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I usually stay away from 4chan, but this is the board I always see mentioned when people are talking about crypto, so asking this here just seemed logical.

I've been considering investing a small amount in Bitcoin. Not a lot by any standards, just a little that I'd have on the side. Is buying a very small amount of Bitcoin, like maybe £20 GBP worth, and just seeing where it goes a good idea, or should I go fuck myself?

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You should go fuck yourself

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Nobody give a fuck about your launch money.
Buy a rope with your 20 pounds.

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Yes yes price is very good now and the sentiment is bullish
please use this link to buy bit coin

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fuck off larper

>uhh,hem, excuse me good sir, but what is this bitcoin I'd like to inquire about this good day

fuck off nigger

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lurk more fag. BTC is ancient

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BTC is not bitcoin. Bitcoin is p2p cash and BTC is 'digital gold'. Whatever the fuck that copout means.

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It's a good idea but 20 GBP is lunch money, it's not gonna grow to anything. Even if bitcoin does a final 100x you're up to 2k which is fuck all.

Also you'll get railed by fees if you'll want to save it properly in your own wallet with your own keys. If you're not buying AT LEAST 0.1 of a BTC don't bother. And no don't buy something else, everything else is shit.

If all you got is 20 gbp go buy a present to a family member.

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BTC was meant to be money for everyone, not digital gold for the elite.
20 GBP is a lot in many parts of the world.

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Honestly, I was saying around 20GBP because in the past all I've really seen out of crypto is people getting fucked over aside from a few very rare cases. £20 is hardly fucking anything so if I do lose it all, no big deal. But if it went well, I'd consider investing more.

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If btc reached its ath again, you would have around 40 quid. Almost enough to take your imaginary friend on a date. You can start accumulating btc £20 at a time but you won't acquire any useful sum of btc any time soon. Crypto is dead and so are your dreams

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see this guy OP?
he's trying to suggest you buy BSV, "BitCoin Satoshi Vision", a bitcoin knock off that goes for 90$ a pop. It's a fork, of a fork, of bitcoin, ran by a person claiming to be satoshi the creator of bitcoin, except in the 4 or so years of him claiming so, he provided 0 concrete evidence. He does have financial backing from a, get this, internet casino conglomerate, and through that a force of indian shills and redditors active 24/7 to defend his honor. Watch them rally.

>But if it went well, I'd consider investing more.
You realize there are charts to how bitcoin goes right? You can just look and imagine when you bought in and what would that leave you with now. Your reasoning would make sense if you're trying to test if an exchange or wallet works well, that's something a tiny sum would fit for. I'm not telling you to all in, but throwing in a pittance to "test it out" is bollocks when you have accurate charts since people started trading.
Also idk if exchanges even support trading amounts as low as 20 GBP but don't quote me on that.

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Dollar cost averaging into BTC with small regular amounts has been a good idea so far. Much safer than trading.

You can verify scenarios here:

In the UK best places to buy are here:

Top of that list Bisq is good, but you need a small amount of BTC to use as a deposit to get started as that's a decentralized exchange.

You can get some BTC for that desposit here:

Everyone on here saying otherwise are obviously poor n00bz who have no idea.

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i mean im also a poor n00b bro otherwise id be buying like £100 worth instead of £20

at least

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stop larping

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yeah not even looking at this garbage

this looks like a straight up scam

if all you can afford is 100 gbp then probably hold off on buying BTC, you may feel like you're missing out but we're not going to see retarded levels of growth that'll make a you millionaire from that. Get a job (or finish uni which is where you probably are), start saving money like a normal person, and then think about BTC.
If you're still insistent I think kraken onboards brits, it's an actual exchange, not like the bullshit this other faggot posted.

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just say that out loud, jesus christ
how retarded does that sound

free tip here
if something has "BIT" or "COIN" in its name, and it's not bitcoin, then it's most likely a scam.

advanced tip here
99% of anything in crypto is a scam.

