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When is the next 700k dump?

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In the Hermetic-masonic tradition the secret identity of Satan is the cosmic force represent in occult lore as emanating
from the star Sirius, the so called dog star, alpha Canis majoris. In the secret tradition of the Freemasons, Sirius is
overwhelmingly identified with a single primary attribute, the bringing of civilization to earth. Sirius is personified as the
goddess Isis in ancient Egypt. Orion is personified as her consort, and sometime rival, Osiris. The annals emphasize Isis’
“great skill” in working magic with twilight (esoteric) language. According to the fable, Isis resurrected Osiris from the dead
using “the words of power.” ~Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, 1995

In the Egyptian rites Horus is the savior-avenger, son of Isis, conceived by magic ([or] the ritual) after the brutal murder
of Osiris. Hence, he is the posthumous redeemer. Freemasons are Hori, they are the eye of Osiris, whose body therefore, is
made up of eyes. Each Initiate is a Horus, each is a hawk of the sun62 [spelled S-U-N], and for one reason is each raised and
that is that he may join the army which is to avenge the destruction of wisdom, and restore the reign of the all-seeing lord
[Lucifer]. Each one is dedicated to the over-throwing of the reign of [Christianity]. The great battle, in which the sons of the
hawk rout out the hosts of darkness, is the mysterious Armageddon of Revelation [You see, they believe Lucifer is the god of
light and Jehovah, or Yahweh, is the god of darkness.][They believe that the] Armageddon of Revelation is the Kurukshetra of
the Mahabharata and the Ragnarok of the Eddas. In this battle the host of the Adversary shall be routed forever.

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Well, you will probably laugh at me, but I have researched the entire reptilian/Nordic/grey aliens story. Reptilians are fourth-dimensional beings that came to the third dimension with the Draco system being their base. They attacked the Lyrae system which was home to the galactic Aryans. The Aryans then migrated to 110 different systems, with Maldek (the planet that's remains are now the asteroid belt) and Mars being their home in this system. The reptilians used a comet to destroy Maldek and the comet is now Venus (http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/When_a_planet_behaves_like_a_comet). Then the Aryans migrated to Earth and established Atlantis. The reptilians sent the moon out (evidence for it being artificial is that it's hollow and we only see one side; pic related a reptilian spaceship) to migrate to Earth and founded Lemuria. They destroyed each others continents (the flood myth in hundreds of cultures). Then the Aryans migrated elsewhere and built the pyramids all over the world which is why we have stories of tall blonde gods. The reptilians went literally underground which is where "demons under the earth" stories originated. Many different alien species donated their DNA to the creation of modern humans which is why white people look like the galactic Aryans. Now the reptilians are controlling us towards a one-world government. Many people have telepathically communicated with the Aryans and they claim they are very worried about Earth which fits the theory (I learned this before actually hearing about the Nordic aliens stories). The greys are the reptilians' bitches; the reptilians promise their species will be saved with human DNA experiments (which is why abduction stories have ass probe stories with greys as the abductors).

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nice digits

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ISIS is a moon goddess not sirius

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Isis in Egyptian mythology is Sirius which is also Anubis. Orion is Osiris.

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I guess you didn't quite understand the first time ISIS is a moon goddess not sirius

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I'm not into this schizo stuff nuch anymore and still think 42 is low-key bad crap, but
>Sirius is overwhelmingly identified with a single primary attribute, the bringing of civilization to earth.
That's pretty interesting. Sounds like the Dogon tribe that lived in seclusion from modern society, and had some interesting mythos about Sirius (knew sirius b existed before telescopes and also other crazy stuff)

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merry Christmas 42.
God entering into time and taking on our flesh is a significant event.
The next time Christ returns (the harvest), I pray that all of us anons will be at his right hand.

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How the fuck is any of this going to help me get a nice house or a nice car?

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It isn't aliens from Sirius it is the signal

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Veteran holder here
Over 50,000 link
The price combined with the relentless fud is getting to me guise
Was it all just a meme
I thought I was going to be rich
I smoked dope and read the 42 schizo threads
I was so optimistic back then
What is happening I don’t feel so good guise

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Keep hanging in there fren. We are all gonna make it

$4 isn't even close to what the all time high in 2020 will be. These FUDsters are faggets

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OP here from other IP. I'm not 42 but I grok with his ideas and welcome hi always. he's always teaching me something new.

