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December 2009: Tiger Woods gets a DUI and is arrested. No such thing as cryptos.
December 2019: Donald Trump is impeached President. Cryptos boom/bust.
December 2029:Give /biz/ your predictions.

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Heterosexuality is seen as uncool and obsolete. No such thing as cryptos.

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>No such thing as cryptos.
retard, BTC was set up on the 3rd of January 2009.

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coomers rule the earth

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everyone is dead

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Cryptos weren't invented til April 2011 [1]
>53xzjELp BTFO!
Absolute retard!

[1] Wikipedia

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Post a trite nonevent and an infantile summary of the state of cryptocurrency?

Ok, I'll try: Brad Pitt smells a fart in his house and swings a door back and forth to waft the smell away, and there will be at least one more "coin" than there is now.

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Why are you jews always so obsessed with sex? Is it the mutilated dick thing?

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kek, I found out about crypto in late '11 for the reason the article mentions, the silk road. the April '11 date is the silk road. Which used BTC, Which was created before the silk road.
>Absolute retard!
Project much OP?
Fuckin newfags, ffs
KYS Zoomer scum

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The fall of legacy finance is pretty obvious to everyone. They still have some power but it's about like teacher's authority over seniors in the last days of highschool. Energy, food, and transportation is extremely cheap. The majority of people are on the way out of poverty.

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decentralized child pornography on the blockchain

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>Give /biz/ your predictions.
My prediction is the the world is only going to get worse, the Zoomers are way to fuckin arrogant. Nothing positive can come from such a generation. I hope for genocide

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Is this another trap?
These monstrosities are killing the enjoyment men had when seizing up women for times immemorial.
And the mass inoculated fluoride stared estrogen driven millennials don't even know since even the images of women are fakes on fakes and real women look more and more like men...
No big rocks coming.
Behavior is getting us extinct.
And by cold blood design.

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I look foward to the mass homelessness of zoomers. Will be easy as hell to buy several usable zoomers with the crypto gains.

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>usable zoomers

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