can get it even cheaper as GALT gets increasingly desperate to save their zero revenue money-losing business.

>> No.16685805

schwab, fidelity or interactive brokers

>> No.16685817

Those other NASH drugs are either not direct competitors, not nearly as far along, or already failed. Big Pharma is interested. Its a matter of price or waiting on something to better determine price.

>> No.16685828

why aren't they getting bought out already, if that is the case?
surely if they were a multibillion dollar "sure thing" some big company would be able to see the value and buy them out?

>> No.16685842

Price and premium paid.

>> No.16685845

Nash is not the point in this case. Opdivo or keytruda needs as as support. Belapectin highly amplifies the effect of either one. Now, opdivo is losing to keytruda in sales, so buying galt would at one point give edge to bmy for example, and that edge is easily bils/per year. And that's without the other indications. It would be stupid to wait for mere 100 mils

>> No.16685882

Also, i think if your default assumption is that the market and pricing is highly irrational, you are closer to the truth in general

>> No.16685912

there are dozens or hundreds of people in the US whose job it is to research companies like that and invest in them. Sure, there is some degree of irrationality, but there is also a degree of rationality.
If there is a very high chance that the technology GALT has is worth billions, then they shouldn't be a ~300M company right now.
We would have to suppose that the people who invest in biotechs like these think that either their drug has a high possibility of success but low value, or it has the high value you think but a low possibility of success(including possibilities where a their drug does "work", but a competitor does it better and takes their marketshare, etc.)
(or some combination of the lowered valuation/probability )

(disclaimer I/we hold a long position in GALT)

>> No.16685920
File: 1.95 MB, 500x282, axe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is your best ever return on a stock, smg?

35-bagger here

>> No.16685961
File: 213 KB, 1280x720, gcaph7acifnxjosks3ps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they would, at the very least, have partnerships and tutes buying if this were true. Why are there no galt+opdivo/keytruda studies, if this is the case? Why is it being only marketed and evaluated for NASH?

Shit, maybe we're about to see that Baker bros are buying, but it sure doesn't look like it. It looks like all the smart money is in their competitors.

>> No.16685967

True, but institutions can't get much from buying low cap biotech. Making 10x on would be like 1% overall. For example I have far more than 100 hours invested in galt and sava each, that would be a lot in analyst money. I think it would be better spent elsewhere. Hell even google jumps 5-10% on earnings and tesla was 180 not long ago.

>> No.16686007

How do you explain examples like Tobira with your logic? Other people would figure it out is giving too much credit to other people you dont know. And GALT prior management selling above 6 stunted its momentum. A lot of that was the result of a CEO change. Other than that its been stagnant.

>> No.16686029

There are. Providence is on it. Galt management doesn't talk much about it for one reason or another. Preclinical data is also all over the place.

>> No.16686051

So what are you guys gonna do when you hit it big? I was thinking I'd buy a small house and a nice RV and live the life of a comfy hermit

>> No.16686062

I was listening to the radio and they played this song:

made me think of /smg/ a little bit heehe

>> No.16686074
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maybe branch into real estate. buy a place and rent out rooms to get someone to pay off my mortgage. Maybe the pacific northwest.

>> No.16686079

I was going to go for a PhD in college, but I went into a high paying profession for the money. Once I make it, I'd love to go into academia. I'll be the oldest grad student in school probably but whatever.

>> No.16686094
File: 70 KB, 512x640, C0D377D3-0E06-451C-93A6-02666F93EE1D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Travel between Korea and japan, fuck the supreme softest women, and die smiling.

>> No.16686095

why not just buy a nice RV, live in it at a trailer park and just up and go somewhere whenever you feel like??

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Should I take a 73% loss and sell whats left of my AMRN January 17 calls? Strike price of $25 so its not impossible at this point but honestly fuck this market. Might be worth cutting my losses on half and keep the other half in case she shoots up in the next 2 weeks. Certainly learned my lesson to never trust that reason will prevail in the short-term when it comes to this white-collar casino game we all play...

>> No.16686117

Japan sure, but Korean would be like pumping plastic.

Should everyone buy GALT on the current dip? Gonna load up on more every week.

>> No.16686126

how much was the premium, or what is your break-even price?
what is the premium now?

>> No.16686132

Don't tell me you bought at 25.

>> No.16686158
File: 72 KB, 1125x180, B09C766C-52EE-4F56-8B5A-70AC4D66974D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reason will prevail
>I fomoed into the top
I’m sorry to hear that, but you’re probably the same poster who didn’t listen when I and another anon were explaining what you could learn.

There was high volume for AMRN options on friday, but it favored puts something like 60:40. Looks like a strangle.

I don’t know how to use this information. But there may be a move this week.

>> No.16686170

Sure, i doubt it gets much lower

>> No.16686200

$1.67 avg price/share or $26.67 break even. Sitting at $0.44/share right now

I bought these mid-november after the AdCom, so I didn't FOMO these I've been following the company since this time last year to some success. I will admit to a level of getting greedy and putting more into these calls than I should have, and now I know the true value of not going all out on something, even if it seems to be a rocket primed for that moon mission. And just to put it out there, no, I wasn't that Anon.

The share I hold are at $17.58 avg price. Still a decent return on that front. And those I will not be selling any time soon.

>> No.16686207

Last one was to reply to >>16686132

>> No.16686213
File: 2.17 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already have it well off currently in terms of income, so I already live in the apartment I love (apartment that overlooks the lake and parts of the city). But if I made it BIG in terms of millions I would probably re-invest most of it, buy a condo in Thailand via my thai friend and fix something for my sister like a decent income portfolio in her name or something.

Pic related is my view, comfy as fuck.

>> No.16686215

you'll be fine m8
I heard a rumor that they'll get bought out for $90/share sometime before or after December 28

>> No.16686234
File: 2.47 MB, 1125x2001, F32D0BA5-D3E2-4938-82C8-2DEE70863496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fainenough, I got in at around 19 but probably lost money or broke even over all because I got greedy with calls too, also because I fucked up the limit sale price lost. I’ve been making mistakes like this more and more often lately... accidentally sold a call when I tried to buy the other day

$17.50 isn’t bad I wouldn’t mind buying back in if it got back down there.

Yeah man you don’t go all in...

>> No.16686245

Haha one can hope... My concern is John Thero seems to hold some contempt for BP so I think he's hesitant to sell right now.

