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With the level of dominance Bitcoin already has, is it possible that we see a bitcoin run before the alt season? Is it possible that btc dominance goes to <80% before the alts wake up?

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why do you think alts are in for a run?
like, are you blind anon ???

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BTC dominance will hit 82% after the halvening. This will coincide with eth staking in June 2020 which will launch alt season.

Remember, alt season always starts after a Bitcoin bullrun. This time is no different. Hold until December 2021.

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the whales will want to make some btc through alts before the muh halvening run

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>Remember, alt season always starts after a Bitcoin bullrun. This time is no different. Hold until December 2021.

BSV will change all that.

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There won't be an "alt season". Alts took off because there was a market for digital cash, and Jihan Wu and Bitmain were blocking Bitcoin development with a massive FUD campaign.

Wu and Bitmain had discovered an exploit, called "covert ASICboost", that gave them an enormous advantage in mining blocks. They ran their own mining hardware using this exploit, then disabled the code when they shipped their used mining hardware out to their customers.

But the very first major upgrade, Segregated Witness, would prevent covert ASICboost from functioning. So, Wu and Bitmain used their money to spread FUD about SegWit and block development for two years.

During that time, all the shitcoins exploded.

Finally, someone disassembled the software on Bitmain's mining rigs and figured out the exploit, then published it. That's how we got the UASF -- people finally realized "oh, there's nothing really wrong with SegWit, it's just some scumbag Chinese who have been smearing it while ripping us off."

So, since August 2017, Bitcoin has been developing rapidly again. Any feature in an altcoin that is useful will eventually be added to Bitcoin, whether as part of the Bitcoin code or as some third-party service based on Bitcoin. There's no real point to having altcoins any more.

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>So, since August 2017, Bitcoin has been developing rapidly again.
You can't be serious. Bitcoin hasn't developed shit since its creation. It's the same old code.

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Are you really that spectacularly ill-informed or are you just a stupid shitcoin shill? What do you think Segregated Witness is? What do you think the Lightning Network is? What do you think the 300+ BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) are? Have you read about Schnorr signatures? How about drivechains?

Bitcoin is THE MOST worked-on cryptocurrency. The others have a few team members desperately coding to try to meme their way to relevancy. Bitcoin has multiple companies paying developerss to work on it.

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yes unlike 1000+ shitcoins that are so relevant today

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triple digit IQ on a board of two digit IQ mouthbreathers

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In flow to outflow charts suggest Bitcoin will increase in value after the next halving. It's sort of priced in, but Bitcoin's economic mechanics based on scarcity say it's going to keep going up in price. Still a small market that has plenty of room to grow.

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all of crypto will dwindle and shrink into nothing over the next couple of years.
libra is out 2020 and it's just too late. it's been 10 years and absolutely nothing has happened except more people are hodling.

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It would only take maybe 6 months to surpass 85% dominance which coincides with the halving in May so yeah probably not. Bitcoin goes on a test run first. then alt season, then mega bull to 300k.

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I hope so, I’m Still accumulating

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Govt isn't going to pass up a new asset class + digital cashless society fuel.
Govt can't make their own without btc being more valuable, secure, and rare.

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keep thinking that. i think the ship has sailed and blockstream fucked it up. bitcoin has a chance but they held it back.

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BTC and LINK are the only coins that will go up. ETH will too if RSK doesn't pick up traction.