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>mfw I got 6 eth and I need 32 for PoS

Any tips on getting money quick?

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stop being poor

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I wish you luck

You could lose it all, or you could win it all.

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just be yourself bro it works for me

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Just make an ICO like Sergey Nazarov.

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You need 3200. You're not going to do anything with 32

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Sell this scamcoin and buy BSV

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Proof of Stake is a scam. You're being scammed, OP. Unironically.

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>need 32 for PoS
PoS isn't real.

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why youll get like 2% for staking eth

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get a job
it's gonna pump anytime soon

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PoS is at least 1 year from now, you got plenty of time

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sell your link stack

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Explain how PoS is a scam. PoW = getting dumped on by Chinese miners.

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BTC maximalists are in full FUD mode atm. Just wait for a couple more weeks and you can buy in cheap.
Their motive is so obvious. They just want to push down the price so they can buy in before 2.0. Check all these retards like "WhalePanda", Samson Moew and Adam Back

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The moment Eth goes PoS Buterik Vitalin and his bunch of nerdtards will be executed by hitmen paid by mighty miner conglomerates. Eth goes to zero. Etc will take-over big parts of their market share

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Just wait till mETH finds its true value, after PoS.
PoW is a commodity & can be used in the US/China, its makes adoption possible.
PoS is a security & offers no adoption among the worlds largest trading countries. It's no longer cryptocurrency. Also PoS offers no base value, as its 'just simply printed' it isn't even debt like fiat aka no 'value'.

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>It's no longer cryptocurrency

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a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

Thats from oxford dictionary, others say nearly the exact same. shame you're a 17+ fag & don't know about the '15 ruling making cryptocurrency under the jurisdiction of the CFTC.
KYS OP, keep buying things you fail to understand

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Eths utility is being gas you retard. It won't need PoS like Bitcone.

It will be its own thing. You're better off raging against Tether then.

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PoW* autocorrect

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>calling others retarded
You still fail to understand what I wrote, didn't you zoomer?
At no point did I mention utility either.
If you calm the fuck down, I can show you reality instead of baseless opinion if you don't believe me.
>It will be its own thing
KEK, you truly have no clue do you?

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You've used a lot of words in that post but it actually meant nothing. You're just angry dude.

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>You've used a lot of words in that post but it actually meant nothing.
Yes, I did
>You're just angry dude.
Nope, I just don't want to waste my time finding links, for someone that will just stay arrogant. Sadly the mETH heads are as bad as the Ripplets at this point. Its a Zoomer thing

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frag token on tron

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Hey funny guy, you're just arguing for the sake of it. You aren't even trying to prove why Eth is vaporware like you're claiming. Please fuck off

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>you're just arguing for the sake of it.
Nope, promise would have loved to show how/why PoW is a commodity ect, as your not going to look yourself obviously.
>You aren't even trying to prove why Eth is vaporware like you're claiming. Please fuck off
I was talking about PoS...in its current state its fine(ish).

Stay dumb anon, it truly is a shame what your generation is doing to its self.
>Please fuck off

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POS = Richest Wallets get all the "mining" rewards for free. This means the founders who got most of the supply for free, now will get most of the new supply getting printed for free. This always leads to a DUMP of an enless supply of free tokens. Look what happened to NXT which was great tech and the first pure POS chain. Dumped until everyone abandoned it. It used to have a massive community. Every other POS has also done the same if you look at PeerCoin, Ark....variations like NEM, etc. With POW you have generations of different miners who all have to take risk to mine the coin. POS is free coins for the rich founders.

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m8 pos can f(randmon) block rewards

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you can't be this retarded. who do you think will get the vast majority of the reward? Your 32ETH stake or Vitalik's 400,000 ETH stake or the ETH Foundation's 500,000 ETH stake or Joe Lubin's 300,000 ETH stake?

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>15 ruling making cryptocurrency under the jurisdiction of the CFTC.
>KYS OP, keep buying things you fail to understand

You always post this, but the CTFC already said in 2019 that ETH is commodity.


Also, some have mentioned whether this could change if ETH goes full PoS. This is stupid, because having a coin centralized in China (PoW) is way worse for the USA controlling it (Westerners have more money and PoS will give them more control over the network).

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buy 28 options if youre afraid of being priced out

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You have no idea how PoS works obviously. NXT dumped because its a fucking shitcoin with no use case. If there are going to be assets tokenized on Ethereum, then the networks market cap will reflect some of the value of the tokenized assets on the chain. There is already billions worth of tokens, tether, real estate, and its not even truly started yet. If it has no adoption, then yes, it probably would dump. But if there is adoption, people will constantly be buying to secure the chain and its rewards.

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Wow, who gets the vast majority of bitcoins mined? Oh yeah 65% goes to chinks. Lmao, the absolute state of PoW bag holders.

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No shit, chinks and Pajeets will stay away from Eth. Master race coin

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72 Million or over 70% of ETH premined


3 Million or 15% BTC left to mine going to Chinese miners at a huge cost which they might sell at a profit or a loss. Also no guarantee it's going to be the same Chinese miners over the next 100 years, it wasn't these miners 5 years ago.

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>You always post this
You 'always' post this same reply that shows you don't understand the '15 ruling & rely upon an article that never mentions PoS & assumes ETH is PoW (which it is).
>CTFC already said in 2019 that ETH is commodity.
Again, the article is about ETH being in its current state, PoW, also it even mentions how forks can be considered by some to be a security! PoS is a fork...
>some have mentioned whether this could change if ETH goes full PoS
The SEC use the term 'like BTC' regularly, PoS is not 'like' BTC, its why you like it. PoS is so much closer to a security (which is why the BTC ruling in '15 was so important) than an a commodity. It has a singular source for its creation, its just benefits who ever wins the lottery (quite literally).

What makes it a commodity - the W, the work part. Work has to be done to get the cryptocurrency. Like commodities, work has to be done to extract them.

This is the link you need, BTC is compared to gold, in the fact that its finite & not under the control of 1 government.
Please check out in the classifications section 'an investment' sections, b. Common Enterprise & c. Solely by the Efforts of Another
The whole PoS is based upon efforts of another, PoS is not 'like BTC', if its based on the efforts of another, your in securities territory.
Also no finetie amount of ETH

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chinese miners deserve it because western governments support a global energy cartell that enslaves their own citizens. think about it, the usd supports this sick system.

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