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Don't buy BSV. It's a scam meant to depower the image of satoshi, a potential religious figure who gave power to the disenfranchised.
Spend and replace crypto instead. I don't care which one.
ETH is fun, so is EOS. BCH has tkens and nano is instant.

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It's all over. Crypto is dead.

Invest in stocks.

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Yeah buy 20 a week worth sounds good
Find an exchange or app to but it on

As you stack 20 at a time, teach yourself how the system works
Eventually when you get it and want to take personal sovereignty over your money you can learn proper key management if you want a multisig if you want to have your own node to verify the network

But yeah 20 is good do whatever you're comfortable with

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Ah, forgive me for misjudging you, fallen one. Your kind is rare these days. Corecucks and BSVtards run amok.

As you can see OP, this is what we refer to as a bcasher, once a proud and noble shill, clamoring for the throne, getting close to conquering it too! but now, unfortunately, reduced to irrelevance. Forgotten. The striving usurpers, ironically usurped themselves by a traitor.

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fuck yourself? na, this is 4chan. heh, we do things a little differently around here, and were not that nice. with that said,

kill yourself

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well, it's been around 4 years since i even looked at this site, you can't blame me for forgetting

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unbelievably based

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Yes. Bittylicious. They have been around for YEARS you complete n00b.

They were on the bitcoin.org website as a recommended place to buy in the UK since the early days and are still recommended for new users.

Check for yourself

By your reasoning bitcoin.org is a scam too, you idiot.

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hes larping but bittylicious isnt a scam
its one of the oldest sites selling bitcoin

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heh, you'll learn kid. if you make it that long

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>20 pounds of bitcoin

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it means that nothing can function as stable cash with the supply curve of an extremely scarce asset

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ahh the last cashie!!

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definitely go fuck yourself.

btc will be THE world reserve currency within 10 years. take that statement as advice and kindly fuck off.

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>not american
Kys before we do it for you

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>But if it went well, I'd consider investing more.
After it went well, it's done, so investing more at that point you'll lose everything.

You invest now, BEFORE it goes well, not after.

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Put that 20 in and watch it. If you like what you see consider investing a little more once you save up.

Once you put that first 20 in you'll feel way more comfortable.

It will go up and down but after a few months it should be consistently gaining bit my bit.

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Good advice. Keep it up 4Channer!

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one of the few replies that isn't some dipshit going "kys xdddddddddddddddddddddddd" so im probably going to listen to you

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He’s also a r3dditfag, so maybe you’d be better off there

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>CASH, commerce. Money on hand, which a merchant, trader or other person has to do business with.
>2. Cash price, in contracts, is the price of articles paid for in cash, in contradistinction to the credit price. Pard. n. 85; Chipm. Contr. 110. In common parlance, bank notes are considered as cash; but bills receivable are not.

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Welcome to 4chan.
The holocaust is a jewish lie.
Have a nice day.

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20 pounds is worth fuck all when it comes to holding BTC. If I were you I'd find a strategy to use and see if you can make profit from that. Afterwards you can put more money into crypto.

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Kys nigger.

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Download bitcoin core and understand how to use bitcoin properly. Once you are comfy work up to 1 coin and wait

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This type of poster is what we call a pajeet shitcoin scammer. There are a lot of them on this board. Anybody telling you to buy a shitcoin is 100% a scammer

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Also a newbie here, I get a commission and the guy wants to pay me in bitcoin so I had to make a wallet for the first time, he sent me about 12 bucks for upfront payment, but I'll get around 120 bucks in the end. Not sure what I'd do with 120 bucks in bitcoin, perhaps I should just cast it as soon as possible?

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you have about a 10x + growth on the next up from last high. then a 5 ~10 on the one after that.

So put in a grand and wait it out. You should get a 100K back with a buying power of about 50~ 70K in todays dollars in the next 10 years

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