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Google is in the process of buying out Sergey. Chainlink will be sold soon.
We made it

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I wonder what the odds of that ever happening actually are

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>Green IDs

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Ohhhhhh linkies

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Oracle will launch his own centralized Oracle that works 1000 times faster and everyone will use it.

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I genuinly hope you make it. I have been seeing these meme threads for so long now, i just want to see someone happy. Good luck frens.

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>Samefagging this hard

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sauce on this semen demon

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If I was a samefag, at least I got double greens nigger

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Segway would never sell chainlin

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Is 4000 LINK enough to make it?

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source on this orgasm phantasm

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>Segway would never sell chainlin

he did sold many 700k LINK on binnance in pasttime dum ass..

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higher than you think

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$4,000 is ok for you?

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F-for one night with lee hyeung see, y-yes

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He transferred some to Binance, who then became node operators. If he had actually sold on Binance, the price would be $0.01.

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It's so hard for me to judge this kind of thing. I feel pretty out of touch with what a company like ABC/Google would actually want to do in the crypto space. Obviously I think ChainLink is worth quite a lot, but I'm also really biased by two fucking years of hardcore memes and holding 100k+. I really can't even imagine how rich I would be if that were to happen, though.

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How the fuck can I have two different IDs when using the same pass...get your fucking shit together gook moot.

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Kek newsflash: google doesn’t have trillions of dollars

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I'll believe it when I see it. Right now the only things populating /biz/ have been FOMO LARPers and FUD LARPers, and neither have been right. So I'll just wait and hold to either zero or $10,000.

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why do i get the feeling a google buyout of Chainlink isnt good for us/chainlink

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Ohhhhh have sex incel

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Ohhh checked

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thanks faggot

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thanks faggot


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Isn't it amazing what anon can accomplish if he's not spoon fed... Merry Christmas faggot

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fuck u u stupid faggot, you couldve made it so much easier for me stupid douchebag. i hope your christmas is ruined u slimey dipshit faggot

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No u hohoho

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Doesn't matter, flipped at the $4 touch. Got ANOTHER 2x, and 10x'd my FRM stack. Thanks, losers.

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>thinks liberal sjw faggot capital of the world google is buying 4 chans pride and joy of a shit coin
>LARPing this hard

You’re a huge faggot.

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source on this cum drum

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>odds of google buying out smartcontract.com/chainlink = x

x<1:1; however: x>0:1;
x~=1/2:1 because:
>google's collective hive intelligence is sufficiently like ours in order to recognize the nigh unimaginably high eventual value of this fresh but promising new system, which is currently trading below 0.01% of this presumably inevitable price, and can be bought *now* for a very reasonable price instead of a few years later for a total cost of about a quarter of the entire world's money (plus or minus one-eighth);
>our gestalt decentralized hypergeist is similar enough to google's for (((their's))) to also comprehend that -- especially now, after certain pivotal points have been achieved, course maintained and the network opening up like a fucking rose blossom -- chainlink is as guaranteed of being *the* default, de jure & de facto oracle solution for fucking *everything* that needs oracles solved (derivatives market especially) because of the way which the project has progressed... google has carefully watched this and other projects, weighing odds intelligently, learning what fails and what succeeds; although it would have been premature to buy earlier, it's now such a sure thing in the eyes of any keyed in hivemind that that only an uninformed innocent or knowing idiot would not be buying at these prices right now;
>seriously: google has seen the project pass the 97.% probability percentile in global adoption, has watched any other pretenders, would-be contenders, and ersatz "competitors"
amount to no threat whatsoever to what chainlink is blossoming into, witnessed the fud blown to dust, the alternatives rust, and the fundamentals robust, just like i bust, fly must by trust plied gust whose gales blow sails on my moonbound yacht
>extemporaneous apropos freestyling aside, it's pretty fucking obvious that google sees what we see, which are guaranteed moon tickets to some, but to others, certificates of hegemonic dominion over the world and all nolinkers

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Even bigger faggot

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Her face is wider than the moon. Am I missing something?

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Sure you did

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I know what you mean, anon. It gives me a bad feeling too. But I see no way it doesn't make us rich as fuck, so I'm not sure where that feeling comes from beyond "Google is one of the Four Horsemen".

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Jesusanon is that you rambling on over there? Whose the neck bearded faggot?

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It's a shame those tokens do not represent legal ownership shares in the business, all the poor NEETs aren't going to get anything when Google disbands the token, as it's not needed for... well, anything.

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Has she finally released nudes?

I really want to see her dark vagina.

