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no bully edition

List of popular brokers:
https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)

List of basic stock market terminology:
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed)

Risk management:
https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed)

Real-time market news:

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:

List of hedge fund holdings:


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s-sumo edition? me sumo fan nao, best sport ever


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What is ONTX? I bought because people were memeing it, but I honestly have no idea what it is, or what the ceiling is projected to be. Anyone here actually know? I made $1000 on it today, though.

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Merck am probably best company for DOW 30 o_o

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No muscle, no speed, and he's continuing to gain weight after quitting. Literally eating himself to death. Sad.

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>tfw you fell for the bigger means stronger meme not knowing the difference between fat and muscles

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Gme has to buy back more shares asap.
Shorts are covering.
I want my volkswagen tier short squeeze now.

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The length of the ready-up procedure in sumo always gets me. It like five times longer than the actual match. Stamp outside the circle, bow, stamp inside the circle, bow, squat, raise hand, squat, hang on I gotta get muh tassles out of my thong, okay squat, stamp, bow, LEADY.... GO- match over.

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Will AMD go higher? AAPL?

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What if there was a coin that funded early pharma ideas.
FDA approved it moons. Ofc many take forever to get approval. Investors are in for the specific project not stock in some unknown pharma company. Why not this

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Literally not one person here knows, lmao. They were just following what insiders were buying.

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>anyone who bet on long was right but if they used a stop loss like that they got knocked out.
Listen, all traders lose most of the time and the stats themselves say that roughly 95% of all traders end up quiting because they keep losing money. This happens because risk management is ignored by most traders, especially new ones. In order to stay successful over a long period of time (because most traders will lose a majority of trades) is to use risk management.. have a plan, place a stop loss and only risk 1-2% of your account every trade. Good traders wouldn't have their stop losses under the daily low if they entered at the daily low. If they entered their trade at let's say 46.12, you're suppose to look for an area under your current position because the chance of the daily low to be tested again is high. This is why bad stop losses and good stop losses exists.
So for me.. if I entered a trade on AMD at 46.12 I would have placed my stop loss under yesterday's swing low but I personally wouldn't even risk 1% on this trade because it would have been a risky one, so I would probably just risk 0.50% and that's roughly right under the hourly swing low at ~45.90. So my trade would have survived for now if I were to have traded this and that's the strategy I was teached by a professional trader which means that's how most traders does it. Oh and also, swing traders wouldn't put their stop loss under today's low, the fuck are you on about? Swing traders from earlier this week would have had their stop loss at 45.60 (so yesterday's low that we have been talking about) and last week's swing trade would have had their stop loss under this week's lower range so roughly 44.90.

Sure you can try and argue against using stop loss, but the day you're in a trade and it suddenly dumps hard because there's some bad news, bad event, fat profit targets, a strong area that you missed getting rejected hard, etc etc. You're going to regret not using a stop loss. Just saying

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Good broker for britbong?

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It's a cancer drug. Phase 3 trials. The low is 1.5. the high is 14.00. The 52w high was 4. They did a cash raise while back so the stock tanked over it. Supposed to be more news out Jan 2nd.

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>Phase 3 trials. The low is 1.5. the high is 14.00

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Buy xph instead, fren

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gotta have ancient traditions ya know one of the oldest sports, fights are short usually. some times they both get exhausted then fight can take longer :]]

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Asking as a Euro,
Is using the broker part of your current Bank a good idea, or should you use a seperate online brokerage?

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Heh heh
I’ll be the smart money soon!

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Do people expect it to go even further than that, or is 14 the goal, period?

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With just these resources from my local library, I’ll be A Large Spec in no time at all!

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Doubt it. Check out interactive brokers, and stay away from degiro

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oh yeah i totally understand, but you know how it is. it's psychologically difficult for people to take losses and accept losing money. it's something i'm going to have to take into deep consideration over the weekend, im just glad i did so well this week (even today being my shittiest i just broke even), i have some good data and now i can take a few days to review shit and consider what i did right and did wrong.

i want to scalp though so stop losses are harder to work with. i just wish MM's couldn't more or less cheat and see that stuff via the order flow they pay for, so having a tight stop loss is just going to end up being a death sentence. what im thinking currently is to do something like 2x the ATR stop loss with the idea of focusing first on earning 2x the ATR in profit first over a couple of trades (probably 1x ATR trades), and then after the first 2 wins im making profit until my stop loss gets hit and i have to re-evaluate where things are going from there. a good trade can last like 10-20+ candles in a lot of cases, which is what you rely on the TA for, but as long as i can make that initial cost of the stop loss im golden. that's the theory at least, but it's still going to require yet more backtesting this weekend.

tl;dr yeah, going to need to solidify my strategy with stop losses (likely some multiple of the ATR between 1-3x), but losses feels bad man. just something everyone has to get over and accept.

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How much time do I have left for accumulating GALT? I'm trying to hoard as much as I can but I don't know when the deadline is.

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Sure sure, but some stocks really do get cheaper as the price drops.

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The fomo reeks man.
Stob id.
NO, bad goyim.
Buy lci instead.

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Wish i knew. I am hoping for early next year.

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If galt ends up failing, will you feel remorse for all these low IQ losing their money?

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But sava will surely moon on phase2 results close to it. Look at crtx valuation. It's becoming stressful...

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He said GALT is guaranteed though, it can't fail.

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I want everyone to make it, but there are some lessons you have to learn the hard way.

Don’t bet too much money on companies that have never turned a profit and have no products on the market.

Don’t listen to shills and tripfags.

Buy the great American companies, the indexes, BILI, and NTDOY.

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Oh, that makes sense.
Well, if that's the case...

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Who knows. Still lots of things could happen. All depends on how good the news turns out to be down the road. Depends also on any competition and how far along they are as well. If this is the only viable treatment drug and it makes it thru all the FDA hoops well the potential Profit is sky high. If the FDA screws them over or the data is faulty,etc your payoff is fucked.

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Absolute worst case imho is it's a 10 bagger in 3-4 years for whatever reason. Which is not too much to be happy about, for sure, but not as bad as most.

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But it's a risk I'll take. Hey blow $30 on a possible $1400 gain? Hell yeah I'll do it. Specifically when you know most people blow $30 during the week on uh "shit" they could really do without. Starbucks, MCD's,etc.

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what do you think about this for a newbie?
have 15k to invest.

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the stock market is literally "you can make money literally into more money, directly, but it's okay because you can also potentially make that money into literally less money directly too", it's like if gambling heavily favored the skilled or something.

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Yeah, this would be nice, but i for one would just never make it because my input money is just not enough.
The pennystocks is where retail can have a decent edge though, especially biotech. You can reduce your risks by just reading enough. Hedge funds couldn't do this, because it just doesnt's scale well. Let's say you absolutely know everything about ontx and 100x your money. Well, an institution for the same work would get 5% since the market cap is just too low compared to the managed money. So i don't think they even bother, hence the many irrational undervaluations in that sector.

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Its kinda like blowing a wad on Amazon in 1997. The stock was cheap as shit and nobody knew then if the company was gonna sink or make Profit out the ass. The stock was only $4 a share (or thereabouts). A puny 100 investment then would be worth around 50,000 today (more if you sold when the stock was past 2k a share).

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He galt is a scam, yo
>Don’t bet too much money on companies that have never turned a profit and have no products on the market.

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*He said

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>COT report delayed because federal holiday


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I didn’t say it’s a scam... I don’t know enough about it. It could be a scam. It’s more like a gamble. But I can’t tell if it’s a roulette wheel at the Vegas casino, or dice in a back alley of a city with a high murder rate.

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Skimmed the video. Follow his advice is you're retarded. If you aren't then you can do much better yourself with very little knowledge. Doesn't take much to find a decent strategy. Just needs to fit your personal risk tolerance

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Holy shit.

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What the hell do you call this pattern? I have no Idea what it will do next...

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Yay for $6 SAVA. when do we sell, at $50?

>> No.16677749

Another one; if i live in mexico
Should i change everything to dollars first?
Lets say my national currency will go R.I.P in like a year.

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If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to scalp so badly? Is it the "get rich fast" mentality or what?

Can SAVA do it? Can it force its way through the orange shit box?

>> No.16677802

this guy explains it well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9fUDFgdB38

>> No.16677819

That's about right for a while. I am guessing 15 by summer at least and 50 eoy perhaps. Keep checking crtx though for valuation.
Fun fact: crtx aims to cure alzheimers by inhibiting gingipains which are products of common mouth bacteria. This is pretty much in line with more recent papers as well as sava results.
But what can inhibit gingipains as well? That's right, allicin, in garlic! So hats off to garlicbro may he be healthy forever

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No one knows what the market will do next

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stocks only go up

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One of these days GALT is gonna explode and all its shorts will burn in hell. Amen.

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Thanks to the many uh loopholes in the regs that govern state retirement I may be able to use my private sector work time and get credit for it. So I could walk out even sooner than planned and still draw a full pension. I already got things in motion. Hey if I can why the hell not? Make that time I wasted in the private sector count for something you know. Also got ass loads of sick time I can use as well to knock that down even more. All in all we're talking around a 2 year reduction in time I gotta put in. Or I could do it the other way, put in the full time but get credit for 2 extra years of work. (and get a higher pension amount)

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How many shares you got? I have 1100.