>> No.16686265

These both look like terrible performers and all the analysts agree to sell

What’s your game mister and can I get some of them tendies?

>> No.16686272

Yeah I heard BIG KEN FRAZIER laughed at his fish company

The only thing he hates about big pharma is that they play hardball, and that the system rewards high prices with high rebates, not low priced fish oil.

I’m going to ask my doctor if a relatively healthy guy like me can get some of that sweet sweet insurance covered EPA.

>> No.16686376

Why won’t the damn COT update?
I’m concerned about that massive FUCK YOU candle on the SPY while I’m holding these put credit spreads.

>> No.16686426

I'm putting my life on the line for galt. I only wish I could believe in it 100%, but that doubt lingers.

>> No.16686628
File: 318 KB, 1200x760, Adventure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes a man has to stand for something.

>> No.16686686

Odds that Tesla and Amazon will go back up this next week?

>> No.16686687

A-are you me?

>> No.16686715

If i made a bot that automatically bought and sold options spreads based solely on probability and proved profitable over the course of a year how much money could i make monetizing it

>> No.16686789

The bottom right is indisputably the least attractive of the bunch but still turns me on the most.

>> No.16686791

I'm kinda in a funk. About to be 37 in a few days. Could be worse I'll admit;could be fucking 86 instead of 36 but still. Another year older, another year of shit. Another year further removed from my glory days of being a teenager and not having to deal with this shit modern life tosses at you. The only good thing is that hey soon I'll be one year closer to retirement and maybe I'll be able to kick back and just not give two shits about much after that. Hell its been almost 10 years since the last HP film was shot (not released) for shit sake.

>> No.16686818
File: 3 KB, 709x33, cytube room.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Movie nite movie nite! Get in here!
Just got back from the salt lake and I'm covered in stinking slime!
This week's feature is Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

>> No.16686846
File: 661 KB, 1049x1488, amazon8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not too late to get some Amazon before the new year!

>> No.16686865
File: 37 KB, 708x480, 1524329184582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to become le epic investor in crypto, stock market and anywhere else I can buy and sell. Where do I start learning?

>> No.16686874

despite there only being 2 options in investing: up or down. is there a side that always has the minuscule house advantage? like the whites in chess? im guessing its the selling?

>> No.16686892
File: 8 KB, 196x250, 1573651676315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right here big guy.

>> No.16686893

The one that most resembles a trap kek

>> No.16686898

Going long (up) has the advantage as the indexes always trend up if you look at a long enough time frame. This will continue until something terrible happens.

>> No.16686909
File: 82 KB, 790x837, 1500179503358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aw yiss

>> No.16686938
File: 80 KB, 970x970, gekko phone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Step one: You're gonna need a lot of butter.

I can hook you up but this cow juice doesn't churn itself. It may get pricey.

>> No.16686945
File: 41 KB, 750x458, 1577587612222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're with the best, you can count on me.

>> No.16686976

die hard batteries were bought by autozone and you faggots wanna look at broads putting on garters over panties.... fuck you losers.... i told you to buy this company at it's bottom...l brands... i said to youu all buy this shit. and you all suck.

>> No.16686987
File: 170 KB, 1280x720, chirgensammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hi baggie

>> No.16686992

There's nothing to learn. Just invest as much as possible in diversified low-cost index fund of stocks and hold.
It's common knowledge, but I decided to explore other possibilities. I spent many hours of research just to come to the same conclusion.

>> No.16686999

you could grab a fucking playboy at a newstand and run with it.... shit they didn't give a fuck... i bought a magazine from 2006, with Stormy Daniels and Trump's ex-wifes tits... who would have access to his ex-wifes tits...while she's just sunbathing nude... and remember... she's still an ex, but can't we impeach the first lady first... nope nobody can hold a candle to her.

>> No.16687006

shalom friend. i spent an hour in a police station to get home safely with out being so drunk or high i got behind

>> No.16687020
File: 30 KB, 447x468, rp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok. Now the real strategy is to read through as many of the /smg/ archives as you can and see if you can find patterns in the posts of retard pumpers. Pay close attention to the namefags and other reoccurring charachters and find correlations in what they shit out. If you're good enough at pulling the nuggets of solid info out of the piles of slimy bullshit then you can start to develop a trading strategy.
Investopedia is your friend
Weakness and stupidity are your enemy
Good luck

>> No.16687038

i have to say... i have a fucking talent, my voice is probably better than average... but i spent over an hour in a police station and got home safely and didn't have to drive... i called the station back and thanked them....but what the fuck... they have a basket of amnesty shit fiill the box.. put drugs in, give us drugs, but we don't take sharps, we don't take inhalence and shit that can explode... it's safety for the officers.... and if you are an addict to injections... you're not going to the fucking police first.... they do take shit though... I love our police and first responders.... THEY DON'T GET ENOUGH CREDIT FOR WHAT THEY DO!

>> No.16687050

>Sears sells the outdated 50 year old battery brand DieHard to Advance Auto Parts

Who cares? What's your point?

>> No.16687063


>> No.16687072

>i called the station back and thanked them
maybe next time they'll just give you a ride back home

what did you do anyway? drunk in public?

>> No.16687088


>> No.16687094

i wanted to watch the adam sandler movie... so i asked a broad to hold four fucking seats, she held nothing.... i saw a legit fucking cerbral palsy broad, shook hands and stuff, but they over sold the movie, and asked me to leave... so i will sue them because of my anguish... is more than the fucking 11 or 13 dollar ticket... and ima put it into my lawyers hands. we're asking 10grand, he keeps 10%

>> No.16687095

DieHard batteries were also the same shit in every other car. "Some of the batteries themselves are manufactured by Johnson Controls, which also manufacture Duralast, Varta, AC Delco, as well as 20 other brands. For a time, DieHard batteries were also manufactured by Exide."
You got scammed, son, but unless you're a total retard it's rare for hand tools to break. I mean, unless it's the Craftsmans stuff from China.

>> No.16687108

these tools still work, but these other things... sears, pretty much can't umbrella everything.... they can't use their network, and get online before amazon... look back like 2005... sears had a fucking mail catalog with everything... but they never used the network to get in front of amazon.

>> No.16687116

yep... they're full of something us in the scientific community call Pb... lead...

>> No.16687121
File: 77 KB, 775x253, Squeeze em Fuck em.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're after our boy.

>> No.16687123

Insider here. Buy BA this week.

