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>Notice how all the fudders are tripfags now lmao.
What’s funny really is this tripfags name ,”detectiveanon” like he’s Sherlock Holmes that just discovered a huge scoop because his definition of partnership doesn’t fit with the blog post.

It’s hilarious really. These idiots all think they are the first to find groundbreaking FUD that will tear the project apart. Their hubris is immense, and the only thing they accomplish in their posts is building the Tower of Babel.

They all think they are the first. They see a board obsessed with LINK and they think they are the special one, the only pearl in a sea of swine who is enlightened. Because of this, they namefag so they stand out, and so they can one day say, “I told you so.”

Ironically, despite all of this, they are not that special. They are not even the first. When link was hovering around 17-60 cents, there were a ton of namefags who all believed they had “the one thing that will destroy LINK.” It was mainly sybil FUD, no token needed FUD, or bitcoin maximalists arguments. Notice how you no longer see them post? They all got irrevocably BTFO when link became the best performing asset of 2019. They all hid, too embarrassed to even associate themselves with their previous name. Then a new idiot comes along, he doesn’t see anyone else making an effort to FUD, and the cycle begins once again as he thinks, “AHA! I’ve found the one issue no one sees yet! I am the only one on this board intelligent enough to see it! I will be remembered for it!”

Mark my words namefag, you are not the first. You are not the last. Just like the ones that came previously, you will be caste into the same fate as them—obscurity.

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I need the largest possible resolution of this image

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spot on anon

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>detective anon
He couldn’t pick a name cringier than that lol

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I'm the one who found Sergeys dad in the lambo and I'm not even tripfagging lol. don't believe this larp who steals my actual detective work frens. we're all gonna make it

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best i got

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Absolutely based anon. Friendly reminder to ignore discord trannies. Do not feed, they survive on attention.

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chainlink is a scam

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Fuck the trannies especially Timo

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this anon fucks

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Sergey could easily just counter the FUD by actually delivering something

but we have another you with no roadmap or any earthly idea of when and if this shit will actually work

this is worse than hell

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based and comfypilled

Did you know? If you just ((dont)) use biz for a few days at a time, the indians and pakis have no way of fudding your investment? links such a comfy investment i dont even need to come here for breadcrumbs anymore you autistic pajeets, im (like the rest) COMFY just waiting.

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Nice fanfictiom LARP you unprecedentedly massive faggot
Detective anon BTFO’d the entire LINK ponzi in about 3 posts. Only people who got rich off the ponzi were sergey, the devs and sergays dad who just unironically bought a cherry red LAMBO
Where the fuck is your LAMBO from link you goddamned ponzimarine? Keep HODLing to sub ICO fucking idiot

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if you are still holding LINK you are low IQ. I am going to enjoy the seething when this dumps

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Is that really Sergey's dad?

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Good god im so excited to see you guys bleed out to sub ICO as you continue to HODL

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FUDfags with a name tag are a special kind of stupid.
>imagine actually wasting days of your life producing shit-tier fud under the deluded notion that this board hasnt seen it all a million times over already

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Hey Uncle Oldfag, how's it hangin? The laughing hispanic anon was way funnier than the Schiff Will Win persona, just trying to help you out

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that might be like 20-30 years from now, but i plan on selling my chainlink at one-thousand United States Federal Reserve notes, so i dont really have to worry about that

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>thinking a scam is going to beat out the real thing

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he posted this picture in 2016. gay fudder

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>noooo its years old i swear it is and i found it! was proved by saying i found it itt

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kek another based trip fag emerges from the woodwork.

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Fuck off discord tranny ive been here day 1 biz was created, and on /g/ before that. This was the best board on 4chan until you cocksucker linkshills came here and killed this board. You faggot shills should be tortured for years with excruciating pain and then burned alive, i hate every single one of you brick level IQ subhumans holding link.

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Some of these nolinkers just don't have any idea whats coming.

They missed BTC
They missed ETH
they are gonna miss on LINK

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Detective Oldfag Schiff back at it

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/biz/ legit has the most obnoxious and retarded nametags I've seen on 4chan and I've been here since 2005

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imagine holding silver instead of something like MSFT, V, PG, JNJ, JPM or KO

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You've been browsing 4chan for more than five years? How'd you become such a success of a human?

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Anyone got proof that this is indeed his dad?

If that were so, this would pretty much be the last nail in the coffin for this confirmed pump and dump pre-mine scam.

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I thought she had a hot dog in her hand at first

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Semi professional backyard 20min Crest Whitening Strip bleached butthole Amber Baldet wannabe motherfuckering whooore!

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So you've been here long enough to make tens of millions off BTC, ETH and LINK and you're still here complainging?


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>thinks his opinion matters

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if its his dad or not and if they are doing it ironically or unironically its still disgusting behavior to bring someones family into it. Its not fun being around mentally deranged people on this board. They just drag you down with them.

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So uhh...whatcha gonna do with that?

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