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who is your favorite sumo bros? for me its tochinoshin and takayasu!

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>buy silver
>drops hard after
Yeah I'm think I'm based and ruined

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any clinical trial news?

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Been bagholding since September breh
Nobody’s ever gonna make it

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are you this guy?

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It's called zoom out and stop taking a magnifying glass to 10 minute candles.

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I don't follow the sport. The only sumo dude I know is the Hawaiian who was the hot business for a while.

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the fuck is this guy talking about?

my vxx calls expired this week, I'm unhedged and verrrrrrry looooooong

Is Dahnald and Jerome going to give me the fucked?

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Splendid AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH gif. Saving for future use when the time comes.

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The pump will never end, JP can print infinite money

>> No.16678112

please be careful... it's the only tawawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gif i've got

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Made 900 these past 2 days on FCEL. Good times.

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So fintel requires a subscription now for seeing tute buys? What is an alternative?

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That doesn’t mean he’ll keep it running full blast until November... but I was betting on a Santa rally running through at least the 1st

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schwab or degiro for eu?

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You should convert it all into dollars or US stocks as much as possible imo even if you think the currency isn't going to tank it sure as hell won't keep up with the dollar.

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Anyone betting money on the presidency? For betting on the right dnc candidate alone makes good money. Yang pays out to 14x. What do you guys think? Is yang a winner, or will someone else be against trump?

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Now this is BASED

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Lmao that was me and I cashed out my gains already and turned em into SLV puts

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Oh also,AMD puts look tasty

>> No.16678330

your still based and you have silver

>> No.16678335

Will it go back up soon or drop harder cos I'm fuckin worried desu

>> No.16678338

Pulled off my first scalp today, made a quick $300. Way too stressful though I’m sticking to longer term options

>> No.16678354

SLV will go back to 16.25 looks like the rise again.
Buy more on this big dip.

>> No.16678364

Been making a solid 1% per day for a couple weeks now and today I’m down 0.5% and I feel like a fraud anyone else know this feel?

>> No.16678366

Hmm. kinda off topic but it just kinda came to me. Almost 10 years since HP 7 came out. Just 9 more till we get to the whole 19 yrs later time. Be cool to see if the special aging effects done then to make the actors look 19 years older actually worked halfway decently. Most of them would be hitting age 40 in 2029.

>> No.16678369

Wanting Yang to win is not the same as THINKING he will win. His chances as with anyone not named Bernie, Biden, or Warren is near 0% and I would not put money backing it. Would probably have a greater chance of making money going all in on a SNSS call that expires in next week then betting on Yang getting the nominee.

>> No.16678379


What platform you using for the bets?

Wish I woulda bet on papa Trump after he announced his candidacy in 16.

>> No.16678396

I love how snss is bullied so much. Wait are they seriously going with another person nobody likes?

>> No.16678443

Absolutely. I prefer to only analyze my performance on a six month basis for this reason. The day to day will be all over the place.

>> No.16678474

Aight reddit what’s good whats hot what’s the play next week?? Let’s go get this money y’all!!!

>> No.16678502

Does using DRIP only send you right back into the stock/fund that generated it? Or can you tell the thing to send all that moneys to AMZN to get 1 full share after 50 years

>> No.16678520

While Yang is easily my favorite and if I deemed it worth the effort would vote for him, he's doomed because ask anyone about him and he's just "that free thousand dollar guy". And the people who would vote solely based on that are already accounted for, as they are screaming and nodding in agreement in the background of trump rallies

>> No.16678557

Trump will win, there's no question about it.. even more obvious now than in 2016 actually. The only ones that believes that Trump will lose are the echo chamber which is leddit and twitter, they live in such delusion that they actually thought Labour would win in the UK even though everything pointed towards a big conservative win. That's how fucking brainwashed they are

>> No.16678590

Oh you're talking about the dem primary. I think Biden will go down actually, I followed the Ukraine crisis in depth and all the way back then there were first rumors and then ukrainian sources saying that "westerners" took over the country's wealth from within as soon as the russian puppet got removed. Biden's son was literally mentioned back then which was now 5 fucking years ago, the fact that nothing happened was simply because Obama was in office and obviously couldn't let the vice president crash and burn.
This shit will come and bite him in the ass if he wins the primary and the dem elite knows this very well. My bet is Warren, she's left enough for the bernouts but at the same time has magically amassed millions which is obviously from the elite buying her.

>> No.16678602

They are certainly trying.

>> No.16678619

I have 1700 in cash to invest, have been waiting for a dip/correction like last Dec but doesn't look as if it's happening, what should I add to my portfolio?

>> No.16678628 [DELETED] 

Trump is impeached in March, Pence assumes the Iron throne, Nuclear war breaks out in middle east.

By December Dow is quad digits. Check 'em

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Wrong on all points.

>> No.16678716

>Does using DRIP only send you right back into the stock/fund that generated it? Or can you tell the thing to send all that moneys to AMZN to get 1 full share after 50 years

I use fidelity and sometimes they go back to the stock, sometimes they go into my unsettled fund. Unsure how to change it.

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This person doesn't know what "impeached" means.
>the fact that nothing happened was simply because Obama was in office and obviously couldn't let the vice president crash and burn
OR it could be that the evidence isn't there. "Sources" saying that westerners stole their wealth is basically what all third worlders say when their governments swindle them. I've spoken to Ukranians and they all take it as a fact that Zelinsky is corrupt.

The amount of graft that goes on in these countries is beyond your reasoning, and the game of ambassadorships and wooing foreign dignitaries through their children is not new, and has not stopped under Trump. Corrupt gov't officials are still doing whatever cooking of the books and embezzlements they want.

DRiP = Dividend reinvestment program. It invests directly back into the stock/fund. This is better than it sitting in your account for 50 years because that extra .2 shares means you get an extra 20% of a dividend the next time dividend season comes around.

Literally gambling? No thank you. It sounds fun, but no thank you. I had two calls today expire worthless, that's enough of a gamble for me. Fucking Cisco, it was in the money yesterday, and managed to get back today briefly.

Trump could have a brain aneurism at any moment over the next 11 months and then your money would go to zero.

I've already had a CEO get thrown away: MCD dipped and has almost completely rebounded, while paying a dividend. Gambling on elections doesn't do that.

I'd rather put that money towards some QYLD, or maybe some MRK and LMT.

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it's literally about to happen, if we don't get a 1-2% pullback either on the indices or in a particular sector (probably tech) by the end of january, I'll be very surprised.

I'm still taking it day by day, but I expect profit taking or a sell the news trade deal in January. If you can't wait that long, then I like VTI, QYLD, and VIG (or VDIGX) in that order.

>> No.16678802 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I can see everyone starting to pile in to loss harvest their losers and then watch their numbers start dropping and then everyone "locks in profits" at once leading to panic at the disco

>> No.16678812

this is another ill-informed post... are you going to delete this one too?

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Pull the trigger now or wait for a correction? I'm a low risk fag with mostly boomer tier positions, but these bioshits look so tasty.

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Are you COOMbrains ready for the end of your little momentum tech faggotry cycle with PEs in the 50+ range?

Mid-cap industrials are back on the menu.

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File: 276 KB, 1280x960, 648082D4-6E19-4E94-A0F5-72B53F3DECD6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Important public service announcement to all boomers browsing my /biz/-

Buy chainlink

>> No.16678879


What the fuck for? Crypto isnt shit. If I wanted to speculate I’ll buy penny stocks or gamble one way or the other on options for a company I know next to nothing about.

>> No.16678884


Get in ASAP Monday

>> No.16678892

>Ukraine coup happens
>The most valuable shit coming out of Ukraine other than territory is gas
>The vice president's son casually joins the board of directors right after the coup
>The company has been under investigation for money-laundering and large corruption charges for years
Yeah I'm sure it's nothing. Not to mention the fact that Pelosi herself said that impeaching Trump was not worth it, until Trump pushed for an investigation that would most likely end up in a political massacre in america if they found out the truth of what actually happened in Ukraine after the coup.
I mean the freak-out from the dems speaks for itself if you ask me

>> No.16678895
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Begone shitcoin peddler!

>> No.16678916

I loss harvested my AMRN today. Frankly... I think theres better ways to make money off dying people.

>> No.16679000


I wouldn't suggest SCI, I've worked there a year and the place is a shit show, changing for the worse every day.

>> No.16679005

I can't wait for the ARMN buyout; 45 a share. $39,240 richer. Better than being ass broke..

>> No.16679041

I said, dying, not dead, people.

Gramps was a mortician. I saw my first dead body age 6.

>> No.16679051

>tfw want to just autistically buy things in exact $5k chunks but no fractions
I guess I have to settle for buying shares only in exact 100s. but then dividend reinvestment will fuck me

>> No.16679052

People claim this is happening, but they say that about every other stock too. Unless people have some basis for it, don't count on it like people did when it hit 26.