>> No.16687127

uhh... so it's finally time to buy and hold...
fuck it lets go boys.

>> No.16687131
File: 58 KB, 800x533, united-airlines-man-dragged.width-800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i feel like there is something missing from that story....

>> No.16687135

pacific northwest is shit get out before it's too late

>> No.16687136

beoing... nigger are you dumb or what.... that's stupid you fuck.. we all have all of the dow... dogs of the dow go ahead yeah ba will work. just don't be dumb. fucking galt will get squeezed... in that regard... we got a time to buy that shit and sell it, shame on the rest of you who can't see good advice and fucking shit.

>> No.16687141

Should have kept the place secret. Used to be great before people from the lesser states moved here.

>> No.16687159
File: 29 KB, 640x358, bilibreath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not there... then where's it not shit yet?

You mean before Seattle became hot in like the 90's?

>> No.16687163

well i was kicked out of 4 places, and the shit that sucked... was actually so bad... damn this blonde chick was getting married and shit., so i get kicked out but i didn't take the mic, but over powered and sung.... but the guy at the bar bought me an uber.... and i got out of the uber.... i got kicked out of another bar, i got kicked out of that shit... but still got 100 proof schnapps nips... frozen ones not the room temp shit... then literally went ahead of a place.... they wanted to kick me out, and i just made them cook food and went to the police station, but... i did run out on the tab.. the one thing 5 fucking hiispanics... and this broad with a loud voice can't fucking give me time of day, maybe im too good looking or something... she hates to do her own job...

>> No.16687174

You write like a nigger mate.

>> No.16687180

you can go to washington, and try to change the country, but you have nothing to get ahead... the interesting thing could be a 3rd party.... split the money and fuck them our taxes are our country's money, and we do not support spending this shit... we can change constitutiion... we will vote as states to say, we will put term limits on members of congress, and fuck them.

>> No.16687189

I mean before it was absolutely flooded with homeless

>> No.16687191

you have to think like a nigger to outsmart them...

>> No.16687195

Let's pretend I'm retarded, what does that mean?

>> No.16687196

the weather is terrible, i don't know why anybody would want to live here. i have lived here my whole life, can't wait until i leave permanently for college next fall.

>> No.16687201
File: 677 KB, 717x720, 1564925644588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you got kicked out of 4 places in one night? Thats gotta be a record or something man

>> No.16687214

well, i was on the outside of the cell this time... i literally walked into the police department and got home safely.

>> No.16687216
File: 551 KB, 623x502, bpla2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16687224

the worst thing, they wanted over 200 bucks for me to sleep in the hotel... fucking jasmine, she's a hilton fucker who's got no help, and i was kicked of of that bar, who cares...

>> No.16687228

Short sellers are shorting the shit out of it. Which means there are a lot of future buyers.

>> No.16687234
File: 184 KB, 355x348, Yuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

blame reagan, deinstitutionalizing the insane (and treating addiction with a "war on drugs") did a number on this country.

Imagine if these people were held somewhere that gave them medication according to a regular schedule... instead of rotating them from the streets to shelters to the streets to jail to the streets...

Just keep them of 4channel I'm sick of the schizos

>is upset that it was cancelled

>> No.16687239
File: 173 KB, 716x1111, these amazing shadows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You were a no sho after an hour and the only other person to come was mr bad connexion who coulnd't watch! V dissapointing I kno

>> No.16687245

fuck you assholes... this is our shit.... shit....

>> No.16687249

"Sears catalog edition"

It's even worse then I thought, your not just boomers, your redditarded boomers too

>> No.16687253

the short ratio is too high imo.. unless the float is being held tight as fuck.. it may be a short attack and will be hard as fuck to fight it given the low short interest and high ratio...

do you get kicked out of places often? sounds like a problem....

>> No.16687257


>> No.16687267

Uhh people can't give me a solid reason for shit.... but i see through lies, and the police don't give a fuck because uhhh i literally stand on hiigher ground.

>> No.16687272
File: 888 KB, 1178x650, Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 2.47.58 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Increased short position by 1.2/10
>Now Short shares are 1.2/10 of float
>Shorting the shit out of it
Bet there's plenty of sellers between 3 and $4 if they need to cover... this isn't anything like a short squeeze just yet

RIP KyoAni
This guy is getting the death penalty for sure

You suck.

>> No.16687297


>> No.16687298

GME might have a huge short squeeze soon.. 100% of the shares are short... unreal... I sold some covered calls and tried to buy them back.. market took all the calls they could on friday leaving my bid in the dust could see a pop over 6 and a lot of options executed early..

>> No.16687302

Phase 3 will be resubmitted with FDA changes and is expected to get underway in this next quarter. That means new buyers and an upswing for an already stupidly undervalued company. While shorts are in deeper.

And thats apart from the many reasons to believe they are going for a buyout. There hasn't been an insider buy since the rights offering over 6 months ago. Which also means they are just outside the Swing Rule.

>> No.16687319

they probably did give you a few solid reasons.. atleast one of the 4 had to of......

>> No.16687327
File: 39 KB, 386x687, original_188121878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one of you is this?

>> No.16687329

meh some shit has to go the wayside.... your shit is literally just empty strip malls, and you can't even sell big 5 and tell us you didn't believe you did it...mean while you're willing to talk pink sheets... but you basically have no loyalty... you're a lot like me, but you're not really willing to admit you're wrong, and fuck it... maybe one day you're going to be 61 years old, and still working like the guy that's about to drop dead, that you look upto so much about hand shakes... you're not even pissed off on your gf's shit she dumped on you that she's leaving you. you can lie all you want, but you're shit is recorded and we love fair debate.

>> No.16687337

i diidn't get behind the wheel of a car... and basically they all served me, but trying to be reasonable... i got home... and fuck you asshole you weren't there.

>> No.16687339
File: 580 KB, 899x720, oni2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

honestly it's baggie. they probably gave him like 10 warnings and made him sleep it off in the drunk tank.

>> No.16687354

nope... i didn't get cuffs, two bottles of water... an hour of naming every tune... fuck you assholes... maybe i enuendo'd but ima move on from this.

>> No.16687374
File: 23 KB, 320x362, shirley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's fair. you know we all love you baggie. you're like my crazy stocktwits grandpa

>> No.16687387

the coolest thing... my cab driver stopped the cab, and let the state police do a job.. some one got cuffed, and that's why it took like an extra 30 mins... but i didn't do anything super bad. I didn't shit into like the tank of a toilet, but... uhh what ever.... i did have to leave the movie theater... fuck i wanted to see the uncut diamonds... who needs a cerbral palsy fucker with them.... and im literally telling them they sold the theater out, and im going to sue them and audit it, and ask for 50k in damages.

