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I'm finally reinstalling my PC after I have finished my PhD, and in doing so, I'm making sure that I don't accidentally delete* anything important.
So I'm checking on all my crypto "assets" (lol…) and it turns out the waves dex chrome app doesn't exist anymore, but it doesn't matter since I also forgot my password. However, recovering from seed works and their new exchange works surprisingly well in wine, it just produces insane CPU load and crashes about every 10 minutes.
But that's besides the point.
The point is, I had all kinds of crap dropped into my waves wallet (though not as much as in the heydays of crypto, where you'd get a fun token every few hours) but theres also
>Surge is a Smart Asset. Its price is increased every day: it is at least 0.001 * (1 + days * days) WAVES. DEX orders should have expiration less than 100 minutes.
of which I apparently have 145 which have an USD value of 14170.30
WTF is that shit?
I randomly gained 14k USD in the biggest crypto bear market without doing anything?
What even are Surges?
And is there any chance that I can atually use those 14k IRL?

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One small bump.
Also, anybody remembers the fun we all had with waves and it's hundreds of shitcoins?

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Or our own /biz/coin?
Anyone wants to buy some?
Oh, and it seems like Surge is indeed a scam.
Aparently, you cannot sell it. but then the price should reflect that. Apparently, the creators have a smartcontract that still allows them to trade with themselves, pushing up the price, but have something in their contract that makes it impossible for others to sell.
Oh well…

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more waves shitcoins

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The only waves coin that matters is WAU

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I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

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Surge uses the new smart contract stuff, don't buy it, you can't sell it

One of the first legit assets, the plant is finally done building after some fucking long delay.
Production should start in the next months.

Another Waves asset to look for (well lets see how they turn out) might be CoffeeCoin.
A guy who roasted and sold coffee for BTC back in 2014 is now doing it with the waves chain and his token
He already sold quiet some coffees directly from the farm/roaster pretty fresh and some 3rd party roaster accepted it too.
It got quiet in the 2019 bear market but he is still selling coffee.
Worth a try buying some, the honey process was really good.

In general WAVES can be interesting since they are going full into the enterprise sector.
This means there may be some legal limitations but at least a fuck ton of possible money.

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WAU coin is the worlds first Appreciating Monetary Unit or AMU. It is the first freely tradeable digital currency designed for the purpose of going up in value.
WAU Coin was built to be the ultimate SOV Store of Value digital currency ever created.
Feedback loops, geometric sells, permanent buywall for all outstanding coins, and fixed extreme low supply are the keys to making the WAU Coin work.
WAU Coin also features low cost ultrafast transactions on the fastest blockchain ever, and 24/7 fungibility into Bitcoin, Waves, Zcash, Litecoin, and US$.
The WAU COIN system provides 100pct liquidity so you can cash in or out to Permanent rising buywall for all outstanding coins , liquidity for any sell, without volume limit, is guaranteed.

WAU is an answer to the endless crashing of all capital markets through time in the history of earth. It represents the end of capital markets creating poverty and a complete removal of the fear from total collapse. WAU Coin is a paradigm shift for digital stores of value. Instead of fear and greed driven capitalism, WAU Coin represents mutual prosperity driven capitalism. WAU Coin is truly historic.

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Don't worry, I'm not going to buy Surge. But I have some airdropped, which apparently are worth 14k, but apparently, they're worth nothing, since they can't be traded. So much for waves being a good exchange. If it has a price, this means I can sell it at this price! If I can't sell it, it shall not have a price…but whatever.
Zrcoin and Coffeecoin I already got from way back. I'll just keep hodling.
I agree that waves seems like an interesting platform, but we'll see how that works out.

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I see…