>> No.16679083

OR it could be that the evidence isn't there. "Sources" saying that westerners stole their wealth is basically what all third worlders say when their governments swindle them. I've spoken to Ukranians and they all take it as a fact that Zelinsky is corrupt.

The amount of graft that goes on in these countries is beyond your reasoning, and the game of ambassadorships and wooing foreign dignitaries through their children is not new, and has not stopped under Trump. Corrupt gov't officials are still doing whatever cooking of the books and embezzlements they want.

>> No.16679099

Will MJ make a comeback in 2020? I've got about 50 shares with an average cost of $23.47.
I'm betting on April for another boom but still a tad worried.

>> No.16679103

Nobody knows. It needs to a big catalyst.

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I'll add that Pelosi began the year with people calling for her to be replaced as speaker, and all the clamoring from the congressional newcomers. She's managed to reign it all in and present a united front in congress. We're too busy looking at the free for all that is the primary, Nancy has been playing the politics well.

It's amazing to me how tribalism blinds people and skews perceptions. There's rumors about Biden's son... and then you'll probably tell me that there's no evidence on trump and that he's clean as a whistle and if anything what Biden did was much much worse. Because the rumors.

Face it. They're all playing the same game and they've got you running around in circles covering for one shitter and attacking another. Probably, assuming you believe trump is just trying to get to the bottom of this and Biden is actually the big baddie.

>> No.16679149


Gonna have to get over that or you’ll never be happy about anything ever. Nothing’s perfect until you accept everything is perfect as is imperfect and all. Even fat and ugly chicks.

>> No.16679200

I've noticed they seem to be cyclical. Most years they dip down to almost nothing in the winter than shoot back up in the spring and summer months. I'm hoping my theory is correct. I suppose it will depend on if investors have lost faith in the industry or not and if they're willing to jump on the hype train if/when cannabis stocks start to show signs of going up again. With that said, I truly believe in the industry as a whole but the numbers are still concerning when glossing over the financials of this particular ETF.

>> No.16679319



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I'm gonna dump a few thousand into my account on Jan 1 when my TFSA limit resets

I plan on buying 3 shares of SOXL, a few thousand shares of some random mining stock, and either LCI, SAVA, or ONTX with what's left, probably about $350 USD. Which of these is three is the safest bet?

>> No.16679473

LCI management has been putting in work

LCI to $60

>> No.16679477

deadlifts... what a kekistani. Absolutely /fit/ tier

>> No.16679495

And they’re looking to take on additional debt to finance that work!

Why would a company issue take on additional debt to service and, and dilute their stock with new shares, if they weren’t completely confident that revenue would continue to grow?
They wouldn’t!

After all, Apple just took on fresh debt and they have plenty of cash on hand. I’m sure LCI is as solid as Apple, it’s just trading at a discount.

>> No.16679514

Old management ran LCI to the ground and new management is doing a good job at turning this boat around... They might not even dilute come 2026... and this recent s-3 is just registering shares.. imo.. it's a more of a "just in case" like if they end up in trouble they can issue the shares if need be... also.. i'm pretty sure LCI needs atleast 70mill cash on hand at all times for their debt covenants for term loan A

LCI is a solid company

LCI to $60

>> No.16679546

I've heard you mention your $60 PT for LCI several times, but I've always wanted to ask, is that PT a joke or do you have a fundamental reasoning behind it?

>> No.16679577

Once LCI gets their new products on the line and their debt handled (which is all very soon) The company will be doing better than it was when it was previously at $60

>> No.16679636

yahoo finance shows top holders. thats all i got.

>> No.16679718
File: 277 KB, 1920x1080, 1576967963691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like hedgefollow but it's not the same and might not show what you're looking for, also doesn't show when they use put/call options

>> No.16679944
File: 553 KB, 684x610, 1575425280136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16679995

time to go into cryostasis until monday morning

>> No.16680157

LCI guy has been saying this shit since I started visiting this board August 2018, most movement was from $5 to $12

My theory is this guy bought in at the top ($70) and shills this shit stock wherever he can

>> No.16680159
File: 282 KB, 413x599, snug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

time for fun! I'm going into the desert again tomorrow to shoot gun with friend

>> No.16680175


I haven't done stocks before did I pick a good time to buy at a coming crash?
I only have 10$ can I be a millionaire through penny stocks?

>> No.16680250

>I only have 10$ can I be a millionaire through penny stocks?
No. Get a job. You can exponentially increase 10 buck with a job a lot more quickly than you hypothetically could gambling on penny trash.

>> No.16680257

not going back to the rat race anon I will earn money working for myself

>> No.16680269
File: 2.97 MB, 540x305, iLoveiLose.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's over. Xi wins. I don't know how I'm supposed to live like this when there's... I mean... she's so industrious and yet peaceful... people really live like this? Or is this just brilliant commie propaganda?


>> No.16680291
File: 668 KB, 800x1156, bogd khan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There isn't a coming crash (at least not imminently in my opine). If you have 10 bucks you can potentially become a hundredaire if you're lucky enough, I rarely recommend pennies though unless you have a specific, grounded, intelligent reason you think yours in particular will pop off. Go earn some money dawg!

>> No.16680336

Now this is the life I want to live, far away from the cities and be self sustaining for me and my future family

>> No.16680374
File: 298 KB, 1125x590, 87E71186-E841-4155-AF98-698A2E9C0461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the US stock market has never been this high before, obviously this is unsustainable!!!!:^)!!!!

Very nice bull porn this week, Did you buy back your spy yet?

>> No.16680431

looks like propaganda
there are real people that live like this, quite a few of them in fact.

they just aren't young girls who wear that much makeup while working, and they don't make youtube videos of themselves....

>> No.16680441
File: 840 KB, 800x889, rotha orman CUTE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, I should have tho :(
Debating whether to get more into MCD, PEP, KO etc but I don't have the funds for 100 shares to sell covvies on all of them and I don't want to just pick 1 or 2. What else could I get? MO maybe? V? I'm so uncertain! I'm in a state of flux nao, need to look harder for an opportunity to strike!

>> No.16680465
File: 68 KB, 1638x227, fate bilibili.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh btw you're in bilibilibilibili? I was reading the wiki page for Fate/Grand Order at lunch today cuz I saw a twatter post about it, saw this tidbit! Is this true? Fuggin wild if it's still accurate

>> No.16680472

the guy at the tobacco store was badmouthing Juul when I went in to try and buy some menthol Jullies
Apparently Juul just isn't shipping product to retailers at all anymore, they're only selling online in most places.
It's a shame for me because I never set up the online thing. Maybe it's the future, who knows. Anyway the menthol Juulies definitely hit 200% better than any of the K-mart brand MenthPods. MO is definitely in an unsure position from my perspective.

>> No.16680522

I think Juulie's time in the sun is coming to a close. However, I think this was the plan from the start. From MO's perspective they want to consolidate the market, I (perhaps paranoiacally) think they plan on doing this by demonizing vaping, aiding in legislation against it, screwing over all small eliquid and vape companies, then swooping in in a few years with a new product using Juul's model as a basis. Juul was essentially a viral hit, it wasn't cheaper or higher quality than other vapes, it's success was bred from it's memetic potential among teens n college students, higher strength nic salts, and fashionable aesthetics. It shouldn't be hard to reverse engineer these factors and essentially meme another product like it once vape-death stories are 2-3 years behind us (centuries in today's accelerated time).
I'm incredibly happy that hundreds of thousands of normie teens who never would have picked up a cigarette now know they like nicotine, particularly in high strength. There will be a whole generation of kids who are 16-24 now who will always associate the best times in their lives with high-dose nicotine, I predict this will have great long term effects, these are powerful brilliant minds awakened through the spiritual joy of nicotine. Expect great artistic works, immense social movements, emergent mystic philosopher-kings and psychic warriors entering adulthood. The Schumann resonance will thrum with their vitality and joy and we will truly find ourselves in the roaring 20s.

>> No.16680557

You have no idea what you're talking about
The core of the roaring neo-20's is psychedelic fascism, not electronic tobacco...

Also Juul's product is clearly better than the knockoff competitors. If you can name me a nic salt that hits just like Juul menthol, I'll buy it. Nothing I've tried comes close to the purity and consistency of the flavour from the Juul.
I think they are still trying to be the "big boy" in vaping, they are trying to make it an online-only thing so that they can control it fully. And it might work out for them, I really have no idea how many people are monthly Juul subscribers. I'm allergic to any kind of subscription-based payments, taxes and utilities and my mortgage are bad enough. I couldn't imagine the kind of monthly payments normies are lining up for: some kind of monthly payment for 3 different streaming services, two different gaming services, probably some kind of monthly payment to Apple... it goes on and on

>> No.16680719

He bought in around 15.
From all the shilling here LCI is the onli one which is not a complete scam. Everithing else is
>bui this because biotech data (if it's shit it goes to 0 but I won't tell iou that.) muh cancer cure
>buiout soon (whi iou ask? Nuh dunno cause green bag stuffing)
Most of the retards here bought lci on the top of the shortsqueeze and guess what...thei're down.
Who would have thought?..whi am I down on mi fomo position?...how could this happen to me?...No, it's not mi fault..