>> No.16687396

Is that good, or bad

>> No.16687405

well you have to ask what 0 is... is 0 good or bad... what is it that makes some one council, and what makes a person just doing their job....

>> No.16687407
File: 417 KB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 11.01.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dunno mate... I'm pretty glad they tanked friday though. Got to buy back that covered call I accidentally sold... for a loss of like $20

I thought, "damn that's cheap, if I that actually fills that's damn cheap for a LEAP..." then it filled but I was on SELL and not BUY... fuck me that was dumb.

I think you're coping but whatever, I want to have a biotech gamble or two in my portfolio. If we got a stock buyout and I got some big pharma shares for real cheap that'd be damn nice.

I wonder if I'd have to wait a year to get long term cap gains tax from the date I bought, or the date of the buyout.

>> No.16687408

LCI to $60 bro.....

my ex was basically begging for me back.. I think she just blocked me though cause i told her the only way i'm coming back is if I can have a gf on the side... she wasn't too fond of that and hasn't responded.. but i don't care.. i have bigger things to do

lol i can picture it now.. baggie at the bar getting on stange with a mic in one hand and a drink in the other trying to sing karaoke while the bouncer is grabbing the mic from him shouting.. FOR THE LAST TIME!! WE DON'T DO KARAOKE HERE!!!! YOU DO THIS EVERY NIGHT ASSHOLE!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!

>> No.16687428

don't use airplane to make a comedy when you can't actually stand up for jews and niggers.

>> No.16687439

>my ex was basically begging for me back.. I think she just blocked me though cause i told her the only way i'm coming back is if I can have a gf on the side... she wasn't too fond of that and hasn't responded.. but i don't care.. i have bigger things to do
good let her have a real man who can appreciate her for herself and her own needs...

>> No.16687452
File: 1.40 MB, 1048x992, Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 1.28.36 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Only someone being paid to shill would claim Galectin is "nipping at Intercept's heels." Intercept is way ahead in developing a drug to treats non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a severe form of fatty liver disease, and its clinical studies to date have been designed using appropriate endpoints.
>Galectin, by comparison, is conducting a phase I "safety" study of its NASH candidate enrolling a tiny number of patients and using endpoints which collect useless biomarker data. It's as if Galectin doesn't really want to find out if their drug is effective against NASH.
>After Emerging Growth's misleading press release was issued Thursday, Galectin followed up with a press release of its own on Friday to announce a conference call for Tuesday morning. The subject of the call: To discuss updated results from its phase I NASH study.
>You think the two press releases might have been coordinated? Galectin pulled the same stunt in March, which helped the company sell stock through an At-The-Market (ATM) equity sales agreement.
>Last November, I explained Galectin's troubled past, including how the company evolved from a bankrupt penny stock.

still what a shady past
reminds me of another stock that constantly has excuses made for its past

>> No.16687458
File: 33 KB, 300x525, world.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anons I found a website that simulates a full tarot deck. we can cut out the middle man here. we don't even need those fucking wizards anymore. they even offer multiple tarot formations. perfect for complex option trading!

>> No.16687460

If I traded stocks but had a net capital loss over the year, do I still need to report it in my taxes? I'm not actually really into trading and all, I just did it for fun and lost a little bit of money. I don't even care if it's possible that I could get a tax deduction for reporting my losses, I just want to avoid having to deal with it and would prefer to buy the cheaper turbotax option that doesn't include investments.

>> No.16687461

which website

>> No.16687467

you're only going to get in trouble if they audit you and decide you haven't payed enough taxes

>> No.16687474

You don't.

>> No.16687476

yeah.. i really don't give a fuck.. i'm not the one losing out.. and she knows it.. i know it.. everyone we know knows it.....

>> No.16687480

I gave Pendy a fucking present.... sorry I hope you jump in SNSS and GALT go greed... but just remember I'm just trying to say.... Sin must be embraced to have it's lifeform to be taken from it.

>> No.16687486

>can't actually stand up for jews and niggers

I don't and I won't?


>> No.16687491

Sick, thanks

>> No.16687513

ok im not satisfied, why the fuck does this mysticism facinate faggots like you... damn i ask 4chan for real legal advice, and uhh you all just say, and you all know where this is going... we're all either selling or buying... and we can't do both but let me finish because buyers love selllers, and we do meet.

>> No.16687522

How will savanon ever recover??

>> No.16687530


>> No.16687541

surround with and light, and basically understand when you get abducted by aliens, you just basically make love and you get to do what ever you want.

>> No.16687547

wait.... so <3 works riight... but alt 3 doesn't... this forum sucks.

>> No.16687561

are you fidget spinner... nope you're that asshole that has influence, and thank you for sharing,... i hate it... you probably wish you weren't ever born...

>> No.16687589

They denied it too:
>And to be clear we do not hire stock promoters. Some small cap companies may engage in this behavior, but we believe our credibility is more important that over promising or misleading. Galectin Therapeutics is built on science, and we believe the results of that science, as validated in our clinical trials, is what matters.

I hate biotech, it's nearly impossible for me to tell what companies are going to be legitimately successful and what ones are being propped up by bag holders being deceitful.

>> No.16687593

fuck it i'm giving you movie night. 1 party system, you get tyranny.

>> No.16687598

>mfw I bought some stocks on a whim
>mfw it's crashing
>mfw decided to do proper research
>mfw the industry it was in isn't doing well these past few years
>tfw lost a grand because of laziness
mfw I have no face

>> No.16687599
File: 512 KB, 472x472, mystic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your Baglinness... I cannot believe you of all people would deny the mystic. You're practically mythical as it is. A golden unicorn as it were...

>> No.16687634


WHAT $600?!

I was just going to wait for Schwab to integrate TOS but I’d love to give it a try

>> No.16687659

>*Offer valid for one new Individual, Joint, or IRA TD Ameritrade account opened by 12/31/2019 and funded within 60 calendar days of account opening. To receive $100 bonus, account must be funded with $25,000- $99,999. To receive $300 bonus, account must be funded with $100,000-$249,999. To receive $600 bonus, account must be funded with $250,000 or more.
Oh... I don’t have 250k to give them, and moving 25k for $100 is... I guess it’s tempting but eh...