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You got emotionally invested into Link. That's the issue

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The prediction for the next passage does not appear to be so fortuitous, perhaps indicating why the Anunnaki did not fulfil their promise to return in Jesus’ time. Kingship was not restored in the way that it had been promised. Instead, a new religion arose regarding the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. With it came prophecies regarding ‘the next time’. Within the Book of Revelation there are references that have the distinct ring of the dark star about them.

Just as Nibiru brought catastrophe to Earth in the form of the Flood around 11,000 BC, so do certain prophecies portend future disaster following the Second Coming of the Lord. In Revelation 12:1-4;

“Next appeared a great portent in heaven, a woman robed with the sun, beneath her feet the moon, and on her head a crown of twleve stars. She was pregnant, and in the anguish of her labour she cried out to be delivered. Then a second portent appeared in heaven: a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns; on his heads were seven diadems, and with his tail he swept down a third of the stars in the sky and flung them to the earth.” (1)

The pregnant woman in the sky is quite clearly Sirius, and this is a Christian rendition of the ancient Egyptian Isis myth. The moon is at her feet, implying that the scene is being observed upside-down, with the ecliptic below Sirius. This might imply the retrograde ‘birth’ of the Son celestially. The 12 stars in the crown are the lesser stars of the constellation Canis Major. Instead of the birth of the Celestial Messiah, however, this vision brings forth Nibiru and its moons in a far more malevolent aspect. Instead of Horus, we have Seth.

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Get out of the cult, man

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chainlink is a scam

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Saturn, the feminine cosmic principle. Receptive, dark, negative. It is the blank canvas that the creative masculine principle paints reality onto.

Saturn is representative of space, three dimensional space, space that within all material reality exists.

Saturn is the cube, Saturn is the star of david, Saturn is the cross. Saturn is Adam's wide Eve, she is black and infinite.

Saturn is the left pillar, when combined with the right pillars masculine force in a cosmic sexual unity they together serve as the catalyst for the one that is all and the all that is one.

Saturn is Kronos, the god who eats children. Saturn is the giver of life and consequently the bringer of death.

Saturn is not evil nor is it good, it is the negative pole of the one just as the positive pole of the one is Chokhmah (Neptune, the zodiac, Masculinity).

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The One IS IN All, The All IS One, and All IS IN The ALL.

The One and All are not the same. The One is The ALL. All is in The All, but All is not The All.

A drop in the ocean is not the ocean, although it is. It is the ocean, but not the whole of the ocean. The ocean penetrates and surrounds the drop, and the drop is in the ocean.

However, the Whole is not the sum of the parts. The One is not the Universe. Albeit the One is within each Monad in the Universe, not a single entity can claim to be The One.

A cell within a human being that claimed to be the whole of mankind would be modest in comparison to the man who claims to be God.

Jesus is a symbol. No man matches the Ideal. Jesus is God because he IS the Word. We ARE IN the Word.

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Will you answer my question of how this is supposed to help me get a nice house and a nice car?

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based af

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Chainlink is around $1.9 per token, and is the backing for AMPL, synthetix, the new project that went live a few hours ago, and a handful of others going live in the coming weeks. In aggregate, this is probably around $250 million total being secured by the network. This is fucking nothing, and we're the #18 ranked crypto.

The entirety of defi is about $600 million, and I expect that to grow by orders of magnitude in the coming year. Chainlink will become the standard oracle solution and the security that supports all of it.

Once it starts with defi, it will expand to traditional finance. Remember that mixicles and TEEs are, in many ways, designed to help Chainlink become an enterprise product. I don't need to quote you the numbers there.

If Chainlink can accomplish its technical goals, there is no question it will become a top 3-5 crypto. The bigger question is how much real-world/traditional finance saturation it will achieve, and where the crypto market in general will be once it gets to where its headed.

$25 is where I sell my first tranche, and is the absolute worst case scenario in my mind. There's no way a product that can do what the team has laid out is worth less.

The upper limit for what Chainlink could be worth? My answer would make the moonboys blush.

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Good God, I am so excited for you guys

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you sound like a high IQ nerd.. what is max price for LINK?

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