>> No.16680977
File: 52 KB, 705x814, Screenshot_20191227-183724~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he is not all in on the best performing market of 2019

>> No.16681039

I bought 500 shares because of the memes. Pure, shameless gambling, I'll admit.

It's just 200€. I can take the loss.

>> No.16681061

is there a purpose to the stock market at all besides speculation/gambling? i mean you could say to save for retirement over decades or some shit but i mean, plenty of stocks fail or just fall in price, and the stock market has crashed before or we get recessions depressions etc. look at what happened in 2008 for example, a lot of people's retirements got completely fucked.

>> No.16681066

Any Britbongs here? What are you investing in?

My current holdings:

Plan on getting holdings in these 3 in 2020:

>> No.16681075

The alternative is basically putting money under your pillow and see it depreciate, so it's sensible to try letting the money work for you.

>> No.16681080
File: 480 KB, 1188x612, models.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone trade based on models?

>> No.16681081

it's called gapping and it's more or less why i refuse to hold a stock overnight. also a stock in the 10's is basically penny stock lite.

>> No.16681087

For the same reason is there any reason to holding money? I forgot which country it was but it happened recently, some banana republic, their currency crashed and their money was worthless. They would have been better off buying shares.

>> No.16681101

yeah but it's hardly guaranteed or anything. if anything it feels like the safest bet nowadays is to actively manage your money.

>banana republic

yeah i don't live in a 3rd world country sorry lmao (it was close those, hillary almost became president, dodged that bullet...), then again i've embraced being a speculator so it's not even that big of a deal.

i guess what im saying is that i wish more people would get a real financial education, you can do it for free on the internet pretty easily if you just put the time in. most people have no fucking clue how to handle their finances, i know i only started in my late 20's and i was pretty horrified to find out how much i was missing out on. how much i didn't know. it's so fucking important.

>> No.16681210

But there's a difference here, you know what that is? They are actively investigating Trump and blaiming him for everything that is bad in this world, as soon as he tries to push forward an investigation it's impeachment and banishment. If they have nothing to hide then let him investigate, right? I mean what's the problem here?

>> No.16681259

i trade based on dank meems

>> No.16681264

I don't really consider video evidence a "rumor" though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXA--dj2-CY

meanwhile Trump released the phone transcript showing he didn't do shit and they still vote to impeach him in the House. it's fucking insane and currently blowing up in the dem's face nearly ensuring Trump's reelection. if you honestly think that Pelosi is "playing the politics well" you're fucking delusional, kid. if anything, she got forced into doing something she didn't want to do (try to impeach Trump even though they literally made everything up, using the media to back their lies) and only now is realizing how dumb of a move that was.

in short they tried to frame Trump for a crime he didn't commit, they used the FBI to fucking do it and the MSM to try to make it look legit, and Trump knew all of this and is just playing it all for political gain because he knows what really happened. it's the sort of scandal that will likely be written about in textbooks as one of the biggest scandals in political history. they just couldn't get over how much the guy makes them seethe, and now it's all blowing up in their faces, it's hilarious and sad at the same time.

>> No.16681308

Hello fellow britbong. What broker are you using? I've signed up for robin hood today, should be coming out early 2020 in the UK

>> No.16681377

Bloomberg 100%

>> No.16681405

What is this, stock market trade streaming?

>> No.16681414

where do you bet on who will win the 2020 presidency? i feel like Trump will win 100% so i've been wondering at least what the odds are on him currently? just seems like a lock so far with how fucked up the dems are currently, most of america sees them as psychotic compulsive liars atm. i had a friend tell me that you have to go to a casino to make that sort of bet but idk, if i can't do it online i probably wouldn't bother but i am curious what odds they're giving Trump atm, how much i'd make if i was right and put say $1k on it.

>> No.16681421

Dude, what in the actual fuck did youtube just recommend me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6qUoRu58zo
I swear if this is how anyone here trades, you deserve to lose money. The fact that he's allowed to promote this kind of garbage and even get pushed forward by youtube's algorithm is insane.

>> No.16681428

i mean to be fair it's not like that is unheard of:

>> No.16681443

there are lots of live stock traders streamers on youtube

>> No.16681501

>I swear if this is how anyone here trades, you deserve to lose money.

of course, it's a scam that's the point of a scam. any legit professional will tell you to run for the hills when dealing with anyone who tells you that you can make a lot of money with a little money in a very short period of time ("get rich quick"). like. literally all of them will tell you this, on a regular basis.

you can't really get mad about youtube promoting this stuff though, all they care about are the views/ad revenue. it's like getting mad about someone shorting a company who is making some cure for a major disease and making money off of it. it's not really a moral question we're all just trying to make money here. it's why there are so many issues with china currently, people are disgusted by their human rights violations, stealing technology IP, etc but holy fuck 1.38 billion people is a LOT of potential customers.

>> No.16681507
File: 56 KB, 1368x438, fredfux.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Units: Billions of dollars

>> No.16681516
File: 367 KB, 960x960, 1447634217413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just made a penny day trading BTC. Everybody post your gains.

>> No.16681577

i made about 4% this week day trading stocks, just shy of my 5% goal but it's my first week day trading with real money. im starting with a small amount ($1k) but im playing it safe and making sure my strategy actually works consistently. so far so good, though. so basically i made around $40 this week while on vacation. the last day i managed a losing trade into a break even one and i chock that up mostly to getting drunk at a party the night before and being hungover, so i learned to never trade while hungover again. got lucky on that one i feel.

just goes to show you the power of a good system. even when i royally fuck myself i still come out at break even. worth the months and months of pouring all of my time into it outside of work, eating, and sleeping i guess. once i get enough data to prove it works consistently enough with $1k i'll start to scale my trades up. i have really enjoyed the knowledge that i can DCA a ton of times when trading with such a small amount though, feels comfy.

>> No.16681592

Fidelity, might move to Robinhood when it's released but I kinda like how trade fees encourages me to trade less.

>> No.16681605

are you greek?

>> No.16681644

How did you start off mate? Any general tips to someone starting off?

You doing a stock and shares ISA?

>> No.16681674

>You doing a stock and shares ISA?
Yeah. Focusing on passive income. My target to start off with is £100 a month.

>> No.16681701

Am I right in saying that with a Stocks and Shares ISA you can invest up to 20k £, and all profits from that investment are not taxable?

>> No.16681727

Yes. You still pay stamp duty when you buy shares though.

>> No.16681728

i actually decided to watch the video and honestly it wasn't that bad. the guy is ultimately telling people to not day trade, idk wtf this dropshipping stuff he's peddling is tho.

the whole video is basically "hey i made a couple hundred bucks off of $10k day trading but i didn't know wtf i was doing and it was mostly guesswork, but hey it was fun"

>> No.16681734

Alright thanks, seems pretty crazy to me but it's cool. What about trades?

>> No.16681745

technical analysis is god, basically. fundamental analysis provides the foundation and TA is the house built on top of it. literally just watch every video no nonsense forex has ever put out (i trade stocks using the same way, created my own algorithm in a similar style) and you should have a solid trading education foundation that you can then run with.

after that it's just a fuckload of testing. a lot of looking at charts every day and seeing what works and what doesn't. learn how to scan for the best stocks and then go to the beginning of the day and click forward 1 candle at a time and consider whether you'd take a trade long or short, or just wait. if the system is really good at predicting the future then you can take it into the real world with small amounts of real money. if it works with small amounts of real money you can slowly increase the amount of money you trade with. slow and steady wins the race, this isn't about getting rich quick it's about getting rich slowly.

>> No.16681749
File: 125 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191227-142635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

should I buy CARA?

>> No.16681758

ACB $3+ next week

>> No.16681768

>it dropped like 40% and now it's been basically flatlining for a month


>> No.16681771


>> No.16681809

And with China's history of censoring the internet there's no doubt this has the red stamp of approval from the Chi-com internet police.

>> No.16681812

>h every video no nonsense forex has ever put out
You can stop shilling your channel now, thanks.

>> No.16681859

Stamp duty is charged on all trades and then you have your broker fee.

One of the things I check before buying shares in a company is the broker recommendations, I'll type in on Google, for example, Britvic HL.

Another is the dividend coverage and I make sure they have a good history of paying out dividends. Dividendmax is a good site for that.

>> No.16681861

Thanks, I already spent time on TA when I was doing crypto but it was kind of useless back then. What's your strategy?
I would do weekly trades since I'm working 9-5

>> No.16681909

what's your opinion on Peloton?

>> No.16681913

it's easier than writing everything out as i'd just be typing up paragraphs of shit that are already there. if i posted some online course from opencourseware would you say im shilling MIT or something? there's nothing being sold here, all of the info is free.

similar to NNFX im not giving out my exact system, he doesn't either he just provides an outline for what it should look like. a baseline, two confirmation indicators, an exit indicator and a volume indicator, basically. he gives some (i would say purposefully) shitty examples of indicators and tells you there are better ones out there for you to find and test for yourself. anything he considers a "top 100 indicator" is something worth testing out generally.

the most important part for you to learn isn't even indicators, it's money management and psychology. no one wants to hear that because it isn't sexy, but it's true.

