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Fellas, I have an announcement to make. Please, sit down and enjoy the complimentary refreshments served by Stacy. I will be back with you shortly.

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>(F)ema not in power yet
>(U)natco does not exist yet
>(C)hainlink will moon next year

>(J)anuary 2020 around the corner
>(A)nother decade for you to make it anon
>(N)o excuses this time
>(N)o bullshit
>(I)nvest your money
>(E)mpower your wealth
>(S)tay based

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Hi frenz

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based and deus ex-pilled

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>)ema not in power yet
>>(U)natco does not exist yet
>>(C)hainlink will moon next year
>>(J)anuary 2020 around the corner
>>(A)nother decade for you to make it anon
>>(N)o excuses this time
>>(N)o bullshit
>>(I)nvest your money
>>(E)mpower your wealth
>>(S)tay based

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Where are the drinks? Also, this chair is shitty and uncomfortable.

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an announcement for the yuletide season? what a splendid idea! i do hope you'll refrain from any provocative or controversial statements as this is hardly the appropriate time of year. stacy, please fetch me a warm brandy and a rocky patel. i'll just find a seat in the back and put my feet up

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My drink tastes funny, I am getting sleepy..>>16657863

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Goddamn it, Stacy! Get your sweet cheeks in here. My guests are getting thirsty!
No need to worry, Anon. The only thing that matters now is the eternal darkness.

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out with it then my good man

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Not just yet, old sport! A little patience.

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Howdy do?

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Well, Sir Pepe, I understand that you're quite the big shot after your recent business fortune but meeting you here has taken quite the time out of my day. Why have you brought me here, old pal?

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good heavens old bean, i'm an important gentleman with demands on my time! building suspense is one thing, but this delay is becoming unreasonable. get on with it already!

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Yes, he is based.

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*respectfully nods while rearranging his suit sleeves*

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Thank you, Anons. Please, enjoy the rest of your evening. The venue closes at 3 am.

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>no image
Lazy nonce

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Splendid event, Sir Anon. Your announcement was greatly welcomed by the whole room.

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Im thinking OP is based guys

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Let's all gang bang Stacy while he's gone.

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She's yours fall the taking, fellas!

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Merry Christmas , sirs

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But use an image next time, you madman

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Thanks, Anon. Will do.

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