>> No.16687671
File: 29 KB, 530x298, 1576703032264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be honest I was just trying to steer the OP of the next /smg/ away from jerking off to old JCPenney catalogs. If my mom catches me shes gonna be pissed. I told her this was a christian minecraft discussion website.

>> No.16687676

i draw so much from so many people... it's uhh just insight and I've been lived a different life than most, but I see my self in everybody. In some of the ancient teachings that suck... I remember the golden rule of karma, and buddism,,, so we have buhtan and china there is actual fucking teachings... hindu and buddah... and basically some asshole who jews disvowed is now the savoir of what???? he's now able to clear you of wrong doing... take it from me... you can't fucking lie and hide... the shit that matters will catch up with you... i mean i did a damn good job of never knocking up a broad, but what ever do you, make more people.... you all suck as far as im concerned.

>> No.16687688


Everyone’s lived a different life.

>> No.16687694

I can't believe i went so many directions at once, and nobody can actually follow... the worst part is you're ready posts from someone who is sane.... the worst is this mysticism... what do I do with these cards... shit I don't know how to do this... and you're not ding ding ding poster... faggot. if you were, you'd remember how I called you a dumb ass for taking a fucking 4 cylinder japanese piece of shit into the sand.

>> No.16687697

holy shit, you get it.... fuck... but why did the jews give jesus up to the romans, only to get murdered again and again....

>> No.16687732
File: 89 KB, 216x327, ca6xu2nmw4a31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Holy shit baggie you are too funny. I gotta get some shuteye though. Big tings tomorrow bruddahs.

>> No.16687733

oh... i forgot constantine... and the eastern orthodox church, and the rise of another false prohpet..... and if the jews rebuild the temple it's the end of the world.. well so be it.. you faggots don't believe in your selves, meanwhile billions of actual hindu's and buddists from around the world, disregard our views, fuck it.... im with the nirvana and the transcendence.... reincarnation until we all live everybodies life.

>> No.16687740
File: 32 KB, 638x336, Satania2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They couldn't let go of their tribal identity. So, we won instead. But, as it seems, there may or may not be winners from this scenario seeing the current situation.
That's kind of the problem. Our (white people) altruism makes us really strong and intelligent. Yet, it's easy for us to be taken advantage of and ofcourse, royalty wants their thrones back, as well.

Imo try your best to just spread good energy to all you meet and focus on your own success. I had to step far far far away from redpills and philosophy. I learned all I need to from it. Maybe some buddhism and other eastern traditions (I actually have a huge passion for these), but yeah the whole battle of the giants we have happening in the west is a bit much for me at the moment.

Unironically people need to come together, but we also need to remember the lessons (good and bad) of nationalism and serving the members of a republic.

>> No.16687742

i got chariot, hanged man and tower.... fuck you asshole.

>> No.16687743
File: 1008 KB, 320x240, CVk5WNs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to start the tradition of christmas so everyone buys shit from their businesses every year

>> No.16687760
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It kind of strokes my ego to see all of these non-Christians celebrating Christ-Mass. But, it really just kind of invokes this feeling of responsibility in me, as well.
I want best for all people and align myself with the light.

>> No.16687761

you're not wrong at all... i have to say, we all found 4chan in one way or another... which means in my philosophy, and what ever you don't want... means that something... usually the asian culture, the anime, the guise of anonimity... it's cute to think you're untraceable but the facts remain... shit even crypto can't deal with quantum computers, and encryption and data... it's fucking all free public knoweledge if you're willing to pay enough.

>> No.16687766
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I was in the same desert today kekkies bagler, we went in a subaru outback today tho
Hinduism is a fallen religion, it's become effete through the involution of time. A good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit, and where is India today? The true seat of tradition must be traced back through the Vedas; their authorless nature was the real cause of ancient Indian greatness. From there we must conjecture at their source, why does sanskrit bear so many grammatical similarities to Ancient Greek? Was Christ the first of his tradition, or was he the avatar of immanent, emanating Truth? Why do the traditions of the Essenes (and older traditions...) seem to inform eastern understandings of Dhamma?
Nice digits btw

>> No.16687769

you would save a gif of ass smelling... fucking faggot. I hope you die from a massive heart attack while having gay sex... you really save shit liike that... fuck you! I hate it... you keep that shit just for proving you're interested in men.

>> No.16687776

>and where is India today
uhh in my book it's the best emerging market of 2019

>> No.16687778

have you had enough gay sex today?

>> No.16687782

do you need a copy of the bhagavid gita... you're missing my point.

>> No.16687809

damn it asshole... what makes gay sex so appealing to you? maybe your penis likes the anal... but damn it.. fuck you! I wonder how your mind works sometimes, but then I have to remember that you're fucking retarded and live for more gay sex.

>> No.16687815

What we learned from Snowden is that the government can't really fuck over the American people that hard. It won't happen in our life time.
Yes, Quantum computers will sort meta-data and 100% profile you off of alphabet agency cloud. However, if the US government starts doing that shit, that's pretty much the same thing as the bond market collapsing.
We're pretty much all fucked at that point.

You can get a few fuck face alphabet agents to go against what is right(drugs, inhumane testing, etc). However, good luck getting the average American servicemen to do this to a citizen. You'd hear country music, cries of mutiny and lead breaking windows faster than the commander could say "that wasn't an actual order, it was only a test".

I am optimistic about the future. We just need free energy as a done deal and we are set.

>> No.16687833

i'm not gay.. you're mistaking me for pendy... whys all the gay sex on your mind tonight.. you get felt up in jail or something?

>> No.16687844

free energy.. like using a neutrino from fusing some hydrogens and using residual energy to spin a turbine, basically like how all energy works.... the thing is.. nobody actually wants this... it puts so many people out of work, the whole globe can't fucking do anything to push forward... what is stopping us from making a dyson sphere...

>> No.16687852

you are gay... you can't get enough gay sex, you want more more more...


>> No.16687872

you listen to the strangest shit for a male... just saying........

>> No.16687875

Dyson spheres don't happen over night. Neither does the ascension of man kind to higher meaning. We're human, all too human. Not bees or robots.
IMO we will see them pretty much solve emissions right on time to basically prevent global collapse. People tend to procrastinate lol.