>> No.16681942

Why not use freetrade?

>> No.16681950
File: 54 KB, 680x592, 1576166799208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks frens

>> No.16681956

Takakeisho is the future of the sport. All will tremble before the Based Globe.

>> No.16682024

I'ma throw 15 grand at vix futures that expire in March, and you faggots can't stop me.

>> No.16682046

this is the one I'm going in on. Fucking a if you think volatility won't show up for 3 months.... Man you're just full on greed.

>> No.16682067

you're on your way to becoming a thousandaire again !
you can do it
I believe in you

>> No.16682080

Shud i buy acb calls?

>> No.16682136
File: 143 KB, 1242x2208, h311erhjd9uz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shill me a good LEAP around 150ish premium that has a good chance of helping me get my porty out of the shitter.

>> No.16682152
File: 59 KB, 1185x301, buffet quote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my fucking sides, dude. saw this in the yt comment section of some video and since some anon keeps posting that meme quote image over and over i thought it was relevant

>> No.16682207
File: 47 KB, 592x740, 1576721014930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16682212

>betting on dudeweed to increase in value

Just send me your money

>> No.16682232

weekend is a great time to look at charts, learn more shit about FA and TA, reading about how the general market is doing and any relevant global events, and go over how your trading went for the week. still lots to do.

>> No.16682262

Anons with kids, I use my states 529 plans (which is managed by Vanguard). Is this wise or no? I do take the deduction on my state income tax (Virginia).

>> No.16682291
File: 11 KB, 225x225, pepe gekko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. Dude. Weed. Trust me just don't.

Right. Weekends are not a break. Today is a study and refinement day. I'm slacking enough just by posting here but damn this board is funny.

>> No.16682309

I've been waiting for it to come down to 24.20-25.20 since early december and would be really mad if it recovers now from a daily level, that's my thoughts on it.

That's how online "influencers" work though, they tell people in their videos that they wouldn't really recommend it and blablabla, probably to not be legally binding if something would happen. But they know very well that idiots won't listen to them, the idiots watching this garbage sees green numbers on the screen, sees that the youtuber had a lot of fun doing it (living the luxury life that pretty much everyone strive for) and most of them will follow his lead because they saw him making money while basically having fun, driving around drinking starbucks. This is why the youtuber put his referral codes in the description of the video.
Creds to him for being smart enough to abuse morons for an annual income of hundreds of thousands at an early age, but I don't want that shit recommended to me, jesus..

>> No.16682320

I'm also a Britbong and recommend Revolut, standard free plan is 3 free trades a month.

>> No.16682348

i generally believe in social darwinism so i don't think it's that big of a deal. like i keep saying, you can fully educate yourself on trading and financial stuff in general entirely for free online. all it costs is the time you put into it. you can backtest everything yourself and see what actually works and what doesn't and logically think about why.

if people don't want to put in the hard work and get scammed, then they get scammed. they should have worked harder instead of looking for the easy way out imho. so fuck 'em. i worked hard to get to where i am and still consider myself a noob who is constantly trying to improve on what i already have so i really have no sympathy for lazy ignorant fucks who just want to get rich quick and gamble. even on /biz/ you see it all the time, look at all of the people shilling penny stocks and shitty biotechs every day.

>> No.16682430

i dunno i read the essays of warren buffet, and his biggest thing was making sure leadership was strong so he didn't have to do their job for them.

>> No.16682501

i don't have kids, but... 529 plans are good... I liked Rand Pauls plan to allow for these to become federal accounts, and per youngster put 15k away pre-tax dollars... 5k per parent and 5k for the individuals own contribution to the account. I mean when i was 13-14 i wasn't making more than like 5 grand a year, but damn fucking fat checks with hundreds of dollars in them... now I write checks with 10s of thousands and have to sign the front. fuck... you give the kid the money, i dunno the tax code, but kick the kid in the ass and make sure they're working hard on something.

>> No.16682507

How do I access Nikkei 225 with American ETFs?

>> No.16682511

it makes sense. if you're managing $208 billion dollars in capital your only real choice is investing long term in solid companies. you can't exactly day trade billions of dollars at a time, there just isn't enough liquidity generally (which is why they do what they can with algorithms run by computers i suppose). management is obviously going to be a big part of that as they are the ones running the company and making the major decisions on it.

that said he also got conned out of over $100 million iirc by Elizabeth Holmes, so he's hardly infallible or anything like some people make him out to be. the main issue i run into with people trying to talk about buffet's strategies is that there is a huge difference between getting 10% off of $200 billion dollars and getting 10% off of $20k.

>> No.16682552
File: 1.11 MB, 1920x1080, xt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16682555

he wrote those essays in the ninetys... sorry i was reminiscing the first time I got a check that was over $100 and change... $230 post tax... Why the fuck didn't I just go into business much sooner? I hated college. I learned like a ton of shit, but there was this broad, and we watched some fucking chick flick movie, I made dinner, and got no pussy. I just wanted some fucking pussy, and then that broad goes ahead and fucks my friend like 2 weeks later... Fuck that's like an insult to injury.

>> No.16682592

Ok I need to plan an exit strat for all this biopharma trash because I refuse to believe I'm going to be up this much (19% in 2 months) hodling long term. Looking at these companies they generally moon followed by being genuine penny stocks for a year or more. I guess the strat is sell now and then rebuy real companies?

Thing is ... I did basic research, made my choices, split my risk across multiple tickers. Just can't believe I'd luck in so hard.

>> No.16682593

he's changed his approach, but his umbrella does have everything from property to even partial ownership, he can't own all of apple, but he's got like 10%... shit's changed mostly the speed of communications, social media, and now everybody has a phone... back in the 80s they had pagers, but the phone booths still existed.. pay phones and shit, i haven't seen a working pay phone in fucking 15 years.

>> No.16682622
File: 25 KB, 631x353, R2j53aOnG14Pqz4pQOxekqzvoL89wA-eN5khT54aEa4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked and moderately confused

>> No.16682625

nah, you just got in at the right time, and you know what... you're getting out at the right time too.. honestly what hedge funds do.... they'll compete companies against each other. like sell a million here short use that to buy a million there, and let it sit for 6 months pretty much neutral, but biotechs did get the santa clause rally we've been talking about since november.

>> No.16682632

bubbles, do you remember your first paycheck?

>> No.16682664

I mean I was riding my bike everyday 3 miles to school and back... 5th fucking grade. After school there was a store close by, and they sold penny candy, had a fucking grilled cheese sandwich for 2 bucks... I'd pick up the change off the street, got into gambling and hanging out with the older kids... maybe caught some hand outs, but that first paycheck... 16 hours at like $4.35

>> No.16682679


>> No.16682693

the one after was like almost twice the hours, and I worked my ass off and understood at a young age... It's easy to pick up hours on shitty days when it's slow... I worked smarter and not much harder because I saw people who don't work hard... They were older, but looking back... they're probably ok and not on my pay grade.

>> No.16682744

lol... i've done that.... I hate rap though. I like horns.... big bands, strings.... Maybe a ska song from my past..


>> No.16682780

can't you like fucking get some GSA contracts and build houses for these fucking homeless people in california or anywhere. I know it's stupidly competitive and you can't compete, but what is actually being done?

>> No.16682832

>I hate rap though.
You should look into some of it.. if you look past all the mainstream shit.. you might find some shit you like... a lot of it has actual meaning with some story telling

Good song you posted

I've actually been working with a real estate developer we are trying to build some affordable housing and some senior housing. Supposedly.. and this is only what i've heard.. but.. cities in california need to increase their affordable housing by 40%... the town i'm in hasn't been doing shit and still has high permits.. at this rate they need atleast another 1,000 by the end of 2020... so this guy and myself are gunna try to get em done... he said he's gunna teach me all of it and that i'll be making a lot of money.. the only thing is that I have to teach his son when his son is old enough if he isn't alive anymore.......

Some homeless people just want to be homeless.... hakuna matata

>> No.16682846

Holy shit, you're alive

>> No.16683026

>we are trying to build some affordable housing and some senior housing
You got a racket about to happen... that's the best market to be involved in. The problem is location... and what ever.... but japan is where you want stuff like that, and even in south korea people can't save enough to retire and die and health of the populations.. not enough birth rates, it will creep up on us in time, and you're ahead of the game.

Oh and for truth, you must hear my favorite song written by a buncha niggas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZbklKAAnkI

Its fucking Hanukkah.

>> No.16683038

>if you look past all the mainstream shit.. you might find some shit you like... a lot of it has actual meaning with some story telling

the funny thing is that this pretty much applies to all genres of music, not just rap. i think it's because what's "mainstream" and "popular" is really just "corporations who found a formula to make money consistently over and over and over again so they just keep doing that and it keeps working so if it aint broke don't fix it". it's why pop music in general is very formulaic and is mostly about looks and the "character" these "artists" play in front of the masses.

honestly feels like what we're all trying to do in the stock market and what people do in their careers in general. find a formula that works well for you to make money and then just wash, rinse, repeat. finding that thing often takes a lot of time and hard work and a lot of failure first, though. most people give up before ever finding it.