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chainlink is a scam

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Kek it's literally dumping rn

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this was a test to bait out newfags who don't understand link enough to know that google buying out chainlink is bearish

it seems the dump may continue

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pee pee poo poo

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google buys out promising startups all the time. there's really no reason to expect Chainlink to be any exception.

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Wtf based af

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those are the best quints of 5 i've ever seen, faggot

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Checked and based af

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highly based

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Why do you think the Google co-founders recently resigned? It's all coming together as planned.

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>giant corporation buying Chainlink is a good thing

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>>16655555 (Me)

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>buying a company with no intellectual property, no patents and no highly specialised employees

Bagholder consoling thread.

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why would the price go down if they buy it out

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Why would Sergey let Chainlink be bought out by Google?

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>Chainlink gave LINK tokens to Binance through their EXCHANGE TRADING wallet so they can be “nodes”


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the only way its a good thing is if one of the conditions of the acquisition is that google has to clear the orderbooks on every single exchange that has a LINK pair and hold those LINK for 5 years

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based. ty fren hope u make it 1 day as well

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Pew pee poo poo is literally unstoppable

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I guess I ll put my link for sale @ $1000 each -just in case.

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> Binance through their EXCHANGE TRADING wallet
you have no idea what you're talking about lol
you're late to the joke, fuck off back to wherever you came from because it is glaringly obvious that it isn't here

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Merry Pissmas

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Based peepee poopoo poster

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To believe this you would have to have literally zero understanding of Sergey and his ambitions

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>no rebuttal other than seething
>holding ERC coins while having the gall to call anyone else new

Been here since inception, fuck off back to Discord and Rebbit where linkie devs hang out. No one here holds premises.

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This. Also, this would be a terrible thing esp. if you’re a fellow schizo anon since the google would become the defacto arbiter of truth

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>I want to conduct a transaction using chainlinks
said no one ever

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How does this make any sense?

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You just win. Epic thread is epic.

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6 days to go

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Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

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What a cesspool.

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Sweet Vishnu...

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Let's get serious: The whole point is to have a DECENTRALIZED oracle, not a centralized one. Google "buying out" Chainlink defeats the purpose of Chainlink existing in the first place. Stop your poor LARPING OP and keep accumulating. 2020 will be special.

t. Someone you would like to know in real life, but can't.

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>wearing pants

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2020 will be special for shorts you goddamn larper

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OP WTF the IDs have been insane lately..."ceo"

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Cmon guys, Google buyout would be buying out Chainlink the company. AKA the development side of the protocol. I'm sure if this were to happen, everything would be kept exactly the same. The buyout would make 0 sense if they started chaning the protocol. It would be similar to how MSFT bought out Github.

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The dev side of the company is mostly just their few top programmers, linkpool.io, and town crier.

Ari Juels and Town Crier are honestly the only reasons I have been able to justify holding through these dips for years, but I just have faith in the guy desu, and faith in Sergey's business acumen - innotribe proved how eloquent the guy is and he basically said cryptically "this is on the agenda of every senior level exec.."

The esoteric symbolism and Ari Juels' own fictional work on tech/occultism just make it fun. I guess we can be thankful for that at least...

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I can know you bb. Give me a chance!

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Greetings Lord Ari Juels, we are honoured by your presence.

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if i make an ethereum token based on the technology of linked lists, say i called it "LINKED" does this give me billions of dollars in value based on every software product that uses linked lists?

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>Been here since inception
you can yell and scream but it's obvious this isn't true

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Sergey is a LION. He wouldn't put a price tag on his dream.

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You weren't here for the Buttcoin threads in /g/. Leave and go back to Chainlink's Discord.

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Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.

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well mate I sure fucking hope you weren't in those threads because if you were and are still posting here, you are not only a major loser but also a fucking major retard lmao.
Stay poor, it's natural for you clearly.

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Fake news
It's literally dumping rn

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checked, I am at your service

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$1k eoy

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Alphabet would buy smartcontract not chainlink

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if you've ever read their whitepaper you know this shit is only gonna go down

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why should serger sell to google? he is a multimillionaire by now and bought his whole family lambos already. he could exitscam in dec 2017 already if he wanted to, but didnt. he has all the money of the world and could easily sell off another 10-50 million links gradually over the next 12 months he owns without completly crashing the orderbook. he also does not seem like the dan bilerazian type of guy to flaunt with jets and jachts, he is a minimalist nerd

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checked is a scam

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checked is a scam

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Fk you chainlink is bog

Jesus King Jesus Loves All

Merry Xmas

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based and stinkpilled

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The pee pee poo poo is strong In this thread.
Kek praise you marry jesus day

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>and that's when i got broomstick raped by a pack of niggers.
And that's where I began reading.