>> No.16687893
File: 32 KB, 468x468, Airbnb-rebrand-by-DesignStudio_dezeen_468_8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is easily the most important company to go public next year, but the question is; who here is investing?
I've never used it so I don't know if it'll get bigger or if it's shit or what, other anons post their experiences. I know the hotel industry is seething.

>> No.16687914

Got a airbnb in paris.. it was nice.. got there late and still had no trouble getting in... will forsure do it again..

>> No.16687923

yeah you're damn right... the worst thing is how ubiquitous life has become, and even though we're killing each other, mother nature has recovered and life continues on... like carbon dioxide was a great atmosphere, it was the oxygen that was the problem... i mean mollusks and early life used the access carbon to make sodium bicarbonate basically... we can make this from sea water.... but some little girl wants to tell us... we are destroying the planet, and you know what... fuck it lets go ahead and get that 3rd temple done, maybe that star in orion's belt will supernova, and we can just witness how fucking pointless religion is... but I can't apologize.... where the actual star is... you can never see it at a certain point in the southern hemisphere.... damn uhh I uhh... I fucking hate being right.....

>> No.16687937

they're getting sued, and you're a moron.... you can't actually tell me this iis the best thing... fucking inviting strangers into your home.... breaking property leases, who are you the wework company?

>> No.16687942

It's my most anticipated IPO of the year. Whether I trade it right away depends on the initial offering price and market opening price. This one will probably get inflated at open on the market, so I will wait.

>> No.16687949

so short the ipo, and buy shit like mgm... honestly this is a 0 exposure route, and it's probably ok.

>> No.16687961

I've never used it so I dunno how it works, I thought they were just glorified brokers, kek.

>> No.16687991
File: 512 KB, 1600x1067, Valley-Taurus-Mountains-Turkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, the further I get removed from society the better I feel. Like incredibly so. Also, what star are you exactly talking about?

At this point I just want around 3 million dollars to grow/live off interest and a cabin up in Maine or some shit. Just away from all this shit.

I'm an uber driver. I've delivered food to an official Airbnb. It was shady as fuck. Like nobody living there and some middle eastern dude came out (north east US city) then proceeded to act sketch as fuck.
Also, they are in with that weird softbank debt that is probably going to sack Lyft after q4 2020.

>> No.16687992

>so short the ipo
have you read the s-1? or are you just sayiing to short it without much research.

>> No.16688004

What happened to the no-bully girl I wanted to fuck in the ass?

And why does this exist on a Saturday. I get on a Sunday as it's getting ready for Monday's open, but what are we doing here on a Saturday when everything can change before the market opens?

>> No.16688113


>> No.16688117

nope im saying they're broke, and are being sued, and are rasing capital because they're fucked... uhh i told you how to trade iit neutral, but what ever.

>> No.16688143

that is comfy af, don't let any ambition ruin you.

>> No.16688172

should really read the s-1 before shorting out the gate imo... but to each their own..

>> No.16688210


>> No.16688230
File: 1.64 MB, 2001x1125, A56EC38C-04DF-4C00-AC71-50FA7DC8CDE6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read the thread moron. It exists for shitposting, schizoposting, and bouncing ideas around.

Anything CAN change and that’s one of the things investors want to bounce around in their minds to prepare for the upcoming week. Some investors had probably already dreamed up a scenario where Iran attacked Saudi Aramco before it ever happened, and likely made out real well on the short spike in oil prices. Same with every bullshit occurrence involving Brexit and Orange Cheeto trade war.

Also, occasionally FUD about the repo markets, consumer debt, and whatever other boogeymen angry zoomers trot out because they’re DESPERATE to see the market get cheaper.

This whole board could be consended to maybe 5 generals, 3 flavor of the week threads (freight broker, based massage therapist, why aren’t millennials buying fire damaged homes in the middle of nowhere, etc) and 2 novel threads)

>so short the ipo, and buy shit like mgm... honestly this is a 0 exposure route
This is how Beyond Meat rallies happen... who knows how many of the shares will hit the market and how many will be locked up.

I’m not playing IPO’s, I got a little greedy with Chewy and managed to make a few buck, but it’s not worth the headache.

Would’ve loved to short that company from the pets.com ceo, the one where CNBC ran a hit piece on them and then Cramer had her on like a week later to defend herself kekkies
Oh, the real real is what it’s called.

>> No.16688341
File: 260 KB, 1242x2208, B83E87CC-1EE4-49C4-BF09-1E872B41E6E7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This breaks a dollar *almost* for sure next week, right? I might buy calls Monday for 1/17/19. I’m not sure if I want to bet on $2—I think we’re going to see resistance @ 1.50-1.60.

What do my /biz/boys think?

>> No.16688399

Investing in Airbnb is investing in hedonism. It's a proxy for investing in prostitution. Probably more correlated with that market than MTCH. I do think it will fail and there will be some other free service with less overhead or renting homes itself will die being replaced by hotels. But hoes won't ever stop tricking.

>> No.16688413

>But hoes won't ever stop tricking.
It's the world's oldest profession for a reason.

>> No.16688420

S&p 500 or nasdaq 100 for long term boomer investing?

>> No.16688434

So ez 10 bagger, cool. Virgins will sleep on SPCE and angrily hate on Sir Richard while attempting to short every pop. Ngmi

I was on the fence, but now I'm going long Monday thanks to this post.

>> No.16688493

Vanguard, fidelity, and Schwab have their own etfs that track these for lower fees. I prefer nasdaq 100. Anything but the Dow and Russell. Although if you time it correctly, the Russell is known for big returns short term.

>> No.16688519

It’s a tool for foreigners who buy up US property just to collect assets and diversify away from their currencies and economies, to generate passive income on those assets... I see no real reason for it to fail, but it’s just getting it’s footing so we’ll see.

I wonder how damaging wework and the rest of this shit will be to Japan’s economy... SoftBank is huge and they’re dragging in the real banks too.

>> No.16688555
File: 212 KB, 2658x624, Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 10.46.04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate portfolio

>> No.16688560

Who gives a shit, there are corporations that do far fucking worse than "muh degeneracy".

>> No.16688585

>Those digits

>> No.16688658

Not the robinhood anon, but I wanted to switch brokers and I'd like not to lose my open positions on a few stonks. Have any of had experience with this? Is it possible or is it better to sell and reopen whenever?

