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A friend of mine said if the US never left the gold standard, they'd be the richest country in the world by far.
Is that true?

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Gold is 1.5k/oz. You tell me anon

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I imagine it's possible, that even if the money was backed by gold, people would just have very little of it, rather than a lot of regular dollars

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dare i say it, but isn't the reason gold is worth $1.5k /oz BECAUSE the U.S left the gold standard

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Depends, we could have been if we had not been such sell outs and actually helped the nazi's. We could have taken most of Europe's and Russia's gold...

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I think we still can because the federal reserve holds a good amount of a lot of different countries and powerful groups gold. We could tell thel all to fuck themselves.

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Too bad we didn't kill your family along with the nazis. You are a waste of space.

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lmao no. The US scammed the entire world with Breton Woods. They took the gold and then they brought in "modern banking" which allowed them to scam people even more.

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>Not realizing the real problem was the US getting involved in WWI to begin with

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The US left the gold standard BECAUSE it was about to lose that status. They started printing too much money and when global markets caught a hold of that they began to say fuck the USD. By leaving the gold standard the US could continue being the top cheese even though it was inflating the USD to death. Obviously the working man has felt this effect over the years, but the government still has the entire global monetary system by the balls because "fuck you we have nukes" and of course thanks to certain relationships with natural resources exporting nations in the middle east.

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No. He's just a retard who think anarcho-capitalism would work.

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Damn. Could you imagine what would have happened if they went too far with that shit?

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> t.

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You need a government to have a gold standard, anarcho capitalism would have like a million commodities used as currencies.

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Well, hey, the actual debate over what happened with the gold standard is still raging - I might get some responses to my post calling me a retard. But I think it can certainly be agreed upon by all that the USA pulled a big and not necessarily ethical power move to maintain economic world hegemony there. And of course this was at a time when the USSR was still alive and kicking. So the historical context is relevant as well. And, in the end, we can of course observe the effects by simply having a gander at the level of wealth inequality "moon mission" that has taken place in the last 30 years.

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>left the gold standard
>US is the richest country in the world by far
sounds like your friend is a moron op

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And yes too bad you failed like the faggots you are, and here we are. You think I like being me? You think I love living in this material world? You mother fuckers are sell outs at every corner. Living on this gay clown earth is worse than living with sentient pigs, it would be an insult to pigs to call you that.

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Shut your fucking mouth faggot. You should be hung from a lamp post.

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>actual money vs FED debt note

hmmm idk anon might be something to it

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To think in some parallel universe where I don't exsist, and we didn't sell out, we would have some hyper-advanced space fairing civilization.
We will probably never have it, it will take hundreds of years to undo to the world what the jews have influenced on it.

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Get triggered incels. Evil always loses.

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Along with half this thread

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yes, and the US already is the richest nation on earth. the US is the only country on earth without a currency of its own.

Breton woods was created on Jekyll island (the monster from jekyll island) by a bunch of bankers that scammed the US government, they got 2 members of congress to sign the bill while the rest of congress was on vacation.

The nazi's were zionist tools and they wanted to take over the US as well. Israel considers Hitler the father of israel and would erect a statue of him to honor him if it didn't look out of place and ruin their story.

During the great depression the US Defaulted on its debt This bankrupt the nation, it was bailed out by rothschilds and they implemented Social security numbers and birth certificates to everyone afterwards. The government uses its own citizens as collateral, each citizen is worth millions to billions the government borrows under your name.

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we are already hyper advanced, many technologies like free energy and FTL space travel is already available and has been for over 90 years.

the Deepstate has been hiding technology from the public.

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you don't understand any of this do you?

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They had to pay for Veitnam thou

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the opposite is true

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>schizophrenia the pic
>in potato quality
I trust this anon.

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you should look into new friends

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I thought they left the gold standard to implement the petro dollar i.e., you will use USD for all oil related commerce or we will fucking kill you.