>> No.16683060

how does mariah carry release a track 20 years ago and hit billboard #1...

>> No.16683070
File: 364 KB, 750x1334, 1577553945147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guy is 61 years old and has about 40 years experience in the field.. we have the perfect area for what we want to do..... some areas they are developing big homes.. we'll wait till they are done and go in after and take the scrap land...

>honestly feels like what we're all trying to do in the stock market and what people do in their careers in general.
yeah man.. i feel you.. find a system and repeat it... eveyone has their system for stocks and it's usually hard for them to stray (atleast from what i've seen)

>> No.16683073

I remember her singing this shit on a float in the Macy's thanksgiving parade, but I guess since she dropped her kids it's ok.

>> No.16683089

so you're doing a ton of excavating, you got solid ground and shit... i bet you got non of that, you're building on sand, bedrock please, just tell me you've dug to bed rock and not water and what you're shit shows.

>> No.16683129

the 61 year old man, can build shit and leave, he doesn't care about royalties and contracts longer than like his own place, and his own bank.... I just hope you're not fucking these people up, no basement, but you just build up... fucking hope you aren't getting swindled, but you're aware and can see a bunch of people getting fucked down the line and not care, cut corners in the construction... not your fucking building... move on to the next open pasture.

>> No.16683140

there will be some excavating.... yes i got solid ground you doofus.. what makes you think i'm building on sand and bedrock? I'm not at sea level bro... i'm like kinda in mountains.. like foothills.... there is a lot of flat land and then there are hills..

There are a couple properties we're looking at that are flat and ready to go.. we met with the owners but they want like 2.3million when we think it should be around 1.4 million.. but they want that other million because they have a tract map.. but the tract map is useless to us but they put all this money into that map.. but why would you put a map together if you aren't planning on building that?!? nobody is going to buy the land for that much just because of the map.. they are going to put their own damn map on it.

>> No.16683155
File: 40 KB, 853x768, B0354F5E-5CCC-4F5A-96B2-4C2F58D38C45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Henlo stupid stock market monkey boys

Which stink stank stonk make ya boii richer than a n****** in 2020 ??

Me? Personally? Unironically all in on FIT

>> No.16683162

so there is seasonal flooding... and melt patterns... you're fucking missing the best part... there's wild life, so clear cut the forest and build in change the way the water goes... and who actually wins?

>> No.16683169

unironically not being a nigger will make me richer than most.

>> No.16683176

they'll be rentals... its mainly to take care of his family.. i don't have any money in it.. he's going to get it all financed through his investor friends... my job is to find the property and meet with property owners and then once the job starts rolling he will teach me more as we go.... I've been in construction my whole life but never developing 100+ units with all the financing, land leases, building contracts.. all sorts of shit.. but he likes me because I met him as a handyman and he saw that i knew a lot about construction.. i can build a house from the ground up.. and I can probably do it myself maybe 1 helper here and there.. but developing is a pretty different game.. more shaking of hands and signing paper work than swinging hammers and reading plans

>> No.16683211

i'm not sure i understand what you're talking about.. i'm not in a flood zone.. the water already has a place to go.. the forest is already under protection in most places..

>> No.16683227

*tips fedora

Ha ha you too my fellow white brethren. Hopefully they don’t make being white ILLEGAL wink wink

>> No.16683254

Fidelity enhanced income class w
Legal & general UK 100 index trust

Want to get some SPY5, then hold for a while, currently up 8-10% on all holdings atm. I'd definitely advise you to put LSE on your watch list, growth from £40ish to £76ish in 12 months

>> No.16683279

Thinking of selling ONTX when it gets at 0.50 a share, which if it keeps up this movement won't be long, hell maybe monday. Then dump all my gains into my international fund. Yeah I could hold it but getting out with a small profit is better than watching it shit if the news turns out to be bad.

>> No.16683306

This may be a dumb question, and it's not really stock related but it's the one non-crypto thread there is. Is there like a dividend record date equivalent on savings accounts? I just a check for 5k that I was immediately going to throw at Schwab, but can I instead just dump it into my savings for a quick 10 bucks when the interest pays out in 3 or 4 days before moving it to stocks?

>> No.16683307

Beyone meat anyone? seems like it's a good time to buy

>> No.16683318

uhh how close is the hospital, and how quickly can you refill the units... to be honest, you want to develop basically on the hospital, or make the hospital on the old folks homes.... I'm sure you're able to see all of this in the hand shakes and not even being a venture capitalist in your own endeavor...

but LCI to $60

>> No.16683358


hahaha just call your bank and ask them that question
please also record the conversation and post it here

>> No.16683392

the hospital is pretty close.. theres a few around.. one of them is one of the best in the world supposedly.. like people get flown in from all over to go to this hospital.. or atleast used to.. one of the land owners I met with actually owns a huge complex that has a urgent care in it.. he laughed and said.. i'll tell you what.. it's nice to have doctors pay YOU once in awhile lol.

There is a senior community that was built down the way.. 96 units.. and they filled 90 units in the first 2 months... shits in demand

>> No.16683425
File: 53 KB, 696x464, 053117-patrick-bateman-skincare-lead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me, wake up in the morning.
>NRZ has a 12% yield.
>Buy it.
>ORC, NLK, KO, all high dividend stocks.
>Buy them.
>It doesn't matter if they're profitable, all that matters is dividends.
>Go about my daily routine of buying and selling food stocks. Hold on to the good ones like Mondelez and GIS.
>Invest my remaining funds into DOGE, put in another $100 yesterday.
>Do this exact routine every day.
>Break even every day.
>Feels good to be a master.

>> No.16683445

If I may take a moment to confess I was shitposting the Nintendo stock holder because he kept going on and on about it every day, so I started fear mongering him when the stock started falling and got him to sell at the bottom.

>> No.16683453

I'm watching that movie right now lol

ORC has been my go to for years but i want it to drop so i can buy in.. i don't get it for dividends i get it in the hopes of catching dividend chasers..... If you're buying any crypto you should get the crypto.com app and buy MCO and stake it.. then use their debit card to get more MCO.. put the MCO in the earn and get interest on it. The app is pretty cool.. and the card is metal so its pretty durable.. i highly suggest you check it out.

>> No.16683474

it's saturday... you fucking faggot

>> No.16683486
File: 2.34 MB, 368x200, Hands_off_F_E_M_A_L_E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MCO is a shitcoin.
I only invest in DOGE and ETH.
I don't even think ETH will go anywhere, but the name sounds cool so it makes up around 33% of my portfolio.

>> No.16683495

Why I mentioned it's a routine. And specifically said yesterday. Pay attention retard.

>> No.16683511

>Wake up
>Still not financially independent from dividends


>> No.16683518

>I don't even think ETH will go anywhere, but the name sounds cool so it makes up around 33% of my portfolio.

i really hope this is a joke.

>> No.16683524

they are all shit coins besides bitcoin.. why is bitcoin not a shit coin?? because brand name... normies don't know about random coins but they know "bitcoin".. now for MCO.. the reason for getting it is because as more people sign up for the crypto app and stake MCO for their card the more demand there will be for that particular coin.. the card is amazing man.. you should check out their perks.. if you have enough MCO staked they'll pay for your netflix and spotify..

>> No.16683538

imagine being in crypto for profit

>> No.16683545

>Invest my remaining funds into DOGE, put in another $100 yesterday.
that just implies you did the same today as you did yesterday
face it cunt, you got caught out bullshitting on an anonymous forum. Embarrassing

>> No.16683547

ok faggot im still retarded, but shit... these faggots keep posting shit like buy DOGE ETH and shit in our thread.... Shit what ever happened to these things... I still just use cash and write checks.... i use american express and visa, works anywhere that doesn't take cash. Some places only take cash... you treat them nicely, they return it back in their own kinda dividend, be it a service or good you're purchasing, something about green backs are great. My fucking plumber or electrician doesn't want a card, but cash... they'll take it. Checks are ok, but they do come faster for cash.

>> No.16683559

stop talking to the troll, ffs this isn't 2017 and there is no more alt coin fucking go ahead... you either bought the bitcoin or mined it your self, or you got shit... if you kept all your splits and never sold, you'd be happy with that kind of investment, fucking alt season, and shitcoin salesmen are flooding this board with threads.

>> No.16683579

So you've been raised to anger by an obvious trollpost?
All according to plan.

>> No.16683590

Are there per trade fees on the fidelity ISA and do they charge commission on FX? Do they have stop loss and limit orders? All I can see on their website is the annual account fee.

>> No.16683593

only thing i use checks for is to pay my hoa on a rental property.

Gotta have
>precious metals
>real estate
>small business

gotta be everywhere bro.. you should know this...

the fucking card just came to the u.s. this year bro.. it's going to change the fucking game!!!!! check it out.. for real.. it's fucking amazing... i went traveling around with it and my family was getting charged by their banks to make international transactions and i was getting MCO back just fo using the card.. my own money... you don't even have to buy crypto.. just put money on the card and use it like a debit card.. it's safer than a bank in a sense because it's preloaded.. so if someone steals your card they can only use what you put on it.. so i usually only put like 100-200 on at a time.