I wouldn't know about this. Airbnb big biz was about getting all the money upfront for a reservation, using it on whatever up until the date of your travel and then sending it out to the host. Now they offer half and half payments, they had to branch out to sell "experiences" and not only places to stay plus they have had millions of legal actions taken against them. The price of renting for a few days compared to hotels, which was one of the big selling points, has risen to the point it's no longer so attractive. I wouldn't bet on airbnb. If they had gone public 5 years ago, then yeah, but now, no fucking way.

>> No.16688669

also: tripfags must go

>> No.16688890

It's only alive because of presents.

>> No.16689248

Ohh, you really are Jewish then.

>> No.16689330
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Buy Virgin Galactic. Space tourism is going to be a massive industry, I'm certain Blue Origin, Space X and Virgin will all be big players. However only Virgin Galactic is being floated publicly right now and is going for $11-12 a share. Even boomer analysts are saying it's worth double that, and that's extremely conservative. I intend to buy 100 more when the market opens tomorrow. I'm very, very cynical about Tesla and I think Elon Musk is a prat but I also intend to buy some TLSA because if I'm wrong I don't want to kill myself in 5 years

>> No.16689443

We're all gonna make it bro

>> No.16689518
File: 1.15 MB, 761x762, 1565814357839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

space is mostly empty
where does the money come from?

>> No.16689548

>where does the money come from?
uhh, people's bank accounts?

>> No.16689550

I want to invest in NASDAQ 100, but I don’t know what tracker to choose. Which is the best one? I prefer an accumulating one because I’m a eurocuck who has to pay 25% dividend tax. Also, what’s up with Nasdaq Inc (NDAQ)? It’s an actual stock, not an ETF..

>> No.16689586

is there a European version of TQQQ or QLD?
get that

when do they start mining asteroids
that just sounds like a plane flight to a really high altitude, and then right back down again the moment you hit the magical altitude that counts as "space".

>> No.16689596

>when do they start mining asteroids
>that just sounds like a plane flight to a really high altitude, and then right back down again the moment you hit the magical altitude that counts as "space".
Yeah, that's exactly what it is. And there is a shit ton of demand for it. 'Mining asteroids' wtf is your problem, you're the kind of guy to see the iPhone be announced and say 'whatever, call me when they announce a flying car'. This is pioneering shit and I'm going to make a ton of money off it.

>> No.16689643

I guess
I'm just trying to do some math here
lets say that the little jet has 10 seats, so that's 2.5 million income per trip. At least 750k+ is just fuel. Then you pay the pilots, service the aircraft, etc.
The aircraft themselves look relatively cheap to make, I'm sure that after a few dozen trips the maintenance and fuel costs make the aircraft costs seem pretty small.

So my perspective here: I see profit, I just don't see very much of it. At 250K per ticket, they can break even and generate hype, but they aren't making very much per-flight because of fuel costs just to get the whole thing up there and back down. You want to invest in a company with a couple million in earnings? it's fine. But you have to be investing in the hope that they will be able to grow earnings massively. Doing these little space flights with 3 jets isn't going make them a 4 billion dollar company on its own.

>> No.16689650

Sounds like a meme, but I hope you make it. Might throw a 100 bucks at it myself

>> No.16689670

Wait, Amrn is gonna experience an easy pump past $25 by January during a buyout

>> No.16689671

yes I agree and you make good points, if they just stopped R&D and made what they are currently doing into a solid business I still think the stock has room grow a lot, it's the expectation that they will continue to invest and do more exciting shit that makes it an exciting company to invest in. Richard Branson is an egotist and a good businessman so that seems likely to me.

>> No.16689693

I haven't been paying close attention to them, do you know if their management is making statements about their future plans?
Do they plan to stay focused on the space tourism angle, or are they branching out into doing launches, or other kinds of orbital activities?

At my work I interact, not closely, with various space/high altitiude firms who come in to test their chips or sensors. SpaceX, NASA, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, literally all of the major players come through a few times per year. We've never had Virgin, which (to me) indicates that they plan to stay in low orbit territory. (IE, low enough that there is plenty of atmosphere shielding them from the kind of cosmic rays that cause electronics damage).
Either that, or they are doing their testing elsewhere, or they aren't properly testing their equipment...

>> No.16689741

the american stock market

>> No.16689743

Pretty sure they are less ambitious in that sense than Space X and Blue Origin, they aren't getting involved with government contracts or building 'proper' spacecraft. Instead they want to perfect and monopolize low orbit space travel, making it as safe and cheap as possible. I'm pretty convinced they will succeed at it, Branson has a clear goal and plenty of money to spend on achieving it.

>> No.16689761

They aren't going to make it significantly less expensive than their current implementation unless they build a sci-fi structure (mass launcher or space elevator type thing)
In terms of rockets or planes, the fuel cost is going to be a pretty straightforward calculation based on the weight of the aircraft. If you're moving things to a certain altitude by burning jet fuel, there aren't any significant savings you can achieve without completely changing things to something that has never been done before

>> No.16689771

i was the healthcare fag asking about SPCE, glad to see some other people took up the subject. Definitely will DCA into it and just forget about it, thanks.

>> No.16689812

I just did some calculations and I'd say they make even less than you thought per flight, more like 1.5m revenue and half of that in profit. The expectation is that there will be a lot of these flights happening every year eventually and that they will have an almost total monopoly on the market. I don't think it's going to 100x and make me rich but I am absolutely convinced it will double at least.

>> No.16689837

it could double on hype before they release their first couple earnings reports...

I'd be surprised to see if they can get return customers, or if people just ride once and then the whole thing sort of fizzles out when they run out of new customers. I know there are a lot of millionaires in the world, but I think you would have to be 10M+ to be willing to spend 500K to take you and your wife on a 5 minute spaceflight... just my opinion.

Also I wonder how many flights their pilots can take before they hit the 5Rem yearly dose limit...

>> No.16689852


>Morgan Stanley began coverage of Virgin Galactic’s stock on Monday with an overweight rating, saying the space tourism company’s shares will soar as it proves out a long-term plan of flying people around the world at hypersonic speeds.

“A viable space tourism business is what you pay for today … but a chance to disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar airline [total addressable market] is what is really likely to drive the upside,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in a note to investors.

tl;dr hypersonic air travel may be their main breadwinner

>> No.16689867

Phone posting because I woke up to find the power is out. High winds probably kicked down a tree I see a bunch of branches everywhere

>> No.16689873

or maybe they will be able to convince old boomers with a million or two in the retirement account to take a spaceflight instead of bequeathing the money to their children.