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Honestly coming from a guy thats been following this shitshow from the beginning ive got to say Nazarov is probably the leonardo dicaprios of scam artistry. He’s unparalleled in his craft, fucking makes bernie madoff look like a preschooler. Let me just put this into perspective to you guys not in the linktrance. Get this, he actually convinced link holders to keep buying this cliffdrop in price to provide liquidity for his dumps. These conmen have so much room to keep dumping on you guys and still be in profit its insane. Keep hodling to sub ICO prices you deranged lunatics. Mark my words, you will NEVER see link above the spot price of silver. CAP THIS
Inb4 the omegacope of DRNS

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Sergey's Dad zips through traffic and does a screeching handbrake 180 into the parking lot all the while revving the engine. He then spins the car around once more as he hits the clutch and proceeds to hop out of the vehicle, vertical doors and all and tosses the cigarette to the ground, "Son! It's so good to see you, I just want to thank you and your "investors" for the car."

Sergey beams as smile back and scratches his beard, "you know what they say Dad", he chuckles, "you only raise money from the three Fs; fools, family and friends."

His Dad bursts into laughter and slaps his back as they begin walking along to the temporary Chainlink offices in downtown San Francisco. "But son, what will they say when you're spending so much money?"

"Well, I'm not spending the money" his son sheepishly grins. "The company is, based in the Caymen's, it's outside of US jurisdiction. We just vaccum up the money and drop it there, then we'll just keep piping it to you under your names so if they investigate me, they won't find anything. In fact, I haven't bought myself anything new, I still wear the same shirt day after day." He lifts up his jacket and the familiar plaid shirt is there.

"I see" his Father nods. "But you'll have to show, these i-investors, hahaha" he barely contains himself then wipes away a tear as he keeps laughing. "These investors, they'll want to see something."

"Easy. We hire temporary shills, well basically market promoters all across Asia and North America to keep marketing our token, it's an ever expanding market." And then, he pauses, "as for progress, we set-up some real easy APIs quoting prices and keep drawing out the timeline, so it looks like work is being done but it's not. We show up to some conferences and we never open up any offical offices, moving from here to there so that if anyone does come and knock, they'll see a bunch of wires everywhere and some weird programmers in the corner and then the next day, we just pick and move shop."

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Nice new pasta, great work. Thank you for caring about my financial wellbeing.

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So it is written

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>if you were and are still posting here
>craptobabby came last year to make money and supposedly leave afterwards

This is where you outed yourself. If you’ve been here for longer than 6 months you know there’s no leaving here, no matter how much money you make. Now that you’ve exposed your newfaggotry it’s to go back to Chainlink’s Discord you dirty casual faggot.

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Jesus christ how fucking dead is this board, I posted in this shit last night

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I don't 'care for your financial well-being' either. When you see someone reply to you with that kind of copeposting damage control, know that you're right and they have nothing to say to you in response, you've stumped them and they're pissed so they're just going to try and make you look like are obsessed. LINK shills have spammed the board for over a year, daily, then wonder why they're disliked around here. They are the kike that cries persecution when you try to stop them corrupting your society. I'm just an investigative person by nature and I despise shitcoin scams shitting up crypto. You can't pretend that the 600 LINK shill threads a day telling you to buy and hold on no matter what are normal, but any skepticism on what you're parting with your NEETbux for is 'fud'. You know its not normal to be in a 'community' where people are constantly telling you to buy more of something and any notion of leaving or selling your own investment is seen as treachery, right? Those behaviors belong in cults and P&Ds, not actual investments. Besides who the fuck is actually dumb enough to invest in something with no scarcity in the first place? ERC tokens are not finite, and 'node operators' can be paid in ETH. Remember, American entities can't deal with The point of crypto was transparency and self governing. If this upsets you then go back to your echo chamber, you'll always be debated and ridiculed here. All I want is for all you linkies to return to Rebbit and Discord where Chainlink team members literally hang out in the first place.

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Unironically sold these bags. Feels good to be off the plantation. The breadcrumbs, the "connections", this bullshit token will make you insanely bullish. Until you see Sergey stuttering through the same old talk, in some company breakroom, to 8 bored guys. No one stops and wonders - "if this is the 4th industrial revolution soon to be adopted by the global banking cartels, why can't he get a better venue?" And now, why are they losing partnerships? Wanchain gone, Factom gone. I know those are literal who's in the grand scheme, but if even literal who's can't find a use for this project, why would the big boys use it?
inb4 dr;ns, inb4 hur you're replying to a literal fud meme thread by a tripfag. The dream is dead, faggots.

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holy shit how is this even possible? i'm buying more link

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who is that wearing red plaid