>> No.16683601

furthermore on fucking crypto currency... who's backing who, and what's propped by what... sure you've got technology, but most of these currencies trade like fucking hype pump and dumps, and not like a foreign exchange... when you can look into these peoples governments and bet on their currency... just becauuse it's used in some shit hole like gold, doesn't mean the rest of the world has to recognize it or even adopt it.... there are other ways to play on global unrest, but you faggots aren't looking at the 100s of trillions of dollars changing hands in forex currency swaps... and this isn't the place for that discussion, we just talk about stocks and etfs... fuck i don't see a shitcoin etf that's just a basket of the shitcoins shorting a fucking bitcoin, but we have that DXY..

>> No.16683611

>I'm watching that movie right now lol
I just read the book. First instance of a movie being better than the book I've ever encountered.

>> No.16683613

genuinely embarrassing response. 'haha, I made a dumb post to make you angry! You've fallen into my trap! dance my puppet dance!' do you have any idea how fucking gay you sound?

>> No.16683615

Looking forward to make some gains in the coming decade. Opting for a long play with huge returns. What could be the next FAANG stocks?
Airbnb is looking for IPO too next year. Any good promising startups for the next year I might be missing?

>> No.16683630
File: 55 KB, 620x615, 1477258563395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone trade using indicators here? what's your favorite indicator and why? looking for some new strategies to test out this weekend if possible.

>> No.16683634

There's 15% withholding tax on gains and dividends on US stocks. I would like to think it's reclaimable in an ISA, but the HMRC website and their support "technicians" are useless in this area. I spent more money holding the line than I received in US dividends.

>> No.16683640

yeah, im gay. wanna fuck?

>> No.16683665

I don't like the government knowing which urinal i paid to use.... do you not seeing the privacy issues... you don't care, just put more old fucks on deathbeds, and well hey there's plenty more to fill those beds... get with the nurses, have them sell these people into the beds... fucking christ. I wanna die with dignity too, but shit its easy to talk old fucks into shit...

you know Imus is dead, and we really think you would be best off living here and giving us all your money in the process.... You don't have cognitive functions because you never had a facebook or twitter, and you're ability with working the dish washer is just using the sink and some detergent... We really need to get you out of the house so we don't have an iminent domain claim, which is going to force you out.... so just live in the room and die.

>> No.16683666
File: 50 KB, 1200x630, poppins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just follow some stocktwits posters. They usually are rational and savvy investors.

>> No.16683677
File: 1.13 MB, 1730x600, v7jfdrli4lqz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I use RSI and macd.. lately have started using the ttm squeeze.. but.. idk if i really like it.. only time will tell.. Theres a podcast on chat with traders that one of the guys was saying that instead of adding indicators he focuses on taking them off and making his chart clean

>> No.16683689

only if i get your butthole and never have to touch your dick... i also get to choke you and call you a faggot while i fuck you in the ass homo... I'll still be straight.

>> No.16683711

dude.. you were just talking about how plumbers and electricians like cash.. i do handyman work.. i like cash.. i love it.. it's my spending money.... i don't like the government all in my shit.. nobody really does.. the only people say "well its not that bad" are the push overs... i'm american.. and I like freedom.. this country was founded on people being rebelious.. but yet.. we use a bill issued by the government.. now why would i want to continue to do that?? shit is getting out of control...

>> No.16683714

>Theres a podcast on chat with traders that one of the guys was saying that instead of adding indicators he focuses on taking them off and making his chart clean

it's a good lesson. at one point i ended up with like 6 or so oscillators on my screen and realized i couldn't process that much information that quickly, now im down to 2 oscillators. i feel like i can figure out the trends a lot more easily with just moving averages anyways tbhwy, but i like to know what's going on with momentum (which is really just measuring the distance between 2 moving averages) and volume (is there more accumulation or more distribution, i.e. is there more volume going on in the red bars or the green bars?). i went through so many indicators and it's kinda surprising how at the end of the day it's really just as simple as gaining a deep understanding of what the movements of different averages of the price and/or volume tell you about where price is going.

there are a ton of different moving averages out there though and i had to ultimately code my own momentum oscillator in thinkscript, but it's fun.

>> No.16683740

do you see where your money is coming from?

>> No.16683749

or are these handshakes... we'll take care of it your idea, of where your money goes.

>> No.16683763

desu.. most of the time i don't think it really really matters on most stocks.. it does give some sort of indication but i don't think you can really be extremely successful based off TA alone.. some stocks are more news driven.. some stocks are just manipulated.. some stocks are just completely ignored on both sides of the trade...

what are you talking about?

>> No.16683786

You should make money by Tuesday. But you're delusional if you think this bull isn't going to go full retard in 2020.

>> No.16683788

i went as far back to just a line and looking 3 months terms, but... do what ever you want charts are personal... you can join my trade, which is actually long oil, but i flip that... im ahead like 40% already, but i don't do the shit other than index, black and yellow gold.... I do have green snss, and the worst thing... the worst thing I see you all taking part of is seeking reassurance and not doing your own damn research.

>> No.16683795

You don't, buy NKD futures

>> No.16683804

Hit the market sell button Monday. Voila, closed.

>> No.16683829

you're in a meme stock like LCI so im really not surprised you don't think TA works and it's more about meme news desu. it's especially not going to work when the average volume is so low and you get those really blocky looking charts.

my main point would be that there are tons of strategies that work, for all time frames. everyone has to find their "niche". it's not like there's only one strategy that works and all others fail, and honestly most of it has nothing to do with indicators, it's mostly about risk management and psychology. you could make money in the long run just flipping coins to pick long or short as long as you had rock solid money management and psychology. the FA and TA is just there to give you better than 50/50 odds, the higher the odds the better the system.

if you want to get reductionist about it, stock trading at the end of the day is just a matter of finding the highest probability setups possible, and then simply managing risk. that's it. simple.

>> No.16683837

my term is limited, im looking for a dip and cash out, not a full blown catastrophe... just 30% of 15 grand is like an extra 2500... and this market will be sideways.... the actual thing... the stupidest shit... foreign investors are flooding into america.... and china has to set up off shore holding companies to invest in china... india was the winner of 2019... i think in terms of emerging markets, and we all know USA won, and uhh brazil won a bit, but the problems in venzeuala and energy..... This Tepco IPO we're pumping oil, and pushing prices higher, just sit in the trade.

>> No.16683853
File: 2.83 MB, 444x250, 1410273156372.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> bought a share of BGS at start of month because I recognized some of their brands at the store at which I work the register
> ever since every time someone put Ortega or Green Giant on the belt get a warm fuzzy feeling, like they're paying me twice (once from the store, once from BGS)
> sold it at +6.8% a few days ago
> someone bought a few bags of Green Giant today
> tfw no more warm fuzzy feeling
S-should I buy it back? I know I'm not supposed to trade with my emotions, b-but I miss owning a tiny part of BGS...

>> No.16683854

yeah.. i agree.. but most of the time.. TA is a meme..

also.. LCI is a very solid undervalued company.. if you understand business cycles and debt cycles as well as stock cycles as in accumulation distribution cycles for both short and long.. then you'd see it..

LCI to $60

>> No.16683860

the bottom will fall out on oil... actually energy in general... i want to venture capitlist into nuclear fusion... the problem is... nobody sees investment opportunity in turning sea water into gasoline... it's like every lobbyist wants to shut it down, because they want to use metals and build wind and don't want to upgrade the grid... meanwhile we got transformers blowing up companies like GP&E getting fucked so hard and unable to rebuild after the fact, because shutting off power killed more people in addition to the ones that died in those wild fires.

>> No.16683866

>and china has to set up off shore holding companies to invest in china
wait what? do they really?

china is going to start flooding somewhere with money.. they're getting kicked out of canada for that whole money laundering in real estate thing....

>> No.16683875

did you buy big five? or wake up and see lci drop... i saw a guy lost like ten grand in options trades on that shit.... he used to have a name, but then he like stopped posting.

>> No.16683880

communist party of china owns all of chinese companies and rights... they don't sell only to chinese, and you're a fool to invest in them with out knowing basic shit.

>> No.16683896

i mean they only sell to chinese, and the holding companies are ok to broker deals, but actual ownership of anypart of china is forbidden by the constitution of the fucking country. you stupid burger.

>> No.16683904

yeah.. but why would they invest in china? shit is too controlled.. thats why i thought chinese always invest other places...

>> No.16683905

just buy MCD and eat there every single meal
it's like you're eating for free!

>> No.16683910

Peak schizo

>> No.16683932

TA is only a meme if you never actually tested shit. which most people don't do because they're lazy and greedy, so it's understandable in that sense. and obviously you want to rest that TA on top of a solid foundation of FA. obviously you'd want to pick a stock where the fundamentals are solid and the sentiment is very positive, then you use the TA to look for when you can take long trades, should be common sense i'd think.

good luck with your meme stock but i'd rather put my faith behind an extensively scientifically tested system that has the data to backup its efficacy than hope for one day 6x'ing my money... one day... maybe. i was in SGMO on july 8th after ISTH, then that shit crashed over 30% and i was a bagholder until ASH just recently this month and got out before it crashed again with a small profit of around 5%. not dealing with that shit again, i'd suggest you do the same but it's your money at the end of the day.

im looking for consistency and reliability at the end of the day not memes and hopium. in a game that's all about predictability idk why you'd take the long shots but you do you famalam.