It's funny to think about, for all the millenials etc. who are waiting to inherit boomer dollars so they can pay off their student loans and buy their first houses:
your parents are going to be spending that money on medical treatment and spaceflight, kids. 10 years of medical-grade fish oil pills aren't cheap, you know! hehe
old people love spending money. If your 60-70 year old parent has a couple million in a retirement account, you can bet on that money being GONE before you can touch it. The market finds a way

didn't seem to work out that well in the 90s

>> No.16689879

>didn't seem to work out that well in the 90s
sorry apparently Concorde first flew in the late 70's... I wasn't alive back then, I had no idea. I think of it as a 90's phenomenon

>> No.16689881

>didn't seem to work out that well in the 90s
Instagram didn't exist in the 90's either. Rich fucks will absolutely book flights just for pictures.

>> No.16689898
File: 2.13 MB, 1350x2402, 1572482951644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I agree they'll do it once.
I just don't know if they'll do it twice. At 250K+ per, I think the pool of potential repeat customers for this kind of thing is pretty small.

>> No.16689917

Adam Jonas is the same person who said TSLA is worth $10 and that they would only deliver 246,000 vehicles in 2020 despite them surpassing that in 2018. I would take the ramblings of a homeless man smearing his shit all over a wall and talking about demons more seriously than I would from anything Jonas as said regarding stocks.

>> No.16689921

Yes but I'm talking about the hypersonic flights from point A to point B on earth. That analyst thinks that will be Virgin Galactics main income.

"There are a variety of new approaches being developed to make point-to-point high speed travel a reality, whether it’s SpaceX’s idea of a landing and reusing an orbital rocket or flying at hypersonic speeds through the upper atmosphere. Hypersonic is a speed at Mach 5 and higher, or more than five times the speed of sound. According to Virgin Galactic, while a business jet from Los Angeles to Tokyo would take 11 hours, a hypersonic jet would make the trip in two hours.

“There’s a new chapter that’s going to start getting written over the coming years,” Whitesides said."


>> No.16689924

Well, this is why I will DCA into SPCE. I think it may be a wise long term decision. If I'm wrong I'm wrong.

>> No.16689946

Yeah but those flights are still going to be hyper expensive. Even if they don't go as high (50 miles) as the space flights, they still have to go pretty high and burn a goldmine worth of jetfuel to go that distance at that speed.
They'll have to have some sort of instagram brand-sponsorship program setup. Like imagine the zoomer's favorite instagram celebrtiy want to take a flight, they have to pay 50K and the flight is sponsored by Planter's Nuts so they have to make instagram posts before, during, and after the flight about how good Planter's Nuts taste when flying at Mach 5.

this is the FUTURE !

>> No.16689956

>why would people want expensive electric cars what we have is good enough

I'll take the risk

>> No.16689958

Hmm, maybe when I have some money freed up I'll buy into Virgin Galactic too, for a long term play.

>> No.16689961
File: 242 KB, 1080x1920, 20191229_100554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


savanon, I just wanna say thank you, and I love you, and your my new mommy.

Brand new, signed up for Robinhood 2 weeks ago cus my brother invited me for his free gimmie.

Yours was the first post I saw that really get my noggin jogging, you just seemed so sure.

Stupid me, I was willing to be risky and go with something I knew nothing about. But, not risky enough to put any serious bags on it.

So I turned my $15 into $50 and now in all-in on biotechs.

I have roughly $500 I want to invest and can hold as long as I need, also not gonna cry if I lose it all.

Oh great savanon, an you tell me what I should be doing with my portfolio to maximize my tendies to dollars ratio?

>> No.16689968

get rid of ACB. Other than that yeah fuck it as good a meme portfolio as any. Good luck anon.

>> No.16689972

some stock market people might think that we can make space travel cheaper, the way 4K tvs get cheaper or something like that...
but the laws of physics and rocketry haven't changed in the past 70 years. The amount of fuel that you have to burn can't really be decreased beyond a certain limit.
The only real improvement that SpaceX and the like have made is to re-use the vehicles completely, which is nice, but they are still burning the same amount of fuel (the main component of the cost) per kilogram that NASA was burning in the 70's

hey I'm not telling you not to buy it.
I just want to make a clear illustration of some of the limitations.
The only propellant superior in cost, in the long term, would be nuclear ramjet, but that has all sort of downsides and people would never allow it.
Jet fuel is jet fuel, rockets are rockets, airplanes are airplanes. No amount of hype will change that. If one of these companies comes out with a real technological breakthrough, then great! but the energetics of the situation haven't changed in the last 50 years, and nothing these companies are talking about now indicates that they plan to do anything different

>> No.16689982

also note that nuclear ramjet only works in the atmosphere, not in space or very high altitude...

>> No.16689995

>I just want to make a clear illustration of some of the limitations.
I'm aware of the risk, But 1,000 dollars or so isn't going to make or break me either way.

And just as the laws of physics are immutable so are the laws of stocks; they can only go three ways. Up, down, or sideways. I only lose money 33% of the time.

>> No.16690040

I don't know, I've done very little research into SPCE but I'm skeptical of their operation. It isn't really space tourism as much as it is weightless flights, which will last a whole of five minutes for $250,000 but there's already companies that do it for 30 seconds but cost only $5,500 with a technology that has already proven itself to be safe. It's a niche market but most people would pick the cheaper flight.

Starship is going to disrupt the market and allow for actual space tourism for the few people that can afford it and companies like Bigelow Aerospace are gearing up for creating habitation modules that would orbit the earth. It's going to take a while for these rockets to become human rated but once that happens, I doubt many people would chose Virgin over actually going to space and orbiting the planet in a space hotel.

>> No.16690051

I'll buy SPCE if I see it under $5, or if they start talking a real game
otherwise I just don't see any value there. You might get a $15/share or so, it could even pull a BYND and go to $50 (but I think that the zealous shorts might be more careful and have less money after the TSLA and BYND situations this year), so I don't see any kind of supersqueeze like that happening.

If you do get a short term run-up, my advice would be: don't be greedy, set a stoploss and try and buy back in under $10. possibly under $6

>> No.16690067


Thanks frend

I bought ACB from the plebbit post the other day that claimed a blind guy gave insider info on his youtube.

I guess moral of the story is: don't meme too hard

>> No.16690123



new thread, space edition


>> No.16690124

Anyone know if there is a Robinhood equivalent in the UK for trading in the London Stock Exchange?

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