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>be the richest country in the world by far.
I mean, I'm not sure how you're measuring that, but I kinda think we are. Switzerland has its banking but that's about it. Norway and Saudi Arabia are dependent on pumping their oil and it's running out; a shit-tier pizza in Oslo is $50, and while we read about all the Saudi princes with fleets of Rolls Royces, their commoners aren't nearly as well-off. Dubai/UAE? Oil money again, and it's being wasted on stupid shit like indoor skiing slopes.

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Gold is a giant meme. Quality of life and economic growth boom after countries drop gold standards because gold standards are extremely deflationary and stunt economic growth. You're supposed to have the money supply increase as the economy grows, but a gold standard restricts that increase in the money supply to whatever you've mined.

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"Hey America can we get our gold back for WW3?"

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No. If America ran trade deficits for the last 40 years and kept itself on the Gold Standard, they wouldn't have any Gold at all.

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There are plenty of countries where people are richer per capita than America.

However, none have a nominal GDP as big as the USA.

China is set to eclipse America in terms of nominal GDP in the late 2020s, but gdp per capita won't be anywhere near Europe or the Americas.

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The United States IS the richest country in the world by far. It doesn't need to back it's currency with gold because it has nukes, the world's most powerful navy, and the largest consumer market on earth and more capital than any other economy.
Also, before some 'muh fed' copypastas get in here - you can still have a low inflation to deflationary currency without the gold standard. The gold standard doesn't magically fix the problem.

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Price fixing doesn't work. To maintain the price of gold at a fixed number of dollars the government would eventually go bankrupt trying or have to just give up. That's what happened in the 70s, they just gave up because it wasn't worth it. Price fixing only makes a nation less wealthy in real terms.

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True. But is the majority of its people (US) happy and healthy? Does wealth matter that much?

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You seem to be the triggered one here, I never wished death upon your lineage.

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this. suspending gold convertibility of dollars globally was NOT done by the US to avoid becoming more powerful and successful

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Yup : )

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Take your pills

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What did he say that was false? I don't necessarily agree with the point he made about nazi's being Zionist tools, I think they inadvertently became useful idiots for them, but it's similar to a jfk situation where they played ball with them and then flipped.

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The US is still the richest country in the world by far.

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I'd disagree. It just depends on how you measure wealth, maybe the only reason this stand true today is because the Zionist mafia forced Europe to import a bunch of Africans so now their shit is all fucked up.

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But i don't know if you have taken a trip across America before. The architecture is a fucking joke, a good 30% of the u.s. is just small po dunk towns with fast food chains and a few truck stops, our infrastructure is laughable, even the wealthy 1 % live in chinesium mcmansions. It's all a facade.

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If they kept scamming people by printing without actually backing them with gold, yeah
In reality? No as the dollar now is the standard. They scammed people, people noticed, and they still won.

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It's not over yet though.

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this, that is the only thing he got wrong

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US is the richest county. Its just all concentrated in the hands of a few jews

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"America is rich" is such a stupid fucking meme used by braindead circumsized mutts to rationalize to themselves having a quality of life and roads equivalent to that of a developing nation. Yes, the country is incredibly wealthy, the GDP is #1, there are lots of natural resources AND banking/service infrastructure. But the people still live like pigs in shit. You can't quantify shit like, the average American has never even seen a fucking play or doesn't even have a god damn passport. And because of the latter they also cannot SEE that they live in shit because they have never been to civilized European cities, and I won't even mention some Asian cities that make the US infrastructure look like an abandoned civilization lol. When I see an average working-poor American tell me he is a part of the richest country in the world, I just feel bad for them. Ignorance really is bliss. I love this country I really do, but its basically a walking zombie at this point.

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This just makes me sad then.
We truly do live in a world controlled by demonic entities.

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Applications Of The Torus – Anti Gravity

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Doesn't prove much, I knew the tech already exists, I just like to forget about it so I don't get too depressed that this is all pretty much for nothing. Even if there was a violent revolt where the world demanded the tech be handed over I don't think they would do it, I'm not sure how we could corner the elite into eanting to hand it over to the public, they would rather die.

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Other than rediscovering for ourselves, still you have the issue of trying to get it out to the public en masse before they kill you. Blockchain is still not mainstream enough to really distribute the info into a wide enough crowd, (((they))) can still scrub stuff from it.

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