>> No.16683944

Why do you think Trump wants a deal wiith china... he wants to name them a developed world, but in the mean time, those factories... the truth is china does not want to have to give human rights to their laborers... the truth of the matter sucks, but im going to tell you... don't fuck with the chinese government. and you can do what you want, but they're putting the wiggers into concentration camps... the taiwanese island, is so secluded, they don't get the same type of travel of the ports like hongkong or shanghai.. and the worst of it all, forget these non-faggot muslims... it's the culture of the fucking country... they make shit that looks like santa, but they don't know why or what it is, they do as they're told.... and in their culture... it's uhhh lots of war and fighting... but they surpress all forms of speach... imagine a government with only one political party.. you've got china today.

>> No.16683956

sorry im sane enough to see the shit in front of me.... maybe you should significantly make more substance in your posts.

>> No.16683959

Yeah, who here didn't lose a ton of money on options before? That's part of the game and it doesn't sound like he had any plan, risk management or anything else whatsoever. Those things happens when you don't know what to do and fomo into other peoples' plays. Happened before and will certainly happen again.

>> No.16683988

When I invest in something like LCI I look at the business as a whole and then their share structure and then I try to find a value for their company before getting into detail about charts... sure maybe a glance at first.. but to value a company is more important to me in the long run then deep studies of charts... but to each their own..

so you're saying just because you got memed on with SMGO that everything else is just a meme... how about actually looking into LCI.. it's a really good company with a strong future.. just because shorts are brutal on it and trying to force it down doesn't mean it's a bad company or a bad stock... it'll just take time for shorts to exit and for the stock to reflect the value of the company

LCI to $60

>> No.16684003

I don't think i've ever read more truth in this thread than your post....If you made it you check in once and a while, and a lot of the time.... Some people just die... I'm only posting because some asshole thought he could shut me up, and said to me... baggie i've seen trips come and go, and something about killing my self, and i didn't want him to have that bad experience, but it was release... Thank you very much your post was pretty accurate.

.Yeah, who here didn't lose a ton of money on options before? That's part of the game and it doesn't sound like he had any plan, risk management or anything else whatsoever. Those things happens when you don't know what to do and fomo into other peoples' plays. Happened before and will certainly happen again.

>> No.16684014

you bought at like 15 bucks... keep fucking talking.

>> No.16684015
File: 72 KB, 615x615, 1536899771314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm only posting because some asshole thought he could shut me up, and said to me... baggie i've seen trips come and go, and something about killing my self,

>> No.16684024

>Yeah, who here didn't lose a ton of money on options before?
I have never in my life traded options, kek'd.

>> No.16684026

go on investor village sometime for SGMO, you sound a lot like those guys. they go so far as to talk about it being a conspiracy by a "cabal" of shorts who they believe are illegally pushing the SP down. i survived that huge drawdown praying they were right and the company was good and would come back up, and i thank my lucky stars i got out before it crashed again.

like i said you can do what you want, but no thanks. im more interested in trading stuff like AMD, ROKU, NVDA, etc, more predictable solid companies i understand since im in the electronics field for my day job and use their products, good volume and a lot less able to be manipulated because they aren't dirt cheap.

>> No.16684028

actually it was around 13-14.. and my strategy expects a drop...

buy into weakness.. sell into strength....

My average is a lot lower than current price now.. and i'll continue to trade it to $60

LCI to $60

>> No.16684033

>extensively scientifically tested system that has the data to backup its efficacy
Backtesting is hardly scientific.
Given a chart you can always find a set of trading rules which will generate optimal profits for this given chart. It doesn't matter if it's a week of data or 10 years or data. You can't practically bruteforce a causally grounded strategy. You don't even have the information for that. You will always only find correlations and hope that those correlations will continue for just long enough to make money. In the end those systems are still hopes and dreams.
I mean actual traders, not bystanding plebs.

>> No.16684052

>hey go so far as to talk about it being a conspiracy by a "cabal" of shorts who they believe are illegally pushing the SP down.
did you not read the lawsuit? Cohodes tried to get guy gentile to sell his position in order to make stock price drop.... if he did that with Gentile imagine how many other people are in on it... idk what your deal is kid.. just because you lost money on SGMO by not doing your own research isn't my fault.. you went on investor village and listened to those people about SGMO instead of your own research huh? now you think LCI is the same thing? it's not.. do your own research and you'll see that LCI has been paying down debt.. has been reducing expenses and have been launching new products aswell as bringing old products back..

Do your own research.

LCI to $60

>> No.16684069

I've been trading for soon to be 5 years, kek'd.

>> No.16684084

>Backtesting is hardly scientific.

okay i think we're done here.

shills gonna shill. and i literally just said i came out of SGMO with a small profit, it just took 5 months and waiting through a significant drawdown. i honestly have no knowledge about LCI i just know it's under $10 and you're trying to meme it to $60, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you man idk what to tell you besides you're coming on super strong.

>> No.16684111

>i honestly have no knowledge about LCI
oh.. but you just come in here to bash it? without any research? Oh.. ok.

I'm stating reasons why i think it's going to 60 bro.. all you are doing is bashing blindly... trying to compare it with SGMO?!?! come on man.. I don't know what i did to you but do some research on the damn thing before you dismiss it.. Right now is a good time to be trading options around a core for LCI.. if you don't know how to do that i suggest you look into it.. not just for LCI but for all stocks...

>> No.16684138

>okay i think we're done here.
You admit defeat?

>> No.16684147
File: 496 KB, 1882x925, LCI 12-28-19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i generally don't like to buy into stocks that are going from top right to bottom left anon, sorry.

>> No.16684170

He's right though. If you ask me backtesting is completely useless. Market conditions constantly change, in order to stay successful you need to trust more than past data, it's not common amongst hedge funds and actual pros, etc etc. The biggest thing however is what I said first, market conditions.. what might have pumped the market yesterday could dump the market tomorrow, everything is constantly changing and if you follow old data you're bound for failure because old data is just that.. old, outdated.

>> No.16684173

>top right to bottom left
Am I the retard here?

>> No.16684206

Is that your only arguement?? i can see why you are so bitter.. you sound like the retards bashing AMD when it was under $3.............. how did that turn out?? Did you also bash Bitcoin under 1,000?? i bet you did....

>> No.16684220

but will it go back up?

>> No.16684242

the guy thinks he's going to find all the answers through TA alone and do a bunch of backtesting.. anyone thats been in the market for awhile knows thats bullshit... let him fail.. he sounds like a moron

>> No.16684255

LCI is supposed to drop to 7, then go up to 60 later.

>> No.16684302
File: 401 KB, 1877x926, big oof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the amount of projecting here is unreal, lmao. sorry i burst the bubble of your pump-and-dump scheme, anon.

oh wait, you're not anon, you're a tripfag... fuck i shoulda known.

all i can tell you is that it has been going down in the long term and going down right now, down and ranging. i guess it helps it's around the bottom of the range right now but would you want to bet on this going up just looking at this right now?

if there's some meme news wait until after it and trade the drift following it, or the hype leading up to it when an actual uptrend presents itself. it's not even that hard just look at the chart it's right there man.

all i say is that im not interested in high risk high reward bets anymore and this tripfag explodes... hilarious if im being honest here. if that clear pump and dump doesn't scare you than idk what to tell you but you can't hide from the data.

>> No.16684304

No. That guy can't tell left from right. It seems to be a common issue.

>> No.16684320

again.. your form of research is poor imo.. you aren't going to put a value on a company just but looking at a chart.. thats for lazy people.

Maybe take some business and accounting classes and learn to read some filings?

>> No.16684357

hey man i hope you make a lot of money from it, it's just not a risk i'd be willing to take. i hope for your sake and for the sake of all those people who bought up in the $12-15 range you're right though.

>> No.16684376

it's not the risk you're willing to take because you are too dense to understand cycles... you actually don't understand any of it.. thats why you are searching for answers in a chart.. backtesting over and over trying to find answers.. but yet.. in the end.. you still don't understand any of it... Good luck kiddo.

>> No.16684403

Anons which is better robinhood or Webull?

I would use robin hood but I'm forever locked out of my account because customer support is fucking retarded and always forgetting about me.

>> No.16684526

Are stocks that crash during a bull market good investments?

Please sirs buy the memestocks

>> No.16684537

making new just a sec....

If you're in the US; use Schwab, TA Ameritrade, or eTrade.

>> No.16684541

don't I have to pay for those?

>> No.16684555

Not anymore.

>> No.16684560

Wait they're free now, when did they make this change?

>> No.16684576

earlier this year








>> No.16684588

Maybe 4 or 5 months ago Schwab changed, so everyone else was forced to follow suit. and then Schwab ate TD anyway

>> No.16684680